Schlatt goes too far
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  • Qieri

    The evil laugh was the finishing touch on the cake 🎂

    • God Almighty
      God Almighty

      🎂 cake 🎂

    • Francis Sapp
      Francis Sapp

      69k like lmao

    • task man
      task man

      The correct saying is icing on the cake thank u very much

    • Nathan Derhake
      Nathan Derhake

      That was not an evil laugh. It was a laugh of victory.

    • GraSsSpiriT

      Seriously one of the best maniacal laughs I've ever heard, evil sure but filled with so much joy too. Hear a lot of evil laughs in movies but most of the time they don't actually sound like they are having fun. Didn't know what I was missing till I heard this version.

  • Conisha Daley
    Conisha Daley

    I have no idea why being purged was such a good burn but his maniacal laughter let me know real quick it must be savage level 1000

  • Albert Gerard Bautista
    Albert Gerard Bautista

    Twitch: *wont ban the stans* Schlatt: Fine, I'll do it myself.

    • 𝖗𝖆𝖞𝖈𝖍𝖎➏➒

      Villain laugh π_π

    • BAWLZ09 OB
      BAWLZ09 OB

      I should have never released that open BSD that ultimately became Arch Linux our only hope now is QUBT QTUM QS ARQQ

    • Yousef Almafalha
      Yousef Almafalha

      Read it with thanos voice in my head 😂😂

    • No One
      No One

      Stalker fans

    • Tiana Perez
      Tiana Perez

      @El Array Hesohit an overly obsessed fan basically.

  • Samus

    " Reality can be whatever I want" - Thanos

  • Drip Vader
    Drip Vader

    The amount of respect I have for this man is so immense

  • Swrve

    Erased half of Minecraft stans at the Click of His fingers

    • ff omni cobra gaming
      ff omni cobra gaming

      @Tobias Glendenning wait did they bann mrbeast Carl jacobs

    • Haru Masumoto
      Haru Masumoto

      thanos minecraft update

    • Delta boy
      Delta boy

      What a Legend

    • Lando Callrissian
      Lando Callrissian


    • Rize Beets
      Rize Beets


  • yamoneski

    I can definitely imagine schlatt being a villain in any story

  • beau haines
    beau haines

    With zero context this made me laugh and smile so much.

  • Grace Lieu
    Grace Lieu

    Seeing all those accounts getting purged in the chat was absolutely beautiful. I don’t watch Schlatt, but I have to say, he is a legend.

  • I'm very bored
    I'm very bored

    A legend to be remembered for centuries

  • fireenderlord01

    The laugh at the end truly feels like a character finally free of all his pains

    • Aldebaran512

      The new Joker looking good

    • Marshall Wolfe
      Marshall Wolfe

      Sounded like a generic super villain laugh.

    • Antonio Ramirez
      Antonio Ramirez

      @SAMAEL he’s saying that the guys laugh is similar to a fictional characters burst of laughter once his pain is relieved

    • Random_Wiibu

      He sounded like lights (Kira) small brother

    • Michael Deely
      Michael Deely

      It was mark hammils joker

  • Evergreen

    This wasn't too far, this was magnificent

  • Talking Benjamin
    Talking Benjamin

    “Perfectly balanced, like all things should be.”

    • Talking Benjamin
      Talking Benjamin

      @Sky Manley yeah lol

    • Sky Manley
      Sky Manley

      Is that a Thanos quote? Lol

  • Total Goofball
    Total Goofball

    He did what was right, mad respect

  • Michael Light
    Michael Light

    "Hahahaha GET F*CKED!! F*CK YOU!!" Never have I felt such passion behind those words 🤣😂

  • hah noOob
    hah noOob

    Man's really sacrificed probs half of his chat for the giggles, legend

    • -Spooko Mooko-
      -Spooko Mooko-

      I'm sorry but why tf is there a grammar argument in here It's a RSloft comment an apostrophe isn't important lmfao

    • Tre molony
      Tre molony

      @Rane man has not hot

    • raven shadow
      raven shadow

      @Bawks Lawd go get arms


      @Efrain’s Epic Channel just because they have that in their username doesn’t mean they’re a fake audience :P


      Not half, at least 70%

  • Aiswariya Sweety
    Aiswariya Sweety

    This is art. If one thing survives humanity, i hope it is this.

  • XxfreddyfazexX

    He didn't go too far, he went above and beyond to cleanse his twitch channel.

  • PennyExists

    “Too far”? TOO FAR? Goodness no, this was amazing, the best day of my life

    • rupto

      Who is he

    • Connor

      Same for me

  • Zer0

    That evil laughter at the end was great 😂

  • wazopaio

    Jschlatt is the embodiment of chaotic neutral. He does literally whatever the fuck he wants and gets away with it every time.

    • wazopaio

      @PaulsPickles in all honesty, I probably would be.


