Simply pour the eggs over the potatoes‼ the result is amazing and delicious! # 139
dans la cuisine de sou
You just have to pour the eggs over the potatoes, the result is amazing and delicious‼ ️
Get a delicious, easy, gourmet meal in minutes.
If you have potatoes, 3 eggs and a little cheese then making this delicious easy and filling recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner you are going to love this recipe.
We all know the potato / egg mix is one of the best mixes we can't be disappointed with the taste😋
Hope you like the recipe🥰
do not hesitate to leave me your feedback in comments
Take care of yourself💚
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4 medium potatoes
3 eggs
80 g grated cheese of your choice
hot sauce (optional)
a tablespoon of green onion

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  • Dans La Cuisine de Sou
    Dans La Cuisine de Sou

    hello my friends how are you☺️? activate the subtitles by clicking on the 3 small dots at the top right of the video. What country are you from?💚

    • mary Keenaghan
      mary Keenaghan

      Lovely will cook this,, Ireland,,,,,,

    • H. Duffhues
      H. Duffhues

      looks delicious & cant wait to try! in Ontario Canada

    • Catherine Frunza
      Catherine Frunza

      De France

    • Eunice imelda Cedillo
      Eunice imelda Cedillo

      Oye, dijiste petróleo o yo entendí mal? No es aceite?

    • inna kozarenko
      inna kozarenko


  • alexia marchand
    alexia marchand

    Bonjour, j adore vos recettes, je suis de Suisse , et cette recette avec les pomme de terre, chez nous ça s appelle les roestis, c est une recette de base dans notre pays, mais grâce à vous, vous me faites connaître une revisite de la recette! Merci à vous et continuez de nous faire envie avec vos supers recette 😘❤️🇨🇭

    • ペコプー

      Je suis du Japon. とても美味しそう💗🤩⭐💞🥳。私の家族も絶対喜ぶレシピです☺️💖💖❗

    • Águila del Desierto
      Águila del Desierto

      @Dans La Cuisine de Sou Gracias por tus apetitosas y sencillas recetas...te saludo desde New York EE.UU 😍🇺🇲

    • beatriz Curzi
      beatriz Curzi


    • 手塚輝枝

    • Myrna Sharif
      Myrna Sharif

      thank you, amazing dish, but simple, looks yummy.

  • Catherine Roudé
    Catherine Roudé

    Vous êtes cruelle chère cuisinière.Moi, qui n'ait pas eu le temps de déjeuner à midi me présenter un plat aussi delicieux !! que simple !!! Merci pour cette idée je vais dans ma cuisine préparer la même chose. 😄😄😄 Cathy du Pays Basque en France

  • Katherine Jasmine
    Katherine Jasmine

    Happy to see you use cornstarch instead of flour! I am gluten sensitive so I can’t eat anything made with wheat flour. Looks so yummy! Thank you!

  • Stanisława Winnicka
    Stanisława Winnicka

    Przepis świetny.Lubię taki zestaw .Mam jedno pytanie czy dodajemy mąkę czy skrobię kukurydzianą bo jak na mąkę to jest podobna raczej do skrobii kukurydzianej.Pozdrawiam🌺

  • HippyChic

    I've always cooked my eggs and potatoes separately, lol. This looks absolutely delicious and I can't wait to try the recipe. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Maria Białkowska
    Maria Białkowska

    Mam nadzieję, że to jest smaczne danie obiadowe np. Muszę je wypróbować. Przyjemnie jest oglądać takie przepisy a jeszcze lepiej je smakować. Dziękuję 😘

    • Надежда Волокитина
      Надежда Волокитина

      @Paweł Prorok ,

    • Dans La Cuisine de Sou
      Dans La Cuisine de Sou


    • Paweł Prorok
      Paweł Prorok

      Chyba żartujesz... Serio? Zimioki z olejem i syrem? Bon apetit!

    • Colleen Currier
      Colleen Currier

      @Kata Várszegi thanks 😊

  • Barney Coffman
    Barney Coffman

    That really looks delicious! And changing the the filling of sauces and cheeses can change the taste to fit the mood.

  • C. Sc.
    C. Sc.

    Looks delicious! And so versatile - will be trying this soon! If you let the water that the potatoes were drained in sit for a while, the potato starch will settle on the bottom of the dish and after draining the water from that, you can use it in addition to the cornstarch! (My mother-in-law's trick)

  • Gwynn Alcorn
    Gwynn Alcorn

    Hello, Love the ingredients in your recipes. I am a Canadian and I have lived in Florida since 2010. I was a fabulous cook during the 1970s when I had a farm, the tastiest vegetables and fruit. We butchered our own meat - beef cattle, pork, rabbits and chickens, who laid fresh eggs. I am quite sure the rich soil and mild climate in Nova Scotia had a lot to do with my cooking skills that decade. Your boiled cabbage dish is making my mouth water. I hope the recipe will turn out as good with store bought cabbage.

