"Smartphones are Boring now."
Smartphones are NOT boring, here's just 9 reasons why!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Next time someone tells you smartphones are boring, send them here, I think there's a lot to be excited about!

    • Kamrul Hasan
      Kamrul Hasan

      K(999900h. P

    • Titas Jasiūnas
      Titas Jasiūnas


    • radha sudhakar
      radha sudhakar

      @Livin' like Justin Y. aaAA///(/(//))))))((////////

    • lmao kfc
      lmao kfc

      They are boring: Foldable, closeable, swiveling, whatever, they all are just phones, you can watch videos and call your grandma. There's nothing truly special about them and I'm very happy with that.

    • Nourhan Ashraf
      Nourhan Ashraf

      @LordLenni HeIIo٠*♡

  • FotoschoPro

    rtx on phones in 5 years

  • lastermann

    2:50, haven't you heard of samsung galaxy k zoom yet? It has been released in 2014 and I don't know why it doesn t have a successor..

  • Grimshaw Grummage
    Grimshaw Grummage

    foldable - a solution to a problem that is avoidable altogether. Consumers: tricked into thinking they need a smartphone with a huge screen when they need a laptop. Market: Engineer a very expensive large screen format that is portable which will not survive a fall.

  • Janu Channel J.
    Janu Channel J.

    I want sphere phone

  • Serhat Torbali
    Serhat Torbali

    I think the main reason you don't think smartphones are boring is that you would then have to change the purpose of your RSloft channel. But besides that, they are boring. #9: The foldables phones weren't a thing, so "solving the problems of foldable phones" isn't a thing either #8: That's not game changer, it already existed in the past (Galaxy Zoom) and didn't work out, cause people doesn't want a huge camera on their phones, they just want to take good selfies. #7: Yeah, losing 1mm at the bottom will help smartphones becoming relevant again, right #6: People would care about this 3 times and then totally forget about it #5: Everyone buys a think coloured bumper anyway, it's pointless #4: Every PS5 users has the same device, not the smartphone users. And if mobile gaming would become a thing, it would be actually the case now, after 13 years of market becoming mature #3: Bad idea, won't interest people #2: It will never be a thing #1: This thing is being rumoured for 10 years now, and battery won't resolve the problem of the smartphones

    • Janu Channel J.
      Janu Channel J.

      I hope gaming company can make gaming phone and not just console

    • Janu Channel J.
      Janu Channel J.

      Now phone only have ability to fold,break to fast because too fragile,looks like minecraft slabs,can make your wallet go zero and super duper camera

    • Janu Channel J.
      Janu Channel J.

      The only fun phone is the keyboard phone Foldable phone is a very boring now

  • Shuoz

    Arun: You've probably heard about graphene Me: No Arun: Understandable, have a good day

  • Maidul Islam
    Maidul Islam

    Vivo: Camera's are detachable. Apple: Buy Camera Separately, Only for 999$ 🥴🥴🥴

    • Janu Channel J.
      Janu Channel J.

      When new phone is coming:Well money gone

  • VC's Art Force
    VC's Art Force

    Three things that amaze me here, the rollable that will be potentially affordable once massively released and the foldable killers of the future.. second, the invisible beneath the screen cameras once released for every phone is genius, I am thinking about that can be also applied to gaming monitors and TV too so people will not buy external streaming webcams anymore. Lastly, the graphene batteries finally are the solution to my dream of having phone battery charge that will last for longer days. This is the future. Let us all hold it together people.

  • Blueberry Sam
    Blueberry Sam

    We got rick rolled :)

    • Janu Channel J.
      Janu Channel J.

      phone wallpaper I notice it too


    somebody needs to make a phone that has the front camera and it has a mechanism inside the phone and when you are not using the camera, a little screen thing will cover the camera

  • Juan Pérez
    Juan Pérez

    This video made me realize that you are like sneaky cute. Great video tho!

