spending $2000 to be crazy rich asians - transformation challenge
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  • Haley Pham
    Haley Pham

    y’all! I successfully returned the Gucci bag! She was so cute but I gotta be smart with my money before I go spoiling myself too much. Thanks for all sweet comments saying I deserve it though. Y’all are the best 🤠🧡

    • Farah Hozzam
      Farah Hozzam

      Haley Pham u know what u can get it a belt because their 200 dollars for the regular not get the bag because it’s using ur money wisely

    • Ella Casey
      Ella Casey

      Haley Pham 👍🏼👍🏼

    • Alysta Hudson
      Alysta Hudson

      Ur so beautiful. Wish I could relate!!😭😭

    • Diana Michelle
      Diana Michelle


    • rat

      Haley Pham so wholesome!!

  • Tonycia •
    Tonycia •

    i love those sunglasses thoo

  • Mrs Bloxburg
    Mrs Bloxburg

    aaaaaaaaaah HALEY you have changed so much but i love that for yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I love you so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccchhhhhhhhhh

  • Nana Minosyan
    Nana Minosyan

    Mai's video sent me here

  • Isabella mae
    Isabella mae

    I haven’t seen the clips not in here, but watch it again and watch Haley when mai talks and watch mai when Haley talks. Mai looks so sad and uncomfortable like “why am I here” and Haley looks “I regret this”. Also almost every time mai started talking she got cut off by the clip

  • Isabella mae
    Isabella mae

    This isn’t a hate comment this is just my observation. U were kinda rude to Mai idk if I’m reading it wrong. I know its ur channel but... idk

  • Isabella mae
    Isabella mae

    I love mai but Haley seems like she’s salty at her I’m confused

  • Laureen

    Therapist: So what's on your mind now? Haley: So I bought a Gucci purse

  • Ari Marcantonio
    Ari Marcantonio

    yall need to stop hating like its 2019 and yall still hatin

  • Ari Marcantonio
    Ari Marcantonio

    veronica lodge/luna whooo?

  • Gabrielle Wasicuna
    Gabrielle Wasicuna

    "are you videoingg?" "yeah" "yOu cAnT"

  • Rileigh

    Damn. If you let her talk she wouldn’t have had to interrupt 😂

  • Annie Bertolini
    Annie Bertolini

    Wow ok well everyone saying she didn’t let Mia talk it’s her channel if you think his video is disgusting and rude why did you watch then? Truly people saying I love hailed but no sis you don’t if you then carry on arguing also why is there no genuine comments like she legit spent 2 thousand dollars be respectful and appreciate this video and how much she love you guys

  • aléxx

    mai & haley? is this the real life? nO tHiS iS pAtRiCk

  • Esmee

    I just watched a whole video about someone buying a bag... Seriously

  • Lucy Trash
    Lucy Trash

    Haley I love your videos your really cool but I feel like you should have included mai a bit more because in her video she was really sweet and included you in like everything and let you talk. Sorry for saying this I just wanted to put it out there . I love you Haley!!!

  • denise morocho
    denise morocho

    why does haley look annoyed lmfaoooo

  • laura t
    laura t

    You look like you are straight out of the movie! I love it!

  • est1420

    Wtf Haley. Mai was not interrupting. You were just talking the entire time being rude...

  • Mexican biiiiitch
    Mexican biiiiitch

    Haley was so rude I felt in this video and tbh the outfit was not a look for me.

  • Cyan Love
    Cyan Love

    11:27 me when one of my friends has a gucci bag and i cant relate

  • jonnie

    i wish ppl would stop being like ‘haley was being unfair to mai omg she wouldn’t let her talk’ that’s not true 😂 yes, haley talked more but it is her video..also, the reason she didn’t introduce mai was probably because they did mai’s vid first. honestly 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 edit: she wasn’t complaining either..she was annoyed at how expensive it is, is she not allowed..? PLUS mai actually interrupted haley, not the other way round...

