Novak Djokovic: "We pushed each other to the limit" press conference (QF) | Australian Open 2021
Novak Djokovic's press conference following his quarterfinal win over Alexander Zverev at the Australian Open 2021.

  • Janet Donald
    Janet Donald

    Can any journalists congratulate him?

  • Зоран Србин
    Зоран Србин

    The best player ever

  • Janet Donald
    Janet Donald

    You all know that this super athlete is 100% vegan right?

  • KyleVeverka

    The first reporter asking the questions sounds like Tsitsipas lol

  • Paul Treadaway
    Paul Treadaway

    He smashed his racquet and was struggling that was a turnaround down 3 to 1 3rd set.This guy finds away nobody has that somehow even it's ugly.Everyone has emotions demons or angels circling around us in spirits even the legends have.Its called living riding it

  • Jeremy

    Say what you want about Djoker, but he's got a lot on his plate about the state/fate of tennis in the current uncertain geo-political catastrophe that is the pandemic. This is a lot to handle for just a player in its current charge/format. Im kind of enjoying the fake applause (edited in unbeknownst to players) and instant line calling by digital acuity.

  • Jeremy

    Im glad locoste and the euro apparel co's haven't opted the commercialist vomit play of nike/etc styling of a 13 year old gender confused boy. These cheapsters stop at nothing cashing out on the current political anarchy/overthrow of law and order as we know it just to make a buck, but thank god lacoste such as here make VERY NICE fitting/looking proper clothing, because it just makes natural sense.

  • Jeremy

    The human backboard 2.0 (after davy) can play with broken body.

  • Ez Clapz V60 2 2
    Ez Clapz V60 2 2

    The dislikes are all the people that don't know he will be the greatest player of all time.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Judging Nole for breaking a racket...So hot right now!!!

  • Marko KJS
    Marko KJS

    Novak Djoković is the GOAT in Tennis 🎾. He have God-JESUS in his heart ♥️. #Serbia 🇷🇸☦️🇷🇸☦️🇷🇸☦️🇷🇸☦️🇷🇸☦️🇷🇸☦️🇷🇸☦️🇷🇸

  • aagnieszkaa b
    aagnieszkaa b

    Stop tapping, throwing your hand on the table! 😤😅 Sorry... that's all I can hear

  • Bams Sudardjo
    Bams Sudardjo

    He will be most week number 1 such a long time .. who will replace him.. n roger fans get ugly cry.. .. 😂😂😅😂😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭

  • Zachary Monck
    Zachary Monck

    Don’t play then. The world doesn’t change for you mate. COVID and quarantining affects everyone, you have to quarantine you absolute dunce.

  • Aleda k
    Aleda k

    Congratulations but can you please not throw and break racquets? You’re better than that!

  • B Smith
    B Smith

    He lets his “demons” control him. Sad! He needs a mental coach which is becoming more acceptable especially if it helps clear his head of these demons and help him behave better.. I love the reporters statement about N not being proud of his outburst and how he will explain it to his kids. Boy I relate to that.

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      If he let his demons 'control' him he wouldn't win. Let's face it: after he smashed his racket, he smashed those demons out and won five games in a row! He is the KING! None of us is perfect.

  • Joao Vitor Almeida
    Joao Vitor Almeida

    The guy’s breath next to the camera is pretty annoying

  • Ann Farag
    Ann Farag

    I think Novak played amazingly ! He was all over the court Very physical, great match

  • Andrew Reid
    Andrew Reid

    Can someone please tell me why the media doesn't like this man? Is it because when he first joined the tour as a young man he was a little immature? I just don't get it ....why don't more people love this guy. He has to be one of the most thoughtful athletes I have ever listened to. How many athletes would of given the answer he did when talking about the upcoming ATP season? He has been battling for years with the ATP to improve the prize money for lower ranked players on the tour. He has no reason to do this expect for the fact that he wants to improve the lives of the players that are not at the top of the rankings for the ATP Tour. These qualities alone should make him a media darling. I haven't even started to discuss his amazing accomplishments on the court. He is a once in a generation type athlete that has been battling Federer and Nadal for over 10 years and he has been able to keep up and hold his own. In my opinion the media really needs to let go of the opinion they formed about him 15 years ago because it is as clear as day that he is a very different man now than he was back then. Good luck in the semi-finals Novak Djokovic 👊

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      I think they quite liked him when he was younger. They mostly ignored him when he was no.3 in the world for three years. t was when he began to win, repeatedly, against their darlings, Roger and Rafa that the media & R& R fans began to hate him. But many of us adore him. I'm glad you noticed his concern for those lower down the pecking order too. (Sue London UK) He may not be a media darling, but he's certainly the darling of his fans. Soon to be announced as the person with the most weeks at no 1 in history! Yay!


