Organizing my skincare & makeup collection
i LOVE organizing videos so let me know if you do too and what I should do next! This vlog = the skincare & makeup!
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charllote tilbury face primer:
it cosmetics cc cream:
foundation brush:
chanel cream bronzer:
nars bronzer in laguna:
blush mouse:
bare minerals lip gloss:
liquid eyeliner:
skincare shelf:
necklace hanger:
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  • Ab by
    Ab by

    For your bath get one of those shelf this that go across. Alisha marie has one. It goes across your bathtub and holds your things. 🙃

  • Anna Martens
    Anna Martens

    In the time laps when they hug and when he reacts and they hug soooo cuteeee

  • amy morgan
    amy morgan

    WoW! Check

  • Catherine Ménard
    Catherine Ménard

    Oh wow haley I love the way you organized your bathroom so satisfying ❤ I love it I want to see everything I love that kind of vlogs

  • RinNotFound

    I also love watching u clean and organize bec it gives me and inspo to clean! and it just kinda makes me positive the whole day!

  • Mia Veronica
    Mia Veronica

    Honestly I love that we share a passion for makeup!!! I just filmed a makeup collection video too Xx

  • moon rosie
    moon rosie

    WoW! Check

  • Ashley61107

    tHaNkS tYlEr 😂 *inaudible, but most likely there, sigh*

  • Rita S
    Rita S

    Hi haily plz try to buy less plastic! Like instead of the individual flossers just but one of the box things, little things like that can make a huge difference!!

  • audrey splatt
    audrey splatt

    aw this was so cute to watch! so glad i found this lil vid x


    very good

  • 9melissal

    Your friend does look exactly like Rachel McAdams!

  • Savannah

    Lilly looks so much like Margot Robbie

  • Kitty Cooper
    Kitty Cooper

    the amount of single use plastic products in your bathroom🥴 rip earth

  • izzy

    does ryan have another bathroom or does he just not have any bathroom supplies lmao..... lokey sketch

  • Aurora Cahigas
    Aurora Cahigas

    Haley your so beautiful...❤️☺️👍 Thank you for more tips about make-up.. ❤️❤️❤️☺️👍

  • Glynis Marthinussen
    Glynis Marthinussen

    Bath things put it into one of the empty draws

  • Lillian McMorre
    Lillian McMorre

    You should use those empty drawers for your bath stuff and get some fancy containers for like your bath salts ✨✨

  • Amber Olivarez
    Amber Olivarez

    Your so pretty

  • Raspberry Rooby
    Raspberry Rooby

    For the bath I think a ladder shelf would look really nice 👍

  • Emma Hamill
    Emma Hamill

    Her opening drawers with her feet is a mood lmfao

  • zmiao yuan
    zmiao yuan


  • Tiktokr Person
    Tiktokr Person

    Bro when she said “I have the...rose oil which is really moisturizing and sMeLLs sO gOoD” I was like “oh no” well juran your turn to review her skincare routine

  • aayo's video
    aayo's video

    Well organised 😀

  • Amber Spade
    Amber Spade

    i loved this video girl!💗

  • Kayla V
    Kayla V

    You should get the shelve/ rack storage that Zoe uses for her bath bombs for your restroom 🤩!!

  • Sarah Mikhail
    Sarah Mikhail

    Your rings are both beautiful!! Recently engaged over here so I always glance at peoples rings now .. not a creep hahah! Love this vid!

  • Penelope Torres
    Penelope Torres

    you should get a bath tray thingy

  • Mack’s V
    Mack’s V

    Ok love the organization but the whole time I was like did she clean the new containers LOL

  • samely llamuca
    samely llamuca


  • Xitlali Parada
    Xitlali Parada

    i see people are sayinh bar cart / rolling cart but also another idea would have been a container that goes in one of the drawers that you can easily pull out from under sink or in drawers so its put away/ not cluttered but still easy to move around/ transport

  • Karolina Olszta
    Karolina Olszta

    Probably just me, but there were to many adverts

  • StAy WeIrD95
    StAy WeIrD95

    I didn’t even notice this was uploaded on my birthday 🎂 🥰

  • Vice President Harris
    Vice President Harris

    I love how Haley’s wearing gym shark and fabletics

  • Lauren

    check out ! amazing clothes for sale!

  • Immie Payne
    Immie Payne

    Can you do a maddie Ziegler x morphe makeup look?

