Shaq Thinks Joel Embiid Should Win the MVP Over Nikola Jokic | NBA on TNT
Shaq, Kenny and Chuck have a heated debate about who should be the MVP.
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  • César Marroquin
    César Marroquin

    Joel is the MVP. Period. End of discussion.

  • Harley Potokar
    Harley Potokar

    Jokic is the MVP this year and he is humble about it. That is what I like about hum.

  • si Markeyan
    si Markeyan

    What if imbiid score zero points 🤣

  • Alex S
    Alex S

    If Jokic played 18 games more that means he scored almost 600 points more. End of discussion. We

  • dimitrije manic
    dimitrije manic

    nah, he does not think that. it is a fake debate just to get views and clicks...

  • Zeljko Vujic
    Zeljko Vujic

    wood was right, shaq a true casual

  • Rhys Warren
    Rhys Warren

    Shaq's takes get constantly worse, absolutely clueless

  • Benjamin Wan
    Benjamin Wan

    Need Candace Parker to shut him up


    Hey Shaq, imagine the joker is black..

  • Jon dinisio
    Jon dinisio

    Here’s the thing that everybody’s missing everybody is talking about MVP but that means the most valuable player and they’re going only on offensive stats that makes absolutely no sense at all because when you add in the defense it’s not even close to the MVP is it’s Joel Embiid joker ain’t playing D

  • Nebojša Đuran
    Nebojša Đuran

    Jokic is the best player at the moment.Sorry for Shaq and Barkley but Jokic is simpli the best and the best is Jokic is now better than Shaq and Barkley ever habe been

  • Роби Л
    Роби Л

    Shaq is an idiot and everybody knows it .. name one normal man that joins Scientology

  • Forrester Cook
    Forrester Cook

    The numbers are close!? 😂

  • blue dream
    blue dream


  • Sam White
    Sam White

    This hasn’t aged well

  • hhuang

    Jokic IS the MVP this season!

  • Biyamin

    Chris Paul will win it cuz his team will will have the best record in NBA.

  • MM Mi
    MM Mi

    If Jokic was black it wouldn't be a question🤣🤣🤣

  • G M
    G M

    Jokic don’t care about mov he’s got baskets passes and horse to ride

  • Misel Golijanin
    Misel Golijanin

    Jokis is a true MVP!!! Sorry Shaq, but your story doesn't stand

  • Guerrini1975



    He only says that because Embiid is black

  • Gun

    Jokic Jokic Jockic!!!

  • AJ Schroetlin
    AJ Schroetlin

    I swear Shaq gets paid just to make bad takes.

  • Fran Čižmek
    Fran Čižmek

    Shaq's arguments are weak and his debate is pathetic. He always mentions a ring when he knows he lost a debate and that's pretty often. I hate how he pushes Embiid as an MVP just because he is from America. Jokic is the MVP and is not even close.

    • XOTWOD

      Embiid isnt from America, he was born in Africa (Cameroon)

  • Chauncy V
    Chauncy V

    Shaq- “embid is playing the way he’s supposed to play” so because jokic is playing like nobody else in the history of the nba while having better stats than just about anybody else he shouldn’t win? 🤨

  • Brolic

    So Shaq thinks the guy whos "wow factor" is passing the ball extremely well doesn't deserve mvp? Hmmm it feels like i've heard this before...

  • Brus ko
    Brus ko

    Shaq is racist

  • Nikola Malavrazic
    Nikola Malavrazic

    Shaq no no no JOKIC IS MVP

  • Dmitry Ioukhtimowsky
    Dmitry Ioukhtimowsky

    4:47 look at Ernie!

  • Mario London
    Mario London

    We all know Shaq is racist

    • jack frost
      jack frost


  • Colleen De Norman
    Colleen De Norman

    The fact that many NBA basketball fans believe Joel Embiid is the MVP is awesome. Regardless of what is happening with Jokic, it shows that the Sixers have made a big impact this season and Joel Embiid has excelled in so many areas! Whoever wins it is exciting to have awesome basketball back in Philly.

  • Lucas Garza Jr.
    Lucas Garza Jr.

    Cmon Shaq, Jokic is the clear MVP! Are you even watching him play? Just because he doesn’t play in a big market doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve the MVP.

