Sabrina Carpenter's 10 Minute Makeup Routine For Natural Light | Allure
Singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter shows us how to pull off her beauty look for natural light in 10 minutes. Sabrina takes us through every step of how she captures a soft glow using her Laura Mercier concealer and Charlotte Tilbury contour duo. She also shares the lip balm she simply cannot live without.
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Sabrina Carpenter's 10 Minute Makeup Routine For Natural Light | Allure

  • Tamijeh Hale
    Tamijeh Hale

    “we all have some sort of Rihanna product in our lives” nope but i have vogue vanity products go follow @vogue._.vanity on ig

  • jadapaige

    Her nails are so distracting😂 omg they are so bright I love them

  • KlAl B23
    KlAl B23

    Eww put a freaking top on lol

  • Trell Godinez
    Trell Godinez

    yall can on hate sabrina for as much as you want but it only shows how problematic yall are lmao

  • Pavan Kaur
    Pavan Kaur

    plot twist: she's sponsored by Charlotte Tilbury...

  • Iris Herstel
    Iris Herstel


  • aエム

    Please tell me the part number of the CHANNEL lipstick.

  • Adi Lavi
    Adi Lavi

    We all like to look like a glazed doughnut..

  • 임Meji

    I don't get it....I know I sound dumb but whats the difference between Alure and Vogue? I mean except for the spellings of course🤔

  • Number1miraculousfan

    She's so prettyyyyyy

  • Tali J
    Tali J

    Sabrina is so beautiful

  • nikad.

    I can't stop staring at her hair

  • jana xo
    jana xo

    she’s so beautiful without makeup oh my god-

  • August Blue
    August Blue

    It's extremely disappointing how people hate her because of Driver's License, without actually knowing Sabrina. I've been a fan of her since the release of Eyes Wide Open *AND SHE'S ONE OF THE BEST WOMEN OUT THERE*. I mean, come on, she can dance, sing, act, and she's so sweet and genuine. How can people actually hate her?

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    Sabrina carpenter and Emma Watson is are both my #1 idol and I would love to meet them but I never will cause my family can't take me to any thing that they might be at they're both so talented smart beautiful and strong I want to be just like them when I'm older

  • nad Tal
    nad Tal

    I HATE U~ nah just because of the song

    • Dontsub Pls
      Dontsub Pls


    • Hoang Katelyn
      Hoang Katelyn


  • Kyah Travis
    Kyah Travis

    Who else Loves her better without Makeup?

  • Melissa J05
    Melissa J05

    They should do one with Megan Thee Stallion. I'd love to see that.


    This has more views than her vogue video

  • Harish Kumar Parmar
    Harish Kumar Parmar

    in love with "skin" ❤️ (Sabrina's newest single)

    • miss

      @nad Tal you are so stupid

    • teodora

      @nad Tal i did and Olivia didn't say Sabrina stole Joshua, she literally just said that he's now with her

    • nad Tal
      nad Tal

      @teodora no drive's license

    • teodora

      @nad Tal of "skin"?

    • nad Tal
      nad Tal

      @teodora go check the song lyrics

  • La Chlo’
    La Chlo’

    Dude I want her eyebrows

  • Jaja Ram
    Jaja Ram

    I really love her since then 🥺♥️ her LAUGH at the end 🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Emma McLaughlin
    Emma McLaughlin

    Jesus Saves Romans 10:9-11! Ephesians 2:8-9! Philippians 2:10-11! Repent before it’s to late! Amen!

  • lecario ti
    lecario ti

    just naturally stunning

  • Jamie

    she’s actually so pretty wth

  • nigar mn
    nigar mn

    Makeup was good but I don't like your brows it needs little make

    • nigar mn
      nigar mn

      @Hoang Katelyn why did you think so?

    • Hoang Katelyn
      Hoang Katelyn

      @nigar mn u have ocd

    • nigar mn
      nigar mn

      @Hoang Katelyn what do you want to say?

    • Hoang Katelyn
      Hoang Katelyn

      @nigar mn oh so ur saying u have ocd??


      @nigar mn we call Sabrina sometimes miss eyebrows.

  • hey evy
    hey evy

    Lindaa de maiss

  • Gih Soüza
    Gih Soüza

    Adoro uma make mais natural. Sabrina é um neném.

