Nikola Jokic Receives 2021-22 MVP Award In His Hometown Serbia | NBA on TNT
Nikola Jokic received the 2021-22 NBA MVP award in his hometown Serbia and made a grand entrance for the announcement.
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  • Nick Scott
    Nick Scott

    Much respect to Jokic. No social media, no drama, just a badass basketball player that loves horses and his family.

    • lescobrandon45

      @L D embiid is a sloth .

    • Dragica Andrejevic
      Dragica Andrejevic

      Remember this - See how owner and the coach take care of their only value in Nuggets. He is the main value of the club, everything else is changeable and very cheap.Everyone knows that Bones Hyland is more valuable in trade than MPJ. Monté Morris more valuable in trade than Jamal Murray .The owner and coach if they don’t sign with Jokic and go to GSW the rest of the team is worth nothing .If Jokic goes to GSW Club Nuggets on the market it is worth nothing..If you want to be rich and preserve wealth, sometimes you have to ... work like this

    • Family Lives Matters
      Family Lives Matters

      He’s the Tim Duncan of this era

    • huh

      And as I predicted embiid goes 7/24 and loses in another 2nd round, give Jokic his team and they would be championship contenders

    • huh

      @L D i never said he is the same level, but he is stepped it up dramatically this year especially as a paint defender he is nowhere near the liability he once was, and like I said his playmaking ability is miles ahead probably the greatest we have ever seen in a center.

  • Miles Hall
    Miles Hall

    How can you not like this guy? Best MVP award ceremony ever.

    • Marko Toshich
      Marko Toshich

      @ThereIsNoTrueLove Where should I look for Embiid to tell him?

    • Regista Me
      Regista Me

      So true; the dude just looks like he is living life like it truly is golden

    • iamdalibor

      @Miles Hall I know. That bubble was amazing you could hear the players balling and all now we are back to having to deal with rowdy crowds and can't hear anything the players say. Plus that duel between jazz nuggs in the bubble wow... Mitchel Murray going at it was insane. I must be the only person who would prefer bubble style NBA over NBA with crowds. And remember the tvs of the people? I thought that was pretty cool

    • Josh DaGoat
      Josh DaGoat

      @Miles Hall yeah that's different fo sho surprised no one talking bout that

    • Miles Hall
      Miles Hall

      @Josh DaGoat 🤣🤣🤢🤮😂them Europeans

  • Kamauri Fitch
    Kamauri Fitch

    It’s really coo to see his coach flew all the way to Serbia across the world to give his player the Award and celebrate how this game continues to grow and get better it’s not all the way there yet there’s still some work to be done but can we all just take in this moment

    • dragan zivkovic
      dragan zivkovic

      Not only the coach flew in, but also the son of the owner of Denver.

    • Dragica Andrejevic
      Dragica Andrejevic

      Remember this - See how owner and the coach take care of their only value in Nuggets. He is the main value of the club, everything else is changeable and very cheap.Everyone knows that Bones Hyland is more valuable in trade than MPJ. Monté Morris more valuable in trade than Jamal Murray .The owner and coach if they don’t sign with Jokic and go to GSW the rest of the team is worth nothing .If Jokic goes to GSW Club Nuggets on the market it is worth nothing..If you want to be rich and preserve wealth, sometimes you have to ... work like this

    • Iva V
      Iva V

      Being a hater is a diagnosis, believe me ...!!!!! Don't forget that Serbs write history in many fields ... !! Serbia is the country of Nikola Tesla, Milutin Milanković, Nikola Jokić, Novak Đoković, Filip Filipović, Ivana Španović and lots more of them ... Nation with ingenious World Champions in water polo, volleyball, basketball, athletics ... A small country with about 7 million citizens, much less than a big city like LA or New York ... or London ... but people with the biggest heart and passion for everything they do, in the world !! A Serb is not just a nation ..., being a Serb is a philosophy of life ... Bravo Nikola .., bravo Serbia !!! Your country must be very proud of Y0u .., hats off great, back to back NBA MVP dude !!!

