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It's all starting to happen guys! I've been keeping this secret for over a year and it's time to take you guys on my journey as I launch my very first company. There will be learning curves but I want to take ya'll along for all of it so we can all learn together!
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  • Haley Pham
    Haley Pham

    woohoo! the phone number is a way for me to connect with you guys in a more private way and send the most direct updates and secret behind the scenes things! I will try to respond to as many people as possible per day! I love reading all the messages and I hope you guys enjoy when I occasionally will send out lil updates for us :)

    • Sára Chadimová
      Sára Chadimová

      Im from cech republic and I ant text u from here for some reason do u have any idea how to fix that

    • Andrew Hollihan
      Andrew Hollihan

      Hey Hayley do u have a P.O. Box because I’m have something for ur birthday

    • Astoria Ernst
      Astoria Ernst

      Haley Pham is it a robot, because I got a reply but I can’t tell

    • Shdjjddjdjdj Hibbard
      Shdjjddjdjdj Hibbard

      Veertje does it say it in the vid?

    • Olivia Van Staeyen
      Olivia Van Staeyen

      Is it only for people from America because I a from Europe and I would really really like tot ext you but I think it will cost €€€

  • Angeline Maria
    Angeline Maria

    You can tell how desperete she is. She was losing her self and there was live footage. I'm happy she realised herself

  • Mar de Fiord
    Mar de Fiord

    I am new to this channel. Is the clothing the big idea she had for a year? Isn’t this a basic idea so many famous people do? Clothes, make up, accessories for sports, stuff like that?

  • mak riley
    mak riley

    where do you get your cute cups, they are adorbs!!

  • •мυғғιn•

    I really feel bad for her ..Imagine working on something for too long to get trash talked about.. and if you didn't like the merch or her clothing line then just dun buy it, if they were real fans they would support her no matter what .. If it ships to my country I would've bought it to support her.. this is her style and she like it, and I like it too, I can feel her bubbly and humble side through it

  • •мυғғιn•

    Y'all saying she changed.. she haven't changed she matured

  • DJ Makhaye
    DJ Makhaye

    I would love to see more of this side of you

  • Tina Odim-O'Neill
    Tina Odim-O'Neill

    Everybody is saying she changed well Yeah she a frickin person people you grow up you change

  • leann haup
    leann haup

    Lot of people in this thread are in fact jealous, all the negative comments make no sense.

  • Leslie Chiang
    Leslie Chiang

    This is so cool!!!!❤️😆

  • Junior

    Can’t stand watching you anymore, so entitled and over confident, and you’re clothing line isn’t a business, especially when they don’t look good. You’re not an entrepreneur, you’re a RSloft who likes to make 70’s style clothes

    • 0nceAponATime


  • Tram-Anh Le
    Tram-Anh Le

    Don’t know why she is getting this hate :( if she finally feels confident in fully show this side of her, who are we to decide if it’s genuine or not? Even if she talked about it before, she might have had doubts while sharing. Yes, there are other young female entrepreneurs. That has nothing to do with HER journey or HER growth. She was literally 17 when she blew up, it’s amazing she is chasing real adult goals and is maturing... y’all should, too.

  • Brianna Robinson
    Brianna Robinson

    When I texted the number it sent me a link and I clicked the link and it said page not found. Did this happen to anybody else?

  • Jason Pearman
    Jason Pearman

    I couldn’t find it and I would like to talk to her personally

    • Miaa Cjbxhshd
      Miaa Cjbxhshd


  • Jason Pearman
    Jason Pearman

    Could somebody send me her number

  • Mj Parks
    Mj Parks

    Good for you queen ❤️❤️ so proud of you. So glad you’re becoming a positive female influence for younger girls

  • Jessie Gleason
    Jessie Gleason

    Just because she feels comfortable enough to show us a different side of her DOESNT MEAN SHES CHANGED. She’s growing up. Either be supportive or just leave. Your negativity is not needed here.

  • Taly Warm
    Taly Warm

    What happened to u ;(

  • melanie quai
    melanie quai

    I get people hating on her fake ness but Ppl hating on her clothing line just rlly are trendy hoes who don’t understand small quality boutique brands...I literally watched a vid of a girl saying it wasn’t oversized bc it didn’t cover her butt. It’s retro not current, it’s not supposed to be a hoodie dress it’s supposed to be tight at the waist and wrists and then billowy everywhere else. Also it’s like a high fashion’s supposed to be weird. It’s not supposed to be super normal trendy wear. It’s a small, high end brand. None of y’all complain when u spend $100 on some adidas hoodie bc it’s name brand but boutique brands cost just as much. It’s not like they’re “off brand” they are higher end than name brands...that’s how it works. It’s because they are small weird art pieces.

