spending money on basic VSCO girl things
~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
Items mentioned:
Urban Outfitters NASA TEE go.magik.ly/ml/okf2/
Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe go.magik.ly/ml/okf5/
Urban Outfitters Nori Square Neck Tank Top go.magik.ly/ml/okfc/
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  • Jenny Ong TV
    Jenny Ong TV

    Hey. I watched this and it inspired me to do my own version too. Check it out. rsloft.info/loft/video/pd2GyXLelH3Rp5w

  • _jjk

    the urban outfitters influencer shirt looks like a school shirt i would wear in 2016

  • Jocie Marie
    Jocie Marie

    Anybody else binge watching her cuz same

  • Henriette Lenz
    Henriette Lenz

    She was so bitchy im sorry 😂😂

  • lorelai f
    lorelai f

    where can I buy a Spock?? That’s the best fit eva

  • Jill Walker
    Jill Walker

    “I heard it’s not good for you and has chemicals and stuff... but I don’t really care” sameeeeee😂😗🙌🏼😬

  • Holly Jj
    Holly Jj

    It’s funny a lot of the clothes she got in this video is like darker colours but in her latest videos she wears really light colours and makes it look amazing

  • Reagan Means
    Reagan Means

    you sneezed and i LITERALLY said bless you

  • Bella Nguyễn
    Bella Nguyễn

    Do you know How to speak in Vietnam?

    • _jjk

      @Siobhan Nozomi yeah i think she'a half

    • Siobhan Nozomi
      Siobhan Nozomi

      Are you asking if she knows how to speak Vietnamese?

  • Jesse The Pisces
    Jesse The Pisces

    She’s the type of girl that is a terrible role model for girls her age. These over priced tank tops lol are you serious bro? You can get that anywjere

    • Siobhan Nozomi
      Siobhan Nozomi

      Are you shaming her for shopping at urban outfitters? Like...

  • Divita Joshi
    Divita Joshi

    wait she didnt mention that billi- "unless billie eilish is wearing it'"

  • Lilly Dudley
    Lilly Dudley

    Your so funny 🤣

  • The siblings
    The siblings

    You are so pretyyyyy

  • Seoyun

    "We all secretly love them" excuse me I'm a literal egirl and this sounds so stereotypical of me but back girls are annoying. No hate , ly Haley 💞

  • heather burgess
    heather burgess

    Am I the only one who is bothered by her getting her dog approved as an emotional support animal?

    • Siobhan Nozomi
      Siobhan Nozomi

      heather burgess lol

    • heather burgess
      heather burgess

      Siobhan Nozomi I don’t remember because this was 7 months ago.

    • Siobhan Nozomi
      Siobhan Nozomi

      Why tho?

  • Caitlin Linder
    Caitlin Linder

    girl you did not just register your dog as an emotional support animal JUST so you can take him places for free. Do better

  • Anyel B
    Anyel B

    That moment when she makes a “are you new?” Joke but you’re actually new and don’t know how to respond

  • diana huerta
    diana huerta

    I really feel like you’re forcing out videos now, maybe you’re just tired in this video but it gave me rushed/annoyed vibes :(

  • Em

    what will VSCO girls do In winter?

  • RachelKitten

    Dude why the fuck has nasa collabed with every high street store? It’s seems so random haha. I can’t wear stuff like that as I know I’m a dumb biTch who doesn’t know any science.

  • Natalies Sketches
    Natalies Sketches

    Love your videos. So. So much. KEEP GOING GIRRRRL

  • Sloan Spencer
    Sloan Spencer

    this is on my birthday!

  • Life With Tiffanyyy •
    Life With Tiffanyyy •

    0:57 ( a few seconds past... that must have hurt 😂😂 )

  • Annabelle Crotty
    Annabelle Crotty

    So I just watched a Smosh video were Courtney wore the same don’t be influenced by influencers shirt 😂

  • Ruqiya Ibrahim
    Ruqiya Ibrahim

    why did every girl I used to watch change into this VSCO stuff like now i watch different (older) youtubers now bec these ones are just so🙄 like f this VSCO stuff whats the point of becoming trendy I don't understand No real teens any more I swear and if I find a youtuber I like i swear not long later they're a VSCO girl 2😑

  • Bella Fluegge
    Bella Fluegge

    This is so true

  • Local Armadillo
    Local Armadillo

    Not to be rude, but why Americans say Europe like it's country? I mean, everytime someone from US mention Europe they never specife which country

  • scout

    I’m a vsco girl and I love you so much Haley I love you so much so this video is perfect lol love you so much Haley

