Race Highlights | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix
Catch up with all the highs and lows of Portimao as the championship battle continued in Portugal!
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  • Bob Boberson
    Bob Boberson


  • You Don't Know Me
    You Don't Know Me

    Imagine verstapen in a Mercedes 👀 bye bye any competition

  • klepetar

    correction.. verstappen DID have the pace to challenge mercedes.. bottas..not hamilton..

  • Cuidemos la naturaleza
    Cuidemos la naturaleza

    Alonso increíble

  • fiker Channel
    fiker Channel


  • Rumen Arnaudov
    Rumen Arnaudov

    Lewis is and will stay the best of all time :)

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong

    I can feel like Crofty wasn't happy/suprised either when Hamilton reached the finish line

  • Paul Ob
    Paul Ob

    Thank you too whoever reedited this ♥️

  • eric walker
    eric walker

    Now the other teams can say it was the car not the driver and team for the win.

  • King_Cola

    You can clearly see how much smaller Ham's rear wing is. Is that even legal?

    • Rea Ian Cassidy
      Rea Ian Cassidy

      Sour losers and haters doing all they can to stay relevant. You know better than the FIA, right ??

  • scriptkidscrips

    who is the f1 2021 commentator?????

    • misuyy fong
      misuyy fong

      its a mercedes day... its been mercedes day for the past several years, i stop watching a few years ago, gonna wait the next big rules change and see if its worth watching ag

  • aeyleh twink
    aeyleh twink

    Raikkonen brain shutdown? why he just hit the back of Gio without any reaction?

  • abdinoorful

    Lewis hamilition is a beast

  • Joao Paulo Brito Marques
    Joao Paulo Brito Marques

    29 seconds... ... ... ...

  • rocketsfall

    At what point do you win so many races that you don't feel like being sprayed with champagne anymore

  • marcelo martins
    marcelo martins

    fantastic f1 track----portugal the best

  • Jorge A.
    Jorge A.

    It has the audience it deserves.

  • szewei1985

    Haha lewis is schumacher 3.0

  • Cristobal Tube
    Cristobal Tube

    And it´s lights out and away we go

  • jason johnson
    jason johnson

    F1 is putting people to sleep ..

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi

    Now this merc and red bull battle is what we like to see

  • Añez Matías
    Añez Matías

    Vamos Hamilton!!!!!😎😎😎😎

  • prof

    coming from Netflix ✌️

  • JT

    See all the Hamilton doubters have gone very quiet..

  • Ricky Sutanto
    Ricky Sutanto

    its a mercedes day... its been mercedes day for the past several years, i stop watching a few years ago, gonna wait the next big rules change and see if its worth watching again.

    • Ricky Sutanto
      Ricky Sutanto

      @Mr Denson i watched the highlight on youtube from time to time, i used to watch them live on television, not.blaming mercedes or hamilton, they ve done well, but its just not fun anymore.

    • Mr Denson
      Mr Denson

      Yet, you are here commenting. What happens if Mercedes continues to dominate beyond 2022 ? MB’s dominance has been fair and natural. It’s up to the other teams to develop cars and drivers to compete. Even after the changes it will be up to every team to adapt and deliver. It’s as simple as that

    • serdy ximi
      serdy ximi

      What race LH is such an amazing driver... Kudos to VB MV too

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez

    Hamilton is fire 🔥 its amazing watching him perform and my hat off too the rest of the drivers

  • audi TiTee
    audi TiTee


  • Wollie Bolly
    Wollie Bolly

    "to not challenge mercedes today" Bottas is still behind Verstappen.....


    This championship is far from over and I still believe that max will conquer this season The race is on

  • Ryan Monroe
    Ryan Monroe

    Louis Hamilton cracked


    Without demagogies, today the set W-12 + # LH44 is a tuning only, a decent violin 'Guarnieri del Gesu', we have many promising pilots, Verstapen is a guy who pilots a lot. But as long as this marriage W-12 + # LH44 is in union it will be almost unbeatable, except in some eventual error of LH and very favorable track to RBR.

  • Michael Gomez Diaz
    Michael Gomez Diaz

    pulled 7 min highlight out this. HERO!

  • N-1732-12 MIHIR H MENON
    N-1732-12 MIHIR H MENON

    Why do I feel F1 is biased towards British drivers other than Lewis Hamilton???