    I understand you Novak , and I support you , wish you reach the end successfully and get the trophy

  • Gab B
    Gab B

    1:23 That kind of journalist...

  • Mantis W
    Mantis W

    Dobar igrač ~ odurna osoba. puj

  • Randy Bautista
    Randy Bautista

    Drama king😅😅

  • Etin Giwa-Osagie
    Etin Giwa-Osagie

    Pastrami head Novak lol. Got to give it to him, Excellent player. Federer better come back swinging and in form because Rafa is bound to surpass him this year and Novak within 2 Years. Federer is still the best in my opinion.

  • TwotoTen vlogs
    TwotoTen vlogs

    Novak Djokovic, GOAT!

  • Trump Ameri
    Trump Ameri

    GOAT... original tennis world champion.... 10 years pure dominance.... collect everything what people can imagine... weeks number one record owner.... GLADIATOR strength and honor

  • mylene mina
    mylene mina

    congrats Nole and iloveyou from Philippines 🥰

  • Marlene Mellor
    Marlene Mellor

    Audio is too low when players speaking cannot hear their answers

  • jack tennis
    jack tennis

    Never underestimate the heart of a champion..thats is Novak Djokovic to you. We the tennis fans are so fortunate to have witnessed the Novak era. Ignore the media scumbags ,enjoy good tennis.

  • BEAU B
    BEAU B

    Idemoooo Noleee!!!

  • susi

    👎🏼 he is an ***! only wants attention! you guys really think he has any kind of injury and can play like that?! he is a con man. of course he is hell of a tennis player but why all the drama on and off the field? why not enjoy the fame... he made mistakes in the past but leave them in the past and not start something new every single grand slam/tournament 🤦🏼‍♀️ i don’t get it! he has money, fame, everything but still seeks attention with lies and bad behavior!

    • Hugh Mungus
      Hugh Mungus

      🤦‍♂️ 😂

  • Tennis Sir
    Tennis Sir

    Why does everyone dislike this guy ? I used to think it was because off all of the fake injuries years ago but I’m not sure ?

    • Marko KJS
      Marko KJS

      "everyone" 🤦😂😅

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      "Everyone" does not dislike this guy. Loads of us ADORE him! That wasn't "fake" injuries: it was food allergies that left him beached like a whale on hot days. Once that was sorted, he became the greatest player ever in the eyes of very, many people. He dominated the sport for a decade and is about to claim the person with the longest number of weeks at no.1 in the world ever. Maybe that's why some 'hate' him? He beats their favourites.

  • MandE MrEmil
    MandE MrEmil

    You faked ingery , you are not honest

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      Prove it! You cannot. Ask the physios from the aTP tour - you don't have to ask his physios.

  • Sanduo

    Silly questions about a broken racket.

  • Lucky Luke
    Lucky Luke

    I don’t believe for a second that Zverev pushed Novak to the Limit. Only Nadal has done it to Novak in majors and Novak to Nadal.

  • Pancho villa
    Pancho villa


  • Av Dek
    Av Dek

    The jocker is the least popular player on tour. He pretends to be injured every single grand slam.

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      Again I say: prove it! Ask the physios from the ATP tour - you don't have to ask his physios, ask the others! They know.

  • Av Dek
    Av Dek

    Yeah right sure he talks a lot of bull. He broke his racket and damaged the court but nothing happened, no penalty. The chair empire should be fined for not fining Novak.

    • Av Dek
      Av Dek

      @Susan W why didn't he get a penalty for breaking his racket. Its a rule if ATP.

    • Av Dek
      Av Dek

      @Susan W its impossible for a stomach muscle to tear and heal in 1 day. Impossible!!

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      You again? Sour Grapes!

  • Cezar Cezar
    Cezar Cezar

    Nole brate, oko moje, uzivaj u tenisu , ne razmišljaj o peharima imaš ih sasvim dovoljno . Loši ljudi ne praštaju tudje uspehe , sretno brate i šta bude biće.👑

  • alex kennedy
    alex kennedy

    K1NG nO1E

  • Zafferung

    A truly appalling role model.

