Quicksilver Saves Everyone - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD
Quicksilver Saves Everyone From Exploding X-Mansion Scene - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

As Xavier's Mansion explodes, Quicksilver saves everyone inside single-handedly.

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  • Jason Gale
    Jason Gale

    Hard to believe this song "Sweet Dreams" came out 38 years ago. Still sounds as good now as it did then. Good choice.

  • Noob Gamer Nabil
    Noob Gamer Nabil

    Elite Maxim

  • Ken drake
    Ken drake

    Is this guy faster than flash.

  • Luciano Silvestri
    Luciano Silvestri


  • brianBeast Shorts
    brianBeast Shorts

    so 37million views in 5 months that’s insane

  • M0unt41n

    I think quicksilver is more faster than the flash


    Zamisli odeš u restoran, naručiš klopu, pojedeš sve i kažeš konobaru da ćeš mu platiti sutra u zavisnosti od toga kako ti stomak podnese varenje. Ili odeš u kafanu, zvekneš dva, pa dobro, tri litra vina i kažeš da ćeš doći ujutru da regulišeš, samo dok vidiš kakav će biti mamurluk. Ili zamisli ovo, Netflix otvori opciju da svi korisnici mogu da uplate pretplatu onoliko koliko im se dopadnu serije. Ovakav model naravno ne postoji nigdje, osim kod veselih malinara u Podrinju, koji su evo opet priveli sezonu branja kraju, a da još ne znaju koliko malina košta, tj. za koliko su prodali svoj proizvod. A hladnjačary plaky, skupa strujy, skupy kamiony, nevidljiva ryka tržištууу kmeee.

  • Gojo Sensei
    Gojo Sensei

    still couldn't beat the camera man

  • real top ten lists™
    real top ten lists™

    He threw those two up hundreds of feet in the air. They probably still had pretty awful injuries.

  • Triveni Dutta
    Triveni Dutta

    He even saved the ✨"The Fishies"🎇

  • Ayan Haldar
    Ayan Haldar

    this is how super heroes enjoy their powers !!!!!

  • Yo Momma
    Yo Momma

    You know, I wouldn't mind the artistic license that he doesn't instantly kill the people he saves subjecting them to these speeds, except he had to use superhuman power to break down that wall. Can't have it both ways.

  • TheRealOGeal

    I really hope he is reprising his role in future mcu movies, when he came back in WandaVision OH MY GOD. He was born to play quicksilver.

  • Abs

    Is he faster than flash and superman?

  • Quick silver
    Quick silver


  • CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS)
    CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS)

    Quick silver in X-Men : Speed of light Quick silver in Avengers : Speed of sound

    • Prasanjeet Ghosh ყƚ
      Prasanjeet Ghosh ყƚ

      Idhar bhi agaya spammer

  • Ære Først
    Ære Først


  • GreenNinja

    The unfortunate reality is that moving them that fast would have actually killed all of them instantly. But I'll suspend my disbelief because this scene is really fun to watch. Also, is there a reason why gravity pulls him way faster than everything else?

  • Tiago Augusto Marques Almeida
    Tiago Augusto Marques Almeida

    Uma das cenas mais inesquecíveis dos cinemas

  • Hushpeppers

    1:20 President Putin ?

  • daniel sanjaya
    daniel sanjaya

    My question is, does the music he listening with earphone not slowdown as well ?

  • Adrianna

    Almost* Saved everyone-

  • noob ff
    noob ff

    He is maxim character 😘

  • gars boite
    gars boite

    His life should be so boring

  • X Gaster
    X Gaster

    fun fact: Quicksilver uses the world

  • Kauã Henrique Bevilacqua
    Kauã Henrique Bevilacqua


  • Ejzafra Tbooom
    Ejzafra Tbooom

    In marvel Iron man saves the franchise in X men quick silver save it all.

