Road Rage Gone Wrong
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Road Rage Gone Wrong

  • Zackeroo HQ
    Zackeroo HQ

    I was literally watching this video... And then in the comments someone said there was a SidemenReacts to it So now I didn't have to suffer through this trash alone lmao

  • K3NZ1E


  • Isaiah Butler
    Isaiah Butler

    watch biker rages there better

  • George Wilson
    George Wilson

    surely you should get someone to watch the video before you make these, filter out the stinkers, kind of annoying that you dont care enough to do it

  • MD Shoaib
    MD Shoaib

    You guys need to react to Indian road rage.

  • SpostClips

    Watch a uk one Americans are just shook cringey dons


    3:00 this is why i moved from Toronto

  • poppy 5
    poppy 5

    The sad thing is you can't do anything to those rich people untill they hit you, their lawyers are to good.

  • Nevaeh Quarshie
    Nevaeh Quarshie

    well it’s official 😐 if ethan gets arrested we know why-

  • VYXDEW 82
    VYXDEW 82

    God bless all of you rebuke the devil and the demons in your life the devil ain't go Nothing on you if you don't let him pray rebuke evil repent strengthen yourself with our lord Jesus we don't got much time❤️💯✝️🙏🤗 I've sinned and repented and I ask you to also repent and follow the path of God and worship God while he can still be found❤💯🙏✝️🥰

  • Karl Salman
    Karl Salman

    Clearly they have never seen driving in Lebanon. That shit is chaotic

  • Grace Tait
    Grace Tait

    Me *sees an ad before the video stars with Ksi in it* Ayer

  • DirtBike D
    DirtBike D


  • Raymond Hutton
    Raymond Hutton

    You guys need to react to crazy MMA knockouts

  • Jacob Ilinsky
    Jacob Ilinsky

    5:01 another one of JJ’s voice cracks

  • Sebastian Delmestri
    Sebastian Delmestri

    What are they using that they can look at the video simultaneously?

  • callox mane
    callox mane

    if they watch the motocycle version road rage it will be more entertaining than cars.


    If they wanted true road rage. They should of watched motor madness

  • magma noxy
    magma noxy

    i was on holiday before and what happend was these two people had road rage and they pulled out a wrench i was iike fookin hell lad

  • Taybosstanker

    1%: Actual footage 99%: Sidemen complaining about the footage which I 100% agree with.

  • Anomic Punk
    Anomic Punk

    I watched this video and it helped me to realize I hate almost all people. 99% of all people in the world are just plain stupid. The people in the videos are dumb, the people reacting are even dumber, and the people who get joy out of videos like this are the dumbest. I hope the apocalypse is upon us to wipe out the 99% of people who are idiots.

  • Oi Oi
    Oi Oi

    That video was so shit if your gonna pick a road rage vid then make sure it’s a good one 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Tayto

    Well this was a waste of time

  • Dillon

    There is some serious road rage in Arizona in the USA

  • Gameplay

    these 4 are the best tobi, simon, ksi, ethan legit the best combo

  • boxedByShah

    Yo bro watch motorcycle road rage their so much better 😂

  • Childish Peach
    Childish Peach

    React to motorcycle road rages, the have no problem throwing hands and breaking shit

  • Nikita Merkulovs
    Nikita Merkulovs

    Watch Russian road rage too funny

  • Donut Demon
    Donut Demon

    8:26 he says that but dude looks like a school history teacher stfu

  • Dinand van Wijk
    Dinand van Wijk

    React to modomadness there is always something happening with cops or fail or fights

  • Curser

    no one: and the man got ran over sidemen: SHAKIRA SHAKIRA

  • Virat Singh
    Virat Singh

    2:30 was the most indian "Naughty" u can get. 6:17 vikk's been teaching them some 'notty' shit my lads

  • j Jacko WATP
    j Jacko WATP

    12.12 ill never get back was shit

  • Keita the Kitchen
    Keita the Kitchen

    russians are a different breed

  • Aaron Houghton
    Aaron Houghton

    They should react to Florida men

  • AF AF
    AF AF

    Watch bikers road rage more o destroying the other persons veichle

  • Zapabite


  • Rolka OFFROAD
    Rolka OFFROAD

    They really want the drivers to record every angle and follow the cars that drive illegally lmaoo

  • dc fan
    dc fan

    we have in estonia tv series called "võimalik vaid venemaal" translated to english is "possible only in russia" there is a lot of road rages and there you can see how somebody rages

  • jarrod clark
    jarrod clark

    Dead video needs a redo

  • force shoving dotties up ur arse
    force shoving dotties up ur arse

    Russian roadrage next

  • Dev Tanna
    Dev Tanna


  • SWM Music
    SWM Music

    This was terrible please watch road rage fights -likes so they can see -

  • Korvus

    react to a good one like motorcycle riders road rage or sum they be throwing hands in them

  • Tanya Degurechaff
    Tanya Degurechaff

    these people got no balls, letting people talk down on them like that

  • Finn Kelly
    Finn Kelly

    Don’t do that again boys

  • Itz Mothy5ive
    Itz Mothy5ive

    Ahh stinker 🤥🤧

  • Craig Dowler
    Craig Dowler

    B******s 😆


    these are nothing in bangladesh

  • Rayan Al-Harbi
    Rayan Al-Harbi

    That video was bad

  • MPV GAME 2.0
    MPV GAME 2.0

    What a lame video.