    • Yuzeal Kennedy
      Yuzeal Kennedy

      We call him silent Stan in England because we never see him or hear him talk about Arsenal football club. Please silent Stan sell Arsenal FC and stick to American sports you’re not wanted on these shores and that’s from all Arsenal FC fans. Facts

    • Brandon Gordon
      Brandon Gordon

      That’s the kindest thing ever

  • Always Blessed
    Always Blessed

    That is so amazing that coach Malone and teammates came to Serbia to give him his award. Wow! That was moving!!

    • Always Blessed
      Always Blessed

      As a Warriors die hard fan if we got Joker or any of the Nuggets players I would be okay with that! Take Boogie back too!

    • Dragica Andrejevic
      Dragica Andrejevic

      Remember this - See how owner and the coach take care of their only value in Nuggets. He is the main value of the club, everything else is changeable and very cheap.Everyone knows that Bones Hyland is more valuable in trade than MPJ. Monté Morris more valuable in trade than Jamal Murray .The owner and coach if they don’t sign with Jokic and go to GSW the rest of the team is worth nothing .If Jokic goes to GSW Club Nuggets on the market it is worth nothing..If you want to be rich and preserve wealth, sometimes you have to ... work like this

    • Aleksandar Z
      Aleksandar Z

      wellcome to Serbia all

    • ZenitsuThunder

      NBA is full of love man

    • eric ruderman
      eric ruderman

      Where are his teammates?

  • Paul Im
    Paul Im

    Most humble MVP you'll ever see. Loving the brotherly love.

    • L K
      L K

      @Darnell steph has an ego the size of mt. Everest

    • M M
      M M

      @Darnell steph is defo not humble lol

    • Skat Kat
      Skat Kat

      @Griffin McCune I thought we were talking while MVP

    • Griffin McCune
      Griffin McCune

      @Skat Kat kd is not humble lol

    • Denver Zorro Zoki
      Denver Zorro Zoki

      Yes, Giannis loves more the macho show. Nikola is more relaxed overall. Both love to make fun...

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda

    What an honor. I’m so glad we have someone like Jokic to call our own!

    • Rango zagor
      Rango zagor


    • Allen Carpenter
      Allen Carpenter

      @zac it's regular season award no its got nothing to do with playoffs it's for the regular season

    • Mr. Bacon
      Mr. Bacon

      @tubeslats Wdym he's riding his horse not watching the playoffs

    • Marko Curcic
      Marko Curcic

      @tubeslats last year he received his REGULAR season award while his TEAM was still playing.

  • Tyler Griffin
    Tyler Griffin

    The fact that he said he wanted to model his game after Boris Diaw is amazing to me, Boris Diaw was a really good player and he’s very very underrated!

    • GrandMastaGrimm

      Yeah it was dope that he said both Diaw and Aldridge. Was definitely surprised by Diaw, had completely forgot about him

    • Ieodkfmhlep kkwixkfmfkgkgkffk
      Ieodkfmhlep kkwixkfmfkgkgkffk

      Calm, cool and accurate. Didn't had the body of an Athlete but his game was enough

    • Jennifer Linares
      Jennifer Linares

      @Cis Hansen OK

    • go bot
      go bot

      @Rayzen Rise idk if it’s all I’ve never seen Rudy get called that I think it has to do with him struggling with his weight which a lot of foreign players deal with

  • Bille

    I just love this wave of humble players like Jokic and Giannis winning the MVP. Love how he namedropped Duncan and Nowitzki as men who he modelled his game after, real great role models.

    • Nathan Branson
      Nathan Branson

      @James Antony This is correct. None of them American. Also Steve Nash. What is it about non-American NBA players that make them so-team oriented? It is like the American obsession with DIY individualistic "I made it myself" attitude that is not working.

    • key will
      key will

      @Golden Coast what? I was born and raised in Virginia. U can’t get more American than that

    • Golden Coast
      Golden Coast

      ​@key will I can say the same about you

    • DSG

      Role models? Get off their tops it's a basketball award let them be human instead of being quick to put them on a pedestal

  • MX

    Anyone recognized how relaxed and happy Jokic is here? He must be really happy to be back home with his animals, resting and enjoying the fruits of his labor. What a beautiful sight.