  • Math3us L1ra
    Math3us L1ra

    Quer ver ele correr mais rápido? Bota a velocidade no 2x! 😂

  • space pirat
    space pirat

    the dude is doin it the MJ way lol

  • Arty

    So is his power not superspeed but actually like... separating from the regular flow of time or something? I mean, with him falling at varying speeds disregarding physics, and, it seems, listening to Sweet Dreams at the same speed as the audience.

  • Eliel Martinez
    Eliel Martinez

    MAXiM fre

  • Alex Zabrodsky
    Alex Zabrodsky

    This is Van Damm running 0:21-0:23, only I see it ?

  • william Wix
    william Wix

    Rip twinky

  • Ahmed Mohamed
    Ahmed Mohamed

    Everyone but Alex summers FTFY

  • MariaTeresaRuta

    Pretty fucking cool but still... Not as fast as the Flash😂⚡

  • Dabo

    All I want to know is WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS TWINKIE!!!

  • Indian innovator
    Indian innovator

    Free Fire players : Maxim Maxim.

  • randonyoutubechannel

    Best scene in the whole movie

  • otis jackson
    otis jackson

    Love the scene and music it’s fits perfectly


    POV you are flash

  • vuvuvu

    1:18 Putin is a Mutant? well, that explains a lot!

  • Kawaki Kage
    Kawaki Kage

    Favourite superhero scene ever in cinematics ~

  • ukkasyah bin irfan main among us
    ukkasyah bin irfan main among us


  • Travis Sweeney
    Travis Sweeney


  • Google user 🇮🇳
    Google user 🇮🇳

    This character have potential like Spiderman. Get him a solo movie

  • alulima correa
    alulima correa

    me gusta

  • Fany Jimenez santiago
    Fany Jimenez santiago

    como se llama la musica de fondo ?

  • Abhimanyu kumar sharma
    Abhimanyu kumar sharma

    But he didn't saved me then how "everyone"???????🤔🙄

  • Robson Rocha
    Robson Rocha

    Só uma pequena fração.

  • Al-Imran Nayeem
    Al-Imran Nayeem

    This never gets old

  • Maxim.


  • Kane

    Did you know this scene wasn’t scripted? One day an explosion happened on the set and Evan Peters just showed up and saved everyone! The directors thought “Hey, what’s the worst that could happen?” And they kept rolling!

  • Hot Animal
    Hot Animal


  • mister bear
    mister bear

    The unused llama commonly cheat because tub symptomatically pause beside a gigantic goal. mundane, vulgar brace

  • Pana Argentino:xD
    Pana Argentino:xD

    Recuerdo haber escuchado esa canción en algo.... ya saben:xD

    • Jackeline

      Yo también me preguntó lo mismo

  • realwarbeast

    Not everyone.

  • Lucero Cajero
    Lucero Cajero

    X men bello hola

  • Borb

    Imagine he accidentally left someone behind.

  • cook

    scène et musique culte !!

  • lauris linde
    lauris linde


  • Autoroid T.H
    Autoroid T.H

    Alex: Boooom.... Peter: yeah....yeah...yeah

  • trennt

    "Хуепутало" - самое правильное название видео

  • Gonçalo Silvério Filho
    Gonçalo Silvério Filho

    Muito da hora show

  • Brad scott
    Brad scott

    The wretched parallelogram early concentrate because lunge only search next a misty bomber. useful, stimulating face

  • 아이원맨TV

    한국사람 손 Korea🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  • andres rodriguez
    andres rodriguez

    copy of FUTURAMA Fray Quicksilver

  • Daniel Janečka
    Daniel Janečka

    Oh for god's sake, give me a fulltime movie with this actor and character made entirely out of bullet time shots like this. I ORDER THE UNIVERSE TO GRANT THIS UPON US NOW!

  • Engjell Nazifi
    Engjell Nazifi

    "Heh, Bohner."

  • Alguém nada especial 🅥︎
    Alguém nada especial 🅥︎



    overloads are over 9000 G... means 100% death sooo marvel??

