Novak Djokovic: "One of the most special wins in my life!" on-court interview | Australian Open 2021
Novak Djokovic's on-court interview following his Round 3 win over Taylor Fritz at the Australian Open 2021.

  • Зоран Србин
    Зоран Србин

    The best player ever

  • mrak bbb
    mrak bbb

    Bravo Nole...

  • Apache 207
    Apache 207

    Zverev will beat him

  • Mirche M
    Mirche M

    Samo najbolji I najuspesniji sportisti mogu da pobedjuju I kada su povredjeni. Novak je to potvrdio I pobedio u dva meca .Mnogi su ubedjeni da povrede nema, ali to je njihov problem. Novak je nas PONOS I CAR

  • 6 9
    6 9

    attitude person...🖕

  • Gogo17 Thomson
    Gogo17 Thomson

    Djoker please do impression of the Maroon 5 dude please?!

  • Mihai Moțățăianu
    Mihai Moțățăianu

    Dacă ar fi să am o conversație cu Nadal sau Federer sau Djokovic, aș purta-o cu Djokovic.

  • Mihai Moțățăianu
    Mihai Moțățăianu

    Djokovic va fi pentru mine mereu cel mai valoros tenismen, datorită victoriilor sale mereu dificile, spre deosebire de Nadal, care are mai mereu meciuri ușoare.

  • Mihai Moțățăianu
    Mihai Moțățăianu

    Nu e adevărat, Nole! Toate victoriile tale au fost valoroase, deoarece ai trecut peste sentimentele negative ale celorlalți asupra ta. Nadal nu a avut parte de așa ceva, deci victoriile sale sunt mai puțin valoroase ca ale tale.

  • 01djole Ђорђевић
    01djole Ђорђевић


  • Marica Filipović
    Marica Filipović

    Extraordinary Not just winning the game But winning over provocations Of thi interview

  • lyban milutinovic
    lyban milutinovic

    bravo Nole

  • Mihai Moțățăianu
    Mihai Moțățăianu

    Ce nu voi suporta la acest turneu e dacă va câștiga Nadal. Nu mă deranjează dacă pierde Djokovic, mai ales că e rănit. Să câștige Thiem sau Zvererev sau Medvedev, nu mă interesează, dar nu Nadal.

    • Mihai Moțățăianu
      Mihai Moțățăianu

      Cea mai mare rușine pentru Australian Open e ca Nadal să câștige Australian Open 2021

    • Mihai Moțățăianu
      Mihai Moțățăianu

      Faptul că Nadal nu are corpul țeapăn, ca Djokovic, îl avantajează pe teren față de cel din urmă.

    • Mihai Moțățăianu
      Mihai Moțățăianu

      Totuși, dacă Nadal va câștiga , el va evidenția că Djokovic nu și-a înscenat nicio accidentare.

  • Bronislawa Bialek
    Bronislawa Bialek

    I wake up early to watch Nadal ,he has class but Novak zero . Win or loose accept lake man if you are respectfully. You can not win all the time.

  • mata hari
    mata hari

    Novak Djokovic recorded the 33rd victory in his career in the 5th set of a match and thus equaled Pete Sampras, and at the same time became the best in terms of victories and defeats in the deciding set! Djokovic's triumph over Fritz was his 33rd in the fifth set, as is Sampras, and in front of Nolet are only Ivan Lendl with 35 and Ilija Nastase with 40. However, no one is as successful as the Serbian tennis player. The reason for that is that Djokovic recorded only 10 defeats in the fifth set in his career, so his percentage of victories in those situations is the highest - 76.74 percent!

  • Mica

    Wow .looks like whoever jeered at and bullied Novak while struggling to win got their karma back. The audience out . Thank You. AJDE Novak.

  • Јелена П.
    Јелена П.

    Such a resilient player. ❤️

  • Јелена П.
    Јелена П.

