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Watch the highlights of Novak Djokovic vs Stefanos Tsitsipas | 2021 Roland Garros | Final

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  • milan vesovic
    milan vesovic

    how just arrogant this Tsitsipas is, dont like him at all

  • pandzula18


  • T H
    T H

    Something of a pattern in a lot of Djokovic's big matches of late. It's like he needs to fall behind before he starts to settle in. Once he got the break in that third set here though it just seemed like there could only be one winner.

  • Sport Sport
    Sport Sport

    Commentators are boring

  • Antalya Antalya
    Antalya Antalya


  • Nemanja Malićanin
    Nemanja Malićanin

    2:20 what a catch by ball boy

  • Hames Johanes
    Hames Johanes

    That is the GOAT, right there....

  • randomcon123

    This was the slam to win, now a calendar slam doesn’t seem too far away. With Novak serving like Ivanisevic, no one can really threaten him at Wimbledon. The same for the USO. As the court speed was increased from last year, it is only gonna benefit players who take the ball early and hit fairly flat: Djokovic and maybe Federer but he’s 40. Medvedev hits it flat too but he has a lot of take back which, if the AO was anything to do by, his whole game would be rattled by Novak as he’s taking the ball on the rise, taking time off Danii

  • W Cheema
    W Cheema

    One of the best catches done by ball kid at 02:21

  • gerryryan

    Novak is always respectful to his opponents I don't understand the hate towards him. His French Open win was an amazing achievement. Well done.


    If he wins one more RG he will become the first with 3 trophies on every GS. If he wins 2 more than 4. So...

  • Vašek Kavalír
    Vašek Kavalír

    Djokovic falls Commentator: Well Done Tsitsipas falls Commentator: Hope he is okay

  • Nikola Djelic
    Nikola Djelic

    Since 2011. until now Djokovic won: GS:18 Masters: 31 ATP finals: 4 and weeks as world number one :324 Federer and Nadal both : GS: 15 Masters: 28 ATP finals: 1 weeks as world number one: 132

  • Nikola Sekulic
    Nikola Sekulic

    Djokovic Tsitsipas 4 hours 11 mins Djokovic Nadal 4 hours 11 mins Interesting lol

  • Lidija Petrovic
    Lidija Petrovic

    You said Djokovic is arrogant what is then Tsitsipas ?

    • drtash21

      A peacock with no feathers.

  • Ri Nato
    Ri Nato

    And now I'd like to have a statue of Nole in each GS venue: Melbourne, New York, Paris and Wimbledon.

  • сергей бурцев
    сергей бурцев

    браво Новак.не классе и опыте с 0-2 вытянутьпобеду в финале-супер

  • an la
    an la

    Bravo Djoko for the locker room tactics

  • Archbishop

    Tsitsipas pulls out of Wimbledon 2021. Stefanos Tsitsipas pulled out of the Wimbledon warm-up event in Halle, Germany, on Monday 14/06 because of personal reasons after surrendering a two-set lead in his defeat against Novak Djokovic in Sunday's French Open final. Tsitsipas also put Sunday's defeat in perspective. "Life isn't about winning or losing. It's about enjoying every single moment in life whether that's alone or with others," he wrote. "(It's about) living a meaningful life without misery and abjection. Lifting trophies and celebrating wins is something, but not everything."

  • Juls Giuly
    Juls Giuly

    after Musetti 2-0 Nole takes medical time out and then he turns the match; with Nadal he was destroyed in the 1st set 5-0 and after a time out he raised up: in the final with Tsitsipas after he was down 2 - 0 and was in evident critical situation (physical) Nole went out from the court some minutes, and when he returned on the court was another player. fresh, on-point and concentrated. A killer that shocked Tsitsipas in the next 3 sets. I'm very friends. Something is not working. I don't believe in casualities at 34 years if your body says stop it's impossible to change this only with mental control.

    • Dejan Sekulić
      Dejan Sekulić

      Hehe, like Federer and Nadal won 20 GS. Nadal 13 RG ??? They are all addicts and doping masters. Poor Nadal even lost his hair.

  • Boban Graf Ristic
    Boban Graf Ristic

    "No'1e" mi te Volimo 💗

  • Steva Krkota
    Steva Krkota

    Još tozla na OI i Bože zdravlja pa 5-6 GS i, vama ostalima, evo vam bujrum pa učite i igrajte se dok sanjate o njegovim rekordima!