  • Konstantina Kasiora
    Konstantina Kasiora

    I really dislike it when people go off (very rudely so) in the comments of these types of youtube videos, especially in Haley's. Like we get it, you think she spends a lot of money on clothes, her videos are all the same, she's a basic VSCO girl, she changed, she's materialistic etc etc. Well guess what, she does this for a living, it's her work. If she sees that a certain type of video is very popular it's only natural that she will make more of those because that's what people want to watch apparently and that makes her money. And I think it's very hypocritical of some people to ask her not to do these "basic" videos and create different types of content that, in the end, not even they actually watch. Just take a look at the views count: this video has more than 1.000.000 views whereas some of her other ones only have half of that. If you want to show your discontent with this behaviour just simply don't click on videos like these, don't watch them, stop supporting someone who you think doesn't fit your standards! You writing a comment and being rude to a person you haven't even met really doesn't help anyone. It's just to make you feel important and like you are different from everyone else and not a "bASic vScO gIrL", when in reality you're just one of those millions of people that actually watches those very videos that you hate,

  • Alissa Billings
    Alissa Billings

    I literally walked into a store and a was OMG that another VSCO girl lol

  • schoolgirlobama

    You honestly should shop at smaller online shops to support the smaller creators. Since you always sho at urban, brandy, princess Polly, etc. If u want to shop a lot go to to smaller retailers, they give that vintage vibe and it’s helpful to the actual people making the products.

  • Peanut is my middle name, no jokes ?
    Peanut is my middle name, no jokes ?

    Idk if I’m a vsco girl or not lol

  • Willie Allen
    Willie Allen

    “AND I OOP 😒” took me out😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  • Emma Krogh
    Emma Krogh

    you should become a vsco girl with stuff from wish

  • Catie Dawson
    Catie Dawson

    i love how people talk ab europe like it’s one country, like mate do you mean rome or liverpool

  • Chitrani Shekhawat
    Chitrani Shekhawat

    omg stop being so quirky

  • joe mom
    joe mom

    People who complain about VSCO girls don’t seem to realize that this has been going around forever. People don’t lose their originality, they just share common interests. Before Kankens and Brandy there was Blue eyeshadow and low rise jeans. People follow hot trends because they like it. If you don’t want to that’s fine! Good for you! But don’t comment on people losing their originality simply because a lot of people follow them.

  • Maya Cole
    Maya Cole

    everything but water has super pretty suits

  • Emily Schrader
    Emily Schrader

    I love that Haley films like an actual human, like getting distracted and filming while sick, like way to be an actual person and not a robot

  • queen_thiccymemes

    Omg hailey I would buy twenty pastel pink hoodies that had "girly pops" embroidered in with stars and a font like the Pham Friday merch OMGGGG

  • Mahnoor Zulfiqar
    Mahnoor Zulfiqar

    I just loved this video I don't even know what everyone's hating about tbh

  • Natasha Tabbush
    Natasha Tabbush

    what’s a VSCO girl??

  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor

    When she said and I oop- I was laughing so hard cuz of her expression 👏🏼😂😂 9:45

  • Wowzers Content
    Wowzers Content

    Billie would be proud

  • Emily

    being alternative is cheaper and more fun so join us

  • isabella matson
    isabella matson

    idk why but I relate to you in so many ways. like the way you decorate your room, your sense of humor, the “I was never girly but now I am for some reason” vibe, I don’t know. I also used to dance so... whatever I don’t think you’re gonna see this but. well that’s it I’m done ranting

  • soundnichanders

    Where do I find this green polo cropped shirt?? I don’t find it at brandy and nowhere else, help!!!!

  • Priscilla

    I dont understand what a vsco girl is 😂 im so confused

  • Bitch Lasagna
    Bitch Lasagna

    No one: Haley: BiLliE eiLiSh

  • Mikalah Hodge
    Mikalah Hodge

    I love you Haley, but Brandy Melville is not the move. They are portraying a fictional idea of what all girls should look like.

  • Coco Majors
    Coco Majors

    L space is legit my favorite swimsuit brand ever. Those are the only swimsuits i own ahahhahahah

  • emily

    Why are so many of these comments mean ???? you’re adorable ????

  • imie xo
    imie xo

    ummm so well huh basically i just re watched the entire video and it was only halfway through when i realised, "Oh IvE aLrEaDy SeEn ThIssSsSsS"

  • Riley Castle
    Riley Castle

    I LOVE UR HAULS!!💕❤️

  • Jas Cas
    Jas Cas

    have you thought about being more ethical and conscious of your purchases

  • paola

    2014 tumblr girls walked so VSCO girls could run

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Ghost Tea
    Ghost Tea

    I’d literally die for Spock

  • Sarah Emilie
    Sarah Emilie

    I wish people understood what an awful company urban outfitters actually is...

    • Sarah Emilie
      Sarah Emilie

      Emily Leonard exactly! It’s wild

    • Emily Leonard
      Emily Leonard

      @Sarah Emilie holy shit, I just searched that up, that is so immature, and racist to do that! There basic white tee shirts are 25 dollars, which I could justify paying 10 bucks for a white tee, but 25?

