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  • Bren Amazing
    Bren Amazing

    Haley is so pretty and funny like I wish I was her

  • Ace SJ
    Ace SJ




  • Gonçalo Silva
    Gonçalo Silva


  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort

    ok so hear me out remember when people used to say no homo and i was thinking we could say no rona every time someone coughs

  • abby phan
    abby phan

    aww get yourself a manz like ryan who knows your closet and the brands

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith

    Normally dont support young marriage but in Ryan and Hayley’s case in makes sence and I am really here for it

  • Mariam Lou
    Mariam Lou

    Shopping starts at 4:38 thank me later

  • BubblyLilyyx


  • Megan Williams
    Megan Williams

    Anybody else see a comment and think "I wish I wrote that" happens to me all the time.

  • Elizabeth Dill
    Elizabeth Dill

    i feel like Avrey Ovard is drooling over this video

  • Linda A
    Linda A

    When will the spock shirt come out?

  • Cinnamon Clark
    Cinnamon Clark

    My entire closet would be £5

  • Aanika Sawhney
    Aanika Sawhney

    wait did the thumbnail and title change?

  • kalyssa nicole
    kalyssa nicole

    you know youre close when your significant other can guess what you ate from your burp

  • Annig Rengel
    Annig Rengel

    Love this video, watched it 3 times

  • Sara Sharhan
    Sara Sharhan

    this is actually a really great concept, with ryans idea in juxtaposition with the wardrobe lol. should be an actual challenge.

  • MadMax2k

    for a second there i was like if those strawberry sneakers are cute so i searched for them and they are $900 oops

  • gooby quesadilla
    gooby quesadilla

    OMG Ryan should have his intro as Sup manly Sodas! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!

  • Jo Burkell
    Jo Burkell

    🧚🏽‍♀️✨the first outfit is super cute✨🥰 🧚🏻but change the "super" to "not"😌🧚🏾‍♂️✨

  • Sage Maya
    Sage Maya

    Love this video haha but the game character movements had me creeped out 😂😂😂

  • Sam Rose
    Sam Rose

    Where do I find a relationship like theirs 🥺

  • A_drianna_ml

    One word that describes everyones emotion for the intro Awe

  • Jocelyn Mactavish
    Jocelyn Mactavish

    I live this concept

  • Eve Jackson
    Eve Jackson

    “Your burp smells like lucky charms “ “ I AtE lUcKy ChArMs”

  • audrey

    we’re gonna put together three outfits and you guys are gonna roast me in the comments”

  • Amanda Fitz
    Amanda Fitz

    Does anyone know the name of the song in her outro?

  • Sadie White
    Sadie White

    literally doing the TikTok dance with her😂

  • Osamu sister miya
    Osamu sister miya

    U guys are sooooo cute and so is spock. I love u guys. Hope u have a good time. Stay safe

  • Maritza Studies
    Maritza Studies

    Where can I print my dog on my own shirt

  • Alexandra Banach
    Alexandra Banach

    wait, do you guys share a bedroom?

  • Dawn Holmes
    Dawn Holmes

    The last outfit was ruined by the dirty sneakers. XD Next time go for at least cheap ass flats or sandals.

  • Katrina Louise Abad
    Katrina Louise Abad

    i woulda taken out the bag in outfit 2 the jacket really pulled it in together LOL

  • A HodgePodge of AudgePaudge
    A HodgePodge of AudgePaudge

    She definitely underpriced... everything

  • CarinaKnight

    did anyone notice how white haleys scalp was. my scalp is pretty white too😂

  • O l i v i a
    O l i v i a

    Where did you get your gingham air forces?

  • Katie Harwood
    Katie Harwood

    I really want the Dior bag but can’t find it anywhere on wish 🥺🥺🥺

  • clara makram
    clara makram

    Pleaseee throw your Reeboks in the washer and stay safe

  • Katherine Scott
    Katherine Scott

    omg where are those black and red earrings from? im OBSESSED

  • Stormie Nicole
    Stormie Nicole

    i love this couple honestly

  • hannah innit
    hannah innit

    5:13 yuck lol

  • jenna salmon
    jenna salmon

    i want spock merchhhhhh

  • That Girl Livy
    That Girl Livy

    Omg this video was only two weeks ago I could’ve sworn it was months ago 😦 corona got me on a whole other calendar

  • Alex G
    Alex G

    Ryan: that burp smelled like lucky charms Haley: I had Lucky charms *Haley: intense stares

  • Vanessa Marsh
    Vanessa Marsh


  • Lina Tiblier
    Lina Tiblier

    omg haley will you do a storytime of how you lowkey got kicked out of school?? it was a long time ago but i still want to find out what happened when you posted the vlog w you "cheating" and then the whole award thing that wasn't supposed to be given to you but then ur teacher gave it to you anyway bc the school was a butt head!!! i want the teaaaa

  • Finley Guild
    Finley Guild

    Does anyone else remember Spocky pocky pocky from the Asian snacks video. Cuz I’ve literally watched that 13 times and love it. Love the traphamily❤️

  • Kayla Valdellon
    Kayla Valdellon

    i will forever call gucci “gucky”

  • Emma Hardy
    Emma Hardy

    9:53 to 9:56 Ryan keep your eyes on the camera

  • diana

    Why don't people wash shoes?