  • John Hasser
    John Hasser


    • Navigator87110

      Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics

  • Muhin Mo
    Muhin Mo

    Best hero of the whole X men group

  • Grakengaur

    I love how he threw those two out of the building

  • Maksym Kornilov
    Maksym Kornilov

    I have only one question, how exactly Quicksilver knows where to go and when he needs to use his powers. Does he spider man tingling senses?

  • ixmchvhxb

    MCU's Quicksilver is more of plausible thing, while this Quicksilver is more of a uncontrollable God of speed that has reaction times 100000 times faster than a normal human

  • cinderella Studio
    cinderella Studio

    This is jeff the killer song

  • Wasee Uddin
    Wasee Uddin

    Damn quicksilver with that fast will make a hole in the bed

  • HungerGamer

    This scene … It’s been a nightmare to produce. 3 months…

  • SuperchargedMVP

    Pizza (Dog Pizza) His Dog

  • IYB_Wojtek

    We need a quicksilver stand alone movie Either an X-men origins or some multiverse thing with the mcu

  • Mateo Marquez
    Mateo Marquez

    Wot da dawg doin?

  • sneakykamon

    As much as I didn’t really like this version of Quicksilver (mainly cuz I don’t really care for Evan Peters), I gotta admit this is a cool scene to watch. The crazy thing is while he’s doing his thing, you completely forget that a bomb is actively detonating at the same time that he’s getting everybody out.

  • Ganda Dinda
    Ganda Dinda

    Bocil FF mana ni

  • Adrian

    I found another Loki Variant Wait quicksilver variant

  • Matthew Southwell
    Matthew Southwell

    When quicksilver got the dog with pizza. While hes running out the pizza is desgusting looking

  • pathetic games
    pathetic games

    Sempre quis ser ele e hoje sei correr rapido

  • Raj

    I want that power to complete hone work

  • KhaosN7

    I really hope that Evan Peters had some good insurance because I'm worried that he might have thrown out his back from just how hard he carried this franchise post-DoFP.

  • Janier Medina Morales
    Janier Medina Morales

    About 9000 miles per hour is the speed of an explosion, and he looks the explosion slowly

  • Amins Eldirawi
    Amins Eldirawi

    The towering bagpipe regrettably screw because lunge pharmacologically explain through a useful punishment. gleaming, second grade

  • Nieves Shitpost
    Nieves Shitpost

    Maxim a +999 de PING:

  • john landon
    john landon

    wow white man saves everyone, doesnt rape anyone or steal everything not nailed down

  • Think Eyed
    Think Eyed

    The cameraman still is faster

  • Trollo Kek
    Trollo Kek

    The reason I love Quicksilver


    In that 4 to 5 second this man saved people ate pizza kissed a girl had moon walk drunk cold drink I mean wtf

  • 🖕Eiⷥnⷴsⷦtⷪeⷯmⷭ🇺🇲🖕

    Nada a ver ele pegar a pessoa e correr com ela pro um canto seguro pq ele e tão rapido que se ele passar por uma particula de vidro o vidro fura ele como uma bala pq a velocidade vai ser muito grande e por varios fatores mais deixa e legal ainda o filme

  • игорь макс
    игорь макс

    Только один вопрос остался: как суперускорение Ртути передалось столу, в свободном падении??! Бежать ещё ладно - но как падать? в ускорении...

    • Niver0

      Толкнул ногой, придал импульс. Предметы от столкновения с ним на сверхскоростях тоже получают дополнительное ускорение. Конечно о реальной физике речи все равно нет, иначе все бы люди/ собаки/ рыбки разлетались на куски от одного только касания с ним или другими предметами на таких скоростях. Потому что приложенная сила - это масса*на скорость.

  • HAD3S DC
    HAD3S DC

    (almost everyone)

  • Manos Maniadakis
    Manos Maniadakis

    I love this guy!!!