Pro Speedrunner reacts to NEW Minecraft Speedrun WR by Cube1337
Check out Cube! Major Congrats to him for becoming the newest wr holder :)
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Коментара: 1 225
  • Tarantula Nest
    Tarantula Nest

    For those of you who don’t realize how cracked Cube is, he holds:

  • Porter Eternal
    Porter Eternal

    FINALLY A NEW WR. I thought it wouldn’t be beaten for so long

  • Gday nerds
    Gday nerds

    I love how the seed wasn't actually too crazy, it just was played really well

  • Arthur Fontes
    Arthur Fontes

    Bro imagine telling that today theres a

  • Inkysquid4

    This is one hell of a run.

  • Animagician

    couri saying he doesn't like using calc reminds me of illu not using f3, big congrats to cube on the wr!

  • MuffinMan

    You know the community is great when everyone is just collectively jazzed about having a record broken

  • Tim Bakker
    Tim Bakker

    I was literally rewatching him react to brentilda's wr and this popped up

  • Hekkeh

    The fact that this run could've easily been sub 8 if wither skeletons didn't pestered him, the dragon perched instantly or he got better nether terrain, only shows that there is a huge room for improvement on this category. The skill requirement for this category is just insane. Good luck runners!

  • ThatsTiger

    Cube deserves this wr, he is definitely able to get wr on each version, i guess he is going to go for sub 16/15 on 1.15 runs and then sub 20 on pre 1.9

  • Vexagon

    Couriway's such a humble guy, hope he gets next wr

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    My mind is blown at how good Cube is across so many different categories of speedrunning. Like others have said, the seed and rng in this run were clearly very good but not anything godlike -- Cube just played this seed to perfection. He holds so many records now that he's basically the Max Park of MCSR. I think this is a record we can all be proud of.

  • cat

    I think calculators should be its own category, because it's a fun new way to just make runs not completely mind numbing while making more experienced players perform better because it is much less luck based

  • Viviain Usher
    Viviain Usher

    I love that it wasn't totally crazy but was really clean still and very impressive. So amazing to finally see a new world record!

  • owlwinter

    Top tier commentary, I wasn’t expecting to watch this full vid since I’ve seen the WR vid before, but the commentary just added a whole new layer to it and I found myself watching the whole thing. Really enjoyed!

  • Mihir Snn
    Mihir Snn

    Hey couri, this run by cube was really inspiring nd is going to stick for quite a while now but still apart from cube's top level gameplay nd the dragon rng nothing seemed too crazy about this seed.. I would like to get ur opinion about all the potential time saves rather than rng factor that a random seed could offer...

  • Sporeman

    i literally tried speedrunning minecraft 1.16 rsg for the first time in my life yesterday and now i see this. wow, this run is incredible, finally a new wr!


    Records are made to be broken.....great run......props to cube1337!!

  • Shreyas Thorat Kolhapur
    Shreyas Thorat Kolhapur

    A masterpiece of skill and talent. Hope Couriway gets next one, world's first sun 9

  • Giorgio Mornato
    Giorgio Mornato

    I love how brentilda tweeted that someone was gonna get sub 10 in the next 24 hours like he had the power to decide when his record would have been broken and just waited for how long he wanted