  • Marilen Krüger
    Marilen Krüger

    Jz will ich wieder zum blond zurück 😑😂

  • Dawson League
    Dawson League

    Tbh I prefer her over Olivia but we needa stop all this hate ok

  • Shah Iffat
    Shah Iffat

    OMG her eyes and her smile reminds me of Ian Somerhalder and I'm a huge fan of Ian 😍😍

  • Rose Hearts
    Rose Hearts

    Stunning video

  • Kate's World
    Kate's World

    She’s a goddess she’s so pretty she dont even need a 10 min makeup routine 😍😍😍😍

  • Eyad Aboali
    Eyad Aboali

    Who searched for it after he saw I know iam awesome 500000qna

  • Mahitab khaled
    Mahitab khaled

    This is not natural at all pluss try to get some weight not pretty🙄

    • Hoang Katelyn
      Hoang Katelyn

      get a life

    • lecario ti
      lecario ti

      stay jealous bb

    • GRACE E
      GRACE E

      Wtf are u talking

  • Akshika Saxena
    Akshika Saxena

    the amount of times I've watched this video is unhealthy

  • Grace Clentine
    Grace Clentine

    tu fais trop ta belle stop it ont sais que tu es amerique sabrene sarpenta

  • Celine

    Ay oh Sabrina why u take Olivia’s future husband like they are meant to be

    • Trell Godinez
      Trell Godinez

      Josh moved on and Olivia didnt. Sabrina was with josh and he and Olivia already broke up. So where's the "take" in that?

    • Dontsub Pls
      Dontsub Pls

      Wtf are u talking, who are u to control their life

    • Celine

      Laugh out loud no ofence tho

  • Juhaina Sultan
    Juhaina Sultan

    8:58 i heard maya there

  • 13964-Layal A.M. ELGhalayini
    13964-Layal A.M. ELGhalayini

    Uhhh how does she look so pretty when she wakes up without makeup-

  • electrictwilight

    I have never felt so old before seeing these comments. Is the average age of Allure's viewers 15? Who is Olivia, what is Drivers License...don't tell me, I don't want to know.

    • Trell Godinez
      Trell Godinez

      yes pls stay innocent the drama is chaotic and petty af

  • The masked photograph
    The masked photograph

    Are the eyebrows natural

  • asdasd asdsad
    asdasd asdsad

    The detailed delivery alternatively excuse because rise coronally knot underneath a headlight. placid, hanging peen

  • Jessica Samson
    Jessica Samson

    I m sure when she was saying “I m going to focus on the eyelids “ We were looking at the mirror

  • Hazel Hope
    Hazel Hope

    She's literally so pretty her voice is like a princess she gives off that elegent vibe literally how is she so good 😶

  • baby wooya
    baby wooya


  • Shahad Talib
    Shahad Talib

    Oh my heart she is so sweett

  • Dontsub Pls
    Dontsub Pls

    This is the most watched Allure video of their recent videos

  • chelsea Abel
    chelsea Abel

    “Goodnight allure”, “the sun is still out” 😂 she’s so adorable

  • Ebee Sif
    Ebee Sif

    Sis used like 78 different sharlet hill berry golden yogurt pillow talk pallets

  • I_Love Coffee
    I_Love Coffee

    "We're really just getting ready to get back in bed" "Goodnight Allure. The sun's still out😂😂" I related to these on a spiritual level😂

  • Salsabeel Sait
    Salsabeel Sait

    "She's everything I'm insecure about" yes girll



  • bye

    I would kill for my hair to look like that when I wake up 😭

  • ava schroeder
    ava schroeder

    i love her she's literally gorgeous

  • Ellie McMahon
    Ellie McMahon

    The less makeup she wears the prettier she is😍😍

  • Поля Голова
    Поля Голова

    Здесь есть кто-то из русских? Ахахах

  • Hi No
    Hi No

    She’s sooooooo much better then stupid Olivia rodrigro

    • Samantha Ramdath
      Samantha Ramdath

      @Windyii periodt.

    • Windyii

      shut up.