    • Bratan TV
      Bratan TV

      and recover before EuroBasket 22

    • Ron Košak
      Ron Košak

      yes. this and rakija

    • Aleksandar v
      Aleksandar v

      Somor is the greenest city in Serbia.Its spring and evereything is green and weather is nice.Hes back at home as mvp again,young with nostalgia.Imagine his happines...

    • Deez Nutz
      Deez Nutz

      @ZenitsuThunder Its a beautifull meditiranian country. Go in the summer time

    • ZenitsuThunder

      Peace and Nostalgia for Jokic. I wanna go to Serbia someday

  • Todd Leopold
    Todd Leopold

    This makes me happy. Congratulations to the MVP Nikola Jokic.

    • today was a good day
      today was a good day

      Finally it's here

  • James Burgess
    James Burgess

    I remember the moment the nuggets traded away Nurkic and fully backed Jokic as their center for the future, and everyone thought it was dumb to break them up over the "guy who makes cool passes". Back to back MVPs! Glad to see him getting the undeniable respect he deserves

    • Sonicmoj

      @blacc beard with Murray and the other guy out the whole season

    • iamdalibor

      @blacc beard You do know the nuggs made the western final conference already right? And last year he got past the first round. This year the warriors were to much to handle for the nuggs.

    • Marko Curcic
      Marko Curcic

      @blacc beard who?

    • Islandflavah69

      Don't forget that they also traded away D. Mitchell 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • The God Potato
      The God Potato

      @blacc beard happens when he’s truly the entire team casual

  • Wesley Belcher
    Wesley Belcher

    If not Giannis, I'm glad it was this humble giant. Love the mentality that he displays. Need more athletes like this for the kids of the world to admire... Congrats MVP!

    • Chris Butler
      Chris Butler

      @Tyrell Cobb nope

    • Kevin Ruiz
      Kevin Ruiz

      @Tyrell Cobb nah

    • Tyrell Cobb
      Tyrell Cobb

      Shoulda been Embiid

  • Sloaner

    He’s so down to earth and never shows an ego. How do people hate this guy?His game is so fun to watch and is well deserving of the MVP🃏🐐

    • Allen Carpenter
      Allen Carpenter

      I think usa likes hot dog players dancing on court not humble players which it just dumb

    • Thot_Juice _Papi
      Thot_Juice _Papi

      @Mr. Bacon lol them disagreeing is hardly racist

    • Mr. Bacon
      Mr. Bacon

      @Edward Kibirige Go to the youtube video when the award was announced on inside the nba. You'll see plenty. I personally saw many, many comments talking about how the NBA media is racist and trying to uplift Jokic and Luka by giving them extra praise, etc, etc.

    • Thot_Juice _Papi
      Thot_Juice _Papi

      @Mr. Bacon not at all everybody loves a yt boi that can hoop come on now lol

  • Hammad

    MVP of NBA sitting in a Horse stable, no earnings, no flashy cars, no dances or designer jackets...... You are too pure for this World Nikola. Never change. 100% deserved the MVP, what a season for him and what a legend.

    • Andrej Milovanovic
      Andrej Milovanovic

      @Daniel Chen Lol, exactly! He loves to spend money just as anyone else.. he is just not a big show guy.

    • Aleksandar Z
      Aleksandar Z

      @Daniel Chen thay haded horses be4 Nikola start playing basketball. Hi from Serbia ;) just 2 know

    • Daniel Chen
      Daniel Chen

      To be fair though, these horses ain't cheap lol.

  • E L
    E L

    how great is the nba right now? east and west teams being super competitive, three great big men playing record breaking basketball, along with a hand full of young athletes playing out of their minds. Refs not calling ticky-tack fouls(for the most part) And a two time mvp that is just incredible to watch. Just great basketball to watch for someone who loves basketball 🏀 🙌 👌!!!

    • Ahmad El Alayli
      Ahmad El Alayli

      @Darko exactly! There is no way of telling but the fact that the first thing that came to his mind after reading this was Lebron shows the haters' obsession with this guy 😂

    • Darko

      @Ahmad El Alayli He might be right and wrong. LeBron played in the East, and it was never competitive until 2018 where he did reach the NBA Finals. So right and wrong.