  • 2 RAW 4 TV
    2 RAW 4 TV

    Just to be fair, Bill Walton won the MVP in 1978 while missing 24 games during the regular season.

    • Pat Rick
      Pat Rick

      Lol Jokic is better than Embiid in everything

  • Karl Dandleton
    Karl Dandleton

    Playing every game in a season with such a hectic schedule matters a lot. Jokic is not getting the rest, and he plays every back to back, and still consistently puts up great numbers, both by per game and advanced.

  • Doug Moe
    Doug Moe

    Joel has missed like 18 starts amd his team is still at the top of the East?

  • Vancovermycity

    Jokic over joel for mvp easily

  • Bradford Langston
    Bradford Langston

    Regardless of games Jokic is objectively better

  • Mighty WhiteyNJ
    Mighty WhiteyNJ

    They can’t allow themselves to give it to the white guy, especially in this day in age

  • s mitsos
    s mitsos

    MVP JOKIC!!!

  • ALR

    Sometimes I wonder if Shaq really has a master education or if he bought it 😂. The argument is not the best player. MVP stands for most valuable players. In that case you need to play!

    • Guerrini1975

      no way

  • yoinkhaha

    Take each one away and replace them with a slightly worse player and see how each team does. Nuggets plummet, Philly does fine. Jokic is the pick here.

  • mr. nice guy
    mr. nice guy

    Its not just about stats. The team is winning even when some key players are missing now. Jok3r is a beast, maybe not dominant at scoring... but dude all offense goes throo him. Embiid cant play 5straight games, when he does points average drops to 25. Both are good, no doubt. But this year JOKIC is the MVP ✌

  • Harlem Bred
    Harlem Bred

    The last minute had me crying 😂

    • Anthony

      U know Shaq sick Nash got mvp over him 😭😭😭

  • Rozin Bars
    Rozin Bars

    You forgot to say " he stays injured"

  • The Noob Network
    The Noob Network

    Well a white man cant win too many mvps so Embiid fa shoooo.

  • iamdalibor

    If you miss games how can you be impactful on your team? Missing to many games is definitely a negative. Not to mention when the injured player returns that player will be more fresh then someone who hasn't missed one game lol not hard to figure out people. And pts isn't everything for the mvp award can't believe people believe that. It's everything not just pts.

  • Jinny So
    Jinny So

    Jordan's the MVP. He's missed 2,000 games, but he's still the MVP.

  • Midera Rasamimanana
    Midera Rasamimanana

    watching Charles and Shaq argue, especially the way Chuck is trying to convince Shaq (Shaq is absolutely right, just doesn't know how to explain it) funny

  • Jose Felix
    Jose Felix

    Joel embiid is the mvp period. No debate. Y’all factor in numbers so much it’s ridiculous. We all know Joel is way better than Jokic and deserves it even more..... plays on both ends and impacts both ends for his team.

    • petar pavic
      petar pavic

      @Jose Felix hahaha my name, man i am from serbia you know that country and we have greatest of all time in tennis, we are land of basketball too and soon to have mvp in nba. So yeah its all good

    • Jose Felix
      Jose Felix

      @petar pavic that’s more of your sport with the name you have 👌🏻

    • petar pavic
      petar pavic

      You should watch tennis, basketball is not for you

  • KvMx7rQbo48=

    Chuck is savage with "fool" but he didnt got the point Shaq was reffering. Embiid continued on high level even when he returned from injury which is very rare.

  • M. Stefanovic
    M. Stefanovic

    Shaq hates Jokic cause he thinks he's Russian :))))

    • M. Stefanovic
      M. Stefanovic

      @nil D I to onda nije rasizam. A da Sekija neko nazove cika Tomom, tresla bi se planeta...

    • nil D
      nil D

      Bukvalno ga zove Drago :D

  • Bozidar Ugljesic
    Bozidar Ugljesic

    If Embid wins this not playing 3rth of a season then i quit watching NBA

  • Rene Dex
    Rene Dex

    If Joker did not win mvp, he is robbed. Period

  • greer

    Everyone hating on shaq are ex nba players with no rings

  • Logan Kandel
    Logan Kandel

    They both missed the most important point which is that you can't blame a player for being injured but it does go against an MVP case because you can't add any value to a team from the sidelines. 72 games from the 2nd best player in the league is way more valuable than 54 games from the best player in the league.