  • J J
    J J

    His crazy smashing racket scene was like that of a psychopath stabbing victim over and over, how disgraceful..

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      What a ridiculous comparison. How idiotic! He won five games in a row after that. Rather good methinks!

  • Atanu Dey
    Atanu Dey

    U lost credibility a big cheat to distract others 😎😎😎😎

  • Atanu Dey
    Atanu Dey

    Have anyone' seen anyone who has a muscle tear confessed by none himself moves so well &rotate freely a big faker😭😭😭😭😭

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      It's a strain not a tear. Huge difference. You clearly didn't like him before the injury so you're happy, another reason to criticise. But unhappy cos he's still winning! :) #Sourgrapes

    • Hang Nguyen
      Hang Nguyen

      He said that before having the scan and test, and probably was just scared right after the match vs Fritz and thought about the worst scenario. He had never really had any experience with this kind of injury before so it's quite understandable, nothing wrong with being a little dramatic about your health tbh.

  • Noname Man
    Noname Man

    A lotta people talk about GOAT's in tennis and every other sports...In my opinion there is no such thing in tennis,every era had it's great champions and so far they never had and never will have a chance to play each other and determine who the so-called GOAT is...but,for those who insist on having a GOAT in tennis,than that GOAT has three heads : Nole,Rafa and Roger simply because to have 3 great champions in the same era is a rare thing,the level of tennis they blessed us with in the last 15 years is out of this world and they are still going at it.

    • Noname Man
      Noname Man

      @Susan W I know,and i'm one of his biggest fans,but all three of them made tennis history and brought tennis to another level...

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      But only one of those three heads is ahead head to head! :)

  • Atanu Dey
    Atanu Dey

    He is the biggest faker & cheater tactically smart plays with opponents mindset😎😎

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      You can't cheat in a tennis match. You play to win. If you win, you win! Zverev also had an injury, so that works both ways, but I don't believe it anyway. Only non Novak fans talk like that!

  • MrShwinner

    Novak Djokovic is a player of the people. His intensity is unmatched on the court, and off the court - he is the only player sticking up for the lower ranked players.

  • Jon M
    Jon M

    He can turn it up when he wants to, look at the send set, he just kicked ass, he can beat Federer and Nadal easier than anyone. If his body holds up hopfully he shuld be able to beat the GS record.

  • Danny

    Novak will definitely win it now.

  • Rumpelstiltskin

    Novak is an expert in the clutch moments of the match.

  • Zimbabwian Jesus
    Zimbabwian Jesus

    Uh, I'm so injured that I would have withdrawed from any other tournament than a slam because of how bad this injury is, continues to play his best tennis as if never injured. Yea yea. This is the reason why Djokovic will never be a legend like Federer and Nadal despite being just as good. He is a drama queen.

    • John Stromboly
      John Stromboly

      go walk your dog Jssus , NOW !!!

  • Karen Mackay
    Karen Mackay

    You really have to understand how privileged you are. There is no way you should be able to travel and play without complying if quarantine is required or are you happy to be the one who transmits COVID? There are many people who have lost their livelihoods as well as family & friends have died due to COVID. You are currently in one of the safest countries in the world. You were classed as essential workers during our 5 day lockdown. How lucky you were. Others in this state have lost out.

  • Vidya Sonavane
    Vidya Sonavane

    Novak, u r a disgraceful tennis player. Shame on u! U embarrassed your parents and your family.

  • T H
    T H

    I always find Djokovic a good example of how much stress the great players go through. They can end up with a kind of post traumatic stress disorder from all the pressure. Living on adrenaline like they do shreds the nerves (I remember reading that Federer went through a phase of waking up screaming during the night and his wife would have to calm him down). Each player has to find a way to deal with that and Djokovic is an interesting example of the measures some players take off the court to try and deal with that, with his interest in things like spirituality and diet.

  • drtash21

    A ruthless winning demon on court, but a gentleman off-court.

  • ucfkid67

    Guy is an emotional avalanche

  • Ace Panda
    Ace Panda

    He is as unprofessional and dirty as an athlete can be. Full of tricks and deceptions. Not a worthy champion. Lies, conspiracies and naked ambition in the guise of selfless concern for lower ranked players. All told, not a role model for the game.

    • John Utah
      John Utah

      Nonsense. He's a far better person than your Fedal darlings will ever be.

  • Dani. D.
    Dani. D.

    "The not to bad", guy always makes me laugh. Thank you!