  • rachel rossini
    rachel rossini

    you know you’re asian when you open/close things with your feet

  • Isis Palamine
    Isis Palamine

    you opening and closing the drawers sounded like the intro of Heaven is a half pipe by OPM hahah

  • Jordan Elizabeth
    Jordan Elizabeth

    You should just replace that vanity mirror with a light up one that way you can actually get some use out of it as well as have your own space.

  • Charlatte

    5:00 notice how their are only 5 packs and it doesn’t fill all the space ;)

  • Muna Al Thani
    Muna Al Thani

    We’re that shelf frommmm it’s so cute

  • Abigail Gunn
    Abigail Gunn

    get a rolling cart for beside the bath!!

  • Rosie

    Ok Haley I love you, but At 9:25 you and Lily SHARE your drinks DURING A GLOBLE PANDEMIC.... smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Lovely Living 143
    Lovely Living 143

    I like the way you organized your period supplies in those cute baskets. Are those available online? If so, could you please link them? Thanks! Ps Great job organizing your space!

  • Haleigh

    We have the same name but mine is spelled Haleigh!!😅

  • Cookiwelll


    • Cookiwelll

      Emily Addison if you watched the video it would make more sense if you listen closely 💕👏

    • Emilia A.
      Emilia A.

      What do you mean??

  • Madi Elizabeth
    Madi Elizabeth

    I'm not sure why but the before reminded me of how my grandma organizes her makeup and skincare and stuff

  • Ariana Urena
    Ariana Urena

    Where is this Sunday best hoodie from? I’m obsessed with it 🥺♥️

  • Brenda Alvarado
    Brenda Alvarado

    You could probably get a slim nice rolling rack that could fit between there so you could organize your tub stuff!

  • covid19

    Does anyone find her voice very soothing? Just me? Ok...

  • Brittany Merriman
    Brittany Merriman

    Wow she does look like Rachael mcadams

  • cgkejef bfjejerr
    cgkejef bfjejerr

    I watched some of Haley’s videos just now and in all of them she started singing Hamilton songs 😂 love her 💕

  • Summer Smith
    Summer Smith

    What age do you think you should start skin care??? 💕💕

    • Emilia A.
      Emilia A.

      Like at 14 or 12 that's the age that I think it's right like kinds almost after 13+ because that's when you are a Teenager idk that's my opinion because that's when I started doing a skin care routine

  • Blainey Shay
    Blainey Shay

    Hailey P-HAM

  • Hannah Mason
    Hannah Mason

    where is yalls bed from?! im so obsessed and looking for something like that that isnt the cloud bed from RH since its so expensive!

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    What Color is a carrot?

    • Huhyou Exist
      Huhyou Exist

      Pink duh

  • Briana Noelle Arguedas
    Briana Noelle Arguedas

    I just audibly screamed at the shade......

  • cozy bunny gaming
    cozy bunny gaming

    Ugh can’t Lilly just shave her fckin armpits? Like 🤢

  • Sarah Hornung
    Sarah Hornung

    For your bathtub stuff you should get a rolling cart! It saved me so much space and was super convenient, pretty sure I got mine from target but they’re super easy to find on amazon too :)

  • Angel Guerrero
    Angel Guerrero

    You should get one of those 3 tier wagons to put next to the bathtub

  • Susanne Gyllengård
    Susanne Gyllengård

    Awesome vlog

  • Grace Sussman
    Grace Sussman

    I think that for her bathtub storage she should get one of those wheeling carts from like urban. So then she can just move it closer to her for her baths and it will still look nice and trendy.

  • Alexis Henderson
    Alexis Henderson

    I just wanna say I love haileys car 😂 the seat covers and stuff give me such hippie and happy vibes

  • My Idea
    My Idea

    Can you get one of those over the bath plank thingys

  • Kassy Haar
    Kassy Haar

    By the bathtub u should get a rolling cart from ikea

  • Lindsay Burgess
    Lindsay Burgess

    Me writing down every makeup product Haley uses 👁👄👁

  • nelle

    haley: “ryan is gonna react to the bottom cabinet” ryan: **gasps**

  • delaney rose
    delaney rose

    i thought haley was super sweet and shes over here like "people comapre to girls who ARE NOT pretty" like i mean i guess thats her opinion but oh my

  • Maggie Larsen
    Maggie Larsen

    At 14:20 when Ryan comes in during the time lapse they’re literally so cute

  • Reaghan Graycar
    Reaghan Graycar

    You remind me of Danielle Cohn’

  • Ashley Schell
    Ashley Schell

    Just a tip! Ive started using a diva cup instead of pads/tampons and it’s so much more convenient and it reduces my use of plastic. Prob one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ll never have to buy pads or tampons again 🤩 also it takes up literally no space at all

  • Via Mendes
    Via Mendes

    Your booty be lookin good, girl! All that hard work is paying off!!