    Bravo, Novak, we are so proud of you 🇷🇸🙌🏻❤️

  • Diogo Espírito Santo
    Diogo Espírito Santo

    Why did the crowd had to leave the arena mid way?

  • spykp

    I'm a diehard Federer fan, but all these RETARDED hate comments and fixations on Nole are gonna make me switch just to spite them. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND LEARN TO RESPECT THE GREAT PLAYERS. Fucking losers...

    • Feretii

      Well said man, 100% agree!

    • Les Paul
      Les Paul

      To be fair, you can respect a great player and criticize them. Tho many wouldn't do so respectfully, that is true.

  • Роби Латковић
    Роби Латковић

    Srpski inat !

  • Nam Tseb
    Nam Tseb

    What a clown you are, Novak... ahahahah

  • Abhishek Dixit
    Abhishek Dixit

    I feel its medvedevs tournament💯

  • Thanos

    Best of all time! 👍

  • Chandra Krishnan
    Chandra Krishnan

    Novak u just t got through lucky enough but recover well and focus on yr game all the best do yr best and rest with God

  • Malar K
    Malar K

    where is jim courier. where is my roger ?

  • Sticky Rice
    Sticky Rice

    Muscle tear is a big problem, hopefully not because he's too good but that kinda injury will make him miss a lot of tournaments...

  • sharJeeL Zafar
    sharJeeL Zafar

    Love You Brother ....

  • foosgoalie

    Djokovic is a freakin’ psycho. It’s no wonder everyone hates him.

  • Rety Fuller
    Rety Fuller

    Respect to you Djoko! You are a great fighter!

  • Mariano Hoffman
    Mariano Hoffman

    Where is Jim Courier?

  • Raptor

    I don’t even support Djokovic but there are some mentally ill morons saying he faked an injury after being 2 sets up. LMFAO.

  • Aramis Aramis
    Aramis Aramis


  • WarrenFlatt

    he's not faking it. I hate all you haters!!

  • blue dream
    blue dream

    NOVAK ❤️❤️❤️🙏

  • Atta Rehman
    Atta Rehman

    Can’t believe what I am reading in these comments. Why would Novak fake an injury when he is 2-0 sets up? Be real guys you haters need to sit back and admire a true all time great of Sport. Nole is an absolute gladiator and only few could clutch the 5th set like he did today. He is a mental giant for a reason. Champion mentality from a champion player👊🏼

  • sean lines
    sean lines

    One of the most special moments come on that's a bit over the top he is nothing compared to Nadal and never will be

  • David Anthony
    David Anthony

    Let the crowd finish the game what a fucken joke , whats the difference between sitting in the seat at 11:58 to sitting down at 12:01

  • vuk pro
    vuk pro

    only an idiot can say that he pretended to be injured

  • Lazar Raca
    Lazar Raca

    Public insanity blames him for faking injuries...It just shows how consistently he's the GOAT of tennis, people just tired of him

    • Lazar Raca
      Lazar Raca

      @Shubhankar Mohan Sharma Yep. Big 3 just changed the game completely.

    • Shubhankar Mohan Sharma
      Shubhankar Mohan Sharma

      I agree, and honestly tennis has been very boring. Everyone is just playing like robots and 3 players have won everything lol. But still blaming someone for a fake injury is wrong.

  • Will

    I think he's getting to the point where Roger was a few years ago, after 3 or 4 matches the body gives out. What he needs t do is limit his schedule.

    • Sahil panjwani
      Sahil panjwani

      @Will yes I agree

    • Will

      @Sahil panjwani I would say at this point in his career. AO, Wimb and US are the only priority tournaments to be fresh for. Another Miami or Shanghai title will to little to bolster him as the GOAT.

    • Sahil panjwani
      Sahil panjwani

      I think he should like Roger completely miss the clay schedule this year or next year onwards And if fully fit then only play us open He should continue playing ao and Wimbledon But hey you don't know what he will do maybe he thinks his body can support him to play all 4 for atleast 2 more years

    • Will

      @drtash21 If true then that will help because we saw what a 35 year old Roger was able to do with a trimmed down schedule.