  • Laylay Craycray
    Laylay Craycray

    sabrina is a qweena dont comepare huh to no one

  • shyorells

  • Ana X Macarons
    Ana X Macarons

    I remember when I used to watch Babysitters on Disney channel

  • Joons moon
    Joons moon

    imagine being this pretty

  • Douae Douae
    Douae Douae

    People talk about "natural beauty" but they forget the prettiest most beautiful one

  • Trisha

    did she just expose us by saying glazed donut-

  • Trell Godinez
    Trell Godinez

    if yall gonna brinig this talented and hardworking artist down just because of the stupid drama, then its official that yall are clowns. Youre all losing your minds while these people keep winning so... keep up the dumb fight kids

  • Ellie McMahon
    Ellie McMahon

    I’m so jealous of how pretty she is without makeup, like it’s unfair😍

  • Sab Carpenter
    Sab Carpenter

    I have watch this so many times, literally the last first time I watched this it said 1 week ago now it says 8 months

  • M thebluegirl
    M thebluegirl

    Title : 10 mins make up routine video : 10:02 *triggered*

  • Leni Rodriguez
    Leni Rodriguez

    If all y’all are going to fill in the comments with drivers license, you can leave. Stop bringing the drama everywhere you go, it’s mad annoying and petty on your part. Thank you.

  • Rabiatul Adawiyah
    Rabiatul Adawiyah

    Oh my her natural lips colour is so pretty 😭😭😭

  • lilly l,m
    lilly l,m

    Ok but let's talk about how amazing amazing she looks before and after llyy guurrll

  • Chqarlotte. Ai
    Chqarlotte. Ai

    AHHH she's so cool I just love her

  • 「 ii_txinシ」
    「 ii_txinシ」

    sabrina carpethead

  • Yobani Ortiz
    Yobani Ortiz

    She's cutier without Makeup and yes would make a great wife and mom !!!

    • ohspice


  • Nabilah Ridwandini
    Nabilah Ridwandini

    been a fan since girl meets world, she just keeps getting prettier and prettier

  • tamar .k
    tamar .k

    She's like a Disney princess

  • Sienna Welborn
    Sienna Welborn

    You’re probably with the blond girl

    • Sienna Welborn
      Sienna Welborn

      @jungkook ITS NEVER TIME

    • jungkook

      it's time to move on now

  • Terka Lol
    Terka Lol

    Not me simping for your nails👁👄👁

  • UnapologeticallyARMY

    Sabrina is so pretty and talented 😭❤️

  • Jennifer Guevarra Bautista
    Jennifer Guevarra Bautista

    gosh you're so pretty!!

  • Electra Heart
    Electra Heart

    god she's so beautiful omg

  • Antonia Ribas
    Antonia Ribas

    BAY WINDOW!!!!!!

  • am saucin'
    am saucin'

    yo sabrina you are a goddess

  • Amz Ir
    Amz Ir

    After skin

  • mico cw
    mico cw

    really good.

  • Emma Daniels
    Emma Daniels

    I love her makeup

  • Adriana Reyes
    Adriana Reyes

    She’s so gorgeous

  • Arsha Lia
    Arsha Lia

    she's so pretty


    Sabrina Carpenter looks beautiful natural, and with makeup.

  • Sophia i
    Sophia i

    omg girl, just put your hair back-

  • tpwk -hs
    tpwk -hs

    es hermosa

  • Manan Jha 8A KTE
    Manan Jha 8A KTE

    0:2 and 9:47 oh my god what the heck is the power of makeup

    • jungkook

      @Manan Jha 8A KTE who asked?

    • Manan Jha 8A KTE
      Manan Jha 8A KTE

      @lilthief nope

    • lilthief

      she looks better without

  • Mahlia Graham
    Mahlia Graham

    I think we all know that Charlotte tilbury is her favorite makeup brand lol

  • All Together
    All Together

    She looks like Britt Robertson

  • Marcella Gonzalez
    Marcella Gonzalez

    I dont even where makeupwhy am i watching this

  • Lucciana Zevallos Sánchez
    Lucciana Zevallos Sánchez

    quien habla español

  • Chu Thu
    Chu Thu

    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

  • Sarah Caristo
    Sarah Caristo

    10 mins AND 2 seconds

  • Rhinos_are_cool Yeah
    Rhinos_are_cool Yeah

    “I just want cake”

  • シhayhay

    i cant get over how pretty she is omg

  • aphrodite

    if i looked like you i wouldn't even make up, you're gorgeous omg