  • wasntdev

    this was SO long ago but i was just gonna say. i think personally Haley is best by herself, shes probably just used to talking as much as she wants, im glad some of you are being super nice and understanding but others need to calm down a bit, there like " i dont think i can ever watch her again." like a bit dramatic, but as i said, in her collab vids shes just a bit different, nothing wrong about that, ily Haley ^^

  • Marian Gamez
    Marian Gamez

    wait so talking is now interrupting? ok makes sense

  • Brielle Dunk
    Brielle Dunk

    Dude thumnail THO

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    As soon as you said is it worth it I got a notification for your new video “I spent $450 at princess Polly.... IS THIS WORTH IT??”

  • Federica Cucchetti
    Federica Cucchetti

    *cut to her and Ryan looking at million dollar mansions*

  • a social life with ana
    a social life with ana

    it's not a crime to like gucci because some of there stuff are actually kinds cute.

  • Sophie Donnelly
    Sophie Donnelly

    Love u Haley !!!! 🥳💕

  • imelonjuice

    u should of bought fake gucci

  • Teresa Sharpie
    Teresa Sharpie

    I love your dress where is it from?

  • Aine Purcell
    Aine Purcell

    Are they sisters??

  • Lea Llobrera
    Lea Llobrera

    omg u look like cami mendes from the transformation

  • kayla tran
    kayla tran

    i love mai :)

  • Bella B
    Bella B

    Ok so I've been watching a lot of Mai lately and I click on this one and she's in it too! Omg love you Mai and Haley!

  • Camilla Clea
    Camilla Clea

    how can u be so relaxed after a panic attack, I feel like im dying when I have a panic attack and my whole body is aching for the next hours after my attack :/ but idk everyones different

  • Get_ the_crumpets
    Get_ the_crumpets

    lmao at 5:59 - 6:10 when Haley was just going off about her regrets and Mai was just chilling like 💁‍♀️

  • Saga Steindóra Oscarsdóttir
    Saga Steindóra Oscarsdóttir

    Omg Gucci sstghhhcccck

  • Evelyn Rose
    Evelyn Rose

    11:19 you look gross Mai looks bomb

  • marra531

    complains about gucci and stuff but buys the Most basic items from URBAN OUTFITTERS

  • D D
    D D

    Haley’s like the straight edge friend that wants to make sure everyone knows she’s above everyone and ~different~ so edgy, not like other girls cause she doesn’t care about designer

  • Kat

    girl chill out... like you're trying to tell people why or why not to buy things, if you don't feel comfortable showing off the fact that you have money that's fine but don't shame others who enjoy showing off the fact that they have money. Your style is by no means "high end", and some people do have "high end" style, you don't have to come at everybody who lives differently than you goddamn

  • Emily Campbell
    Emily Campbell

    i like her friends shoes and dress.....

  • Rain Ricketts
    Rain Ricketts

    If she let DIDN her hair she wouldn't look like a " mom"

  • Cami377

    To everyone who's saying Haley was very rude, she wasn't being. She was obviously very stressed out about having spent $1000! That is a lot of money just on one purse when she could be using it for food and she wasn't constantly expressing that. And even when Haley would stoo talking Mai wouldn't start talking so Haley would keep going. Or another thing that would happen is that Mai would finish talking and Haley would keep the convo going quickly because this is her job and she works hard for it. And Mai did interrupt her a lot. Some of you said it nicely and others said it in a way that seemed like you were threatening to unfollow. Just remember to be nice and respectful cuz we are all humans. And even if in your opinion she was rude and you attack her for it you are keeping that chain going. Please don't hate on me or anything.

