Rich Jail vs Broke Jail / Stupid Life Hacks in Prison
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If My Mom Runs the Movie Theatre / 16 Funny Situations in the Movie Theatre:
Every prison has its own rules, which work differently depending on the availability of money. Watch funny situations and ridiculous life hacks in a rich and broke jail.
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    Troom Troom Trick

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    • Anna Parker
      Anna Parker

      I don’t think you guys know how jail works and I’m pretty sure that very is the same no matter if you are rich or not.

    • James Webb
      James Webb


    • Alesisa Poole
      Alesisa Poole

      @Jordan Taylor hi

    • Jordan Taylor
      Jordan Taylor

      Whats popping

    • Orghlaith O'Neill
      Orghlaith O'Neill


  • Zanaria Brathwaite
    Zanaria Brathwaite


  • Phoenix Playz
    Phoenix Playz


  • Kara Crichton
    Kara Crichton


  • Fer R
    Fer R


  • Genevieve Geist
    Genevieve Geist


  • Tracey Khunou
    Tracey Khunou

    It doesn't matter when the jail is a broke jail

  • Mervens Soirime
    Mervens Soirime

    You guys are so good 😊💜❤️🧡💛💚💙🤍🖤❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝♥️💌

  • Jayden Gabriel
    Jayden Gabriel

    At first i thouggt this was fake cause it said stupid life hacks so im confused

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  • Games With Lokaaa
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  • Games With Lokaaa
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  • RD TI FF
    RD TI FF


  • Emily Lebens
    Emily Lebens



    I wonder why they just show the person who was talking

  • Sophia Rose
    Sophia Rose


  • Cutegirl 54
    Cutegirl 54

    I like the rich girl

  • Benjen 1211
    Benjen 1211

    I’m Happy they got out at the end

  • Sharmila Persad
    Sharmila Persad

    Oh god


    you guys are soo dumb to watch this stuff

  • بِنِأّتّ


  • Kelly Ann
    Kelly Ann

    Wait how do you bake something in prison well there’s nothing really in there like all that’s in there is her number but there is no other non-

  • I Hit Monkeys With A Car
    I Hit Monkeys With A Car

    How about... you DON'T go to prison?

  • kering richard
    kering richard


  • Anna Parker
    Anna Parker

    I don’t think you guys know how jail works and I’m pretty sure that very is the same no matter if you are rich or not.

  • Demon Dom
    Demon Dom

    This is dumb asf

  • Brittany Cosio Flores
    Brittany Cosio Flores

    Amber Is the best chariter*

  • frincess faye quilapio
    frincess faye quilapio

    The rich girl in jell wow that's cool😂

  • Aurora Woodcock
    Aurora Woodcock

    Do not Escape that is bad

  • XxAurielaxX

    Ivy OFC

  • June Hernandez
    June Hernandez

    I like Ivy very much 😄

  • Jane Cardin
    Jane Cardin

    I have that camera

  • Wolfy Game’s
    Wolfy Game’s


  • The USMAN Family
    The USMAN Family

  • Kristen Carr
    Kristen Carr

    5:37 you already said it did not work

  • Angela Ohair
    Angela Ohair

    Ambers husbend is like the worst lol she needs better. AMBER GO GET A BETTER MAN IT IS GOOD FOR YOUUU!!!!!

  • Safeeia Mohamed
    Safeeia Mohamed


  • Aya Qassim
    Aya Qassim

    if amber has money why does she not pay out of jail

  • Deb Millsap
    Deb Millsap


  • DiamondRuler Corral
    DiamondRuler Corral

    Wait if u fight for a shirt u don't go to jail and everybody gets the same jail cell even if they're broke I'm not hating though

  • koral g
    koral g


  • Gåtçhâ Głítčh tīmę FNaF vids and more!
    Gåtçhâ Głítčh tīmę FNaF vids and more!

    Y on earth are u telling people how to break out of jail?


    Cool video

  • Hoa Nguyen
    Hoa Nguyen


  • Ladybug funny Edits
    Ladybug funny Edits


  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    That was soooo sexist when they said “trap for girls”

  • Rebecca Wallace
    Rebecca Wallace


  • Lawrence A. Creque
    Lawrence A. Creque

    I'm the rich girl maybe

  • mini pink crewmate
    mini pink crewmate

    Finally they accepted that they show stupid and useless hacks.

  • Maya Bereket
    Maya Bereket

    Guys try these hacks

  • Aleema Mohamed
    Aleema Mohamed

    The poor is the best

  • Aleema Mohamed
    Aleema Mohamed

    I love Amber she is the best

  • Laila Ahmed
    Laila Ahmed


  • Cylan Wright
    Cylan Wright

    Love it

  • jacktme

    its so obnoxious when she sais bake it

  • AnOther One
    AnOther One

    good idea, i will share it with my friends, we will have a good time making fun of the morons who create this shit on youtube

