One Block Skyblock, But Every Drop Is Random In Minecraft
Skip the Tutorial
One Block Skyblock, but Every Drop is Random in Minecraft! It's Minecraft Skyblock, but you only get one block... and that block drops random items every time. Minecraft Skyblock can be a difficult enough challenge as is, but playing it with 1.15 datapacks that make it so that we only have one block that respawns every time we break it, and the item drops are completely random. It's a true Minecraft survival challenge on this episode with Skip the Tutorial!
Map Created by IJAMinecraft:
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Other Credits:
Minecraft 1.14 Loot Table Randomizer
If Minecraft graphics turned into 4x4

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  • Skip the Tutorial
    Skip the Tutorial

    Subscribe, or Hank cries

  • Pasta Opossum
    Pasta Opossum

    I would love this to be a series

  • obbonthecobb

    I think I speak for everyone when I say, make this into a series, it would be so amazing!

  • TheSethFactor

    Skip: Dies in the void with an enchanted apple in his inventory

  • yo momma
    yo momma


  • Twisted Sun
    Twisted Sun

    The fact that he got a notch apple first try from a dungeon loot is insane

  • tree!!

    “The only time dirt is actually valuable”

  • root / ringy
    root / ringy

    You can makr the sheeps red with the poppies/red tulips and so you can make red banners for an infinite dirt farm.

  • random boi
    random boi

    Skip the tutorial: dies, loses god apple and map

  • Blep.

    "Wow. Let me make a stupid amount of cobble."

  • Boneasin

    I honestly think you should do more content like this!! It's really fun to see you go thru challenges like this!

  • Mr Snappy
    Mr Snappy

    Wadzee: finish the series

  • Spencer Laughead
    Spencer Laughead

    I feel that this would make a great series!

  • ShinySparce

    Please continue this series! It’s so fun to watch!

  • Azzuro Greenleaf
    Azzuro Greenleaf

    This whole thing seems like a really interesting concept to me! I would definately appreciate a series! This is actually the first vid I watched from your channel, and well, you've definately got a new fan!

  • Cat Lover687
    Cat Lover687

    "The chickens gonna fall through"

  • Shourya Sharma
    Shourya Sharma

    I would love to have this as a series on your channel

  • Sebast

    WadZee-Fans: Beeing sad about the end of his series

  • Gwendolyn Young
    Gwendolyn Young

    I'd love to see this as a series!

  • SemajLu

    "i died with the map too!"