Popbob's FINAL Secret on 2b2t
A 6 month journey comes to an end as we uncover one of the last secrets of the server's most notorious griefer.
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IronException (Render)
Homieonice (Instagram) - instagram.com/homieonice
Hyrule Warriors - Age of Calamity (Meditative Training, Lost Woods)
FFX - (Phantoms, Auron's Theme)
SMRPG - (Sewers)

  • Pushpa Chettiar
    Pushpa Chettiar

    How is it June 1st of 2020 Today's date is 15th January

  • TheGamingOptimism

    5:44 noone gonna talk about his flint and steel name?


    2b2t server can make for an amazing anime stories

  • Hamish McPhee
    Hamish McPhee


  • Sharki YT
    Sharki YT

    lol imagine if this guy is popbob and "Alex"

  • Holy Kirby
    Holy Kirby

    Just imagine if pop on randomly logged on and destroyed everything

  • Leila Frazier
    Leila Frazier


  • BGamer 45
    BGamer 45

    That story was like: He broke my toy when I was little and I will never forgive him and get revenge for that

  • BGamer 45
    BGamer 45

    Wow, that someone gets the name Alex or Steve without a number or _ or X or something just Alex or Steve is probably the Rarest name

  • The TRITON
    The TRITON

    Pop bob has made some legit impossible traps

  • George Clarke
    George Clarke

    It’s not about greifing, it’s about sending a message -joker

  • HaVok_Games

    The best backstory in minecraft

  • Seth Orr
    Seth Orr

    Any one else watch bruhify along with fit

  • Tao j3rt
    Tao j3rt

    Popbob is french !

  • percyvael

    alex being the one to place the eye to activate the end portal noise is lowkey some anime plot-twist type shit

  • Kenny Mccormick
    Kenny Mccormick

    monitization go brrrrrr

  • Skyler Raemhild
    Skyler Raemhild

    Archeologist FitMc

  • Paragon Deku
    Paragon Deku

    Popbob is a woman bro why are you calling her a man lmfao

  • Clayton

    So funny knowing the real guy only played for a couple months in total

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez

    MMm fit you found my base mate

  • maesep

    A friend and I were playing on this shitty 2b2t clone when Jared2013 and Fit joined. I was hesitant to believe it was actually them but I went to spawn and saw them. Jared eventually started shit with us but it was actually funny, anyway I eventually left the server and my friend still played. If I recall correctly I was joking around about popbob before I left and while I was gone my friend sent me a screenshot that showed that a player named popbob had joined then left as soon as he joined. Not sure if it was actually him or if it was maybe somehow using a hack client to log into his account but pretty cool anyway

  • Joggie

    Popbob killed dream

  • CedThev Gaming
    CedThev Gaming


  • galacticcentercore

    Fit is Popbob ;P

  • CF VanGuard
    CF VanGuard

    9:35 I swear that sounds so fking dope

  • Dark Side &
    Dark Side &

    He changed his skin and seems to be trans ? XD

  • Dog

    I like how my dude opens an ender chest and is like woah look at these items that totally aren’t mine

  • UnPoissonRouge_

    popbob is a real legend in 2b2t dude

  • ABrxgeAlot _
    ABrxgeAlot _

    Ngl this looks kinda staged

  • OfirWasHere

    I know that block, see you soon

  • Super fruity
    Super fruity

    Imagine eating eight year old bread

  • Train X
    Train X

    I doubt it’s his last

  • Amelia the Ninetales
    Amelia the Ninetales

    Imagine just selling PopBob bread as an actual product.

  • Crusader Pig
    Crusader Pig

    You're story just make it personal.

  • Dayby-Playz

    this is my personal opinion but to hide as big of a secret as 2 end portals popbob was pretty smart probably the smartest player to date until dream came along

  • MonMan

    I can easily become the most notorious griever

  • Zeta Fish
    Zeta Fish

    Hey Fit I've heard that Popbob is a trans women so it would probably be best to refer to her as she now

    • moldycheese99

      this video was a month ago he probably doesn’t care

  • robert ebert
    robert ebert

    I demand "The Ballad Of PopBob" to be made in a series of albums dedicated to powerful players of the early days on 2b2t. Or at least a tribute to them. I think Warriors from imagine dragons might fit idk.

  • GreenLeopard

    9:35 best quote ever

  • X Tominy
    X Tominy

    Aha, popbob is a girl who joined from 4chan

  • pass boof
    pass boof

    Sir you have earned my respect! Im liking your videos and subscribing now!

  • Christina Hennessy
    Christina Hennessy

    Someone tell the the 2b2t nether update ip

  • Nancy Silec
    Nancy Silec

    Is a troller

  • Nancy Silec
    Nancy Silec


  • Aj

    Weird how something can just sit there for that long

  • Imperial General
    Imperial General

    Ever heard the legend of popbob I thought so a story only Fitmc would tell you

  • Skythe Annur
    Skythe Annur

    Sooo what happened to Popbob? also I have considered going to this server

  • Julian Costa
    Julian Costa

    I think PopBob is a she

  • TNG Gaming
    TNG Gaming

    trust me popbob has WAAAAAAY more secrets hidden

  • goforpurelife goforpurelife
    goforpurelife goforpurelife

    Inf alex is pobbob

  • Ssss Zzzxs
    Ssss Zzzxs

    Watsup man you talk like dis guy is dead or something

  • John vic
    John vic

    i feel like i watched this 2 times

  • Batuhan Dere
    Batuhan Dere

    2020: Water Cube and End portal spawn 2021: Popbob comes back 2022: There is another admin 2023: The 16th incursion 2024: SOMEBODY DEVELOPED A HACK WHERE YOU BECOME AN ADMIN 2025: Rip 2b2t