  • Steva Krkota
    Steva Krkota

    SERBIAN POWER!!! 💪 🇷🇸❤️

  • drtash21

    Who's the pathetic commentator at the end that sounds like he's on the verge of depressed tears announcing Djokovic as the winner???He really is genuinely upset and it's HILARIOUS!!!🤣😂

  • Душан Силни
    Душан Силни

    DJOKOVIC is the GOD! Браво брате мој!


    Nole deserved!!! Nole zasluženo!!! Noletova ikonica: IDEMOOOOO BRE!!!!!!!! ❤

  • Archbishop

    Tsitsipas never lost a game from 2-0 before. Novak falls down getting his clothes dirty in all games and suddenly comes back from toilet break with new clothing and energy boost. I mean he was unbeatable after that..he must be tested for doping immediately. People should stop saying to Tsitsi that will get a Slam someday, as it is the most easier thing in the world to be on a final again and cannot see the obvious. All athletes over 30 should be extremely monitored for mask doping drugs that are not easily traceble. This is not funny.

    • Душан Силни
      Душан Силни

      Stop with that fairytale about doping

  • gfdfga adfgadfg
    gfdfga adfgadfg

    hahahaaah kakav ludak

  • Stuart Broad
    Stuart Broad

    Is djokovic doing steroids or black magic?

    • Zorica Jovanovic
      Zorica Jovanovic

      Stjuarte duso, nije to tako, da ti objasnim poblize, ima kod nas baba vracara koje baju i plus su na steroidima, tako da Nole nema sanse da izgubi jer ga sve babe vole, i to ti je to bolidu!

    • Stuart Broad
      Stuart Broad

      @Dejan Sekulić no he's a racist and he's on cheating if its steroids or his parents putting players off in the background!

    • Dejan Sekulić
      Dejan Sekulić

      Hehe, he feeds on idiots and that gives him strength. Fraudsters always see frauds in others.

  • Thoukis Thoukis
    Thoukis Thoukis

    this guy is like herpes ... no matter what you do it does not go away ... on the one hand you have a young vibrant fresh a joy to watch creative tennis player who has his dream crashed by a ball pusher who in the first two sets was just trailing along and in the rest of the match looped the ball back in to play until Tsitsipas was dead ... Djokovic knows he can always but the ball in to play and that's what he does ... I mean really he just returned and not even like Nadal more imaginative backhand loopy returns over and over ... unattractive tennis ... the most successful ever yes ... the greatest ... no way in hell

  • Nolo Contendere
    Nolo Contendere

    Silence of the salty commentator is everything!

    • Rag

      My friend, those twats are biased Fedal fans, but let me assure you something, history will judge the Serbinator as not only the 🐐 of 🎾 but the 🐐 in the history of sport.

  • Nikola .94
    Nikola .94

    LOLL Mens are in their prime physically and mentally in the age span between 30 and 40. It's normal for Novak to outlast Stefanos. Thats how it should be after all.

    • Andrej V.
      Andrej V.

      Physically more like 28-32 but it varies from person to person

    • Δεν βρισκω νικ
      Δεν βρισκω νικ

      physically? not sure... Mentally for sure.

  • MoodMe UGC user generated content
    MoodMe UGC user generated content

    Fabulous duel 🙏🏿🙏🙏🏻🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏🏽😎😎😎😎

  • wasim666

    Shame on Eurosport for this biased commentator!!

  • dobrivoje dobric
    dobrivoje dobric

    Bilo je to veliko, pravoslavno finale...!

  • Bruno Bison Dolza
    Bruno Bison Dolza

    Il numero 1 al mondo che non verrà ricordato perché è umanamente una merda..un finto simpatico..un cattivo esempio

  • Sandokan marijana
    Sandokan marijana


  • Steve Haraslin
    Steve Haraslin

    Perfect comeback. Great job Djoko. 👍👍👍

  • Francesco

    Number one

  • Andrija Mladenović
    Andrija Mladenović


  • Pegasos

    *SUPERB 🎾 --> 🏆 --> 🇬🇷 + 🇷🇸 = 🤜🏼🤛🏼*

  • Stefan Popovic
    Stefan Popovic

    Why i have a feal that Stefanos is a litle bit Arrogant?