  • Jona Zacher
    Jona Zacher

    Haily I really love your videos, but in you’re 2 million viedeo you told us that you just started to succeed and having fun by doing viedeos when you have stopped doing viedeos just to be in trend or doing thinks because of the clickbait. In this viedeo i seems like you didn’t wanted to do it at all. So I didn’t enjoy to watch it. You’ve explained yourself to mush and you kept saying how mush you hate everything about. I really appreciate the viedeos were you can be yourself. Best regards

  • Georgia Ashton
    Georgia Ashton

    Anyone notice “editing hakey”

  • Kami Lee
    Kami Lee

    You were so rude to Mai... girl

  • Adrianna Suarez
    Adrianna Suarez

    Omg why are u getting so much hate on this vid

  • Julie Mishchuk
    Julie Mishchuk

    dawg just resell stuff if you cant return em

  • BurntPotato Yesh
    BurntPotato Yesh

    I love that you guys are using save the turtle straws!♥️♥️keep it up!

  • Avery


  • ErSo Edelmann
    ErSo Edelmann


  • lvnie

    i like how almost every collab video you do with someone where you sit in the car and talk, wears your yellow hoodie merch 💀

  • Catherine Alexandra
    Catherine Alexandra


  • Amandeep RANA
    Amandeep RANA

    10:54 haley looks like thoose bees in that bee move

  • lily smith
    lily smith

    i rlly don’t think haley prevented mai from talking like...she talked a lot but haley talked more because she needed to explain her video

  • The House Family
    The House Family

    When are y’all doing another collaboration?

  • Imogen Huxley
    Imogen Huxley

    Me: oh Haley’s such a ri- Haley:NO

  • Fran Films
    Fran Films

    I would appreciate this video more if you didn’t talk so lowly about people that wear/own Gucci. I know Hakey kind of clarified but I just think it would be kinder if you didn’t speak negatively about it

  • Lyssie Hart
    Lyssie Hart

    Haley+mai= best videos on the internet

  • Lamest BABY
    Lamest BABY


  • Anika_ xox
    Anika_ xox

    i was kinda shocked when you didn't even introduce Mai and whenever she spoke you called it an interruption. Also you made buying expensive things seem disgusting and overjustified your opinion again and again, i love your videos haley but wtf was this.

  • imogen jones
    imogen jones

    5:59 that makes me uncomfortable too when you wear a branded outfit and then you feel bad. Does that happen to anyone else?

  • Brianna Gieske
    Brianna Gieske

    mai kept interrupting haley and it was really annoying ngl

  • Kelsey Gregson
    Kelsey Gregson

    I need merch with a drawing of Haley’s face at 11:12

  • Maitree

    11:14 😂

  • Cailey Renee
    Cailey Renee

    I know Haley hates like Gucci and designer and all but she low key high key looks so frickin gorgeous

  • Deej Ragusa
    Deej Ragusa

    never ever be embarrassed of your money. you work so hard and everyone loves your videos! go look cute with ya damn purse queeeeennnn

  • LuvieB

    Too many unnecessary comments. Definitely need to work on being more mature about what you put out in the media.

  • Lula Pearl
    Lula Pearl


  • Tanya Jain
    Tanya Jain

    hALeY yOU'rE cHAnGInG

  • Lachebekje LoL
    Lachebekje LoL

    11:37 my favorite part :)

  • joeb hutto
    joeb hutto

    i love that movie top 10 best movie i watched

  • Seif Ghazi
    Seif Ghazi

    guys I think Haley was just having an off day when she filmed this. You can obviously tell that she isn't herself. And honestly Mai doesn't' look the bothered at all so just calm down.

  • veronique _yphan
    veronique _yphan

    mai: breathes haley: interruption #67

  • Natalie Kai
    Natalie Kai

    Do you have anxiety? You let your friend order for you even tho you were driving and you talk about being nervous going places and doing things alone. Just curious

    • Rachel Ibey
      Rachel Ibey

      yeah she does, she's talked about it in other videos

  • Isabelle Dahl
    Isabelle Dahl

    "Daddy, I said buy me the PORSCHE!!" I actually diedddd😂😂

  • Kaija Mahr
    Kaija Mahr

    7:07 haley:oops Me: and I oop

  • Artemis Rezaei
    Artemis Rezaei

    am i the only one who thought haleys sunglasses actually suit her?