    • Batuhan Dere
      Batuhan Dere

      btw this was a joke

  • Alistar chan
    Alistar chan

    pOpbOb'S mEloN fArM

  • deepanj4

    every flashback ever: 3:38

  • Abood

    This server has a whole story like srsly


    fit barely swears in his vids yet plays on 2b2t which has the most questionable chat of all time

  • kidtravis1 :0
    kidtravis1 :0

    Alex found the portal XD wow Alex have a great ear

  • Andrew Richter
    Andrew Richter

    4:56 wow very cool autocaption

  • Batuhan Dere
    Batuhan Dere

    11:27 You have alerted the horde

  • Enderboy

    FitMC: honey sponser Me: Tries to skip ad Im a idiot XD

  • Kyles and Karens
    Kyles and Karens

    "Something strange happened on the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft, 2b2t." *y o u d o n t s a y*

  • Edc

    Popbob = Gold Roger in fuckg minecraft 2b2t

  • Eatinggamer 39
    Eatinggamer 39

    Age of calamity music pog

  • HRC Gaming
    HRC Gaming

    4:10 Thats sad bro

  • Liam James
    Liam James

    You deserve my sub

  • lolmanboss

    From a historian to archeologist ey? 2b2t is just another "Earth" with its own history.

  • danielle harbord
    danielle harbord

    i am the only one that knows it wasnt popbobs chest it was his ender chest

  • Kio

    That Yakuza music when you talks about the flashback. Sad

  • Dragon YT
    Dragon YT

    9:36 hahaha this made me laugh hahahahha

  • Red shade_Gacha
    Red shade_Gacha

    June 1 is my dads b day and he liked playing minecraft ON 2B2T like bruh he played 2b2t AFTER his b day like 😂😂😂

  • Monologue Elite
    Monologue Elite

    Its not about griefing, its about sending a message -Joker 2008

  • Robson Lana
    Robson Lana

    "On the oldest anarchy Minecraft server" Never misses.

  • The Legend
    The Legend

    What if Alex is popbob

  • tulsatrash

    This episode is like a parody of the shitty content the history channel pumps out.


    Anyone who fount FITMC randomly and loves him

  • 30,000 Feet High
    30,000 Feet High

    Why do I feel like Fit is just considered a journalist on 2b2t and is generally left alone

  • Terezinha Inácio da Silva
    Terezinha Inácio da Silva

    [Achievement achieved] *Ruins of the broken god*

  • Tanya Royal
    Tanya Royal

    This man is the Indiana Jones of 2B2T

  • fear king the 4th
    fear king the 4th

    now i see that MC does not mean minecraft in his name it's main character

  • Vitali Taranto
    Vitali Taranto

    In case anyone was wondering, the flashback music starting at 3:38 is 'yakuza like a dragon ost - the only way out'. It's a great game with a lot of heart, so I recommend checking it out.

  • cristopher amorim
    cristopher amorim

    what hack you use?

  • Seryums

    Fit when he sees an end portal in a Friendly Factions server: *popTSD INTENSIFIES*

  • Eteled {mii}
    Eteled {mii}

    It’s like Vietnam war all over again!

  • Dαιτοη C
    Dαιτοη C

    So basicly popbob has become a acient being told in scary kid stories on that server 😂😂😂he the boogy man the john wick on crack

  • Haxon Prime
    Haxon Prime

    Wasn't PopBob actually a female player. Could have sworn I heard that somewhere.

  • Kaden Roskamp
    Kaden Roskamp

    i never new FitMc cussed this is surprising i dont know wether to keep watching his videos or no

  • The M&M
    The M&M

    I might be wrong, but is that hyrule warriors: age of calamity music in the background near the start? Edit: it IS

  • Cody Hunter-Serio
    Cody Hunter-Serio

    is popbob even playing anymore

  • Fox Shadow
    Fox Shadow

    This is my qorinten

  • Blade Master
    Blade Master

    8:30 Mmmmmm...Popbob bread... Actually that sounds disgusting, nevermind

  • Mike Hollis
    Mike Hollis

    I’m just gonna say it, popbob and hausemaster are the same person. Georgebush420 stopped playing and Hause used his account to play without people knowing it was him

  • Eleuterio Cruz
    Eleuterio Cruz


  • Stal

    It’s gone now thanks goujon you legend

  • dodge ram 1500 1996
    dodge ram 1500 1996

    If it's true, I found that popbob is actually a woman. Unless it's just another troll. So all the "he" comments are really odd to hear lol

    • Dath123

      Recently came out as trans, even changed their minecraft skin to a trans rights flag.

  • TheGreenWolfGamer

    Whats your hack FitMC?

  • DanieltubeHq

    Popbob is the real herobrine...

  • Nima Master
    Nima Master

    Here's the beauty of minecraft, you can almost never say you know everything about the game. I didn't know end portal opening sound was global throughout the world

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    hahaahaahahah i heard botw sound track

  • Sans

    imagine meeting popbob in real life and hes some scrawny 13 year old and he's like: "ummm" "yeah" "i'm popbob" "hi"

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