    • Lindsay Williambrown
      Lindsay Williambrown

      Yes, cooking with proper nutrients is how we get good food, and it really is hard to get good results with bad ingredients. I will say as a chef that cabbage in particular is just a no-contest ingredient - home grown it's great and from the store if not organic (or if stored in a plastic bag) it's pretty rough. I'm sure that NS soil was really outstanding

  • Нина Котлярова
    Нина Котлярова

    Спасибо за оригинальное блюдо, обязательно приготовлю!!! ⭐👍

  • Olga Rusu
    Olga Rusu

    Я делаю так не промывая , в картофеле свой крахмал, зачем добавлять кукурузный, получается, так же вкусно, и без лишней возни, а Вам спасибо.

    • Lyudmyla Nuzhda
      Lyudmyla Nuzhda

      И ч о том же. Зачем промывать картофель????

    • Надежда Роздайбеда
      Надежда Роздайбеда

      Умничка! Я согласна! 🤗

    • Olga Polhovskaya
      Olga Polhovskaya

      @Валя Теникова и я тоже думаю так.А в общем рецепт очень понравился. СРАСИБО

    • Carolyn Aitken
      Carolyn Aitken

      Good advice there sure is plenty of starch in potatoes my mum used to rub a raw potato on my dads shirt collars to stiffen them it really worked too! That was just after the war when there was still a lot of shortages.

    • Римма Чадаева
      Римма Чадаева

      Я тоже подумала, зачем мыть, если опять крахмал добавить.

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    Kasia Bol

    Lubię oglądać przepisy , i zawsze coś zrobię

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  • Cherryl Young
    Cherryl Young

    WOW. So quick & easy for any meal of the day. I'm making this for supper tonight. 🤩

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    Penha Regina Ferreira da Silva Delarue

    Que delícia! Fiquei com água na boca.

  • Люда Бахаровская
    Люда Бахаровская

    Спасибо за рецепт, готовлю почти каждый день, только без крахмала и без сыра

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    Neive Postal

    Parece muuuuuuito bom 👍 Não é difícil, gostei

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      Donnie Brown

      Looking like 👍👀👌a omelet

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    Ernesto Randazzo

    Linda receta! Y lindas las manos de la cocinera! (Saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom

    I made this for breakfast this morning and it turned out great. The family really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing 😊

    • Gigi Militaru
      Gigi Militaru

      8mancare de fasole boabe

    • Dans La Cuisine de Sou
      Dans La Cuisine de Sou


  • Martie Rollin
    Martie Rollin

    This looks so delicious...will definitely give this a try tomorrow morning! Thanks for this video!

  • Thais Souza
    Thais Souza

    Minha mãe fazia muito, só q chamava de fritada de batatas. Muito boa!!!

  • Rosangela nascimento
    Rosangela nascimento

    Adorei a receita...ótima, saborosa!!! Obrigada que Deus te abençoe e ilumine sempre bjjjiiisss!!!!

  • 4Chefs

    Looks delicious! 😋😋We want more! 👌 Can't wait for the next video ❤️🔥

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    Helda Santos

    Adorei a receita muito prática e fica deliciosa 😋. Obrigada. 🇧🇷🇧🇷

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    Phyllis Nthoba

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  • Catherine Frunza
    Catherine Frunza

    Je viens de réaliser votre recette : une merveille . Merci pour ces idées simples mais si savoureuses .

  • Любовь Лебедева
    Любовь Лебедева

    В чем смысл: сначала картофельный крахмал смыли, а потом добавили кукурузный?

    • Игорь Владимирович СТАРЫЙ ЩУКАРЬ
      Игорь Владимирович СТАРЫЙ ЩУКАРЬ

      они из наших драников сделали драный пирог

    • Lucia De Vito
      Lucia De Vito

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    Una buenísima y novedosa tortilla de patatas, me ha encantado la receta. Me la quedo para hacerla en casa, a mi marido le va a gustar mucho. Gracias

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    • Dans La Cuisine de Sou
      Dans La Cuisine de Sou


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      Богдан Пивоваров

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    Martha Lucia Rengifo

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  • Martha Larrosa
    Martha Larrosa

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    Надежда Терновская

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  • Bread Recipe
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    • Ronald Bennett
      Ronald Bennett


    • Ronald Bennett
      Ronald Bennett



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    • Dans La Cuisine de Sou
      Dans La Cuisine de Sou

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    • Dans La Cuisine de Sou
      Dans La Cuisine de Sou

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    • Dans La Cuisine de Sou
      Dans La Cuisine de Sou


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    Sarah Potts

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    • Karin Ek
      Karin Ek

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    suhass phatak

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    Sunny Humphries

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      Turn on Closed Caption on the menu bar (CC)

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