#SHORTS Don’t Panic
#SHORTS Scared of Haulover

  • Tony Powell
    Tony Powell

    Boring video.

  • Poker Junky
    Poker Junky

    Should’ve thought about them life jackets before you got on

  • ilyn Payne
    ilyn Payne

    Nothing dangerous seems to be happening on the video😲

  • Merc Tech
    Merc Tech

    I worked at a marina on the finger lakes one time.. we had a boston whaler with the entire bow cut off right in front of the console and she still floats.. boston whalers are quite literally unsinkable

  • Eric Jircitano
    Eric Jircitano

    Yep boston whaler can't sink it but good call there getin on the throttle budy lol

  • alberto jr lawenko
    alberto jr lawenko


  • rafael Cruz
    rafael Cruz

    Do i smell 👃 fish 🐟 😂😂😂

  • Robert St Don
    Robert St Don

    This boats not sinking. There looking for life jackets .before the coast guard sees them .

  • and action
    and action

    Panik gak panik gak?

  • cristi si numai eu
    cristi si numai eu

    This guys shared 4 neurons.

  • Justinee Esquibel
    Justinee Esquibel

    Wait till a "hungry shark" jumps out of nowhere

  • Mehmet Deveci
    Mehmet Deveci

    Ist das nicht jacksin

  • night stalker
    night stalker

    Is this from 1998?

  • Jair bispo Da conceicao
    Jair bispo Da conceicao

    Só mulher 💓 linda top

  • Horses Shiid
    Horses Shiid

    )When you forget to check the drain plug(

  • Team Banchamek
    Team Banchamek

    Honestly, am so done with RSloft

  • dat2ra

    So what?

  • Red

    It's a Boston Whaler...they don't sink! Watch the old commercials, lol. Know your boat 😉

  • Daniel Mccorriston
    Daniel Mccorriston

    Is this channel jus a perv illegally filming women

  • S M
    S M


  • Maxon Lamb
    Maxon Lamb

    WTF ?

  • Don DP
    Don DP

    Who is filming? Is it someone from another boat?😂😂

  • baby kick
    baby kick

    Dummies, lifejackets go on before you jet off.

  • Anindya

    What happend?

  • magincap70

    It's a whaler. They're full of foam. You can literally cut the boat in half and it will still float.

  • Lejond Capone
    Lejond Capone

    Lets put these on when we get back to land

  • SgtAnon

    Very reminiscent of : "In the event we lose cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead compartment. Place the cup over YOUR nose & mouth FIRST so you can help others next to you"

  • слава косинов
    слава косинов

    Постель готовит.

  • 1 Life
    1 Life

    Enough already. Nothing to see.

  • Renato Meireles
    Renato Meireles

    Parece que eles estão com.problenas parece que o timão tá preso

  • Josh Dupee
    Josh Dupee

    Whalers don’t sink.....not possible.

  • Edwin Gomez
    Edwin Gomez

    Smart 👍👍

  • Harry Hierons
    Harry Hierons


  • jake spliff
    jake spliff

    its a boston whaler they dont sink

  • robthemob1

    It’s a Boston whaler. You can’t sink those.

  • Thomas Mccrea
    Thomas Mccrea

    It’s a Boston Whaler , she won’t sink , but still I wouldn’t want to test it . My guess is the plug popped out or they did not put it in ? Either was the kids are doing the right thing .

  • Mohamed Medhat
    Mohamed Medhat

    Can you stop being a creep

  • Paul Bratton
    Paul Bratton

    Another shit pointless video !!!! Fuck off you time wasting w⚓

  • Персик Тиктокер
    Персик Тиктокер


  • A87 editz Football
    A87 editz Football


  • Kit HaRington
    Kit HaRington

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  • Devilsphylaxis 續
    Devilsphylaxis 續

    *Isso aí tá bem cara de filme de terror tipo, Pânico no lago KJKJKJkj ;- ;*

    • Kayke Ítalo
      Kayke Ítalo

      Mn, eu posso estar ficando doido, mas esse cara não parece aquele menino do Cobra Kai? As meninas n da pra ver, mas pode ser sla, uma cena da 4a temporada.

  • Jay Deschene
    Jay Deschene

    That whaler is unsinkable bruh ZeRo worries

  • Mhamed Mobarek
    Mhamed Mobarek

    Très belle balade

  • Shane

    Abandon ship!!

  • john blackarrow 2087
    john blackarrow 2087

    Lol they are right next to the shore lol

  • Alfred Banuelos
    Alfred Banuelos

    It's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean

  • Day 2 Day Jay
    Day 2 Day Jay

    The realty here is, this pervert is just recording the girl bending over. Dude is just driving a small boat. Ladies just want to put on their lifesavers that should’ve been put on before getting the boat going. You’re welcome 😇

  • Hmed Lafa
    Hmed Lafa


  • gippygipmg

    Smart move

  • Josimar Gondim
    Josimar Gondim

    Que besteira aff

  • Damien Hall
    Damien Hall

    It's a Boston Whaler Montauk 17. Foam filled boat. And not going to sink. Period.