  • Regedent

    Человек который после каждого своего поражения делает выводы в отличии от.....! Лучший он и есть лучший, хотя конечно я ожидал Надаля на этом месте.

  • C.M.L.

    0:32 Djokovic landed

  • Martin Gore
    Martin Gore

    First reaction from the commentator is silence and the second one is disbelief in his voice. And I wonder why? Djokovic is making history of tennis, redifining the whole game and making remarkable results at the age of 34, but the media is shocked that this is happening. There's just not enough appreciation for this great champion. He's gonna go down in history as a greatest tennis player of all time (he already is) and he's not loved, not respected, and not appreciated. Always against everybody - ATP (because he wants best for the players), media, crowds, and the public in general... Keep going Novak and brake all the tennis records, if there's any left. Keep rising and launch yourself into the orbit of the tennis immortals as the greatest of all times. Let's end this with one quote that describes Novak Djokovic the best, and it's from The Dark Knight: "Because he's the hero TENNIS deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight."

    • Zorica Jovanovic
      Zorica Jovanovic

      Prost odgovor, zato sto je Srbin!

    • Душан Силни
      Душан Силни

      @Alexandar68 Also, Vasilije Micić is MVP in Euroleague and Teodosić in EuroCup...

    • Sasa Mackic
      Sasa Mackic

      Nice poetic text about Npvak! I want just to say that he obvieusely has many supporters despite that statement w someone wnts to advertise- that Novak is not loved. Novak supporters are just from other places in the world. south America, Asia, Eastern world and third workd. They donnt have place in media unless some disastears and catastophies appear. So many people cheering against him at big tournaments? Its cause Novak supporter does not have money to buy expensive tickets. But they love him and send love through the air and all that energy keeps him winning.

    • Alexandar68

      They dont like Novak,becouse he is from Serbia,bad luck for them ,mvp in nba league is a Serb too.

    • Vukan Zimonjić
      Vukan Zimonjić


  • Op Aga
    Op Aga

    Kosova is albanija

    • Op Aga
      Op Aga

      @mtkwizard oke bro kosova is kosova

    • Op Aga
      Op Aga

      @Feministkinja 3 nikad bilo nikad neće catniku mali

    • Feministkinja 3
      Feministkinja 3

      Kosovo je Srbija 🇷🇸

    • mtkwizard

      Kosova is Kosova

  • Томас Геваркин
    Томас Геваркин

    Ждём следующего, а потом ещё...

  • Dusan Kondic
    Dusan Kondic

    Mali se ufuro da je vidis ko je sampion Cicko

  • Ivan Valenti
    Ivan Valenti

    Djokovic ha vinto questo torneo grazie alla sua forza mentale! Stefanos diventerà il n.1 dell'atp

  • andreasankara

    E' il più grande!!!

  • Русский Странник
    Русский Странник

    Новак победил за счет труда, таланта и опыта.

  • Ziva Markovic
    Ziva Markovic

    die ganze welt kann im nur hassen nole ist der könig es lebe novak es lebe serbien

  • Ziva Markovic
    Ziva Markovic

    goat of tenis novak made in serbiaaaaaa

  • 96ΚΟΝ

    Ο Στέφανος απλά επιβεβαίωσε αυτό που όλοι πιστεύουν.Μόνο όταν οι big3 φύγουν απο το άθλημα,οι next gen θα πάρουν GS.Κρίμα γιατί είναι μια ταλαντούχα γενιά τενιστών και ο Στέφανος είναι ο καλύτερος παρά το νεαρό της ηλικίας του.Τα καλά νέα είναι ότι έχει περιθώρια βελτίωσης...

  • Alex Coman
    Alex Coman

    4:32 is Marian Vajda crying? Don't get me wrong, he has every right

  • Marco Fiume
    Marco Fiume

    Yes yes, we get it dear comment section, Nole is the GOAT! Can we actually talk about the game though?

  • Chuks Tristan
    Chuks Tristan

    The SILENCE for seconds after Novak won the match from the commentator. 😂

  • Simshine95

    5 minutes before the game Tsitsipas grandmother died, he still competed till the every end like the champion he is, Djokovic was just better

    • Тамара Радаковић
      Тамара Радаковић

      @Δεν βρισκω νικ You have his status on instagram about what happend. There he says : “5 minutes before entering the court my very beloved grandmother lost her battle for life”. Which literally means that she died 5 minutes before the match, but not that his team or parents, whoever, told him 5 minutes before the match. All the best to Greek brothers

    • Δεν βρισκω νικ
      Δεν βρισκω νικ

      @Тамара Радаковић He did (or at least media said so)

    • Тамара Радаковић
      Тамара Радаковић

      Yeah, but Tsitsipas did not know that she died. Don't make excuses...