    • Flyhr

      @Rico Timeless LeBron won finals 2 years ago (2020)... and that was a 35 year old LeBron. A prime 2012 version of LeBron would destroy this league... Do you see what Ja Morant is doing to the NBA right now? If they can't stop a high flying 6'3" Ja, how are they gonna stop a 6'9" LeBron? Don't forget Kawhi dismantled this same league (Giannis, Embiid, and Curry in 2019).

    • EDDY CH
      EDDY CH

      The Refs?? bet u watching only Jokic games!!

  • FC_96

    Amazing and well deserved. This was the closest MVP race I’ve ever witnessed by all three finalist. Anyone could’ve won’t it, and no one wouldn’t be upset because they all had a historic season.

    • George Reynolds
      George Reynolds

      Joker had as many first-place votes as embiid had first and second-place votes combined. I fail to see how that is considered close

    • jimbho67

      @Shut up Jokic had 27 13.8 and 7.9 Embiid had 30.6 11.7 and 4.2 Giannis had 29.9 11.6 and 5.8 Jokic deserved to win in my opinion but Giannis had nearly identical numbers to Embiid you're speaking BS this was such a tight race

    • J P
      J P

      Totally agree 👍🏾

    • Gilho Ahn
      Gilho Ahn

      @Shut up are we forgetting thosr statement consecutive 40 pieces on Embiid and KD had pushed him deep into the conversation? He was literally top of the MVP power rankings in the closing weeks of the regular season according to NBA

    • Kali

      Sadly, a lot of people are upset

  • Šiler

    To me as a Serb seeing this felt as my good friend won it the way coach Malone hugged him shows what type of man he is

    • Kanalzi

      Kosovo je srbija

    • Dennis

      Moach is legit

    • Marinko Marinko
      Marinko Marinko

      Give our bro some help Mike!

  • D S
    D S

    1:00 Even Joker shows emotions...getting his back to back MVP reward at his home, with the band singing nice,old song... I could only imagine what a party this was after. But he deserved it. He played with his heart, not for personal numbers, but for his team to win. And that is the Most Valuable thing any player can have. And Nikola Jokic has tons of that. BRAVO NIKOLA !

    • L K
      L K

      @Ground Trader isn't embiid at home too?

    • D S
      D S

      @shriyans And the song guess it..also a little bit about the horses...childhood memories from old "farm" or "ranch"

    • Byk37

      @shriyans the song

    • shriyans

      what was the name of the song

    • Iva V
      Iva V

      @Ground Trader Keep dreaming about it ... and you know what ... ?? Hate is a diagnosis ... so all you haters..,treat yourself on time until it's too late !!

  • Dicky Seamus
    Dicky Seamus

    I'm from Milwaukee and a big Bucks/Giannis fan, but this is well deserved by Jokic! Congratulations!

    • Jaylan

      @Alcyone M2 smart one

    • Andrew Newman
      Andrew Newman

      @Alcyone M2 a logical and fair one

    • Alcyone M2
      Alcyone M2

      What kind of Bucks fan are you?

    • Travis Noffsinger
      Travis Noffsinger

      Yall got a 2 timer yourselves. I thought of anythingvit was between those 2.

  • Gary Lee
    Gary Lee

    Funny how so many people across almost every platform feel he didn’t deserve the MVP and practically bashing him. Meanwhile this man is across the world enjoying time with his family and chilling in horse stables caring for animals. None of the negativity and noise is getting to him, he is living his best life. Stay humble Joker

  • Nasim Akram
    Nasim Akram

    How can people be mad there literally were 3 right choices. Congrats Jokic!

    • lescobrandon45

      @Brian Giles noticed how you only got one like after that irrelevant statement

    • T A
      T A

      Embiid deserved it.

    • ZenitsuThunder

      overall stats and percentage Jokic did better. But Embiid has better only in PPG. Jokic deserves this repeat as MVP

    • el chapo jr kimg of the trap
      el chapo jr kimg of the trap

      @Brian Giles So what else can he do without a better supporting cast? Almost 2 years he's down his other 2 stars and he still getting them to the playoffs.

    • el chapo jr kimg of the trap
      el chapo jr kimg of the trap

      @Savant yeah if that's what you think grand wizard.