  • eylem van de wal
    eylem van de wal

    Okay Haley I really love your videos. But in this one you keep treating Mai like trash cuz in her video she actually introduces you in the intro and in the description. And you keep saying that she is interupting you, which is obiously not true, I'm pretty sure that she was just trying to be a part of this video and not just 'the other girl'. I hope you are going to do a video where you read the comments on this video and kinda explain this whole situation xx

  • Jesse Lindsey
    Jesse Lindsey

    should’ve gotten fake gucci

  • Emily Keith
    Emily Keith


  • piper gibson
    piper gibson

    Just hit up the nordstrom rack

  • Maggie Riedel
    Maggie Riedel

    these comments are really annoying me. she has every reason to feel disgusting making this video. she believes that living a lifestyle she wasn’t set out for isn’t just and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. maybe she was slightly rude to her friend but that’s how friends act. maybe you and your friends aren’t like that to each other but she has a different relationship with mai. keep your opinions to yourself, haley said hers because that’s what her channel is for, to spread her opinion. yes i’m sure none of you will change your opinions because of this but that’s alright. once again, we are all entitled to our own opinion so please just leave haley alone.

  • Violet Davis
    Violet Davis

    Wow there’s honestly so much hate on this video, and I don’t get it. The interruption thing was a joke, and mai wasn’t trying hard enough to get in the video. Besides, this was supposed to be a fun video, ily hakey

  • shxlby

    Haley, i honestly dont like this video. The collab was so awkward, you rarely let Mai talk. And when she did you either said "interruption 38" or talked over her. Plus, the rant about designer was not needed. You literally said its a waste of money. If you hated this idea, then why did you make it? No one forced you to do it. All in all i dont enjoy this.

  • Lorena T
    Lorena T

    I know she didn't really meant it to sound bad, but people don't just buy designer stuff to "be cool." I hope that people know by now that fast fashion is bad for the workers (the people making it, because they don't get a good wage) and for the environment. And a lot of the designer stuff, if you do good research it's more worker and enviroment and cruelty friendly. If people can afford it then better for them and others too. I personally don't have the money to afford it, thrift shops are the way to go if you're broke, though now they have become more expensive because it's more trendy.

  • kami

    haley calm down no ones going to kill you if you wear a gucci shirt

  • tightpantsJONAS

    what if i'm not envious of rich people ..is that a thumbs down ?

  • Kiara

    Why does Haley look like a bug with those glasses on?!?

  • Emily

    This video was so annoying honestly I’ve been binging your videos but this one was soooo bad... You were complaining the whole time about how you hated it so much and you’re not rich but you couldn’t think “Hmm, I’m in a position to buy something a lot of people my age couldn’t right now, maybe I should appreciate it!” And on top of that you treated Mai like trash the whole video calling her an interruption and not even putting her in the title or thumbnail..aight..

  • Emily

    INTERRUPTION #35 omg that was so mean

  • Chelsea B Willick
    Chelsea B Willick

    *gucci has left the chat*


    Most of the video was Haley stressing out about that Gucci bag😂

  • Lily Valentine
    Lily Valentine

    where did you get your necklace?!!!

  • Olivia’s world Saldate
    Olivia’s world Saldate

    This video literally made me nervous

  • Tamera Seyram
    Tamera Seyram

    Where are haley sunglasses from please? No joke I think they r cute Xx

  • abi f
    abi f

    i love this girl, but she didnt even acknowledge mai like?????? WHY COLLAB WITH SOMEONE IF YOUR FINNA ACT LIKE YOU DONT WANT THEM HERE?

  • vvvvain

    So like how uncomfortable were you around Olivia jade 😂