  • SVP HD
    SVP HD

    Love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Marko KJS
      Marko KJS


  • Danilo Desnica
    Danilo Desnica

    And not one reporter asked him how he was feeling now after his injury, and how he's getting on with recovery. Which is what most Djokovic fans want to know! I guess these reporters don't cater for Djokovic fans.

  • AR

    Tennis establishment #elite chose the wrong guy to be “the bad guy” Novak keeps fighting on court and off court! Establishment must be so disappointed.

  • Gengen

    Go Nole you are the best. Keep on going

  • Watch Dog
    Watch Dog

    Thats Melourne in lockdown Novak, not the rest of the country. Sydney, Brisbane, Perth is open.

  • Ivan Miskovic
    Ivan Miskovic

    They should do bubble in Belgrade. In Serbia there is no lockdown or carantine and we have all the infrastructures to do so

  • Watch Dog
    Watch Dog

    1:16 what a little girl of a question...explain to your kids why you smashed the raquet.. mate they will be proud of him ! Hahaha

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      @Danilo Desnica I too agree. He won five games in a row after that. He smashed out his frustration and went into full focus zone after that. Ironically, I was telling a student of mine how he used to smash his racquet but hasn't done it for years - and while I was teaching her he did it for the first time in years!!! :)

    • Danilo Desnica
      Danilo Desnica

      Agree. I'm sure his kids will understand that the smashing of the racquet was the result of pure frustration. I hope they will learn to distinguish moments of frustration from downright nastiness, which I have seen exhibited by some other players on the tour.

  • Francesco Mancuso
    Francesco Mancuso

    Dogecoin to the 🌙!!!!

  • Mont Blanc
    Mont Blanc

    What a man. What a champion. Speaks the truth instead of media pandering. COVID BS restrictions are ruining people's wellbeing the world over. He's 100% right.

  • robbyt79

    every press conference has the same dude breathing/whistling through his nose, mute your mic if you're not talking

  • Taher Ahmed
    Taher Ahmed

    Djokovic is a very effective player, he finds a way to win. Only thing is, I've watched a lot of pro tennis in my time, but I cannot remember a single shot or statement Djokovic has ever made. I cannot say the same with respect to Fed, Nadal, Warwinka, Murray etc. It doesn't matter that he is predictable, he finds a way to win which is what matters most in tennis.

    • Susan W
      Susan W


  • Terence Wong
    Terence Wong

    Novak was much more calm and played much better after smashing his racket.

  • Suparna

    I like Novak because he is not perfect, he is human but also not self destructive like Kyrgios.

  • Anantapuramu News
    Anantapuramu News

    The way number of times Zverev failed to break Novak serve being in positions like 0-30 on Djocovic serve is heart breaking.

  • Emien Tennis
    Emien Tennis

    12:30 He was just waiting for him... That Djokovic smile is unplayable😂😂 #nottoobad

  • Dan Mo
    Dan Mo

    How about play in a country that respects people's freedom! Try Africa, many countries there are not locked down.

  • Susan Buenaventura
    Susan Buenaventura

    I think Aslan can beat Novak

  • Nole22slamsgoat Khan
    Nole22slamsgoat Khan

    Ebaldo nôt to Bad ?::::)))😜😜😀😀

  • Brandespada

    I have an important announcement to make: As of today, after 16 years, Djokovic replaces Nadal as the number one player to receive my applause, support and encouragement. He has proven to be a warrior on-court and a brave advocate of truth off-court. GO, DJOKO, GO!!!

  • Tilly Poozies
    Tilly Poozies

    Smashed his racquet as if there was no stomach injury. What a dirty little creature he is. Always someone else's fault when he loses a point or he puts an exclamation mark on his opponents win with a fake injury. What a germ.

    • Tilly Poozies
      Tilly Poozies

      @Susan W Do you know Novak ?

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      @Danilo Desnica I couldn't agree more Danilo!

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      @Tilly Poozies No. Because you said despicable things about someone you don't even know. Prove the fake injury. Go on. Ask the ATP physios in Melbourne, not Novak's own physio - they'll tell you. And if you respond, try to be polite. That's one think Novak certainly has over you: he would never say say such awful things about his opponents. (Apart from his superb win record, of course).

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      No, it's you who is disgusting. Both him and Sasha had an injury. Great champions play through it. And those saying he said he'd withdraw if it weren't a grand slam seem to forget that you don't get a day off in the other tournaments. Keep your foul comments to yourself please and doun't foul this thread.