  • Fantastic 1
    Fantastic 1


  • Dusaetoire !
    Dusaetoire !

    Pettiest human being on the planet.

  • Rubin Thomas
    Rubin Thomas

    Embiid's the better player cause of his Defense but he's missed games.

    • XOTWOD

      That's like saying Kawhi is better than KD just because he is a better defender. Jokic plays defense as well

  • Parrog AKA Paradise
    Parrog AKA Paradise

    The small Aristotle be turning in his grave so much whenever Shaq opens his mouth that someone in the afterlife mistook him for a hog roast


    Shaq siso


    You'd think Shaq would be happy that either way a Center is gonna win MVP .... but nope lol

  • Jimmie Hayes
    Jimmie Hayes


  • E E
    E E

    When Embiid went down the 76ers kept winning, when Simmons went down they struggled to win. Embiid isn't the MVP of his team, so why would he be MVP of the league? The best ability is availability, and Jokic is tops at that and is very consistently going for near triple double production.

  • Joe Sheppard
    Joe Sheppard

    Shaq's argument is "Embiid is having fun".

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez

      He’s also scoring more on the identical efficiency while playing much better defense.

  • Ryan Courtney
    Ryan Courtney

    Shaq - like math, you dead wrong.

  • deadeyex dan
    deadeyex dan

    If Ben Simmons can win rookie of the year missing his rookie year, Embiid can win MVP missing 20 games.

  • bokiboki

    they paid well to shaq,to speak against jokic,all for many,shaq sold a character for money

  • elliott b
    elliott b

    When i was younger i used to think Charles was the hater. Boy how wrong I was

  • zivkovicable

    So obvious. Shaq wants to be thought of as the GOAT centre, & sees himself slipping out of that conversation.

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez

      How is he slipping out of the conversation ? Lol

  • zivkovicable

    Ir's not even close. Jokic is MVP. A once in a generation player. Stats speak for themselves.

  • Boss Artwork22
    Boss Artwork22

    Shaq: I give it to Joel Embid because he plays more like I did.

  • Sebastian Schwald
    Sebastian Schwald

    This segment had everything in there again...Shaq calling Chuck a hater and not drifting away from his opinion one inch + Shaq waiving his rings to Chuck at the end! That's got the making of a classic again! :D

  • Guy Bartlett
    Guy Bartlett

    Wow they were getting personal, jeesh relax.

  • DaHeartbrokeKid

    I love them both. Me personally, I'd pick Embiid slightly because he's finally been surrounded with enough shooting beside him & Ben so he can truly dominate inside the way he was meant to & I think he needs to be rewarded for playing up to his potential & he's in the running for DPOY too. Jokic has been INCREDIBLE this year tho & wouldn't be mad at all if he gets it, but the only thing I fear is if Jokic wins MVP & loses in the 1st Round to a healthy Lakers team, he's guna get the '07 Dirk treatment which won't be fair. But regardless, I'm happy that Big Men are getting some spotlight & bringing balance back to the League.

  • tokwa2003

    Kobe had to keep up w/ this shaq

  • Isaac Hardwick
    Isaac Hardwick

    I am now dumber by hearing Shacks response

  • Stefan Zlatanović
    Stefan Zlatanović

    Jokic has more double doubles, than Embiid has games played. End of discussion.

  • Iron Fist
    Iron Fist

    What I do not know, why media loves Embiid souch more than Jokic. Is he a better, well no. Is he more humble guy, well no. He told couple of days ago that he deserves mvp race, one month prior to the end, and he is second seed. Who do that. So, Jokic is also a better guy and player. I don't see why media suddenly is all Embiid, though Jokic deserved it, and Jokic will be the MVP no matter what RATS think. 😁❤️🃏

  • BEASTking18

    If the 20 games missed dont matter then lets give embiid ZEROS and watch them averages a look and how dominate he is

    • TeslaLegend

      Actually it is much more fun to compare best 41 games played by both players. Joker's maximum points per game average over 41 games this season (to match Embiid's best 41 games): Joker (per game): 30.6 points 11.5 rebounds 8.1 assists 1.4 steals 0.7 blocks Embiid (per game) 30.0 points 11.4 rebounds 3.1 assists 1.0 steals 1.4 blocks Joker averages triple double over 41 games of this season (to match Embiid's best 41 games) : Joker (per game): 26.9 points 11.6 rebounds 10.1 assists 1.5 steals 0.6 blocks Embiid (per game) 30.0 points 11.4 rebounds 3.1 assists 1.0 steals 1.4 blocks