  • Nøshin Saiyara
    Nøshin Saiyara

    LG Rollable is coming out soon!!!


    I loved Huawei's implementation of the foldable smartphone, but yeah, that make that thing SUPER fragile with the outward display. THOUGH, this rollable future could be interesting, use a pop-up camera in conjunction and I'm sold. THOUGH, personally, I'd be okay without a front facing camera, since they're usually nuked comparatively and if they're from an Asian company always has some smoothing post-processing even when turned off.

  • Swellt GD
    Swellt GD


  • Chris George
    Chris George

    The tasteless kidney luckily beam because clipper concordantly zoom over a broken dolphin. fancy, astonishing impulse

  • szewei85

    haha cool

  • Elouj Time Reaver
    Elouj Time Reaver

    Everything you said about graphene is an exaggeration. Still a wonder material, but not best in class in any category. Being competitive in so many categories though is still a crazy accomplishment.

  • SoSoSleepie

    If anyone is building a phone for gaming, please: 1) I need Bezel 2) Give me headphone jack 3) Straight right angle corner (no round corner)

  • Alex Armani
    Alex Armani

    Smartphones are just empty canvas Its boring or exciting levels are based on apps

  • Funny Stuff
    Funny Stuff

    5:33 its the cat from the deadly wallpaper

  • Crooked Tongues
    Crooked Tongues

    I just want a true Sony Vita phone. Or at least a renewed Xperia Play. I absolutely loved that phone. It was basically perfect for emulators!

  • Nicholas Lewis
    Nicholas Lewis

    Well, if you purely look at proof of concepts and prototypes then yeah, of course smartphones are exciting. But as for what's actually being released? Yeah they're boring as hell

  • Pink Leaf
    Pink Leaf

    3:28 why is ur wall paper rick astley

  • uyfhfd hhgv
    uyfhfd hhgv

    You can roll it up and shove it up your bum. Phones are garbage.

  • chandel prince
    chandel prince

    Smartphone are not vibrator They are needed so boring or not it's still useful.

  • Harshdeep Tiwari
    Harshdeep Tiwari

    All these features are worthless

  • WastedBroccoli47

    nice spelling of "they're" you got _their_


    Soon.....the future smartphones will get rid of GOPRO once and for all.


    Looks like Samsung ZOOM are coming back in the market.

  • Eddie Rey
    Eddie Rey

    It sounds like he’s asking for a perfect phone 😅 right?

  • Dark Carousel
    Dark Carousel

    I knew this was a click bate video title. LOL

  • Umar Mehfooz Jalali
    Umar Mehfooz Jalali

    I heard him say amd for the first time

  • Plippy :p
    Plippy :p

    8:41 oop i lost my camera!

  • Ender Hero
    Ender Hero

    If graphene is that strong it would be cool to see a phone fully made out of it (if it can be made transparent in the future for the display). We'll have a Nokia 3310 2.0

  • Nathan Kongstad
    Nathan Kongstad

    "Devices that last a week on a charge" Nokia brick phones: Pathetic

  • doppio


  • Emilian Epure
    Emilian Epure

    The thing I hate most about phones today is to have a hole in the screen. I use my phone everyday, but really, that front camera I'm using maybe (!maybe) once a month. So why have a hole in my screen ? No thanks. For now I'll stick with my S9+. Great video btw ! Thank you. LE: for mobile gaming, I'd like to see a VR tech using the phone's hardware to render on some low weight VR glasses all the games. I'm the owner of a Oculus Quest brick and boy, it does hurt using it... after 30 minutes of gaming, it's a real pain to keep playing... all the weight pressing on the neck, chick bones, etc. Some 150 grams weight VR glasses would be much better. This is a tech I would instantly buy, to play games, read books and watch movies with.