  • smoking monkey_UY
    smoking monkey_UY

    NICE.... boat....

  • Ryan McIver
    Ryan McIver

    I am a pan9v

  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson

    It's a Whaler. It won't sink.

  • Born upon a wave
    Born upon a wave

    Two girls....impressive. Is that what’s going on here? 😄

  • cesar pena
    cesar pena

    Is that a submarine?

  • Raymond Dowling
    Raymond Dowling

    You can throw a rock and hit land. They probably made it

  • TJAL

    Prøjósù krňéjú éňø drmøňù əî dózmùj fənédórú? Kjézrø bùøjî ømórùj édjzékù éúňøj? Øfóňégù îéjk kjømór gfəňédøjk ézňùjú bîé fésňûjz! Érdøj yârádjøzù bîdjňék émdøz âéjk? Éîňdízìôj ùdgú jùdjú jùdjú dâsiâjk gréndzø djé ødû vîøjk!

  • sudilos117

    Look at that boat sinking! "zooms in on ass."

  • Marc ZIMMER
    Marc ZIMMER

    Hahahaha 🤭

  • Christian Wilkins
    Christian Wilkins

    The dude looks like the laruso kid from cobra kai

  • Mr Slime
    Mr Slime


  • Matos R
    Matos R

    I thought Whaler's didnt sink

  • Wilber22


  • George Kershner
    George Kershner

    Someone forgot the plug or an extra. That boat wouldn't sink , it might swamp it's a boston whaler.

  • brandon beers
    brandon beers

    But it’s a whaler. It won’t sink

  • Ibex

    Skipper knows what he is doing. Everything looks fine with how they handled it. I have never left the plugs loose before heading out. Heh.

    • magincap70

      Been nice to see someone bailing the water out.

  • Andy Crowley
    Andy Crowley

    Boston Whaler. Unsinkable 😜 even if ya chop it in pieces.

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    ֆքɛǟӄɨռɢ ȶʀʊȶɦ

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  • Zak Wang
    Zak Wang

    Why panic,I got two shelers on ma boat.

  • Jackson Danielson
    Jackson Danielson

    Lucky bastard 🤣🤣

  • Goldenfightinglink

    Just some creep recording some kids

  • Christine Clemens
    Christine Clemens

    First of all you can't tell anything by this video I was wondering what the hell the video is about you can't tell there's any water in the boat

  • M G
    M G

    And that folks is why you don't slip the moorings until everyone is appropriately kitted out.

    • M G
      M G

      @Christine Agnew you don't untie the boat from its moorings / jetty until everyone is wearing a lifejacket, etc. To put it another way "we ain't leaving until you're wearing that lifejacket."

    • Christine Agnew
      Christine Agnew


  • Breno Henrique 3A
    Breno Henrique 3A

    What? 🤔

  • Resurrection is impossible
    Resurrection is impossible

    They are right by the shoreline...

  • Achmad roji
    Achmad roji


  • Darky the french guy
    Darky the french guy

    I still don't see where you all see that they're sinking

  • Phabian

    Convinced you make videos to zoom in on boats and woman's bodies, gotta be the old creep rocking socks with sandals LMAO

  • Neil Davison
    Neil Davison

    WTF is all I can say🙈

  • avenuePad

    I was waiting for that guy to come out of the water and but a bucket on their heads.

  • ramadan samir
    ramadan samir


  • Cris Knapp
    Cris Knapp

    How can one man be in a boat alone with two pretty females and not have a woody

  • Kaiser Rat
    Kaiser Rat

    Saw soemthing like this before on the beach (boat not sinking) one guy two girls. Yeah I saw this before, dude was getting head from both WHILE driving at a PUBLIC beach what a douche

  • G Gg
    G Gg

    That's a Boston Whaler its not sinking

  • George McFly
    George McFly

    Don't you just love watching a video with no info about what's going on

  • shus yishu
    shus yishu


  • John Chisholm
    John Chisholm


  • TEC Youtube
    TEC Youtube

    Good time to get the life jackets out, right as you need them....

  • Brunno Gabriel
    Brunno Gabriel


  • Daoufaris

    A little Boston whaler.... so good boats on the rough sea!

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B

    Jokes on them. Whalers are unsinkable

  • Виталя Савкин
    Виталя Савкин

    Губастая пости-господи в ахуе...

  • Jeffrey White
    Jeffrey White

    Way to small of a boat to be out in that chopness

  • COREY Callahan
    COREY Callahan

    It's a Boston Whaler. You can cut it in half and it won't sink. Still, good move on the Skipper's part to keep it moving and get closer to shore.

  • BubbleRap

    Yes, a boat in the water. Very interesting.

  • Ok

    But did they make it?

  • IDunno

    They are like 30 seconds away from the beach

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard

    Left a dislike, was really hoping they were gonna crash or something. Got excited for no reason