    • calibrazxr750

      Because you are interpreting the information that you see in a way that suits your already preconceived idiosyncratic view of the facts. Quite simple really.

  • ichwan Dana
    ichwan Dana

    At the end, lecrec still carrying ferrari alone

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout

    1:35 Mazepins highlight of the day

  • Blank

    I bet Lewis is excited to finally have a challenge

  • Eugenio Zavala
    Eugenio Zavala

    BandLab: @dark_soulll 🔥💀 IG: @dark_soulll.e 🔥💀

  • Chase Amundrud
    Chase Amundrud

    3:44 okay okay this is the exact same thing that happened at Bahrain with verstappen but Hamilton gets away with it okay

    • calibrazxr750

      If you do not understand the rules, then you are going to look very foolish when you comment. Learn.....the......rules.

    • Chase Amundrud
      Chase Amundrud

      @misolou fout oh can I see it is it in this video?

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout

      Great job not showing Micks pass on Latifi

  • Stanleyjay Giddings
    Stanleyjay Giddings

    What race LH is such an amazing driver... Kudos to VB MV too

  • Stanleyjay Giddings
    Stanleyjay Giddings

    What race LH is such an amazing driver... Kudos to VB MV too

  • Stanleyjay Giddings
    Stanleyjay Giddings

    What race LH is such an amazing driver... Kudos to VB MV too

  • Marco Martins
    Marco Martins

    Another boring race, with the same result as usual.

    • calibrazxr750

      One might also say, yet another race where nineteen other drivers were once again found wanting.

  • Dan Doan
    Dan Doan

    I hope max wins the drivers championship

  • resomony

    Gasly to control----"if you got more power give it to me". Just goes to show how much all the electronic schitt on the cars these days can be controlled by the engineers remotely while the car is out there racing. I can see the day when drivers in the car will be uneccessary and we'll be watching slot cars being completely controlled by someone sitting in front of a screen in a computer room somewhere.

  • Audio Lunacy
    Audio Lunacy

    I’ll be going back to NASCAR next year where anyone of the 10 top drivers can win. It has become obvious that Mercedes has some everyone else can’t have. George Russel proved it’s not the driver. Every week the same race.

  • joe master
    joe master

    Another wingman year ohhhh

  • Jake Grover Jake Grover
    Jake Grover Jake Grover

    If you looked at lando closely he had all four wheels on the track so idk why checo was complaining

  • josezandy

    Ngl was a boring race

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James

    Sergio you are plan A +56laps.....

  • Antonio Gomes
    Antonio Gomes


  • Antonio Gomes
    Antonio Gomes

    Toinho pode

  • tokenride04

    It was cool seeing the American owned team of Haas passing the American owned team of William

  • tokenride04

    Great job not showing Micks pass on Latifi

    • calibrazxr750

      Yes, let's see the driver in 18th pass the driver in 17th, because it was so pivotal to the overall outcome of the race.

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn

    Now this merc and red bull battle is what we like to see

  • sakir simsek
    sakir simsek

    Serhan Acar daha iyi anlatıyor

  • Bruno Santana de Alencar
    Bruno Santana de Alencar

    Russell is Checho's engineer

  • Julian Rodríguez
    Julian Rodríguez

    S.O.S They are killing us in Colombia

  • Julian Rodríguez
    Julian Rodríguez

    S.O.S They are killing us in Colombia

    • laskin riubn
      laskin riubn

      Why is this guy yelling in a booth?

  • Thebassist Noeve
    Thebassist Noeve

    They say Checo will use his medium tyres during the next Grand Prix

  • Quran reader
    Quran reader


  • DeviousKnuckles

    Did anyone told you, that F1 had the best and most positive community on RSloft? I love to read your comments, it's so entertaining. Love from German 🇩🇪❤️

  • realmiker

    Track limits

    • calibrazxr750

      The rules for which are clearly something many F1 fans do not understand and have no interest in learning. You included apparently.

  • Karl Benjamin Ray
    Karl Benjamin Ray

    He overtook Valterri Bottas on lap 20 twice both races last year and this 😅

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown

    Max suffers from the same problem that Vettel had, Lewis pressure. And the "faster car" arguments fall victim to Hammer's first two seasons. Embrace the pain.


    Crofy is done with saying Lewis Hamilton wins

  • DjOffski


  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    1:54 I think Perez might have lost his marbles in a RB, he does not know what is going on. Just like he overtook 2 cars behind the SC at Imola. How did Norris over take him off the tracks again?