  • S S
    S S

    I really want that Spock shirt

  • Kendyl Wadell
    Kendyl Wadell

    the last outfit was... uh.... something special

  • Kendyl Wadell
    Kendyl Wadell

    guys chill its allergies she doesnt have corona

  • lina

    this doesn't make any sense

  • Juliette B
    Juliette B

    no one: me: spending several hours binge watching haley's videos if anyone feels like being nice I just started posting on my channel xx

  • Laura Grace Hardy
    Laura Grace Hardy

    ok but the gingham af1s are like 300,400 dollars

  • Therese Labordo
    Therese Labordo

    where do you get your clay earrings from???

  • Mary S
    Mary S

    Love the editing for this video! Super cute and creative!

  • Lae la
    Lae la

    I think next time you should have Ryan price things in your closet and then you pop in and shop

  • Victoria

    All of those MaTheMaTiCs 🤪🤯

  • Audrey Williams
    Audrey Williams

    You should only where Ryan’s clothes for a week. 💕

  • Leiley King
    Leiley King

    i want a relationship like haley’s man

  • Bri Masssengill
    Bri Masssengill

    You saying “Guccey” was my favorite part 😂

  • Niki Kovax
    Niki Kovax

    ✿ any youtubers wanna support each other?✿

  • Carnelian 37
    Carnelian 37

    Ryan’s hair looks so good ngl

  • brielle elise
    brielle elise

    When do we get the Spock merch?😔✊

  • Emma Pace
    Emma Pace

    I genuinely like this video and it is a very good idea to do this with your closet and it is a great way to get your shopping urges out during this time of quarantine

  • Dina

    „..People roast me in the comments so were not gonna talk about this“😂

  • Martha

    nice video idea!!

  • Shae Finnerty
    Shae Finnerty

    This may sounds creepy but I just had a dream that you died of COVID-19 and I cried so hard. Even though I don’t know you personally, through your channels I feel like I’ve made a friend. I’m so glad you’re staying safe and self-isolating because I would hate to see you gone. Stay safe out there❤️

  • T Flynn
    T Flynn

    The editing is so cool

  • hannah leong
    hannah leong

    *im running out of outfits for the living room* i havent been to my living room in 2 days

  • hannah leong
    hannah leong

    i would kill for ur clothes 😭

  • Stephanie Gandara
    Stephanie Gandara

    One of your best videos 💰💰💰

  • Ashalia .s
    Ashalia .s

    This was basically a maths game for people who love fashion 🤪🤪

  • basic gamer
    basic gamer

    Haley if I offend an one am sorry or Haley but you look a mother with bangs sorry if I insulted you no hate love your vids.

  • Pepto Bismol
    Pepto Bismol

    The beginning was that long because she really needed to stretch this boring video to 10 minutes.

  • Olivia Wells
    Olivia Wells

    So I saw your camera in another video and it was like... pink? I’ve seen other people have cameras like yours but So I was wondering what kind of camera u have cause it’s CUTE!!!!

  • Grace Toulmin
    Grace Toulmin

    I respect you and everything and get it would cost alot to make merch but if you made it cheaper more people could buy it there fore making for money that a $50 hoodie

  • diortae

    Where did u get those Air Force 1s????

  • katie mcqueary
    katie mcqueary

    I like to yell "BOOBY TRAP!!!" when my mom is sleeping.

  • maya hart
    maya hart

    the accent makes this video 102 times better

  • Ruby McNeil
    Ruby McNeil

    I would do this, but I have 3 bottoms and 8 basic af tops 🥴

  • Juliet Pieters
    Juliet Pieters

    The chaos of that intro, I just love it 👏🏻😂

  • Naomi Brannan
    Naomi Brannan

    dont like my comment

  • Naomi Brannan
    Naomi Brannan


  • Keely Sinclair
    Keely Sinclair

    they just are so funny! i love them

  • Hazel Tuininga
    Hazel Tuininga

    Is anyone watching his twice in a row?

  • fristy

    is it just me but i feel like the more hayley uploads the more boring the videos

    • Pepto Bismol
      Pepto Bismol

      Oh to clarify the intro was stretched so the video could reach the 10 minute mark

    • Hgred Hansa
      Hgred Hansa

      fristy yea and the outfits weren’t that good

  • Jessica Walters
    Jessica Walters

    this is such a fun concept!

  • Emma Carver
    Emma Carver

    I really need someone to be the Ryan to my Haley

  • Angela

    The “choose your character” screen has me DEAD

  • Dutchy

    Oooft I love this video idea!!!

  • L A U R I E
    L A U R I E

    I did this on my channel too please go check it out

  • Alyssa Louise
    Alyssa Louise

    I’m jealous of Ryan’s side pf the closet.... it’s so clean

  • christina

    u and ryan would have such adorable babies🥺

  • Matthew Bernal
    Matthew Bernal

    "lou-wee vi-TAHN" 😬

  • GineBean

    “That burp smelled like lucky charms” “I had lucky charms”

  • LittleMissHailey

    I wanna build some outfits now

  • Stella Plavsic
    Stella Plavsic

    I loved the editing in this vid!

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