  • w00t777

    Jokic should be MVP, no doubt. We seen Shaq, we seen Kareem... But Jokic is on another level. Jokic is a generational talent, probably the best bigman in NBA history

  • MisterJonesification

    Shaq is consistently wrong and unwilling to compromise, and when doubted, doubles down on his dumb, flawed arguments. That's been his deal since he's joined that show.

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez

      Well....... Embid is scoring more on identical efficiency while playing much better defense and leading his team to a better record

  • Baby Goat
    Baby Goat

    Man Shaq be tripping 😂 he totally flipped that come on man LOL 😆

  • Louis Baez
    Louis Baez

    Jokic clearly biased to embiid cuz his game, jokic younger, better, and has accomplished more.

  • blackzero23

    Shaq is an illogical thinker. He only picked Embiid cause he likes him. That’s it.

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez

      He’s playing better defense , scoring more points and leading his team to a better record

  • Stacking Saiyan
    Stacking Saiyan

    They need another Center to win mvp

  • Randy Mercer
    Randy Mercer

    Joel Embiid is MVP bcuz Winning MVP due to Technicality does not solve who is the Better Player. Sixers are .500 without Embiid & 20 Games Better with Embiid. Embiid is ALSO Dominant on BOTH Offense & Defense & is By Far the Best Two-Way Big Man in the Game. Joker can Score & Pass but is not Dominant at All, & he uses tricks & ball fakes while never playing the game Fast enough or at a High enough Level to ever put himself in any Danger of being injured. Doubt if the Nuggets even make the Western Conference Finals bcuz Joker can help his Team but not Dominate on BOTH ends of the Floor to Takeover a game.

    • XOTWOD

      Embiid doesnt dominate lol, he isnt even the best defender on his team, not even the 2nd best

  • Hassan Syed
    Hassan Syed

    Shaq shut up man

  • Marcos Del Toro
    Marcos Del Toro

    Joker all day!!!

  • Goran Rupcic
    Goran Rupcic

    Shaq is big sportsman and bad comentator,little man. Whitout any respect,knowledge and sense for sport. Sorry for my bad english...

  • Daniel Serrato
    Daniel Serrato

    Kenny tries so hard to not get bullied by shaq

  • DeltaMike


  • AlmightyJuan

    Kenny: Did Steve Nash win the MVP over you Shaq? Shaq: Yeah Charles: HE WAS A BETTER PLAYER THEN YOU

  • Thar

    Shaq "I don't like how this guy play the game" O'Neal

  • Shut up
    Shut up

    Shaq has no way of reasoning his statements without just petty arguing 😂

  • SoloPerICommenti

    I love these legends that don't rely on numbers and analytics but on their deep knowledge of the game, knowledge not players can't touch. Shaq: "30ppg > 27ppg"

  • Harder Way
    Harder Way

    They're trying to make Embiid this season's MVP so badly. He'll get 15 FTs each game if needed...

    • Harder Way
      Harder Way

      @Diego Velazquez Of course not, it's Silver's.

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez

      It’s not Embid’s fault Jokic can’t get to the free throw line.

  • Bozha Kapetanovic
    Bozha Kapetanovic

    Shaq is on drugs...

    • TeslaLegend

      @Bozha Kapetanovic Small correction if I may, Jokic has more double-doubles than Embiid has played games, and almost more triple-doubles than Embiid missed games.

    • Bozha Kapetanovic
      Bozha Kapetanovic

      @Diego Velazquez Embiid missed so many games...Jokic have same number of double-doubles as Embid missed games...

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez

      Embid is averaging more points on identical efficiency while playing better defense and leading his team to a better record.

  • David Chandler
    David Chandler

    What defense, thats big one obied, joker dknt play d

  • Gil Zi
    Gil Zi

    Again trying to complicate an easy issue. Embid missed games, plays with BS and TH, while Jokic masters the game in every category and bringing Denver safely to the playoffs even when JM is out.

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