      Who plays gta online

    • Ninja Legends
      Ninja Legends

      This is the great purge


      Whats up guys

    • Ruski Smerf
      Ruski Smerf

      Jschlatt is on a Sigma grindset

  • Megane_Vr

    Thanos: Reality can be whatever I wa- Shlatt: Thats my line

  • Gamer2.0

    This man’s a fricking legend

  • Thatgamerkid

    The maniacle laughter at the end shows the start of his villain arc

  • [𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪]

    "A small price to pay for salvation" -Thanos

  • curly

    This is the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. the orchestra, the laugh, the blood shed, the numbers.... its all so beautiful. A wonderful symphony, Bravo.

    • Brothers and Co. Films
      Brothers and Co. Films

      @JD Verbeck you’re a saviour. i went through so many comments

    • 92kosta

      "The numbers, Mason!"

    • Pufflepop

      @jon boy cyberbullying is a real issue but i get what you’re saying

    • jon boy
      jon boy

      @Doodle Bob impossible to be bullied on something that you can just turn off……like your computer.

    • Oblivion NPC
      Oblivion NPC

      What is the song

  • princess trunks
    princess trunks

    He did a good thing for this world

  • CrazyCow542

    The look on the bottom guy’s face when Schlatt starts listing the keywords cracks me up every time.

    • Nova

      Don’t forget after the first few he starts laughing then it turns to pure shock at how many there was

  • Mister Potato
    Mister Potato

    I literally laughed like a Villain 😂

  • s

    i love how you can see the actual minecraft streamers in the chat laughing about this hahaha

  • Just Jammal
    Just Jammal

    I was experiencing this live and it was beautiful. I almost teared up.

    • V&nce

      I was there it was a fucking chad moment

    • Shamary Banegas
      Shamary Banegas

      Wait so what even happened. I don’t know the streamer may u fill me in pls

    • Maddog

      Cursed are you find this behavior amusing

    • supermommaloha

      @Umar what's a 'Stan'?

    • Rubis bleu
      Rubis bleu

      @Kasey Sewick rip to the ones who had dream in their username without even knowing dream

  • Bmx199x

    The evil laugh was on point👌🏽

  • Matthew Morring
    Matthew Morring

    Thank the heavens for JSchlatt. There will never be another quite like JSchlatt

  • R161

    Finally! Huge respect to schlatt

  • Mitch George
    Mitch George

    The best part about this clip is that Ludwig literally did nothing but make faces and briefly laugh. Schlatt really did make him 😂


    I appreciate how maniacally happy he is. Like this had to be done. And who doesn't love a hearty 'get fucked." Good stuff.

    • Goose

      @Alpha Wolf No, he was banning DREAM fans and stans because they spammed his chat

    • Pete Madrona
      Pete Madrona

      Driver Nephi would be proud

    • Big Cheese TV
      Big Cheese TV

      @Aqua_Adoi ah OK thank you haha

    • Nat

      @Sham Yeah I agree

    • Sham

      @Nat their shipping was getting obnoxious

  • Ian Cortes Contreras
    Ian Cortes Contreras

    This is the best moment I've ever seen and it's not even from a movie Schlatt is a hero

  • Devin

    The absolute best evil laugh I have ever heard

  • Blue Blue
    Blue Blue

    Not the hero we deserved but the one we needed

  • Ace Benson
    Ace Benson

    Ummm just literally Thanos snapped 50% of or more of his twitch base out of existence until they make a new account

  • Pro_Gamer_Eli

    God I love how maniacally insane that laugh sounded, it was a straight up intense villain laugh

    • Just Tim
      Just Tim

      That’s because people with no lives like that have nothing else going on with their lives


      “Those men are dead and your laughing”

    • MaroonPie

      @Cynthia Thompson His laugh was great


      Yes 😂

  • BlueFireWings

    Schlatt didn't go too far. What he did, was perfect.

  • LavenderTheLime

    imagine someone actually named George getting banned from his stream lmao

  • Ali3N Nation
    Ali3N Nation

    That evil laugh tho! 🤣🤣🤣 he's a super villain and the main character

  • メアリー

    This was the most wholesome short ive ever seen.

  • Cosmic Sniper
    Cosmic Sniper

    "You see, it's not about the followers." -Schlatt probably.

    • Darren Tuck
      Darren Tuck

      @that one guy its about power

    • Certified_thick_Femboy

      “It’s about her enjoyment of going against the followers -Schlatt also probably”

    • m chip man
      m chip man

      @William Hartman LET'S GO METS

    • that one guy
      that one guy

      Its about drive

  • Bismarck

    “Schlatt goes too far” Bro he just removed the fatherless children from the chat. He’s a hero.

    • StickStep


    • Saltisglitter


  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou

    *he hath done what everybody else was afraid to do he hath the power of gods*

  • Specs

    Schlatt will go down in history as an absolute legend, he is thanos but for a good cause, schlatt we salute you

  • limbo

    My respect for Jschlatt just went up

  • Jay EDJ
    Jay EDJ

    That is probably one of the most powerful plays I've ever seen. Truly, a mad lad. The Thanos of Twitch.

    • L

      @Brent Gambrell 2 months late but, not minecraft fans. specifically people who follow a certain group of minecraft players. Dream, Ranboo, etc.