  • toilet rat
    toilet rat

    The amount of cuts in this video, ugh

  • Troy Marshall
    Troy Marshall

    "Business women" go to college and work really hard to get where they are. You literally put on a different outfit and met some people in a garage to release merch

  • madi

    why does she act so entitled?

  • Naya Olivera
    Naya Olivera

    honestly y’all have her WAYYYYY to much hate for this. she might be changing, and you might not like it, but in the end it’s her life, and God’s to take control of, not yours...

  • Zoe Brown
    Zoe Brown

    😂😂 she said that this is a side of herself that she’s never shown anyone so y do ppl keep commenting that she’s acting different. She’s just being her normal happy boring self. Can y’all just let this her be happy. She knows there are lots of other female business women, she’s just trying to show y’all how important it is to support them. And yes she is a buisness women even if she makes mistakes and just because she uses RSloft to get revenue doesn’t mean that she’s not professional. I hope that her business works out and I hope people stop commenting on her looks and her personality. The only opinion matters is Gods.

  • Camryn Winn
    Camryn Winn

    I don’t get the hate but okay y’all keep bringing someone you don’t know down lol.

  • Mia 123
    Mia 123

    I have texted you like 1 week ago and you still have not seen it I would really like it if you could respond ❤❤love you

  • Brooklyn Rose
    Brooklyn Rose

    I actually kind of want to cry because seeing her adopt a new personality bc she’s so lost reminds me of how lost I would be if I didn’t have people around me who cared

  • Hi Army
    Hi Army

    Who else wants to see the edgy Haley back not the girly I need my hair long Haley love ya but you changed for the worse in my opinion.

  • silke

    When you live in europe so you cant text because it costs soooo much and you are just a broke student

  • Jolienne Van Spyk
    Jolienne Van Spyk

    Remember when Haley hated Gucci because it was kind of annoying. Wow I guess Haley really changed.

  • madison clarke
    madison clarke

    take a shot every time she says “i’ve never shown this side of me before”

  • madison clarke
    madison clarke

    “where are we going right now” haley: mEeTiNg

  • Louise Mcintosh
    Louise Mcintosh

    Honestly don’t really see why this video is getting so much hate.

  • Adelaide H
    Adelaide H

    This comment section is annoying af, let her do her thing.

  • Mario M
    Mario M

    Let me guess you got prescribed Adderall?? Am I right ?

  • Marinna Gonzalez
    Marinna Gonzalez

    The people who doubt your abilities will be your biggest "fans" when you're successful. I think life is a series of ups and downs, and it's what makes you realize you're actually living rather than blindly walking. You live and you learn.

  • savannah Marie
    savannah Marie

    She’s trying to be Kylie Jenner 💀

  • emily k
    emily k

    when she said “good morning guys” instead of good morning girly pops😪😪

  • Jennifer Ngo
    Jennifer Ngo

    hi, used to like you, been a fan since you were 500k subscribers. You're changed and congrats but as a business major, umm mam there were thousand female entrepreneurs before you so calm ur ass. anyways good-bye. This comment is not negative, but I feel like like haley pham was an asian youtuber i can relate to but nope not anymore.

  • Emma Holick
    Emma Holick

    When are you posting a traphamly video

  • alchemy

    *so basically you are launching the clown from McDonald’s own clothing line?*

  • Pretty Girl
    Pretty Girl

    I just went to her vlog channel and I swear, I think she’s lost a heck of a lot of subscribers. I feel bad for her, honestly. That must seriously suck. 😔

  • ClearlyLacie

    i love haley and i’m gonna support her but i don’t see myself wearing this, i might could buy the socks but... sorry hakey :/ ly tho

  • Fjord Horse
    Fjord Horse

    Why are people hating on her she i so nice and cute

  • Madison Goldbacher
    Madison Goldbacher

    y’all need to chill, let her be her best self. It takes time to figure yourself out. Stop hating on someone tryna hustle and figure herself out. Y’all jealous cuz she going places and still is building her life and happiness up. Let her live for christ sakes.

  • Camila Miranda
    Camila Miranda

    The merch looks like from mcdonald’s

  • Meagan

    Nobody's gonna buy your merch. Maybe if is was inexpensive....and actually cute.