    • drtash21

      He said he'll do that once he breaks Roger's weeks at no. 1 record which is now almost certainly guaranteed.

  • Mirjana Vuletic
    Mirjana Vuletic

    What happened last night it is insult to people , sport and two great players!Nothing to do with Covid even kids know that 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Deepak Bhandari
    Deepak Bhandari

    In the next game he will come firing lol

  • cjohnson7508

    Get well Novak You are one of the Best Ever. Right behind #RafaNadal :)

  • Vidya Sonavane
    Vidya Sonavane

    I was a Novak fan... u embarrassed yourself by shouting like a crazy person after the match ended. Champion or not, many of you fake injuries to get out of trouble. U lost my respect for yelling after winning the match like a crazy person. I hate when men show the so called macho man display. I like Theim. Always graceful and calm.👏

  • Robert M.
    Robert M.

    That wasn't funny, Novak.

  • Igor Novakovic
    Igor Novakovic

    Brate moj koji hejteri retardi u komentarima hahahahah jeste seljaci ljudi moji dragi daj boze da se oporavi Nole pa pobedi AO pa onda da hejteri placu I prave izgovore kako je Nole pobedio I zasto nikada coveku da daju kredita I postovanje debili jadni ali nema veze to tera I daje snagu Noletu da bude najbolji ikada zato Hvala Svim Hejterima:) Voli Vas Nole

  • Choo Choo MotherTrucker
    Choo Choo MotherTrucker

    Props to Djokovic for fighting through his injury to win the match. I'm a fan of Nadal but even I think an injured Djokovic is still a dangerous opponent. He is still the one to beat.

  • John Stromboly
    John Stromboly

    only one man could do what Nole did today Bernie Tank Tomic -----undisputed GOET

  • Nat Vedned
    Nat Vedned

    King! Well done

  • Cajinguy1950

    Total insanity these lockdowns...Deep State Evil!

  • Marko KJS
    Marko KJS

    Djoković please recover!!! You MUST win the Australian Open trophy 2021! Now Nole you have even more fans praying for you. Because we saw you fighting and winning even with an injury!

  • 7tachyon

    Speedy recovery champion, there is only one Novak. This is just amazing win.

  • SP

    I hope he can recover in time. It's probably a micro tear but those still take weeks to heal not 2 days. If he's out then I'm rooting for anyone but Nadal. I don't want to see him get a second career grand slam just because the main competitor is out. Most of Nadal's hard court GS victories were against weak opponents anyway.

    • Sahil panjwani
      Sahil panjwani

      If djoko is out (hopefully not) then Medvedev will win it Also a small prediction I think tsitsipas is going to beat Nadal in QF He is playing near his best rt now better than I have ever seen him play and also Nadal is also not at his best at his least favourite grand slam So an upset can be on the cards

  • Toby Stapleton
    Toby Stapleton

    How does he win when it matters most? Great video here explaining it

  • Mr Grine Landry
    Mr Grine Landry

    *People who accuse of faking injury are mostly Federer AND Nadal fanboys.* 🤦‍♂️ They're so salty toward the serbian champion with all the losses in some important majors Finals. They will criticize him on everything, please don't be surprised, that's the perfect definition of haters

    • Turrican60

      Yeah, that's about the size of it. They're just jealous, immature kids who need to grow up and learn to respect a truly great player. Some hope of that, though.

  • Garrett Vinson
    Garrett Vinson

    Pathetic as usual. When things get tough he fakes an injury. If the crowd was there he would have booed off the court as he should have.

    • Mali ispod zvezda
      Mali ispod zvezda

      Roger, shut it and cry me a river.