  • Benzo X
    Benzo X

    Until i can eat food through my phone, i beg to differ

  • maxroman2010

    I hope mrmobile has seen this video

  • Jorji Costava
    Jorji Costava

    I think they are absolutely right, something is missing

  • Kristopher Ertmer
    Kristopher Ertmer

    I WOULD ADD A LASER-KEYBOARD/TRACKPAD TO THE OPPO X to be used while the device is on it's SIDE 📱➡💻 That means it would stand up on one of the opposite sides that it currently rests on giving the user a WIDER VIEW.

  • SpecEX1

    amd building gpus on samsung smartphones gross


    3:26 rick ashley Nev gonna give u up Nev gonna let u go

  • Tractarock Казачок
    Tractarock Казачок

    Yeah sure in 2 years we will play rdr 2 on phone

  • Susan Carter
    Susan Carter

    The grumpy olive coherently license because heart greely confuse below a temporary bait. hot huge, amusing swim

  • tunnelbear

    3:23 so is everyone gonna ignore rick astley as the wallpaper i mean could you please tell me why u rickrolled me

  • mvrrko


  • Shråvån Surve
    Shråvån Surve

    Why dont we cover complete phone with graphene and make it heat resistant too? 🤷🏻 Difficult but not impossible. Cant stop imagining of fire shots shot on that phone 🤷

  • thegreatspugg

    Me: watches video Arun: says chin . Me looks at bottom of fam screen an screams

  • Archie McGeoch
    Archie McGeoch

    I just want a Transformer phone.

  • Nuqlear Vaste
    Nuqlear Vaste

    I think the three most experimental phone companies: oppo, xiaomi and vivo, dont know why, just kinda associate them with experimental innovations :P

  • DMVP

    vivo camera .....thats fucked up if you think about it

  • I will defeat Ray Mak
    I will defeat Ray Mak

    3:24-3:28 : see the wallpaper in the phone You got rickrolled

  • joshua Canteveros
    joshua Canteveros

    I actually transfered from oppo to xiaomi

  • JFK422

    My problem with edgeless designs is, that when you turn the screen off, it just looks like a boring black slate. Cant we use the top and bottom of the phone as a sort of decorative or functional area? Like speakers or back and home buttons for example. Also glass as a backplate is used ON EVERY DAMN PHONE at the moment. Why would I want another glass pane on my phone that can shatter. Use other materials ffs! Metal seems to have gone out of favour because it decreases signal strength. But I would argue that we currently have the means to work around this. I guess glass is used because its cheaper and increases margins. One last thing I'd really want to see is that phones get more durable or at least easier to repair. Look at the Axon 7 for example. The entire phone is built on a metal carrier with a backplate. Just pop the speaker grills and unscrew the backplate and the entire thing comes apart. Also the carrier has a small seam around the phone separating it from the backplate. This seam make the screen pretty much invincible to crack when you drop it.

  • LancelotMaxi

    Great infos thank you man

  • Brian Howard
    Brian Howard

    ALWAYS enjoy your vid reviews Aaron. Words that come to mind are professional, articulate, well structured, visual feast (the studio, not Aaron! :-)) - anyway, as a humble Aussie I really appreciate someone with such a great and entertaining command of the Queen's English. Your perfect annunciation is alone worth tuning in to hear and really adds an air of authority among the proliferation of current day Americanisms and slovenly speech. Thank you and very much looking forward to more from you!

  • BenettAgd


  • Costin-Mihai Musca
    Costin-Mihai Musca

    Soooo booooooooooorriiiiiiiiiiinggg... 🥱

  • relic inn
    relic inn

    This was an ok infomercial

  • A †
    A †

    3:23 (ಠ_ಠ)>⌐■-■

  • Debie Thara Dipa
    Debie Thara Dipa

    Expensive smartphone aren't boring now

  • MeALot

    Did you ever open a phone? Im pretty sure you didn't, no phone has the connector and cable at the lower side of the phone in the real world. Most of the phone makers know people have hands which by accident will tough the screen while using. Rog phones is symetrical.