  • sken

    Djokovic is not from this World. Bravo Novak.

  • Mihailo Lalovic
    Mihailo Lalovic

    Ne znate vi kakav je gazda Djoka, kad mu kažete da nije najbolji i nije najveći 😉❤️

  • Allexandra

    Holly mother of comebacks! I love this man! 🥰

  • capkid

    just stop him

  • Milos Rodic
    Milos Rodic

    Nole from out of space

  • Befreie Dein Bewusstsein
    Befreie Dein Bewusstsein

    I think that from today, it is clear to everyone who is the best tennis player of all time!

    • Ivancevic Aleksandar
      Ivancevic Aleksandar

      @Manne Klugler schluchz, seufz, keuch, ... nun heißt es, durchhalten, bis Djoko die Puste ausgeht :)

    • Ivan Karamazov
      Ivan Karamazov

      @Marc Zimmer this type of behaviour is typical for a genuine person, someone who doesn't mask any emotion ( like Federer ) or who's a complete robot ( Nadal ). It's also due to him coming from the Balkans, where people tend to enjoy great moments in a more colourful manner. He's only been depicted as arrogant or mean by the media, because the westerners of the 3 are better cows to milk. Djokovic has indeed achieved the greatest level of tennis in history, and he's proved he can be unbeatable on every surface.

    • Marc Zimmer
      Marc Zimmer

      That is true. Independent of further 5 wins, from technical side and human personality it is and will ever be Roger Federer. It might be a fantastic performance, but his behavior like a gorilla, the attitude of his complete family clan makes for me djokovic to an unacceptable idol!

    • Manne Klugler
      Manne Klugler

      Suddenly it's true. I never spoke it out before because I'm an abosolutely hater of everybody who is playing the two-handed backhand. Because of this Roger is always our hero, but in the end Djokovic will earn more grand slam titles. It's very sad for most of tennis fans but you have to be honest. Tsitsipas is like the young Roger. His time of dominance will begin soon. In Stefanos and Dominic Thiem every fan of the one-handed backhand trust and we will see like both of them are on the top of the of tennis champions race for the next decade!!

  • DJ DOX
    DJ DOX

    NOVAK 💪💪💪 🇷🇸 🇷🇸 🇷🇸

  • NJ R
    NJ R

    Best Player in World for real

  • johnton96

    Djokovic played incredibly, but what I find remarkable, that he always improves after the medical time out leaving the court. And then he turns around the match performing just like a changed person. Whatever he takes in the cabin, I wanna try the same as well 😂

    • johnton96

      @S P And of course there are drugs which improve your skills in let's not say 5, but about 30 mins, so does (legally) caffeine. I ve bought once smth in the us called no explode (us version) which had doping ingredients inside, but was legal to buy there. The effect came in less than 30 mins. I ve beaten opponents i couldnt have beaten without it. So how can you tell that there is no such a pill. Just explore and youll find it. And when you watched the game really, you saw that djokovic time out lasted about with all the walking and staff longer than 5 mins! And if you see that a set lasted about 50 mins it's definitely possible to have a lift in your power/focus in the very same set!

    • johnton96

      @Sarica I really like Djokovic!! But you don't know it, so don't I: In fact we all don't know! It's just if you put some investigation into doping and atp you ll find out that they don't punish those players which have consumed illegal substances harshly! Cilic only got banned for three months after his us open glory they found out half a year later in Wimbledon that he has taken something. Nadal got tested in 2012 positive. And I dont mean covid... !

    • Vanja B.
      Vanja B.

      @Archbishop Its old-fashioned way of thinking...

    • Archbishop

      @S P Υes, is possilbe, the so called mask-drugs, that are not traceable, I think all the 3 of them must be scrutinised, you cannot be 35 years old and still be a world champion, its against nature.

    • S P
      S P

      @Archbishop Because what you're saying is medically not possible. There is no ped that makes you play better tennis in 5 minutes. It takes months of taking peds to see even a slight increase in physical strength.