  • Via Mendes
    Via Mendes

    I wonder if other ppl decontaminate their things and themselves after they return from the public. Ya know cuz global pandemic. Or is that just my fam ? Lol

  • Via Mendes
    Via Mendes

    *whoa sharing masks too??* bro that defeats the entire purpose.

    • Via Mendes
      Via Mendes

      Rosie Greiner yeah, especially when they have such a large following. Like, I love these kids, I think they’re adorable and entertaining, but I also think they’re being irresponsible regarding the health and safety of themselves and those around them during this pandemic.

    • Rosie

      Via Mendes it’s upsetting when “influencers” don’t use their platforms to support social distancing and being safe during all of this

    • Via Mendes
      Via Mendes

      Rosie Greiner I noticed 😬 I truly Hope they don’t get sick

    • Rosie

      Via Mendes and at 9:25 HALEY AND LILY SHARE DRINKS 😑

    • Via Mendes
      Via Mendes

      Em is for Music a) sure in theory... but not really. You don’t share all the same germs as the people you live with. That’s like saying it’s okay to share toothbrushes. B) even if that were a valid point, does Bella even live with her?Listen, I love Haley and Ryan. I think they’re super entertaining and I love their relationship with each other. However, I strongly disagree with some of their choices during this pandemic (I also disagree with many of the choices my own friends have made during this time) strictly because of the health and economy issues. The only way to *actually* “flatten the curve” is if everyone follows not only the “rules” but common sense regarding the pandemic. My own city is doing a poor job of following safe procedures. It’s really saddening and depressing because I badly want to see my friends, but I can’t, because I know it’s unsafe. It will continue to be unsafe until people are safer and a safe vaccine is created and tested. *sigh* thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • Via Mendes
    Via Mendes

    *Sharing drinks during a pandemic*

  • DOM Y
    DOM Y

    "so ... one by one, we're getting this house done"

  • Lava Ongolea
    Lava Ongolea

    FOLLOW MY INSTA PPL!!! it's lava_07xx

  • Georgina Avila
    Georgina Avila

    I just get such good vibes when I watch her videos !!!🥺💗

  • Miranda bugden
    Miranda bugden

    so much single use products that could easily be substituted, you should look into some xxx

  • Gir babe
    Gir babe

    Walmart has a super cute rolling three tier shelving thing for the bath products!

  • Rachel Cicero
    Rachel Cicero

    Haley I love you so much you always bring light to me when I watch your videos! 💫❤️

  • Jc

    So Haley... wanna pass a pack of condoms😂 edit: autocorrect really be a b!tch

  • Trinny D
    Trinny D

    You could put all your bath stuff in one of those trolly carts with wheels

  • Hope McEvoy
    Hope McEvoy


  • cucamaluca 13
    cucamaluca 13

    When Haley says "section" and I haven't forgotten about those videos lol


    If anybody needs at 9:45 is where they got their drinks

  • bms mystery
    bms mystery

    For the stuff by ur bathtub u should get one of those carts that are kinda like trays/baskets and there is like 3 levels and they r like 15 - 50 bucks but itd be really cute

  • Corinne Damron
    Corinne Damron

    I do the same with my period supplies. I find it really cute too!


    " Ninecienamide".

  • Madison Harding
    Madison Harding

    She looks like Regina George

  • Primitiva B
    Primitiva B

    I love how real it is like the condoms really sent me

  • K k,
    K k,

    Buy an acrylic console table to put next to your counter and behind the tub for storage, but since it’s acrylic it won’t take up visual space but you can store/display your pretty bath products on it

  • euzela anne
    euzela anne

    for beside the bathtub there is a rolling cart on ikea that could work. love your vids💕

  • abigail

    the little hug at 14:18: is ADORABLE 🥺🥺

  • bethany kim
    bethany kim

    the skincare and makeup drawers look so nice

  • bethany kim
    bethany kim

    i used to hate cleaning but its so fun to see the before and after now 😌

  • bethany kim
    bethany kim

    watching cleaning vlogs is so satisfying 😌

  • bethany kim
    bethany kim

    when she was saying container store, i thought she was referring to like a department store or something, not an actual "container store"

  • bethany kim
    bethany kim

    its so funny that lilly was wearing a tank top and shorts while haley was wearing a sweater and leggings

  • bethany kim
    bethany kim

    lillys cookie cold brew sounds so good 🤤

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