    • Kristian

      @EsCa_Nor Ok, someone’s jealous of the attention. It’s not about the programming skills, it’s about the impact of what he did. I say this as a programmer who randomly got this video in recommended and knows very little about it.

    • ShibeTheShiba

      They said it was impossible

  • Spin-Brickz

    His laugh bro is so evil and satisfying

  • Dennis B
    Dennis B

    Amazing to watch, when I was an AOP on kazaalite, this was my favorite part but bots were encouraged there lol

  • The Silent Gamer
    The Silent Gamer

    Damn he’s got an awesome laugh

  • Saleh Abushatara
    Saleh Abushatara

    When you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

  • TheGamingGear

    He became the Twitch Thanos with a single Bot, what a guy.

    • CocoTheMage

      Whata chad

    • Cuong Pham Viet
      Cuong Pham Viet

      He is Thanos and the bot is the Infinity Gloves

    • SlippitySloppitySlap

      @calamity stay mad

    • Azif


    • Ethan Fortin
      Ethan Fortin

      So true

  • sneps

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

  • AverageLudwigEnjoyer.

    Schlatt kills all the Stans incident: Time: ??? Date: ??? Bodies: wasn’t found. Witnesses: Ludwig (all the information I could find)

  • 𐌔𐌏𐌑𐌄𐌏ⵍ𐌄

    His villain laugh tho 😂😂

  • Maroš Kvasnička
    Maroš Kvasnička

    I must say such genuine laugh was satisfying for me too, even i dont know circumstances of this, but 👍 😀

  • An Account
    An Account

    Schlatt maniacally laughing with loud music playing in the background as his master plan is carried out is actually the perfect thing.

    • Vaccinium augustifolium
      Vaccinium augustifolium

      @Maddennate it's the famous Tanhausser ouverture.

    • Isaac Yeon
      Isaac Yeon

      @Wayne Prater did you just call Joe Biden Hitler?

    • Maddennate

      @Nikolai Starkweather Do you know what this song is called?

    • Vaccinium augustifolium
      Vaccinium augustifolium

      @Nikolai Starkweather big ooof

  • Clayface

    He didn’t go far enough, you can be a fan… but stans are pests that must be eradicated

  • 1ND1GO K1D
    1ND1GO K1D

    that laugh was so evil 😂😂

  • MortemLeota I736
    MortemLeota I736

    This will live in my memories rent free 🤣

  • Griffins Henbane
    Griffins Henbane

    The great cleansing of the twitch, history will remember it.

  • Jaykun

    ludwin couldn't even comprehend what schlatt did and it's fucking beautiful

    • hello i dont know
      hello i dont know

      Nice pfp

    • no

      @AxxL Ok

    • Breazy Paradise
      Breazy Paradise


  • rafigameray

    This man saved my sanity over dsmp stans

  • Caleb Bailey
    Caleb Bailey

    we need more ppl like schlatt

  • Allie Williams
    Allie Williams

    I don’t know this man or what this was all about… but I will follow this maniacal chaos into battle and die on the field if I must.

  • Kaifu

    To those who watched this live I envy you

  • Timtheslayer

    His evil laugh is incredible. It’s even cooler because it’s one of the first real life evil laughs I’ve ever heard. 100% epic.

    • Raz Aznable
      Raz Aznable

      I got goosebumps with that laugh

  • Rock Organ
    Rock Organ

    “The time has come. Execute order 66”

    • BAWLZ09 OB
      BAWLZ09 OB

      No, no, no, no, no, tell me you don't mean it!

  • fruandale stinkle
    fruandale stinkle

    Imagine his entire twitch channel dies after this because everyone had those in there name

  • fellixxio

    He's a villain, a good one

  • Justin

    “With this bot I could simply snap my fingers and it would all cease to exist…and I call that mercy…”

  • Welp

    It's like a villain watching and enjoying the whole chaos as it went everything accordingly to his plan. I love those final words and maniacal laugh at the end lol this is epic

    • game lol
      game lol

      @richiethedreamer but the broblem is that most of them brobably were just normal People Who just happened to have the Word dream In their or just liked him just because someone is a fan of someone doesent mean their a stan

    • richiethedreamer

      @SHIRO schlatt used to be on smp Minecraft and the 12 year old Stans would cancel him for something dumb, so just to make sure that those same Stan’s don’t ruin his chat, he banned them. ALL IF THEM

    • SHIRO

      @Alex ander yup

    • Alex ander
      Alex ander

      @SHIRO I wanna know too 😥

    • SHIRO

      @badly drawn snake what’s the back story to this ?😂

  • damian navarro
    damian navarro

    Son: dad who was jschlatt? Father: “life flashes before his eyes” whilst the song Gymnopedie no.1 by Erik Satie plays in the background

  • Stephen - Brawl Stars
    Stephen - Brawl Stars

    Schlatt is the thanos for dream smp stans, erased half of them with one click of a button

  • Enkreprinte

    Damn his laugh thought I mean 🤣 pure evil but still genius

  • Megasonicfan 2.0
    Megasonicfan 2.0

    He did the right thing