Recreating Unrealistic "Best Friend Goals" Photos
hi girlypops!
Happy Pham Phriday! This week's video is us recreating famous best friend goals VSCO photos in celebration of launching our podcast! "Call Me Candid!" Go leave us a review to be entered into our giveaway! (listen on apple podcasts, spotify, etc)
Lilly Ann:
Matty Fish:
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  • Tori Lator
    Tori Lator

    i love how they just get to the point

  • Sarah Potter
    Sarah Potter

    Lilly kind of looks like Rachel McAdams ❤️

  • Allie Rose
    Allie Rose

    That girl goes to my school😂💀

  • ClutchXcj

    5:26 is what actual best friends do

  • Bianca Chandra
    Bianca Chandra

    4:31 When you are trying not to smudge you lipstick lmfaooooo

  • Lauryn Fullylove
    Lauryn Fullylove

    anybody watching this again and now hayley is engaged! (btw this is not for likes im just genuinely curious baha) 💗

  • Kate Mikkelsen
    Kate Mikkelsen

    Matthew do be a vibe doe

  • Toca Dovie
    Toca Dovie

    9:01 perfect Pinterest photo

  • Harley Chavarria
    Harley Chavarria

    “I want this at my freaking wedding”... me rn ...😗✨

  • Aaliyah Raye
    Aaliyah Raye

    do they live togher

  • DoggoPlayz

    Get her the cake at her wedding. She’s now engaged

  • audrey rose
    audrey rose

    lily’s hair is soo cute in this whole video!! haley’s is super cute too!

  • Mary Margaret
    Mary Margaret

    Who is here in the summer when Haley is engaged???

  • Deshorn ke charles
    Deshorn ke charles

    The thunbnail washroom one me and my friend always chill in there and we took pictures like that and i fell in the toilet

  • skye mc
    skye mc

    you should have her in more videos. i love seeing videos of you guys doing things together 💓

  • A Pineapple
    A Pineapple

    4:35 “I want this at my freaking wedding”AHH SHES ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED NOW WTF

  • Lilli_owo

    Oh my gawd my name is the same as ur bestie

  • xivvcy

    Im sitting here crying because i have no friends

  • Liza Solomonova
    Liza Solomonova

    Haley: I'll have this cake for my freaking wedding! Me now that she's engaged: *_will u tho?_*

  • Carissa B
    Carissa B

    Ok but on the bathroom one theirs turned out better 🤷

  • -lvmonbabe-

    Banana macaroni cookie flow apple Newm donut

  • Hey It's Mae
    Hey It's Mae

    lillys hair tho

  • Layla Earle
    Layla Earle

    The suitcase holding the microphones lol

  • Meg Allen
    Meg Allen

    Why are they so pretty🥺

  • iiJoylerii

    They remind me of these girls on this one show on nextflix called "alexa and katie" (btw a new season is coming out on june 13, 2020)

  • Makenna Anderson
    Makenna Anderson

    watching this four months late and hearing her say she wanted that cake at her wedding😳 little does she know

  • Maya Isabelle
    Maya Isabelle

    You should’ve edited the pics the same way so they had the same affect

  • Leah B
    Leah B

    that moment when u see ur sisters pic as she's scrolling

  • My Diary with CHD
    My Diary with CHD

    When she was cutting the cake and it was pink I screamed it's a girl

  • Hamtha Noordeen
    Hamtha Noordeen

    i love how the vid just ends no outro no nothing just "im so confused" and done

  • Zofia Mia
    Zofia Mia

    How did you guys meet

  • O_o

    I could never do that cuz I only have online friends 😅

  • Really a Devil
    Really a Devil

    Best friends on pinterest and tumblr: Bestie goals! Amazing! Perfect! Me: You want a chip? Bff: yeah sure. Me: K *continues scrolling on tik tok*

  • Asukatari


  • Bailee

    Can you do a video on how you edit your photos to look so aesthetically pleasing?

  • c̸h̸r̸i̸s̸s̸y̸

    The blonde hair girl with her hair up in a ponytail reminds me of Isabelle from Animal Crossing.

  • Phil Eyre
    Phil Eyre

    They said there was the reality yet all of theirs looked amazing

  • Nxriaa

    One of your podcasts just came out omggg! Listening rn.

  • Sam Rose
    Sam Rose

    Why are they literally the prettiest humans on earth😭

  • Lulu Thomsen
    Lulu Thomsen


  • Evangelique Nouvel
    Evangelique Nouvel

    Who else doesn’t have a bestie 😔🥺?

  • maddi r
    maddi r

    i love lilly’s retro vibe

  • itz Olive Oil
    itz Olive Oil

    i wish i had friends like this mind dumped me 3 of them and I have no friends and yea :(

  • Abigail Wolfe
    Abigail Wolfe

    I really need to know what these songs are

  • Maggie M
    Maggie M

    Mathew just third wheeling in the back of the car with his fidget spinner and shades~

  • Patience Amuntung
    Patience Amuntung

    Haley: I'll have this at my freakin wedding A couple months later she gets engaged Congratulationsssss

  • Taylor McCreight
    Taylor McCreight

    haley jan 2020: "i'm gonna have this at my freakig wedding." haley may 2020: she's getting marrieddddd :)

  • Carly Lynn
    Carly Lynn

    So are you gonna use that cake for your wedding cake ??