  • Никола Тесла
    Никола Тесла


    • FlyingDiCaprio

      Brate mili nema gde komentarišeš lol, novak 🐐

    • DJ DOX
      DJ DOX


  • igorsmederevo

    GOAT 🇷🇸🇷🇸

    • Din Djarin
      Din Djarin

      @Rag you wish :)

    • Rag

      @Din Djarin Frauderer fan? or the one trick pony fan? whichever u are, u must are mad butthurt.

    • Din Djarin
      Din Djarin

      Lmao, sheep maybe

    • DJ DOX
      DJ DOX


  • Onlysmmk

    1:12 this moment was in my mind till Djokovic broke tsitsipas in fifth set

  • Martin Andrews
    Martin Andrews

    Didn’t see it live. But. Beat nadal on the way. And some of that was staggering. The best that ever was.........

  • Marek Czyz
    Marek Czyz

    why people think Nole is trying to catch Federer and Nadal at 20 GS? He's coming for Margaret Court's 24 record

    • mtgne 53
      mtgne 53

      Tennis of women is a different sport! 😂

    • Ivan Karamazov
      Ivan Karamazov

      @Harewood J. D. yeah, Nole will win the race, no contest, but Nadal still has a few more chances. The guy still has the greatest chance to win RG for imo at least 2-3 years from now on. Meanwhile, Djokovic has the chance to win everything...

    • Harewood J. D.
      Harewood J. D.

      @Ivan Karamazov That's why Nadal was so gutted to lose this year's French open. He knows that GOAT title is almost going to Novak. Just a matter of time now. Both he and Federer are done on 20 slams but Nole is coming up fast

    • Ivan Karamazov
      Ivan Karamazov

      @Peter Kelner 2 this year 🤣 2 minimum next year, federer has 0 left and Nadal may have 1 more

    • Bojan Dimitrijevic
      Bojan Dimitrijevic

      @Peter Kelner how would you know?

  • Svetozar Dobrikovic
    Svetozar Dobrikovic

    Novaks biggest guilt is his Slavic rootes. Western media wait for so long to see his fall at least some injury or affair to discredit his achievements. I'm glad that RG organization didn't disqualify him after that slide towards Stefanos and accuse him of assault.

    • Rag

      @Fabien H I am not Serbian, and I am simply a tennis lover, but if you think Djokovic is being fake or pretending to be nice, then you deserved to be put in a mental hospital to sort u out. Of the 3, the realest and the most passionate is Djokovic, and unfortunately for you, the greatest of them 3 is also Djokovic. Djokovic has always been super complimentary and nice to give his two main rivals compliments and respects, even calling Nadal his biggest rival of his career and the hardest thing to do in sport, to beat him on his backyard at RG, which he convincingly did couple days back. He has always shown the sporting gesture of clapping with his racquet not just to those two rivals of his, but to all opponents he has faced whenever they have made great shots. But you’d be hard pressed to find Federer or Nadal clapping or showing acknowledgement of great shots made by Djokovic or anyone else, if that’s humble and classy for u, then yes I prefer Djokovic the ‘arrogant’ one, did you forget that US Open interview of 2012 or 11, when Djokovic beat Federer, when he saved matchpoints to beat him, how Roger called those shots lucky instead of taking it like a real champ and giving dues to the courage and great shots made by the young Serb, nop he didn’t because he is that ‘humble and classy’ guy in your dictionary. Regarding another humble dude Nadal, this dude speaks like a fluent native English speaker when questions about Federer is asked, calls him the 🐐 even if that’s not really the question, but when is asked about the real 🐐 Djokovic, he tries avoiding them or saying as little as possible, just recently he brushed off the question about what he felt about Djokovic beating all time weeks no 1 at the top, his response seemed full of saltiness, jealousy and disrespect, as if it wasn’t a big achievement in the history of the sport, let alone fake congratulating Djokovic for the achievement, if that’s humble and classy for you, then I prefer the ‘Arrogant one’, the gladiator, the Serbinator! The real 🐐, Novak Djokovic!

    • Svetozar Dobrikovic
      Svetozar Dobrikovic

      @Fabien H Have you ever been in my country? Why do you speak about people in general? Novak is so humble guy and he meets so many people every day

    • Fabien H
      Fabien H

      We remember how cool and nice the Sla... Serbian can be. Maybe that? And maybe the fact the man pretends to be nice only? Maybe??