    • Sarah Emilie
      Sarah Emilie

      Emily Leonard exactly! They also steal from artists/designers and don’t give them any credit. They’ve been incredibly racist and stereotypical with their t shirts...and I mean just google Urban Outfitters Kent state sweat shirt 😳

    • Emily Leonard
      Emily Leonard

      Shits expensive, I only got a kanken from them because it was free ship, instead of 10 dollar shipping from the official kanken site

  • kirsten

    ok but she had the perfect opportunity to say girly pups in the beginning

  • Caeley Saulque
    Caeley Saulque

    i feel that.being torsoless. im just compacted.

  • Banana Bread
    Banana Bread

    Do you know what monochrome means??

  • Alina Abadiano
    Alina Abadiano

    She looks like Demi lovato

  • Gianna Marie
    Gianna Marie

    what kind of dog is Spock?

  • Maggie Conn
    Maggie Conn

    Some people can not wear tube tops bc the at not skinny not be being me bc I am fat to

  • Josephine Altamimi
    Josephine Altamimi

    i’m so - what the hell is a VSCO girl ?

  • Jaay Gagne
    Jaay Gagne

    What’s a VSCO?

  • stats. studies
    stats. studies

    She said hey girlypops and i realized im wearing a girlypop shirt. what is my life at this point????

  • Julie Gomez
    Julie Gomez

    you kinda remind me of the colette from ratatouille


    Honestly I really do love haley and have been subbed for a while but I feel like now her videos feel a little more like she h a s to do them rather than her actually enjoying it. Though do really understand the allergies because same, idk man I'm just a little concerned

  • sarah hart
    sarah hart

    dudeeee i love everything but water (we have them here in california too)

  • Eduardo, ándale. Let's go.
    Eduardo, ándale. Let's go.

    02:01 mood

  • name less
    name less

    anyone else a little offended by the emotional support animal comment?... she seemed different in this video

  • Molly Nies
    Molly Nies


  • Mia Amundson
    Mia Amundson

    as soon as she sneezed i subscribed lmao

  • Alicia Vogl
    Alicia Vogl


  • leticia lagha
    leticia lagha

    vsco is an app not a style

  • Savannah Goldsworthy
    Savannah Goldsworthy

    Every time I watch your vids you remind me of Demi lavoto...or however you spell it😂...not being rood I just thought it was kinda interesting :3 FYI I love your vids:D

  • Cordelia Grande
    Cordelia Grande

    I love ur personality so much

  • abby mae
    abby mae

    i feel like some girls (just in general, not anyone specific) think that being a “VSCO girl” is a personality trait 💀

  • Caroline Howard
    Caroline Howard

    anyone know her spotify?!?

  • Aware with Alex
    Aware with Alex

    Just curious if you by any chance donate money to any causes or charities and if so, which ones? im curious to know what causes you advocate for!😇

  • McKenzie

    Does Haley really need Spock for emotional support..?

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover

    Hi Haley! I’ve got a question for you! Where do you buy the refills for your polaroid/instax camera?

  • Savannah Stewart
    Savannah Stewart

    I can’t get over “when u want that clavicle to get some sun” like are u ok

  • Kimberly Rodriguez
    Kimberly Rodriguez

    haley: i have no summer clothes first item: *sweatpants*

  • ride or die
    ride or die

    Vsco is so basic CHANGE MY MIND

  • whatever whatever
    whatever whatever

    Ok I’m wearing those shorts

  • Josey Cates
    Josey Cates

    its an app not a personality

  • maya bhuju
    maya bhuju

    when she called me out for secretly not hating "vsco girls" that hit hard

  • Anything And Everything
    Anything And Everything

    Brings back memories when we went to justice to shop and “impressed” everyone

  • Amber C
    Amber C

    Wtf is a vsco girl? That’s not something to aspire to

  • Anything And Everything
    Anything And Everything

    All day I have been binge watching ur vids

  • Anything And Everything
    Anything And Everything

    Haley is the best ubertuber EeeeeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeE

  • Frizzy

    Idk what's up with people who "don't live in Europe" but saying "I like Europe" or "this reminds me of Europe" doesn't at all sound like you want it to sound 😂 Europe 👏 is 👏 not 👏 a 👏 country. It's 👏 a 👏 darn 👏 continent 👏

  • Carmen Svensson Mellinas
    Carmen Svensson Mellinas

    i feel like SOMEONE here is obsessed with billie eilish (me too)

  • Rhyan Daniels
    Rhyan Daniels

    What is your vsco acount username

  • Angie Doan
    Angie Doan

    bless you

  • Zemi Nojelly
    Zemi Nojelly

    She looks like the nigga from Blues Clues in the green outfit😂

  • mei

    im watching this video bc i can’t even afford vsco x what more will i be able to afford all these things 💀

797 хиљ.