  • Вук1989

    Avec vos commentaires de merde, je reconnais facilement les anti Serbes, rien a avoir avec le sport! Honte a vous. Si Djokovic avait accepté un passport autre que le sien Serbe, la chanson serait différente.....Bande d'hypocrites!

  • gardada

    In 90% of tennis interviews: "it's a special (keep the right term) : day; victory; tournament; opponent; win; moment; crowd; country; organisation..." (also works with "very special")

  • Marco Pagano
    Marco Pagano

    Gamesmanship as usual from the Djoke

    • ollie glover
      ollie glover

      Your a clown, seriously question people’s logic. How is it gamesmanship when the bloke is 2-0 up when injured?? Is he suddenly thinking actually I want to lose the next 2 sets just to win the decider? Honestly makes me laugh

    • Marco Pagano
      Marco Pagano

      @Turrican60 Have you ever seen other players playing possum as often as he does? He has history of getting "injured", acting like he cannot carry on, only to suddenly "recover" and play better. Mind games. Gamesmanship.

    • Turrican60

      Idiotic, ignorant comment as usual.

  • JAMas

    What a clown. Always the same

  • Mister No
    Mister No


  • randomcon123

    People who said Djokovic faked an injury really need to get a head exam... seriously he was up two sets. Why would he fake an injury then? Oh maybe he wanted to break Taylor’s soul. Must be why. Haters are gonna hate but how stupid can these haters be?

    • 2010s kid
      2010s kid

      @randomcon123 shut up

    • randomcon123

      @2010s kid any intelligent people would be able to see that was a sarcastic response. The lol was literally a giveaway. 😂😂

    • 2010s kid
      2010s kid

      @randomcon123 wat do u mean by special kid. U accepted it now u are not are you mad

    • randomcon123

      @2010s kid lol ummm that was a sarcastic response but okay. You must be a special kid

    • 2010s kid
      2010s kid

      @randomcon123 thanks for accepting

  • mata hari
    mata hari

    Tell Raonic not to rejoice too soon, the most to beware of is a wounded lion

  • mares 01
    mares 01

    All of those who thinks, he faked injury, r u really think he is that mindset strong that he can put himself in danger to lose a match???

    • Turrican60

      @RAULITO748 What a fool you are.

    • RAULITO748


  • bozidar markovic
    bozidar markovic

    Silan, čudesan!!!

  • Nurul Ansari
    Nurul Ansari

    I miss stan Wawrinka, he would have demolished him in next round but no worry Zverev and thiem are there.

    • SP

      They will still struggle against an injured goat.

  • Aleksandar Dzelajlija
    Aleksandar Dzelajlija

    Advice for all Novak haters !!! Please hate him much more then now ! He like that so much and play much better . Your hate is fuel for his Serbian INAT !!! So haters c' mon gave your best Nole is grateful for yours effort . Big thanks from Novak fan to all ignorant haters !

    • Aleksandar Dzelajlija
      Aleksandar Dzelajlija

      @Do Pea And do pea my name is Abraham Lincoln live in Anti Nazi street no 15 Sofia Bulgaria and Dziiiiizlilill mean a man with big shaft who want to find do pea and play games with his scary a..

    • Do Pea
      Do Pea

      @Aleksandar Dzelajlija what is "dzelalililililizililil"?

    • Do Pea
      Do Pea

      @Aleksandar Dzelajlija lol "hide behind a nick name". OK my brainless friend. My name is Robert E Lee, I live at number 7, dubistsehrdumm Straße, Bayern, Ungarn. My phone number is +49 163421345. There u have it. Happy? Are you coming to get me now? Lucky I am hiding from you.

    • Do Pea
      Do Pea

      @Aleksandar Dzelajlija lol!He says "no comment" but cannot stop commenting! Did you go to school?

    • Aleksandar Dzelajlija
      Aleksandar Dzelajlija

      @Do Pea And we also said for person like you : Ewery stupid ful have two things for sure . Opinion and ass . Do you understand that do pea . This is my last answer and lesson for your empty brain poor do pea . Do pea ????? What is do pea ???