  • FŪČK 12
    FŪČK 12

    Damn wtf happened to Haley? I left for a year and the comment section is off and y’all on her head. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • ¿ anastasia ?
    ¿ anastasia ?

    Does she even know how to run a company

  • Lindi Matiwana
    Lindi Matiwana

    She changed for the better just because she is not being quirky and relatable doesn't mean she is a bad person so please stop the hate💗

  • King Savagegirl1000
    King Savagegirl1000

    Omg everyone here is attacking her. 😂😂 literally almost all of them. 🍵

  • Viki Gs
    Viki Gs

    I think you should go to college

  • Zayra Huerta
    Zayra Huerta

    Damn these hate comments are getting a little too deep. Imagine being all excited thinking ur making big moves only to go down to the comment section to see all the negative feedback. I’ve been reading comments about people getting personal to her being a high school dropout all the way to thinking they have a right to comment on her relationship. Y’all need to take a step back and relax.

  • Tereza Mikulić
    Tereza Mikulić

    Y’all. I have the best fucking instict out there. I stopped watching haley like 9 months ago (both her and ryan) , once i saw she hopped on trending videos bandwagon. I think what triggered me was the luxury hotel one (24hrs challenge🤮🤮🤮🤮) ..... anyways didn’t check up on my girl until now and i came back and it aint even her anymore. Anyways im kinda sad rn but imma head out cuz the more i watch the more disappointed i am. Girl my instinct wylin

  • Ivy Reed
    Ivy Reed

    I dont get why drama channels are talking about you 👾

  • Alaisha petty
    Alaisha petty

    Why would you put your phone number In the description when there are lots of bad people out there. Being CRAZY😅💀101

    • Gabby C
      Gabby C

      Melody green lmao it’s not her personal number it’s like a “fake” phone number

  • Jo Franco
    Jo Franco

    businesswoman extraordinaire!

  • Katie shared account
    Katie shared account

    Well the money has finally gotten to her mind. That lasted longer than I thought tbh

  • marvelthestark

    you lost your relatability. lmao, next. 🙄

  • XERO

    Ya’ll just hating on how’s she’s becoming her normal self? She’s living her dreams let the girl do what she wants, sure she’s done mistakes but she’s a teen (lmao who am I to say that when I’m the same age 🙃) let’s just support her aight? 👌

  • nancy

    remember when haley didn't silence her followers on her vlog channel?

  • Neela kira
    Neela kira

    I don't know why you all so mean imagine doing a video and see all your means comments she is so young she as a house a merch and she didn't change she grow so please be nice for once

  • Evelyn Gomez
    Evelyn Gomez

    business students KNOW that’s not a fit to wear for meetings 💀

    • Anna marie
      Anna marie

      Shrexual Tension most accurate comment ever 😂😂

    • lololol

      im no buisness student but in elementary when you go do spring concerts they literally say no jeans

  • jade alyce
    jade alyce

    honey be trying to make us look like ebola viruses

  • Kayla Hinojosa
    Kayla Hinojosa

    I dont know if i trust a "business woman" who couldn't find a beach in santorini.... a whole island... it's not just a "cliff" it has at least 15 public, accessible beaches

  • Keira Auchenbach
    Keira Auchenbach

    she changed

  • Valencia Garcia
    Valencia Garcia

    I love all the progress and changes coming into your life! No matter what anyone says your doing something that makes you happy and I’m definitely here for it❤️

  • Fiona P.
    Fiona P.

    This gives me "iM a cELebRitY" vibes

  • danny devito
    danny devito

    a “young female entrepreneur” is usually somebody who has to build their own company on their own and work hard in business school. not somebody who becomes a social media influencer and then capitalized on their following by telling them to give them their followers their money

    • Lillian Combs
      Lillian Combs

      @Zoe Brown *in a slow patronizing voice* Whatever you say, sweetie.

    • Zoe Brown
      Zoe Brown

      Sim Poole 💀💀 if it’s a business and she’s making money than she is a young female entrepreneur. She uses her influence to push her product. It’s called being smart and making money.