  • Lightman2112

    So I was driving to Ohio and almost got into a crazy accident with a Tesla they almost drove us into the median

  • 『Mo 』
    『Mo 』

    Tbjzl moments gone wrong

  • Norton Diss
    Norton Diss

    Do Ozzy man reviews with JJ, Ethan, Harry and Simon

  • Shane Marsden
    Shane Marsden

    Please react to uk dashcams

  • Vinay Munday
    Vinay Munday

    Did Ethan just said Behnchod?😂😂 6:17

  • JustBazz

    Those clips are so shit Jesus Christ

  • TG Savage
    TG Savage

    if this was a barbadian the outcome would be different

  • Edoardo Torres
    Edoardo Torres

    If you want better road rage you should react to Motor Madness

  • SmugChief

    sidemen finessed us

  • xKxNGZOO501x

    I laugh every time JJ thinks he can knock some one out 🤣🤣 Your rich ass soft knuckles 😭🤣🤣🤣

  • Reece Wallace
    Reece Wallace

    Lads if u want to get a crap ton of views react to riverdale

  • Kushal The Gamer YT
    Kushal The Gamer YT


  • Amir Fujiwara
    Amir Fujiwara

    You guys should watch moto madness, they have some insane gas stuff

  • Herberto Lima
    Herberto Lima

    i was watching this video 6:35AM Lame af... 😂 what a waste of time xD

  • Rocco Anderson
    Rocco Anderson

    I had high hopes for this but can you do this again but better please.

  • Fyuzah

    2:12 lmfao

  • girlsdrinkfeck

    when car users get out and sayt u fked wit hthe wrong person, dosnt know the law about road sharing ,or they dont realise their asthma will lose

  • R 10
    R 10 spell your name with an one thinks you rage up to anyone about anything.

  • Moontel

    yay i made it

  • AK47

    The way Ethan said “penchod” 😂😂

    • Anurag Verma
      Anurag Verma

      Just Punjabi things Vikk taught him Curse words too .......LOL

  • Yousif 268
    Yousif 268

    Watch moto madness road rage its better than this

  • Alex Walsh
    Alex Walsh

    Ok if anyone knows the name of the song in the intro plz tell me I just can’t remember

  • sharmon skuxx
    sharmon skuxx


  • Pratik Ahire
    Pratik Ahire

    How do you guys know" benchod "???

  • Cameron Ruffin
    Cameron Ruffin

    Getting clickbaited again classic Sidemen

  • Lachie Schinck
    Lachie Schinck

    if u want real road rage

  • Amrita Mandal
    Amrita Mandal

    Indians dying at 6:17 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pranav Savant
    Pranav Savant

    Ethan saying behnchod❤️

  • Prateek

    This compilation was trash. There are so many better ones out there which I watched. Most of em are of bikers. So whoever compiled this. Do a better job

  • lil nutsack
    lil nutsack

    2:12 Ethan 😂

  • Kai Whipple
    Kai Whipple

    Weirdest thing when you see a road on your commute in one of these

  • Vikas Tiwari
    Vikas Tiwari

    6:16 Ethan cussing in Hindi 😂😂

  • BabaOtti _
    BabaOtti _

    You need to watch Russian Roadrage😂😂

  • Mikey Harrison
    Mikey Harrison

    I made it to the end

  • Hussain Ali
    Hussain Ali

    This KSI guy looks like JJ ngl

  • Adam Afif
    Adam Afif

    Sidemen: BrO TuRn ThE CamERa wE waNT tO sEe!!! , DonT gO sToP!!!!, Ey MAn gET thErE !!!!! The clip : it's f***ing dashcam u twatt!!

  • შემოქმედი

    You should watched Russian version. They move different

  • Neon Black
    Neon Black

    8:20, I probably would have lost control, picked up my bike and thrown it as hard as possible at the back of his parked car, that's the first thing that came to my mind

  • Ryan Ronca
    Ryan Ronca

    Bro just watch the crash compilations!!! Way more fucking action lmao

  • Philippe Pierce
    Philippe Pierce

    3:08 If I'm thinking right and that's Canada, that's so rare to see road rage like that

  • Nicolas Griffiths
    Nicolas Griffiths

  • ganesh ram
    ganesh ram

    6:18 ethan said banchod 😂😂

  • M

    What are these dead videos you guys react to, whoever chooses the videos should learn from those other react channels. React to other youtube content , this is just boring af

  • Kaleb Gibson
    Kaleb Gibson

    Just go Australian road rage

  • zoute tibaanse zandvos
    zoute tibaanse zandvos

    In the netherlands they pull out machetes at eachother

  • Surag Bhusal
    Surag Bhusal

    😂😂😂😂😂 lol ethan said benchod 😂😂😂 was not expecting that

  • Vaughn Eddie
    Vaughn Eddie

    can you guys not get someone to watch these before you make a video on it, because most of your videos are getting borning now and dont get me wrong i do enjoy this channel

  • Batz

    The real ones who stayed

  • Kumayl Malik
    Kumayl Malik

    the nostalgia really hit hard when they impersonated that classic intro song :)

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