  • Jeff Patton
    Jeff Patton

    I feel bad for Novak. He has so many haters it’s unreal.

    • Turrican60

      @Mr Hard Apple Yes, and the most common reason is jealousy.

    • Marko KJS
      Marko KJS

      But he have 3× more fans so dont care for the haters hihi

    • Mr Hard Apple
      Mr Hard Apple

      There are reasons

  • Proud2bjcan

    I hope he’ll be ok. If it’s a severe tear, he may need to leave the tournament.

  • Batman 24
    Batman 24

    Great match!!

  • Armando Lara
    Armando Lara

    how do you dare to ask about the next match haha

  • TheAlfredodori


  • Milan Kostić
    Milan Kostić

    Djokovic vs Raonic 11-0 H2H. Seems Raonic now have best chance ever. 🤣 Probably wont be possible to return his missiles, if such injury isnt fixable in a day.

  • mats mattison
    mats mattison

    Pretty weird. When you get injured in sports, you usually do not win and can not even continue to play. Nothing that you think sounds weird?

    • mats mattison
      mats mattison

      @Pekillas ?

    • John Stromboly
      John Stromboly

      you never heard of pain killers tablets, no?

    • Pekillas ?
      Pekillas ?

      Yeah it's weird. That injured Djokovic still beats 10 years youngers player in his prime years. Fritz should retire after this match

  • Souvik Banerjee
    Souvik Banerjee

    Fakovic at his best in confusing his opponents with his famous fake injury drama..shame fakovic shame

    • SP


    • Souvik Banerjee
      Souvik Banerjee

      @Heart Angel it's his advance tactics for upcoming matches..come on think smartly

    • Souvik Banerjee
      Souvik Banerjee

      @Aleksandar Dzelajlija he is't a gay always remember it my son..don't Defame fakovic😀

    • Heart Angel
      Heart Angel

      Pls use your brain more frequently, why he had to play for 5 sets if he could finish it in just 3.

    • Aleksandar Dzelajlija
      Aleksandar Dzelajlija

      Fakovic fak you .

  • Аугусто Пиночет
    Аугусто Пиночет

    So sad, i hoped he will win this tournament

  • Minhaj

    Fitz should be banned forever for that terrible 5th set choke. I can't even....

  • babycat EVOLI
    babycat EVOLI

    HYPOCRITE !!!!!!!

  • rio verde
    rio verde

    Boy. The aussies are taking Covid very seriously....specially when Novak plays. 😂

    • Terrence Dube
      Terrence Dube

      Coz it is serious

  • Mukunthan Sri
    Mukunthan Sri

    If it was stan the man he would have retired rather humiliated

    • John Stromboly
      John Stromboly

      @Paul Johnson I agree

    • Paul Johnson
      Paul Johnson

      @John Stromboly Stan is a shell of himself, he'll never find his 2016 form, he should call it a day, he's 37, only Roger has the talent and belief, to come back at 39, and win slams!

    • John Stromboly
      John Stromboly

      you mean Stanislas Paprika ?

    • Paul Johnson
      Paul Johnson

      Well Stan doesn't play well anyway these days, it wouldn't surprise me!

  • Mirjana Mirjana
    Mirjana Mirjana

    Za našeg Novaka 💓❤️❤️❤️ Voli Te Novače Republika Srpska ! 💓

    • Јелена П.
      Јелена П.

      И ми све вас у Републици Српској❤️

  • Jason Keller
    Jason Keller

    Brutally stupid decision by the AO to kick out the fans. They paid for their tickets let them see the match out.

    • Jason Keller
      Jason Keller

      @Li no it wasn’t. This had nothing to do with public health it was just stupidity

    • Li

      Too dangerous to have fans on the stand.

  • Vange Contos
    Vange Contos

    whenever Novak is losing he calls time out. Strange hey?