  • Anon Myungie
    Anon Myungie

    He is so humble. I love that he does not lead that flashy celebrity life that many NBA superstars seem to live. He seems unproblematic and an overall nice guy to be around.

    • C PA
      C PA

      Totally, he is a great human in and out of the court

  • Петар Денић
    Петар Денић

    This guy is pure gold... Pure Honey.

    • Phillip Goffe
      Phillip Goffe

      The Big Honey

    • kdoty


  • Raptorator

    This gave me the same vibe when Giannis won MVP and he was at Greece getting the award. I think Jokic will be a NBA champion soon enough.

    • Protestant

      That or trade because Denver franchise is not capable to get some big names in Mile high.

    • C PA
      C PA

      NBA has been putting millions in international branding as well, so I think this MVP looks more like an international promotional award. Just imagine if Embiid would get the trophy in Africa, imagine the message he would pass to all those talented players down there.

    • TI84SATACT

      We’ll see!

    • S. L.
      S. L.


  • Dimitrije Tucović
    Dimitrije Tucović

    Best player we've ever had, making our country proud ❤🇷🇸

    • Dimitrije Tucović
      Dimitrije Tucović

      @Edo Truman Zavisi kako gledaš. Imali smo odlične igrače uvek.

    • Edo Truman
      Edo Truman

      Ima nekoliko kandidata za "Best player you've ever had", Nikola je definitivno u top 3.

    • William PPL
      William PPL

      @Wisely Chen We are all talking about basketball

    • Dimitrije Tucović
      Dimitrije Tucović

      @Wisely Chen but that's not what i'm talking about, i said he's our best ever basketball player.

    • Wisely Chen
      Wisely Chen

      @Dimitrije Tucovićin sport world

  • Davi Souza
    Davi Souza

    Nikola is like Tim Duncan and Kareem, He's godly in basketball but he's also not interestted in being famous and being a Star. He's all about winning and that's truly It.

    • DQ

      @Sonicmoj none of those people won back to back mvps

    • Sonicmoj

      @DQ and neither did Dominique or Charles or Carmelo or McGrady or Carter, etc

    • Davi Souza
      Davi Souza

      @Justin Tells the truth facts

  • OP

    I was rooting for Jokic. He's so humble, it's inspiring. Well deserved!

  • Mixer

    As a Serbian I'm very proud what Nikola is doing, congrats to the big guy, and it was nice to see Denver front office and coaching staff fly over here to give him the award

    • milan jovanovic
      milan jovanovic

      @James Bond And it translates "I'm preparing my dark horse for a long time". True

    • Mixer

      @James Bond yes, artist name is Zvonko Bogdan, song name is "Vec odavno spremam svog mrkova"

    • James Bond
      James Bond

      Hi Mixer. Do you known the name of the song they are playing? I like it much. Thanks

  • Erik Cox
    Erik Cox

    This guy is such a talent man, I'm from Kentucky so I'm not what you'd call a Nuggets fan but I'm a big time sports fan and this guy needs to be appreciated. Like Shaq trying to keep the big man alive and him and Embid is great Jokic has just been more available I think but Giannis, Joel, and Jokic all great talents and cool to see the big guy in the paint banging lol seems like a great young man. ✌️💙

    • Vince Young 22
      Vince Young 22

      I am a Serb who lived in Kentucky for years, and I support teams from Tennessee, especially Titans

    • LeedleDuck

      @Turkey Lot of people from KY are Pacers fans, their games are close enough to drive to

    • Turkey

      Just curious what nba team do you root for there in Kentucky?? I like to travel around the country and I always think it’s interesting how states/areas without a pro team kind of choose between a few of the most regionally close by teams

  • Justine Diamante
    Justine Diamante

    Missing Tim Duncan and the spurs, Gotta appreciate this guy for being humble enough and Letting his game speak he is the real MVP!

    • L K
      L K

      @Bido Buckets if giannis is a big tim duncan can be too. Dude was basically a 7footer 🤣

    • Bido Buckets
      Bido Buckets

      They don't consider Tim Duncan a big man because u was mainly a PF

  • Jay Cepero
    Jay Cepero

    The billionaire owner of the Nuggets flew to Serbia to give him the MVP. That’s freaking respect that goes beyond basketball. I’m pulling for this guy to win a title. Class act unlike that mumbling buffoon who openly whines about not winning the mvp.