    Ur videos is 100% the opposite of waisting someones time. Really!

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch

    Wow, That detachable camera will be a game-changer for cosplayers like me. Could get so many more angles and poses! It's the hardest thing in the world trying to find something to balance your phone on if you don't have a tripod/selfie stick.. and tripods can be pretty expensive.

  • Tiger Elh211
    Tiger Elh211

    3:23 that is the last place that i would expect to get rickrolled but here i am

  • SPIKEY 1
    SPIKEY 1

    Vivo in 2025:fully hologram phone

  • DoomOfConviction

    Raytracing has NOTHING to do with AMD my friend xD... and the Minecraft example you showed already had the Nvidia Green in the bottom right corner...

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall

    The whole shirt conspicuously clean because jet hemodynamically play apud a shaggy open. stupendous, tangy pond

  • imran ahmed
    imran ahmed

    Did you get any admiration from companies?

  • haroo86

    You baited the shit out of us all 😑

  • Everett Ward
    Everett Ward

    Its the first time I'm seeing the roll able. it changed my mind on morphable phones.

  • Adheeb Adhi
    Adheeb Adhi

    *I feel like Playback speed = 1.25x even though it's was Normal*

  • sweettea . tony
    sweettea . tony

    My fat sausage fingers need bezels. Stop taking them away

  • Fun Entertainment
    Fun Entertainment

    Let the smartphone be more focus to build powerful network connectivity’s and internet speed either then camera and all..

  • HPC Editx
    HPC Editx

    Bro plzz give me any mobile of ur choice as a gift...Plz plz plzzzzz

  • Pheonixblade

    Fun fact: 3:23 u gt rick-rolled :(

  • Rey Kevin Garcia
    Rey Kevin Garcia

    Are we gonna ignore he said amd-based real time ray tracing? Wth

  • oliver ault
    oliver ault

    Thanks for Rick Rolling us at #07 lol

  • Shivon Tjin Aton
    Shivon Tjin Aton

    so he was talking about edgeless phones and some how forgets to mention samsung galaxy zero hmm

  • Z-Spot International
    Z-Spot International

    I enjoy watching your videos..

  • Yvan Olandag
    Yvan Olandag

    We need phones with drone wings now

  • Grace Kregg
    Grace Kregg

    We got rickrolled... nice one Arun

  • Sabir

    Looking forward for the oppo x 2021 that rollable feature is badass

  • we rw
    we rw

    All the Chinese brands are leading the innovations it seems

    • Zzskaoqod

      Unlimited cheap work labor at their fingertips. They can keep pumping and building and innovating everyday.

  • J_schmuck14

    best rickroll ive seen in a while icl

  • Airmendy Farrel
    Airmendy Farrel

    3:25 its rick astely no way!

  • hassan raza pirzada 8b
    hassan raza pirzada 8b

    hello ai next voice

  • Vaibhav Chauhan
    Vaibhav Chauhan

    Most of theses innovations are from chinese companies.

  • Ripper

    But can they focus on the strength of the phones??

  • •Karylle Bolanio Vlogs•
    •Karylle Bolanio Vlogs•

    Every phone is not boring they're all enjoyable-!

  • BaconJets

    Phones that people can afford are boring. It doesn't matter though, I just wish old smartphones were still usable and didn't fall apart so easy.

  • Blue Green
    Blue Green

    I love you and your channel. This is 100% the most loving tech community.

  • Blue Green
    Blue Green

    Oh no. I've been rickrolled.

  • Jack Coble
    Jack Coble

    NDB's will leave graphene in the dust, change my mind

  • WizardSoon

    Ever heard of Samsung Galaxy Zoom?

  • Alexandre Lacroix
    Alexandre Lacroix

    Anyone else just wishing he had mentioned Solid State Batteries??


    Did we just got rick rolled by a literal wallpaper ? damn

  • Mephisto

    detachable camera? what a bright restart for perverts out there

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