    • Svetozar Dobrikovic
      Svetozar Dobrikovic

      @mm43501 You look pathetic cause his stats speak for themselves and don't need media to prove that. The reason I've been sarcastic is that I'm fed up with this fake excitement after the match. I don't think Novak needs anyone to tap his shoulder. And that romantic story you just made up about super ignorant-egocentric Federer and Nadal (20IQ) with no personality (I hit balls for a living,... and then I hit balls...) Players should be role models for kids so tell me which one would you recommend?

    • mm43501

      Novaks biggest guilt is his Slavic people and supporters around him and on the internet like you, and their pathetic victimhood, that make Djoko look like a racist cry baby with the need of love. I'm a great Djoko fan, so please shut up. The reason why Djoko is not as loved as the other 2 greats, it's simply because of history: Nadal vs Federer was the new "love story" of tennis, two monsters, two perfectly opposite style of players and men, that perfectly divided the tennis world and made for a perfect marketing; but then Nole arrived and spoiled the party. That's why he's been never "accepted" by the media like the other 2: he riuned a perfect story. Media actually respect Novak as a GOAT\one of the GOATs, but obviously, they clearly would prefer the debate just to be the good old Federer vs Nadal.

  • Niko Papadopoulos
    Niko Papadopoulos


    • Душан Силни
      Душан Силни

      И окупај се једном у Паралији за мене брате :)

    • Srba Milic
      Srba Milic

      Thank you brother. God's bless. Eat one giros gor me😊

  • James Going
    James Going

    Terrible to watch nothing graceful about him... His win at all cost tennis is a terrible watch 👀👎 Roger will always be the goat 👌

    • Душан Силни
      Душан Силни

      Maybe, but DJOKOVIC will always be a GOD!

    • Sasa Mackic
      Sasa Mackic

      Oh, James that is true! Way Federer run out of tournament to avoid to be beeaten by Novak is no doubt most graceful moment of this year RG. That grace he leaving tournament when Novak is on his way is unbelievable. Some times he need to show up in his famous sweater but this time he lift it on whole new level of grace! This time he run away in the darkness of night like real hero!

    • Martin Kopic
      Martin Kopic

      From 2012 until now Federer is just average player.Accept it ,will be good for your health.

    • Stanimirović D
      Stanimirović D

      @Martin Kopic Bas tako, bolesno su fanaticni..

    • Martin Kopic
      Martin Kopic

      @Stanimirović D Kakva mrcina mora biti da komentira ovako.Ovakav tip fanatika je udario Moniku Seleš nožem u Hamburgu.Novak im je noćna mora.Sjajan je !

  • 7tachyon

    3.56 unreal point

  • Grigor Gegov
    Grigor Gegov

    The commentator was like a funeral agent.

    • mtgne 53
      mtgne 53

      The same like in final Wimbl 2019 :)

    • Abdullah Ibn Miah
      Abdullah Ibn Miah

      Underrated comment

    • Aleksandar Todorovski
      Aleksandar Todorovski

      No western players in finale

    • El Che
      El Che


    • Blader V
      Blader V

      Must be a Federer fan

  • Lazar Ćirić
    Lazar Ćirić

    Objasnio je nole da moze nemoguce

    • Srba Milic
      Srba Milic

      Samo nek' mu Bog da zdravlja.

  • Ronny Brüchner
    Ronny Brüchner

    I hate this Player. Federer is Goat and Tsitsipas have to win. Everytime the Big 3 wins. 😐👎😥😪😫

    • Vukan Zimonjić
      Vukan Zimonjić

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 idiote

    • Mihailo Ivanović
      Mihailo Ivanović

      You have 0 friens - South Park 😂

    • Natalija Kunić
      Natalija Kunić

      Bitter and sad... thats what this comment is...

    • Stanimirović D
      Stanimirović D

      Hahahahaha FeDeReR🤡

  • Peksss


  • pablito le rus
    pablito le rus

    2:20 impressive catch by the ball girl

    • John Stromboly
      John Stromboly

      some people see things you would'nt belive

    • Stanimirović D
      Stanimirović D


  • belfibe1

    Really too lucky Djokovic, First Musetti and now The greek, both injured

    • Gamal Jinusi
      Gamal Jinusi

      @belfibe1 that's exactly what I mean: excuses for every win 😴😴😴 and you don't even notice Do you want to say something else?...........