  • Travis Noffsinger
    Travis Noffsinger

    As a Nuggets fan ive been waiting forever for a player like this. Its a treat to get to watch all of his games... Congratulations well deserved.

    • King of Kings
      King of Kings

      @Jack Moon easy answer, Jokic by a mile

    • Jack Moon
      Jack Moon

      As a mavs fan, can I ask who you've liked more Melo or jokic?

  • Jay_homes13

    All 3 finalists have fascinating stories and humble beginnings. Great role models for the Younger generations.

    • 20dieux

      @neko tamo Yeah I like Giannis and Jokic personalities but Embiid seems very immature

    • neko tamo
      neko tamo

      Embiid is very humble for crying for his mvp award, when they asked him about Jokic getting it he did not even congratz him right away but talked for 10 min and almost forgot to do it.

  • Robert Roman
    Robert Roman

    True definition of what being humble is.. congratulations Jokic!!

  • Isaac Restrepo
    Isaac Restrepo

    This guy is such a pure soul we need more humble player like him truly a MVP on the court and off ❤️❤️

  • Jessie

    jokic has gotten a lot more comfortable talking to american media, this interview he was confident and humble

    • Patrick McMahon
      Patrick McMahon

      he was loose and in his environment-Feeling the Love!

    • jkwalrus #
      jkwalrus #

      I noticed that he seems so loose here, it’s great

  • G Stans
    G Stans

    So proud of Jokic! So amazing in terms of personality and the diversity he adds to the NBA

  • Louis Caraballo
    Louis Caraballo

    He mentioned Duncan dirk aldrige and BORIS DIAW you guys have no idea how good he really was he deserves a mention man congrats jokic your gonna run this league with chAmpionships soon

    • Sotark Gnilluc
      Sotark Gnilluc

      Europeans basketball fans know how good Boris Diaw was. He's just not a big deal in the US 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Ibn Zuhr
      Ibn Zuhr

      Just because he mentions my man Duncan, Jokic is on his way to multiple titles.

    • Stephen A Snake
      Stephen A Snake

      @slickeddy2000 How when Boris Diaw was a better offensive talent than Dray but Green as the edge in terms of defense

    • slickeddy2000

      Boris Diaw is like Draymond Green you gotta put him in a situation with High IQ basketball players or Talent or he can’t be utilized properly.

  • Venom Symbiote
    Venom Symbiote

    Such a great player. I hope he can win a championship or two before it’s all said and done 👍

    • Ibn Zuhr
      Ibn Zuhr

      @ZenitsuThunder They will be a dangerous combination. The only concern may be defense.

    • ZenitsuThunder

      if he teams up with Luka

    • Ibn Zuhr
      Ibn Zuhr

      I think he will. With the way he plays, it’s inexorable. It’s only a matter of time.

    • Hyde Jekyll
      Hyde Jekyll

      Bro I’m a gsw fan but if Murray was atleast healthy (90%) nuggets would be the clear favorites for the west. He can match book for sure

  • WestHeron

    Congratulations to Nikola Jokic! Very well deserved, all 3 top candidates gave us an amazing end to the MVP race, but only one of them had historic numbers!

  • C PA
    C PA

    Jokic is a great human in and out of the court, amazing, well deserved. I really like how humble and heart open he is. The horse behind really stole my attention by the way

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G

    You have to love Nikola. A real person, no inflated ego. I hope he stays in Denver for a long time!

  • I can't swim
    I can't swim

    Deserved, statistically one of the greatest seasons ever, can't wait till he has proper support to be competitive

  • Louel

    I love how humble these international players are like Dirk, Luka, Duncan, Manu, and Jokic. They just show their game, unlike those players who kept asking for a show of respect. Edit: also Yao Ming (as pointed out by Ken123268) very humble and a great ambassador for basketball in Asia

    • Wonderlandian

      Forgot about Giannis or...?