  • Dogan Muhcu
    Dogan Muhcu

    Well. Hamilton just showed whoes the boss again and verstappen is no match for him like everyone is saying. He gonna get hes 8th champion this season. Well done

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    Lewis's code for I am now managing my tyres is "My tyres are shot"

  • Tobias van Westrenen
    Tobias van Westrenen

    Why are they shouting all the time? Its inflationary. Becomes meaningless.

  • Matthew Lui
    Matthew Lui

    Portlmao was so boring, I just woke up to comment this.

  • Phillip Leech
    Phillip Leech

    Why is this guy yelling in a booth?

  • Muhamad Adhitya
    Muhamad Adhitya

    So it took mercedes 3 races to fix their car. Better get used to get in there lewis this season also

  • Indrit Cepa
    Indrit Cepa

    Carlos Sainz Svegliati, hai una macchina fantastica come la Ferrari 🏎

  • Red pilling
    Red pilling

    That overtake was smooth

  • Juan Francisco López-Egea Martínez
    Juan Francisco López-Egea Martínez

    How drivers stay waiting to be overtaken with drs, in place of fight their position as in the past... -there are a lit of speed difference and it would be dangerous-... What have you done to the F1? Drs overtake is the overtake of the shame. It should only be possible after 10 laps behind a "bone" car, when pilot realize it's impossible or haves no enough ability/talent to overtake. And open Drs to overtake should take a cost of 0.1 points. Every 10 drs overtakes, 1 point less.

  • Juan Francisco López-Egea Martínez
    Juan Francisco López-Egea Martínez

    "highlight drs overtake"... DRS Overtake, shameful overtake.

  • thierry calandre
    thierry calandre

    il a une gueule ce speaker ! ! ! and only the highlights like here , is more interesting

  • Robin Ainscough
    Robin Ainscough

    Bottas: I hope Williams will be faster next year.

  • Frank Vaso
    Frank Vaso

    How did mazepin end up 1 min behind ??? Can someone explain, i didnt see the race

  • neilbes1

    race highlights ? there wasn't any !

  • Rishi

    Pirelli: Mediums can last upto 38 Laps. Perez: Are you sure about that?

  • edward bernal
    edward bernal

    I’m still waiting for the highlights of this race

  • Sean Moran
    Sean Moran

    Some very underwhelming commentary for Hamilton's pass on bottas and verstappen hahaha!

  • Marko Gelic
    Marko Gelic

    Hamilton vs Verstappen, but Ferrari 6-11

  • Truepatriotlove

    Is it just me or is watching F1 like watching paint dry? The same guy wins every race every week for how many years now?? Boring.....

  • Bernd Mayer
    Bernd Mayer

    Is that a comment or a screaming contest? I have eyes and I am not deaf.

  • zXalyx Gaming
    zXalyx Gaming

    Wow, I think Alonso has been the driver of the day, cuz he was like 15th position, but he did very well at the moment of change position to 9th, 8th, nice work Alonso.

  • Earl Fox
    Earl Fox

    F1 used to be very entertaining. Now all the rules seem to be there to keep the top team on top. When they change the car next year, by half way through the season we will know who will win the next 5 or 6 championships

  • Rituraj Srivastava
    Rituraj Srivastava

    This is serious comeback by Redbull this season..Max Verstapen is not leaving an inch for Mercedes. Taking over Bottas was fabulous move. But taking over Bottas by Hamilton was more fabulous.

  • Samantha Ferry
    Samantha Ferry


  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing

    You gotta love how Mazepin is completely dominating the comment section and the highlight reel.

  • Kevin Hertz
    Kevin Hertz

    I've to stop by this highlights all the time I'm online

  • Seamus Kane
    Seamus Kane

    Great Race!

  • Bionk Jampank46
    Bionk Jampank46


  • Marc Knod
    Marc Knod

    F1 needs to get rid off the tracklimits

    • nijuo joing
      nijuo joing


  • Albino Cruzz
    Albino Cruzz

    A curva 14 segurou o Max

  • PixelStacker

    Lando is straight killing it this year. The man has something to prove and is making people listen absolutely

  • Ridley Nierves
    Ridley Nierves

    Is the commentator who I think he is reply when you know who is the commentator


    Petition for Nikita Mazepin To Be Banished Of F1. Every like is a vote!

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