  • Nature World
    Nature World

    Amber is my favourite character..❤️❤️

  • Daniellr Frank
    Daniellr Frank


  • Ousman Bojang
    Ousman Bojang


  • Jordan Taylor
    Jordan Taylor

    Whats popping

  • Alana Kadro
    Alana Kadro

    Which girl

  • Varuni.R. Joshi
    Varuni.R. Joshi

    I want to be the rich girl...❤

    • Aya Alkadri
      Aya Alkadri

      Then take my life

  • Tom Dyer
    Tom Dyer

    Rich girl : * escapes then sees mirror* wow I look so good. Police: hehe that was a girl trap * shows rich girl what's behind the mirror. Gi Broke girl: *cuts out a key* Police: lunch time😳 Broke Girl: 😬 okay. Police : * poors otmeal and the outmeal go's threw bowl*

    • Bob Ross
      Bob Ross


  • Sam Davis
    Sam Davis

    I like the rich girl to just to let you know

  • Summer Dubiard
    Summer Dubiard

    I like the broke girl😎😎

  • Said sheikh
    Said sheikh


  • Sahunaa Mohamed
    Sahunaa Mohamed

    me too

  • Jaisyn Graham
    Jaisyn Graham

    i love Ivy

  • Nha Khue Tran Ngo
    Nha Khue Tran Ngo


  • Shuhandi Martina
    Shuhandi Martina

    i like it

  • Keiko Hanna Tamara
    Keiko Hanna Tamara

    I like amber bc she is beutiful

  • Jeneil Janete
    Jeneil Janete

    I rich are thing I rich I will give u 12738903 dollars

  • Sean Scott
    Sean Scott


    • Ice Bxrry
      Ice Bxrry

      Oh ok I will let you know what I can do to help you out with me and my friend just told me that I was going to a e w ring in the morning and I won the game is hard to get in the game is hard to get in the same things and like the same things and like I said I was going to a e w ring and it was a actual name is dj dogwater disapproves and I won the game is hard on the other guy in my dad is a good match for the title of the kids are you doing today

    • Armin Zilic
      Armin Zilic

      "…"..? l fine but I’m going up this year there’s planes in this bowl you are the freaks going on I need to get those green things and kill these guys how are they shooting me I will how am I getting shot I’m in dust bowl so oh no I died shit I don’t need to complete this mission

  • Miranda DeLeonSimon
    Miranda DeLeonSimon

    Amber is my favorite character

    • Sharmila Persad
      Sharmila Persad

      Me toooooo🦄

  • Ana Marija Antic
    Ana Marija Antic

    Where did they get this all things in a jail????

  • Amanda Mtku
    Amanda Mtku


  • Taylor Thonpson
    Taylor Thonpson

    When Little Timmy steals candy from Walmart and the popo are after him: Mom I need a clay ring and a policeman’s thumb before I sleepover at Jake’s for 2 years

  • Alpi Kurel
    Alpi Kurel

    What I can see word is CAT

  • Tz Allie
    Tz Allie

    Of course this is not how jail looks like, buuuuut, are they trying to help criminals break out? Like why?

  • Rowenna26 Vega
    Rowenna26 Vega

    My favorite was amber even tho she is broke I like her

  • Alistair Zachary Adrick
    Alistair Zachary Adrick


  • nanang nabam
    nanang nabam

    And I think rich jell was nice and like a house that why I like rich jell Ivey verry much ❤️❤️❤️

    • Izzah Sakinah
      Izzah Sakinah

      Or you could just bail yourself (if ya want to)

  • nanang nabam
    nanang nabam

    My favourite is Ivey she is so pretty

  • Elizabeth Olavere
    Elizabeth Olavere

    U R. S🤣🤣😂😂URI👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • mlbb glory skin
    mlbb glory skin

    I like the poor

  • Vaiga Devi
    Vaiga Devi

    The rich jail is like a luxurious house

  • Oleksandr Kovalchuk
    Oleksandr Kovalchuk

    Lifehack with a ring - super awesome ))

    • cute bear
      cute bear

      I know.

  • Lilly Malinda
    Lilly Malinda

    They even said it is stupid

  • YTS Ice
    YTS Ice

    I HATE this poop employee you took all the money look he was giving you one your lucky he didnt punch you idiot employee

  • Sujal and team
    Sujal and team

    I like ivy she is beautiful

  • Sovanmolyka Seng
    Sovanmolyka Seng

    Why do they need to arrest the person who just fight for a shirt

    • Tom Dyer
      Tom Dyer


    • s roblox player sara
      s roblox player sara


  • toviya khulan 7C
    toviya khulan 7C

    all the rich VS poor is bad because my 2 lil sis see it allways and they are playing and treating each other bad if anyone know how to tell youtube plz tell youtube that all the rich VS poor plz tell youtube to band it RICH VS POOR

  • ram candalera
    ram candalera


  • Vicki White
    Vicki White

    not bad but rebceea can do better

  • Lujain# Mohammed
    Lujain# Mohammed

    Cool man

  • Marydel_Sagosoy

    The rich girl is such a brat

  • Subhas Biswas
    Subhas Biswas

    Where is my favorite dog koki

  • Deathstare

    Amber is wearing braids and she’s white shes litterlz black fishing

  • Anutosh Chatterjee
    Anutosh Chatterjee


  • Yollande Mbili
    Yollande Mbili

    I liked ivey shes so beautiful

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