    • Gio Prangija
      Gio Prangija

      Isn't Duncan an American he played for the US

    • Belry


    • Sohaib Mir
      Sohaib Mir

      Also Hakeem Olajuwon

    • Ken123168

      Why is Yao never mentioned among international players?

  • Miloš Momčilović
    Miloš Momčilović

    Jokaro, uzivaj, pa se nadamo da te vidimo u dresu repke 🇷🇸

  • Dre Locs
    Dre Locs

    I love how humble he is 😂 6:00 “Dog is dying right there” “No shes good shes good” 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Pulse the Trey
    Pulse the Trey

    So much respect for this man. Absolute legend. The Balkan Beast.

    • milan jovanovic
      milan jovanovic

      Giannis also Balkan Beast

  • Fish On Fish On
    Fish On Fish On

    No crying no acting on speech like MVPs before, refreshing.

    • Wisely Chen
      Wisely Chen

      @ZenitsuThunder Asian lose genetically when it comes to basketball

    • ZenitsuThunder

      Just a human chilling on his country and hometown. Jokic is real. I love NBA is so international now hopefully Asia basketball can come to NVA

    • Igor M
      Igor M

      He actually did cry. When he took his helmet off.

    • TI84SATACT

      What’s wrong with crying if it means something to you!

  • Eahea Yaseen
    Eahea Yaseen

    This interview just gave me so much more respect for Jokic, NBA is lucky to have him

  • Michael S
    Michael S

    The disrespect this guy has taken is unbelievable. All he does is play his heart out and win!

  • Worldwide Wyatt
    Worldwide Wyatt

    Nikola and Giannis deservedly winning the last 4 MVPs really pays tribute to the vision of David Stern and making NBA basketball a truly international sport.

    • Trebiane

      dude forget that, all three finalists this year were internationals.

  • Polaar Name
    Polaar Name

    Haha everyone is singing and applauding THATS family, nothing will top this for him. What a precious and cherishable moment.

  • Will Sani
    Will Sani

    "he did not die". best MVP speech ever.

    • Vietizy


  • Why sit still
    Why sit still

    I love this interview, I appreciate his intelligence and genuine energy. Props to the MVP, well deserved.

  • Otis Zoff
    Otis Zoff

    Had a great season! Well deserved!

  • Jamie Dungo
    Jamie Dungo

    It's refreshing seeing a down to earth and humble guy, that appears to live a "normal" life (away from his career) with no desire to be spending or splashing out on expensive and materialistic things (like chains and super cars etc)... Who also just happens to be a now 2 time back-to-back MVP of the NBA... 😄

  • Cherry Mendoza
    Cherry Mendoza

    why am i crying.. he is just unique.. how can you not love him.. remember Dirk on him.. humility at its best

  • Mr Swanky Blum
    Mr Swanky Blum

    Jokic is such a legend man. Baffles me how so many people hate on him for literally like literally absolutely no reason at all

  • D Human
    D Human

    Congratulations Nikola! I know you tune out the (uglier than it need be) noise that we’re inundated by here, if we want to continue to follow you, your team, and appreciate the steps along the way. Thank you for continuing to keep your spirit and allow it to shine through truly, as you’ve continued to better your craft and handle increased challenge so impressively. And for those of us who are witnessing and understanding the noise we have to filter through to share in the joy of your performances and success just a little, we should take solace in knowing real merit can be rewarded in spite of that kind of noise. Great interview Ernie. This was fun.

  • Hawj Family
    Hawj Family

    Say all you want but this is a great man. He doesn't set out to win awards like some of the other players in the NBA. He just let's his play do the talking

  • SS

    The rightful MVP

    • Dew Man
      Dew Man

      @Thelight354 no it’s Jokic. Giannis is not more valuable to his team than Jokic during regular season

    • Thelight354

      Is Giannis

    • Trigga Woods
      Trigga Woods

      @Seymour Lewis I don't think his watching playoffs. His probably taking care of his horses

    • David

      @Nofollow this is coming from a warriors fan btw, dude was a problem

    • Dew Man
      Dew Man

      @Sehlor Dhorr nope

  • PeaceFan1

    VERY Well Deserved!!! LOVE Him and his Style of Play, He is a COMPLETE Triple Threat, THAT is Why he was Chosen MVP!! There Isn't Anything he Can't Do!!!