  • Sadie _
    Sadie _

    When she says she wants that cake at her wedding and they’re engaged nowww!

  • Sadie _
    Sadie _

    I barely even have pictures with my best friend 😂

  • Cel

    So are you gonna have that cake at your wedding!!!! 😁

  • Catarina Torres
    Catarina Torres


  • Kendyl Heyer
    Kendyl Heyer

    I love your videos so so much!!

  • Abbey Melo
    Abbey Melo

    how did you edit the pictures?

  • Conner Booton
    Conner Booton

    What an absolute savage to be out there with his fidget spinner in the background

  • issy p
    issy p

    Back here after the proposal and she says, “i want this at my wedding” AHHH

  • Kait Grace
    Kait Grace

    My best friend and I just became best friends during quarantine 😅

  • Aimee N
    Aimee N


    • Sean W
      Sean W

      @Aimee N bro its 0:02

    • Aimee N
      Aimee N


    • Aimee N
      Aimee N


    • Aimee N
      Aimee N


  • nittoburn4

    "I want this at my freaking wedding" Well now you can Haley. :))) lol

  • Nico Viola
    Nico Viola

    This makes me sad

  • Sophie Fritsch
    Sophie Fritsch

    my self confidence would NEVER let me do things like this lol

  • Charlize

    Her best friend a little bit looks like tini stoessel, but just a tiny bit...

  • Kaylee _722
    Kaylee _722

    is it just me or does her thumb look like icarly

  • Bianca Bianca
    Bianca Bianca


  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike

    The pictures are honestly pretty accurate. It also helps that u guys are both so pretty.

  • candy

    this video convinced me to buy a hair waver

  • Jelaena Moreno
    Jelaena Moreno

    You should do another one of these

  • RoamwithRach

    Those trunk photos are so cute!! Love how they both have reusable cups 🙂

  • Carmen Lopes
    Carmen Lopes

    I love your videos, it’s so random I lover it !🌸

  • Vaviinisa

    he rly be vibing in the backround

  • Via Mendes
    Via Mendes

    It ends so abruptly lol

  • James opens Stuff
    James opens Stuff

    Taking first photo Hailey: This is the most accurate one so far. Me: what

  • namjoonie

    My best friend's being lazy like me to even mssg 😑 and when we mssg around 10,000 mssg of useless memes and useless talks lmao 😂😂 lmao I have friends like me I can't believe UwU

  • Hiba jouti
    Hiba jouti

    im here only for the muslim girl in the back she needs credit for those pics

  • Maju Sanabria
    Maju Sanabria

    On the thumb I thought your foto was the expectation at first

  • エヴァ・ニコル


  • Bombardier Family
    Bombardier Family

    They be Vibin though 5:26

  • Leslie Hernandez
    Leslie Hernandez

    My sister looked over at my screen and asked, "Is that Danielle Cohn and Addison Rae?" 😂

  • sofia cataudella
    sofia cataudella

    ive never seen this channel, and im totally hooked

  • Paul Brennan
    Paul Brennan

    when haley just randomly tookduct tape out. was she kidnapping the guy in the back? edit: i love u tho haley

  • ruby blu
    ruby blu

    anyone wanna be my bsf and take pics like this? pls

  • Suppercitty

    I don't have a best friend or any friends

  • Hirushi Perera
    Hirushi Perera

    lily looks like shes from the 70s

  • Ella Casey
    Ella Casey

    is it just me who wondered why it cut so bluntly

  • Eyes

    Do they have ivy walls at a every mall or are you where I live?! Where you at the domain?! oh my gosh that'd be so cool 💞

  • Katie Christiansen
    Katie Christiansen

    Haleys pics where cuter than the originals omg 🥳

  • Jeff P The MEGA Gamer
    Jeff P The MEGA Gamer

    don't mean to be mean, but yeti mics are supposed to be talked into from the front not the top

  • Breanna Meyer
    Breanna Meyer

    I love matty fish omg

  • Arielle Richer
    Arielle Richer

    At 3:00, i have the same sweater than her best friend, lol

  • Strawberry Cutie
    Strawberry Cutie

    Back when you could be close to your best friend 😭

  • Dean Jones
    Dean Jones

    wait did you get reality and expectation mixed up in the thumbnail

  • ryan rook
    ryan rook

    why is no one talking about how the thumnbail says unrealistic on realistic vis versa??? edit: oh nvm ahha

  • lola

    where are lilly's pink sunglasses from?

  • duccck_y

    At a time I heard “breast friends” Seems like good emgrish

  • dxhyunjin

    The photos where you did your own thing was the cutest

  • Monicah De Dardel
    Monicah De Dardel

    Am I blind or does Lily look like Margot Robbie?🤔

  • Natalie Smith
    Natalie Smith

    How'd you come up with the podcast name?!

  • Jennifer McAfee
    Jennifer McAfee

    When I saw the picture on the front of this vid I thought they got expectations and reality mixed up LOL 😂

  • Abi L
    Abi L

    Now who’s the third wheel taking some of these pictures?

  • Andrea Stoker
    Andrea Stoker

    I thought it was going to be with Bella

56 хиљ.