SPACE JAM 2 A NEW LEGACY Trailer (2021) Family Movie
SPACE JAM 2 A NEW LEGACY Trailer (2021) Family Movie
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  • M&N Distribution
    M&N Distribution

    Man take LeBron and give us back Kobe! He would have been so perfect for this film.

  • ColoringChannel

    Go to 1:46 Look to the right You will see pennywise



  • Its_Isa

    Why is it not looney toons its a better name in my opinion

  • Kaitlyn Edwards
    Kaitlyn Edwards

    Looks horrible and boring but i could be wrong.

  • Andrej Raicevic
    Andrej Raicevic

    OMG this Cgi and Design crazy

  • NurProductions

    I'm actually excited 😆

  • Captain Cold
    Captain Cold

    How curry not in this movie man he’s like the next best player after Lebron

  • Falc0

    this looks so dumb too much cgi

  • Shawns Hastey
    Shawns Hastey

    The strange aftermath noteworthily test because battle opportunely sigh round a ubiquitous pisces. cloistered, teeny-tiny novel

  • Zazzel The Gamer
    Zazzel The Gamer

    1:17 If DC comics was in Kingdom Hearts, that is what the world design would look like.

  • Zazzel The Gamer
    Zazzel The Gamer

    0:33 why did those "worlds" look like what Kingdom Hearts would make when it comes to "worlds" from that game?

  • Robin

    Riding coat tails LeBron much? And he says he's not trying to be Michael Jordan 🙄

  • Ronzell

    2:23 that’s Damian Lillard...

  • Lorenzo Rig
    Lorenzo Rig

    I swear this movie was announced in 2015 it took 6 years to make because WB wanted every WB movie and TV show character and reference in this movie so WB could kill fans by trying to count all the references and characters and I bet every time they got the rights to a character they added into the movie.

  • Lorenzo Rig
    Lorenzo Rig

    I have a theory that the doom squad are video game characters.

  • Boris Artwork
    Boris Artwork

    Ready Player One 2?

  • FortunateScooby

    If the Animaniacs aren't in this, I'm going to cry.

  • My vid 2021
    My vid 2021

    I saw batman signal look close

  • Cinnamon Sun
    Cinnamon Sun

    Okay Guys on Aliexpress they have Space Jam 2 Legacy Figures and apparently have the new villains name. The Snake girl is named White Mamba, The Spider girl is Arachneka, The Water one is actually 2 in one basically it become water or fire and his name is Wet/Fire. The gold one I don't know his name. This may not be there real names but it might be I dunno 🤔.

  • SpreadingtheMuse

    Ready Player Three

  • Kaden Clark
    Kaden Clark

    They couldn’t have thought to make it with Kobe when he was alive?

  • LegenDusty

    No. Can't replace the original with some clown pawn.

  • Samuel Blaster Drix
    Samuel Blaster Drix

    I want to see Roger Rabbit ,and Jessica Rabbit cameo ,and the Hex Girls from Scooby Doo ,and the witches Ghost. Static Shock

  • Video games And stuff!
    Video games And stuff!

    Daffy: Shoot the ball! *Sam LITERALLY shoots the ball* XD

  • Video games And stuff!
    Video games And stuff!

    I’m hoping that they introduce Tina in this 🤔

  • Daft Petal
    Daft Petal

    im just happy to see my boy Speedy 😭

  • BMO Rich Slicc
    BMO Rich Slicc

    This ready be stupid hard

  • Sean Blakely
    Sean Blakely

    Meh. I dunno. The first one was so good. Now they're cgi tunes?

  • Dave Mychajlyszyn
    Dave Mychajlyszyn

    Why the fuck did they make a part 2. Looks stupid ass shit

  • Moon Moon
    Moon Moon

    Lola Bunny imitating DWade on that alley oop has me 😂😂

  • frosty l
    frosty l

    I’ll pass

  • Yawg rog Minnesota
    Yawg rog Minnesota

    Idk about this after lebron james post a comment about a white officers gotta take accountable for ma khia Bryant situation.. 😳

  • Jacob Rommel
    Jacob Rommel

    pepe le pew got cancelled

  • Jj Av
    Jj Av

    Even in the movie Lebron James still flops.

  • marky villasenor
    marky villasenor

    Congrats LeBron James

  • Silver Kirby
    Silver Kirby

    They better have atleast an Animaniacs cameo

  • Captain Cold
    Captain Cold

    Space jam 3:Tom Brady and gronk

  • Danny Rodríguez
    Danny Rodríguez

    Where’s Bill Murray!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey

    No monstars and MJ - I'm out

  • TwitchTv Quagy
    TwitchTv Quagy

    Is This Richard Gear Dream Again? Helppppppppppp

  • Dababy


  • 真空

    Wait, why do they want his son, so bad!?

  • R Knollman
    R Knollman

    I’m DEFINITELY going to the theaters to see this.

  • zach newman
    zach newman

    Is this Space Jam or Ready Player One?

  • Shadow Fox
    Shadow Fox

    yeah, nahhh mate.

  • Rachel Millard
    Rachel Millard

    This is such a bastardization. Its like no one wanted to back a Roger Rabbit remake or something. That Id watch.

  • Red King
    Red King

    I miss old Lola bunny 😕🥵

  • queenvie808

    Please god no

  • winedan

    this movie got hit high

  • Kylie Loyal
    Kylie Loyal

    So what LeBron is basically saying is that , this might not be in OUTERSPACE, but it’s in CYBERSPACE.