    • Aniket Bhat
      Aniket Bhat

      He was leading. Watch the match before you comment.

  • m a
    m a

    Kick out the idiots provocing Novak !:

  • you can't be this empty
    you can't be this empty

    He'll retire from the tournament I'm sure.

  • Bharat bharat
    Bharat bharat

    King Karatsev is going to winthe AO... doesn't matter if Novak is injured or not. You go boy!!!! 😉


      @Bharat bharat lol karatsev. If he wins against Grigor I will admit that he has potential to pull it off.

    • Bharat bharat
      Bharat bharat

      @DŽO BAJDEN poor Thiem.. he's scared to face Karatsev and so gave up against Grigór.. King Karatsev rules. 😀

    • Bharat bharat
      Bharat bharat

      @DŽO BAJDEN you don't underestimate the king.. he hails supreme in Melbourne


      Karatsev lol he is done against Thiem

    • John Stromboly
      John Stromboly

      Karatsev- goat me like

  • Filip Lakovic
    Filip Lakovic


  • Ownedby Kxrma
    Ownedby Kxrma


  • Davis Teddison
    Davis Teddison


  • Maggie Smit
    Maggie Smit

    This may be the end of his AO 2021. My heart feels broken but Novak must look after his health first. Still lots of other tournaments in 2021. He must recover as soon as possible. Take a long view on this aggravate injury by further play may not be good but maybe its not as bad as he thinks? Although he will know his body well. Miracle healing needed now to make sure he is Ok for rest of year. 🙏💚

  • jacques grabowski
    jacques grabowski

    а дзеж гледачы ?! 😉

  • ParArdua

    Never a champion.

  • Aлександр


  • Akash Gooner
    Akash Gooner

    Huge rafa fan here...never really liked this guy...but tennis is definitely better with him..hope he can compete and serve out a rafa-djoker final...

    • Ana-Marija Matijevic
      Ana-Marija Matijevic

      @Marko KJS but he's injured, not even sure he'll play on Sunday, but I want him to win his 9th AO so badly

    • Marko KJS
      Marko KJS

      @Paul Johnson Djoković will win it

    • Paul Johnson
      Paul Johnson

      I doubt that will happen, for a start, Rafa might not even make it, to the second week, and Novak himself is not sure he'll be able to play, against Raonic- both of them will probably exit this tournament!

  • Vansh Gupta
    Vansh Gupta

    Fkin GOAT ! There's never been another ☝️ 👑👑

  • Fire Power Sagar Kathwadiya
    Fire Power Sagar Kathwadiya

    He look so tired I don’t think so he can return the title this year..

    • Fire Power Sagar Kathwadiya
      Fire Power Sagar Kathwadiya

      @Heart Angel You right rafa look so good as compare to novak Rafa definitely playing a high level at age of 33

    • Heart Angel
      Heart Angel

      Agree, he has used his body so hard in the last few years. At the age of 33-34, Rafa looks healthier than him now.

  • Дарко Адамовић
    Дарко Адамовић

    To all who believes he fakes his injury: You are living a fake life. Have a nice day! ;)

    • Fabio Ferri
      Fabio Ferri

      @Gowri Shankar boomer are you serious?

    • Hashslingingslasher

      Your google translator is letting you down 'living a fake life' isnt the sentence you're lookin for lol

    • Gowri Shankar
      Gowri Shankar

      @Fabio Ferri Ok boomer.I usually don't have conversation with low lives🙏🙏

    • Fabio Ferri
      Fabio Ferri

      @Gowri Shankar gne gne gne dumb moralist.

    • Bogdan Minea
      Bogdan Minea

      Correct. This is NOT soccer.

  • rafael nadal
    rafael nadal

    Ain't nobody gonna talk about the interviewer 🤔 What a dull, boring interview that was.

  • Nik Gupta
    Nik Gupta

    Fake injury... Lols... Just to change odds in sports betting... Theif