    • Душан Силни
      Душан Силни

      hahahah cry

    • Sasa Mackic
      Sasa Mackic

      @Martin Kopic covjece, tako sime nasmijao, nemas pojma...svaka cast za komentar

    • belfibe1

      @Gamal Jinusi too lucky Kokovic, .... just readed, .... Tsitsipas know the death of his grandmother 5 minutes before the match

    • Martin Kopic
      Martin Kopic

      @Stanimirović D Zamisli kako bi ovi telci komentirali da se Novak češe po prdari ko Nadal.Moš zamislit🤣

  • Blagoje UK
    Blagoje UK

    I hope those morons at 4:15 have nightmares for longtime

  • hita111

    sorry for a stupid questions: why Stefanos didn't change the t-shirt for 4 set?

    • Anna Moore
      Anna Moore

      It's a 'superstition' he has- he doesn't change his shirt

    • J024

      Some players don't care and focus in playing.

  • Petar Celakoski
    Petar Celakoski

    Where are all the haters now, Where are the people who say when he loses he calls MTO on purpose The pople who acually believe that are idiots

  • Aramis Aramis
    Aramis Aramis

    God bless you Novak, thank you! ❤️🙏🇷🇸

  • Srdjan CG
    Srdjan CG

    NOLEEEEE!!!! ❤️💙🤍💪

    • DJ DOX
      DJ DOX




  • ТурбоТОП

    Now watch yesterday's womens final and tell me they deserve equal pay after this match.

    • J. M.
      J. M.

      @baby blueTheir expenses are irrelevant. When they don't generate as much interest and money (and they don't, and you can clearly see it on all RSloft channels, too), they shouldn't get the same money (i.e. get it from men's revenue). That's the way it is in every other sport except tennis. You get paid for what you earn. Nobody gets paid for their favourite activity automatically just because they have expenses.

    • Andreas Iacovou
      Andreas Iacovou

      Lol xD

    • Xabier Azkorra Apraiz
      Xabier Azkorra Apraiz

    • baby blue
      baby blue

      @Gua Rana Women pay for their equipment, physiotherapy and coaching just like men do. Not getting the same amount of prize money would be beyond unfair. Watching women's tennis can be as enjoyable as men's by keeping in mind the different criteria.

    • Alexander Tsymbal
      Alexander Tsymbal

      Women's life matters!

  • Stevo Glusac
    Stevo Glusac

    No cheering up for Novak, Western democracy

    • Stevo Glusac
      Stevo Glusac

      @T H is not; you can't compare the women and the men. I've been living in the UK for more than 20 years and got told off numerous times to go f off to where I came from when I was arguing with someone on the things that had nothing to do with where I am coming from. And ladies from my country, rarely would experience such hostility and being portrayed as 'threats'. Ana Ivanović did not pose any threat to anyone (plus being a woman, Slams played two sets and simply not that important as Men's tennis) as being very cute. So do not mix apples and pears.

    • Srba Milic
      Srba Milic

      @T H Djoković has great behavior and great sence of humor. His success in this era is to much for some people. He could be the greatest of all times, so it hurts.

    • T H
      T H

      That's ridiculous paranoia. I've noticed a few people saying that people in the west hate Djokovic because he's Serbian. That's not true at all - nobody for example had a problem with Ana Ivanovic. The reason some people dislike Djokovic is that he was very unlucky in his timing - he came up as the challenger to two very treasured players (Federer and Nadal). Other players have had the same thing - Jimmy Connors was very unpopular for a long time because he was challenging the world of beloved players like laver and Rosewall. John McEnroe was unloved for much of his career because he was seen as challenging the beloved Bjorn Borg. Martina Navratilova was not loved for a long time because she broke up the tennis world of crowd favourites Goolagong and Evert. One thing though that Connors, McEnroe, Navratilova and Djokovic have in common though is that they didn't help themselves at times with their behaviour. All of them could be quite peevish at times on court, and the fact that all of them were very dominant at one point or another also made people want to cheer for the under dogs.