  • 1bcordell

    I know he is getting paid a shit ton of money for this movie, but c'mon Lebron, why? You don't need the money and it makes you look like a copycat. He will never be the GOAT folks.

  • KMT15

    My God. I love Lebron but this looks fucking awful.

  • Squidy

    Ready player one vibes

  • Prasanna Venkatesh
    Prasanna Venkatesh

    Wow is tat the mystery machine@ 1:37

  • JJ Mend
    JJ Mend


  • Joe

    Not interested in a movie with the biggest racist socialist around

    • Joe

      I haven’t in over a year.

    • Joe

      I haven’t in over a year.

    • Joe

      I haven’t in over a year.

    • Moon Moon
      Moon Moon

      Don't watch anything on TV then lol

  • Calebe Paixao
    Calebe Paixao

    Ok just by curiosity would any of you want cartoon powers?

  • MSwain84

    Idk I'm gonna watch it, but as a massive fan of the original I'm not getting any good vibes from this trailer, looks a bit shit.

  • Boba fett7
    Boba fett7

    If Marvin is not in here I'm gonna burn my house down

  • Andre Simpson
    Andre Simpson

    Seems Ligit

  • Nate Taylor
    Nate Taylor

    Ready Player One: The cartoon version

  • OU_ ItsYaBoiHex
    OU_ ItsYaBoiHex

    Micheal Jordan should be the coach of the team

  • cheick tirera
    cheick tirera

    2:28 omg god granny is crazy how do s she able to do that if she is old plus how old even is she

  • Eli_ Hawk_Al
    Eli_ Hawk_Al

    It's.............. I just hate it

  • elijah Dal Broi
    elijah Dal Broi


  • Jay Ral
    Jay Ral

    You know this is why Jordan is always going to be better. But this guy LeBron James is too political and only looks at one side to everything without common sense or evidence I'm not interested in seeing this ill stick with the original.

    • Afi James
      Afi James

      believe me, the original was no masterpiece either (i didn't even like the first film, it was an idiotic lame infomercial for nike), but this one is gonna be a completely dead zone.

  • Rene Salinas
    Rene Salinas

    Yosemite Sam

  • lostmotion18

    Send this movie to the rejects.

  • Mark R
    Mark R

    Lost me at Lebron...

  • Tracy Baughman
    Tracy Baughman

    I'm going to watch this pos

  • Tolgahan Ozcan
    Tolgahan Ozcan

    Lebron wants to assemble a elite team with Superman. Mj saw Daffy Duck and still he was sure of his team and victory. Thats why MJ is the one and only King.

  • Anthony Balangue
    Anthony Balangue

    Im a cartoon

  • Austin Tuttle
    Austin Tuttle

    this looks so good actually. i’m very excited to watch this

  • Epic Guardian
    Epic Guardian

    This doesn’t feel like Space Jam. This feels like Ready Player One, Matrix and a few other things. Kinda disappointed, was really hoping that they would try to improve the 2D animation integrated with 3D instead it’s 2 separate animations styles. But hey still looks good

  • Eli Shue
    Eli Shue

    Hmmm... this doesnt look as good as the original

  • Devonte The Dog
    Devonte The Dog

    1:40 Welcome To Space Jam!

  • MJJ Fan
    MJJ Fan

    I love this so much I want to watching this

  • jcw

    Boycott it .....LaDumb is an idiot and doesn’t deserve a dime of my money ......he is a fool

  • Brandon Kyle
    Brandon Kyle

    Because remember when Michael Jordan was a kid in Space Jam and they played the Song I can Believe I can fly from the beginning of the movie

  • Brandon Kyle
    Brandon Kyle

    I wonder how the beginning go turn out in Space Jam A New Legacy



  • Gustavo Hernandez
    Gustavo Hernandez


  • Jonas Castillo
    Jonas Castillo

    So is anybody gonna ignore the fact that Pennywise, Joker, The Mask, Mystery Co., and Flintstones are in the movie

  • strix

    Lebron seems like a bad actor

  • Squid The Whitt
    Squid The Whitt

    3D characters aren’t always good

  • MRK3LV

    I'm from the UK and although I don't watch basketball, when MJ did this I felt the need to see it. Lebron is not MJ. PERIOD. Stop making remakes.

  • Kris Sanders
    Kris Sanders

    That is a fucking disgrace to Jordan, they let lachina James, a man single handily destroying the NBA to do a space jam rip off. hope nobody but kids go to see it

  • UnKnown Runner
    UnKnown Runner

    This is gonna be toooooo good!!!

  • Felipe ARREDONDO
    Felipe ARREDONDO


  • #YouTube Solid#
    #YouTube Solid#

    Ohh Im Ready 😂 Im ready To Watch and Download This Movie haha Dang!

  • Mondasian Man
    Mondasian Man

    So .....who’s betting that Big Chungus might get a cameo ?

  • Colorado91

    Will not be watching this! Labron is to political

  • Brayden N
    Brayden N

    Too bad Lebron James is a communist.

  • ProGabe Playz
    ProGabe Playz

    Imagine Not Liking Space Jam ?..

  • Juan Zapata
    Juan Zapata


  • J Jj
    J Jj

    Talk about forcing a movie script. Could of had a better plot an storyline. Would of been more believable an better suited having Michael an lebron golfing an having the same thing happen to him with Michael walking him through it all . With different adversaries

  • stacy swiss
    stacy swiss

    Pathetic he’s no king there’s only one ROYAL AIRNESS

  • Christiaan Feugen
    Christiaan Feugen

    Who thought it was a good idea to make this shit so dramatic 😂

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