Science Results!!! - Minecraft Hermitcraft Season 8 #19
Today we check out EVERYTHING the Science Lab has to offer!
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Season 8, Episode 19.

Коментара: 410
  • V3nomGaming7

    Everyone is saying moon is big but Zedaph debunked it in one sentence

  • Dynoz Gaming
    Dynoz Gaming

    Scar’s episode: MOON ARMAGETON

  • Iz Thistle
    Iz Thistle

    “The moon is still 8 pixels”

  • Aranel Alasse
    Aranel Alasse

    Zedaph, have you checked the settings on the anti-gravity pipe recently? I think it may be turned up too high...

  • Evester

    I’m loving these building montages! Who needs moon science anyway when there’s so many better scientific things happening in the Lab!?

  • JustCallMeNess

    Observation 18: Subject Zedaph has done the work for us this episode as he gives a tour and tallies results from all of his research stations. From the Pitch Drop to the Farm Arm, everything is re-visited. I know that we're to be impartial, but as a brewer myself, I believe the ComBREWter 2.0 is the most useful, whilst also being the most fun. Who hasn't tried to toss pizza dough or flip pancakes into the air whilst cooking? Silly and functional.

  • Mish Irish
    Mish Irish

    Additional experiment:

  • KBeazy_30

    Definitely seems everyone is preparing to wrap up a season

  • Neek_04

    Everybody: Blaims Doc and Ren for the Moon

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori

    Zeds Baa Chart is like the epitome of "Never trust any statistic that you haven't falsified yourself".

  • jrogey

    Given the odd blocks flying in the air and the strange gravity you were experiencing, you may want to reevaluate your anti-grav experiment data to see if there is a connection.

  • a person who may or may not exist
    a person who may or may not exist

    Zedaph, please experiment on scar. He has a baffling disregard for his own life, and I'd like to see how he'd do in a specially designed chamber, possibly something similar to etho's hurtin hermits

  • bricksandhammers

    I love the stop motion timelapses! Such a unique way of doing them and they look so neat!

  • Iron mat
    Iron mat

    The world is breaking, blocks are floating up into space and Gravity is broken

  • mathw

    I rather like the big orange octopus, but I suspect they're better when they're intentionally placed.

  • Lynneti

    Your building montages have been magically mesmerizing. :0

  • Damien

    Why did I get so emotional watching this, feeling like the lab is coming to an end? It’s been fun so I’d be sad to see it go. I hope Zed at least keeps his science goggles on in the rest of the season.

  • dandymcgee

    That was a really cool stop motion timelapse, especially the first part where you were walking down the mountain and the blocks were magically appearing.

  • W B
    W B

    The stop motion timelapses really quickly became a cool distinctive feature I associate with your channel.

  • thedoctor021

    Is it just me, or did this episode give off major “end of season” vibes. I hope not, it’s only just started! 😅