    • Mademoiselle ;
      Mademoiselle ;

      AMCG feel u

    • AMCG

      Usually the social media stars managers and companies take care of the design of merch anyway they make some sh*t slap it on a outfit then make bank and then the person has the nerve to say they are entrepreneurs and that was a original idea they thought of (sorry for this rant on your comment but i had to let that out it has been on my mind)

  • Adia

    take a shot every time she says "another side of me"

  • Gabriela Saenz
    Gabriela Saenz

    why does she act like she's so rare and different for being a woman entrepreneur girl what

  • Summer Malott
    Summer Malott

    “This is called getting a company to pay for your hotel and flights” lol yeah cause we all have the chance to do that

  • Mahrona Khan
    Mahrona Khan

    The reason why u didn't feel comfortable with ur self before was BC you knew the way you really wanted to act and be perceived by everyone was dumb

  • Mikayla Shockey
    Mikayla Shockey

    Everyone saying she changed just can’t handle that she’s making something of herself and is finally getting the things she worked for 🥴🥴🥴😂 LET HER LIVE

  • md

    i love you hakey:)

  • miss bui
    miss bui

    get outta here trying to have a female empowerment talk as you keep calling WOMEN "females." do y'all notice how she says "men" but not "males." using "females" as the plural form of woman can imply inferiority or contempt. its kinda dehumanizing :/ read this article for more explanation: to clarify tho, using "female" as an adjective is fine.

    • miss bui
      miss bui

      @Ry L i totally agree. it just frustrates me when people (like haley) won't say "males" nearly as often as saying "females." to me that just...says a lot.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Not relevant anymore

  • christine chivonivoni
    christine chivonivoni

    I don't think she needed a whole new brand name. She could have just added this to her merch.

  • christine chivonivoni
    christine chivonivoni

    All I wanna know is how is this different from her merch. This is also exactly like Ryan's merch too the idea of hoodie and track pants

  • cata

    i remember u so differently, even ur voice what happened to you?

    • AMCG

      Once the followers go up so does their ego

  • Pau Alv
    Pau Alv

    can we talk about how much haley has grown she used to be shy and apoligize in your videos all the time like “sorry ive been nervous-“ n now she’s just going off my talking like omg congrats 🥳

  • 안지SUNNI

    When you try to make a Shane Dawson documentary but ...

  • Maggie Egan
    Maggie Egan

    If you don't like her don't watch her lol

  • Mara

    I’m so frickin sad. I’ve been subscribed for years and I don’t usually believe in youtubers changing but she really has. Like... a lot. And I’m super duper sad about it. I used to love her but she’s gotten so blown up and she’s... well... changed.

  • Olivia

    I love Haley’s long hair with bangs it’s sooooo cute

  • Alexis Davidson
    Alexis Davidson

    I don’t see how she’s entitled but okay-

  • no

    take the weave off its changed u

  • Leah Allyannah
    Leah Allyannah

    keep doing big things! subscribers may not understand why you’re doing this, but I do because you’re a boss woman who wants to grow and try new things which a lot of people could learn from, good luck!!

  • Quinn

    *“maybe it was entitled of me to believe in myself so much and now i realize it’s a thing that a lot of females feel guilty for”* um speak for yourself.

    • Belle BG
      Belle BG

      Quinn she rubs me the wrong way

  • Rambling Rue
    Rambling Rue

    All these comments are rough, shes still so young

    • Katrina-Anne Peebles
      Katrina-Anne Peebles

      Padawan Tutors she needs a reality check

  • Helen Lieberman
    Helen Lieberman

    she has an Apple phone but her "phone number" isn't registered with Apple (it doesn't work when I try to text using Apple ID)? hmm

  • Laurel Grace
    Laurel Grace

    i dont like you amymore

  • kikyoinuyasha123

    People in the comment section y’all are such hateful people holy shit. I don’t even like her like that but the amount of assumptions y’all have about this girl just because of a few mistakes she’s made in her life. Y’all need to relax.

  • michelle

    what happened to the haley i loved watching

  • Divya Sasidharan
    Divya Sasidharan

    Will sure support as long as the plan is not to make things to dump in a landfill, u know what I mean ? Like stuff that u already but have it from me as well coz I made it coz I put effort in it!! U know what I mean?

  • Divya Sasidharan
    Divya Sasidharan

    So she was dressed in suit to do nails n lashes? 😂😂😂 maybe not it was a secrete 😐

  • Divya Sasidharan
    Divya Sasidharan

    Literally like giving birth to my 1st child She’s funny 😆

  • Chayce Brown
    Chayce Brown

    i rlyyy miss the short hair plus i don’t like the bangs

  • joe mawmah
    joe mawmah

    Her bangs 😭... baby...

  • Show me them knees BOI
    Show me them knees BOI

    Idk bro she seem the same to me ngl I’m not ViBe expert but she literally just changed her style and hair