  • Mdk

    Extremely well deserved, anybody who says otherwise has no knowledge of basketball at all, he led g league players to the play offs and a 6th seed which they had absolutely no right being in, he had the highest efficiency rating in nba history, higher than even wilt when he was averaging 50, he was also the first player in nba history to have 2k points, 1k rebounds, 500 assists and over, he also had a higher box score and plus/minus than giannis and embiid signifying that he was much more valuable to his team than giannis and embiid, the only thing embiid had going for him was that he was the top scorer, he led in no other category, and to further show how much Jokic played better than embiid, if Jokic had harden, harrris, maxey and danny green we all know he'd have done much better considering he was able to make the playoffs as the 6th seed with g league players and was only 3 games behind embiid, it's literal madness to say anybody deserved it more than Jokic

  • Dani. D.
    Dani. D.

    Congratulations Nikola, and to see the Denver people and his coach there, just to give him the award was special. Still, can't get the image of Shaq on a horse, out of my head....very nice!!!

  • Wladislav

    Absolute legend. Well deserved.

  • Danny Florez-Rentería
    Danny Florez-Rentería

    If Jokic had a Mexican teammate I'm sure he would've loved Mexico. We love horses and family. Congrats, you deserve back to back MVP!!

  • Ben

    What a humble person. I hope he realizes so many people like myself look up to him because he doesn’t care about the materialistic side of life. He knows exactly who he is.

  • Turkey

    This is the most Eastern European interview of all time, glorious

  • universe 86
    universe 86

    Best center in the league you can have the rest. Jokic is the man.

  • Francis Corro
    Francis Corro

    Back to Back MVP! So deserving. Congratulations Joker!

  • JokPokBog

    Well deserved award! Love the Denver Nuggets! Coach Malone is an incredible person…I think that ever Serb who watched NBA knows who he is!

  • makel maktas
    makel maktas

    We love him ❤ such a man Such a player

  • Chip yard
    Chip yard

    Unprecedented 2000pts/1000rbs/500asts season - how could he not win MVP? They got this one right.

    • straight shootah
      straight shootah

      @TI84SATACT there is an award for that chump, its called #1 team in the regular season. we are talking about individual merits here. Just because you on a trash team you dont deserve to get it?

    • Igor M
      Igor M

      @TI84SATACT How many Nuggets games have you watched?

    • TI84SATACT

      So what? The MVP shouldn’t be given for just stats…Westbrook shouldn’t have won it either for his triple double shenanigans…empty calories. I’ve been watching basketball for over 40 years and I’ve seen many players have better seasons than this unprecedented one! Only one stat matters how much did you win?!

  • Keith Murphy
    Keith Murphy

    So much better than last year's "ceremony"... Seems the NBA is finally starting to recognize who their best player is. A couple years late is better than never though 👍

  • Z M
    Z M

    I love that the Joker doesn't cling on to being defeated in the playoffs too seriously and he just moves on with his life and has fun. We should all strive to work hard in the moment then enjoy ourselves outside of it.

  • Ricardo Llamas
    Ricardo Llamas

    This is probably the most wholesome MVP presentation ever.

  • Monkey Dog
    Monkey Dog

    He played better than his MVP year last year. Much deserved.

    • lion man
      lion man

      He did. People should stop complaining and look at the numbers. He numbers were outstanding

  • Tanveer Shahnawaz
    Tanveer Shahnawaz

    "Thank you. I will. I know I will." Sounds like someone who knows that they are very grateful and lucky.

  • MarkoN555

    The Humble MVP.

    • Shut up
      Shut up

      @Simeon Huntsman Depends how you define humble I guess. He makes jokes and sarcastic comments but I have never seen him call out players or talk bad about any rival. I haven't seen him ever complain about his lack of minutes or shots either like other superstars.

    • Simeon Huntsman
      Simeon Huntsman

      @Shut up I wouldn’t exactly call Steph “humble” tho 😂

    • Shut up
      Shut up

      Last decade has been full of humble MVPs tbf. Steph, Giannis and Jokic

  • Munards

    Y’all forget Yugoslavia was going at it with US back in the day in olympics. Those guys can ball

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