    • Srba Milic
      Srba Milic

      @Fabien H Can I tell you my opinion as a serbian? We see (sory for my bad english) him diferent. You no... he is very elastic beside talent that they all have, (personaly I like Federer's lite tenis) and he take's power from heatrid of puplic. BOY, MUCH OF THE WORLD HATE US, BUT THEY NEVER STAYED WITH US,TALK TRY OUR FOOD, AND THINGS... YOU NO CRASY HOSPITALITY, never mind). He fight for small country, killed politicly, even do it is country of Mihailo Pupin, Nikola Tesla, basket player Jokic, Divac, and many so,(great poets, Aleksa Santic, Dis, Dučić, belive mi beautiful persons and much more, and by the way we had been kiled in wars, that you cant belive). So imagine Novak who has public on his soldier. Hard thing my brother. But try to imagine if he had public on his side? Very hard to beat. You no you prabably have seen when he sit at the chair and look like stone? I think that he think about very much about which I mention before. You know, he seas he's pour country (which once was inperia from the time of emperor Dusan the Strong one), he knowes that we live for he's victory, and belive me, if he would take's british citizenship which they ofer him I think that he would'nt be so good.Where would be then his inspiration? Sory for long explanation. Greatings, God's bless.

    • mtgne 53
      mtgne 53

      The same in London and New York, Melbourne too this year. ... western people

  • ТурбоТОП

    21 by end of year

  • Danny California
    Danny California

    Undisputed GOAT.

    • Borislav Grebenar
      Borislav Grebenar

      At least twice!

    • Borislav Grebenar
      Borislav Grebenar


  • Petar Petros
    Petar Petros

    2 and 19✅

  • Yeşil Elma
    Yeşil Elma

    Djokovic is real monster What a solid mentality he has!

  • Ni Kun
    Ni Kun

    Greetings for Mats Wilander :)))

  • Milan Suleic
    Milan Suleic

    GOAT status achieved!!!

    • Srba Milic
      Srba Milic

      @Karlo Marić Delimično si u pravu.

    • pfc86 312
      pfc86 312

      Чему то ГОАТ?

    • Petar Petros
      Petar Petros

      @Karlo Marić novak djokovic💪

    • Milan Suleic
      Milan Suleic

      Nole je vec sada GOAT i to se moze dokazivati sa mnogo argumenata. Ova brojka GS, koju ce Novak inace vec da prestigne ove godine, je samo jos jedna slamka spasa za koju se drze pobornici da su Rafa i Rodzer jos uvek ispred Noleta u GOAT debati.

    • Karlo Marić
      Karlo Marić

      @Milos Tomic A to je cinjenica da treba jos prestici tu i onda ce postati konacni goat.Iskreno ja sam se nadao da ce Nadal uzeti Rg,a evo Novak je uzeo,a ako Novak uzme jos Wimbledon i US Open onda ce postati konacni goat i tu vise nece biti nikakve rasprave o tome tko je najveci svih vremena,a to sto ce svijet uzdizati Federera i da nije najveci to nije ni bitno.

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle

    Djokovic is the REAL GOAT

    • vb_ LegitVik
      vb_ LegitVik

      @blabla bla that is a stupid statement. I can easily just say imagine 40 GS if fedal wasn’t there😂

    • blabla bla
      blabla bla

      Just imagine where 19 GS go if there is no nole.... and u will understand WHO IS GOAT TAKING ALL RECORDS AND SOON LAST ONE !!!!! NO #1 E

    • blabla bla
      blabla bla

      He is... he destroy FEDAL...without nole and hiss destroying them tennis wpuld be boring

    • C dot
      C dot

      @Jack Dylan Shut up you melt

    • vb_ LegitVik
      vb_ LegitVik


  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle

    i am a djokovic fan, but i must says djokovic is the real GOAT

    • Fidelio

      i am a djokovic fan too. Unfortunately i have to concede that Djokovic is the GOAT and better than Federer and Nadal and Laver....:(

    • Elta HD
      Elta HD

      The best sportman in word histori❤️olso G.O.A.T. tenis plyer.

    • Rag

      man i’m a fan of that gay looking Frauderer, but I must say Novak Djokovic is not only the greatest tennis player of all time, but he is the greatest athlete ever too. He is already even above Jordan for me, and I’d put him as an equal to Ali.

    • Andrej Bernard
      Andrej Bernard

      Слажем се!

    • psiw agy
      psiw agy

      Lol 😂😂😂👌👌👌