    • Tilly Poozies
      Tilly Poozies

      @Danilo Desnica wow you got stage 3 anger. Control yourself you might hurt your stomach muscles lol

  • aussie_boy

    Class act. Kyrgios (by contrast) is an absolute disgrace and should have been permanently banned from the circuit years ago.

  • Atta Rehman
    Atta Rehman

    Mental giant, the most clutch player of all time. It has become normal for Novak to turn into beast mode when the crucial pressure moments arrive during a match. Never seen anything like it. What a sportsman. Hoping to see his 9th AO and GS number 18!

  • Nick Yung
    Nick Yung

    Someone is breathing very heavily in the background... creep me out.

  • John John
    John John


  • Helios Defendi
    Helios Defendi

    He can be great in tennis, it's his moment but he doesn't arouse sympathy or amiability. For many he does not heat up, and his tennis is robotic, a tennis digger! Further he is as well as an ugly and unpleasant character 😮🤔 Much better Feder or Nadal.

    • Susan W
      Susan W

      Totally disagree. Those who don't appear to have noticed his amazing elasticity and the amazing shots over the years, must be too clouded in resentment because he is defeating their favourite players!

  • John John
    John John

    Djokovic left eye is still messed up

  • iamdalibor

    He tried to have players be able to practice to help minimize injuries and everyone took a sh*t on him and was called a tool. Now look at these injuries. What a world we live in.

  • Mr Kobayashi
    Mr Kobayashi

    You will be nb1 at GS

  • Mr Kobayashi
    Mr Kobayashi


  • Marko Markovic
    Marko Markovic

    legendo nasha!!! i da si izgubio mi te volimo!!!

  • Daniel Andrade
    Daniel Andrade

    To the limit of boredom

  • Aleks

    kyrgios taking the piss out of novak but look at the difference. when novak was kyrgios' age novak had already achieved so much. Novak is a fighter and kyrgios is a loser.

  • Placebo Lost
    Placebo Lost

    This is why novak won most of the importent battles against Federer. He is a true man who stands his ground and speaks his mind. Federer breaks on something big like this. Djokovic is just another animal. ✊❤

  • Tobias Eriksson
    Tobias Eriksson

    He is Alive?? Didnt he die against Fritz 2 rounds Ago? Its a miracle!!

    • SL H
      SL H

      @Tobias Eriksson I know what you implied. But this time, he lost two straight sets... He didn't have to do that to beat Fritz especially when he was 2:0

    • Tobias Eriksson
      Tobias Eriksson

      @SL H apparently he can. He Always does that. Every time he is in a tough situation he "gets injured" and on comes THE trainer, he gets a break and everytime he resurrect with No issues at all

    • SL H
      SL H

      He said he felt BEST today. Can't he recover day by day?

    • Tobias Eriksson
      Tobias Eriksson

      @SP No idea not a fan of either

    • SP

      Where is choke-artist Federer? Is he okay?

  • Sadie Devenney
    Sadie Devenney

    Well done novak love always from this irish fan,

  • Rashed

    Does anyone believe he's got an injury?

    • SP

      Anyone who isn’t a moronic fedal fan. Even AO physio’s have confirmed it and warned him it could get worse if he plays on.

    • Bams Sudardjo
      Bams Sudardjo

      Roger and Nadal fans never believe him lol 😅😅😂😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣

  • Jactome de Tarabilla
    Jactome de Tarabilla

    the key was Sasha losing his oportunities

  • kristina milovic
    kristina milovic

    Eloquent, brave, selfless! The greatest champion! Go Nole 💪🍀

  • World Culture & Natural Landscapes
    World Culture & Natural Landscapes

    Federer is still GOAT but Djoker is getting closer by the day.

  • Mister No
    Mister No


  • A 2
    A 2

    The Balkan Diva 👩‍🎤

    • A 2
      A 2

      @Danilo Desnica the point is his a joke, wants a king like demands. Breaks all the rules during Covid with his shirt off because his rich and he thinks he can go by his own rules where others are dying. Immature spoilt brat.

    • Danilo Desnica
      Danilo Desnica

      @A 2 You've got that one wrong, mate, but your obsession with countries and origin only confirms my point.

    • A 2
      A 2

      @Danilo Desnica only the truth fellow countryman of Djokovic

    • Danilo Desnica
      Danilo Desnica

      Did you intend to write a xenophobic comment? Or was it an inadvertent display of your traits?

  • Dusica

    Idol! ♥️