Nikola Jokic 30 pts 14 rebs 7 asts vs Clippers 20/21 season
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  • AnthonyElsetinow

    Lol joker didnt even know how to react cause he’s not used to playing defense or making defensive plays

  • M2K NBA
    M2K NBA

    luka magic is better

  • Wuk

    ESPN : Jokic drives in for a easy layup Everybody else : easy layup considering 2 fauls on the way to the hoop....

  • Guy Bartlett
    Guy Bartlett

    0 turnovers! This guy is a machine!

  • Guy Bartlett
    Guy Bartlett

    What does zhightlights say after he says god first?

  • Charon58

    I wonder how disappointed Leonard and Paul are about how this has worked out. It was going to be LA and LA in the west for years...not so much

  • Harder Way
    Harder Way

    This game : 3pts shots, fadeaways, dunks, blocks, bullyings, dimes...Everything there is.

  • Božidar Jovanović
    Božidar Jovanović

    Jokić Superstar!!

  • truth truth
    truth truth

    His off ball game is perfect no mistakes screens are perfect,positioning and his IQ is on another level

  • Mar Nik
    Mar Nik

    hahaha Jokic vs Zubac :D cat and rat

  • Vladimir Petrovic
    Vladimir Petrovic


  • Веселин Поповић
    Веселин Поповић

    0 TOS , well that is impressive considering the number of possessions, right?

  • Liew Wai Hins
    Liew Wai Hins

    Jokic mvp

  • mićkre

    MVP form and mindset in super average team.

  • Temnicanin

    Naravno, Hristos Vaskrse

  • Temnicanin


  • Iron Fist
    Iron Fist


  • Miljan Mipi Dakić
    Miljan Mipi Dakić

    I can't wait for the next year for all the guys to be healthy Embid, LeBron, Jokić, of course I'm interested in what the excuse will be not to give Jokić the MVP. And I'm telling you to remember what I wrote, so I'll see you in a year

  • Partizan Srbija
    Partizan Srbija

    Sorry he didn't mean to hit on purpose SRBIJA

  • buzz 3polis
    buzz 3polis

    Nikola the GOAT!!!!

  • Slavisa Majstorovic
    Slavisa Majstorovic


  • Junior X
    Junior X

    Nikola Jokic doktoreeee

  • Bogdan Kukić
    Bogdan Kukić

    Ljudi, ovo pratim radi uživanja u košarci. Kakve nacije, vere , boje kože...Ne brukajmo se, molom vas. Sportisti zaslužuju poštovanje jer daju dobar primer.

  • Dragoslav Dubajic
    Dragoslav Dubajic

    Imam utisak da moze postici poena koliko hoce laganica mu je svaki mec kapa dole majstore ove igre definitivno mvp van konkurencije si JOKARA

  • Aisha

    A center hasn’t played that well and even better since Olajuwon.

  • Dusko Jasic
    Dusko Jasic


  • Misa Savic
    Misa Savic


  • KingSerbon7

    Jokara brat!!! MVP!!!

  • A Cox
    A Cox

    Dudes killing it

  • rezamaddog dOdoubleG
    rezamaddog dOdoubleG

    di ste crnjeeee, skacete ko na trambolini

  • I Speak facts
    I Speak facts

    Yall are pushing it saying he's the unanimous MVP

  • Soundtallica in Chains
    Soundtallica in Chains

    If Jokic doesn't win MVP this season I'm seriously going to stop watching the NBA and only watch Jokic highlight videos from non-NBA RSloft channels like this one. The bias against his MVP candidacy is embarrassing, and is the reason why I have no qualms keeping my ad blocker up when I visit the NBA's website no matter how many times they ask me to disable it.

  • Basil Carpenter jr
    Basil Carpenter jr

    If porter can ger better at driving to basket wow he's going be unstoppable

  • Kata Batinic
    Kata Batinic

    Da mi znati ko moze ovo dislajkovati, klosari neki

  • TommyBNRS

    Kara Jokara !

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro

    One of the best offensive centers of all times. Accept it people. It isnt possible to stop Jokic. You can slow him down but not stop him. Either he scores or playmakes.

    • djoka14

      Zubac suffered from vertigo after this.

  • smechermafiot


  • brus li
    brus li

    It's not zubak,it's prounance zubac ,c like center

  • telenovelasLatin

    MONSTER JOKIC 👍 What a performance SMFH

  • Mihajlo Lakicevic
    Mihajlo Lakicevic

    Go Nuggets Go! 😀😀😀

  • Mihajlo Lakicevic
    Mihajlo Lakicevic

    Христос Васкресе! Срећан Ускрс Нагеци!

    • Mihajlo Lakicevic
      Mihajlo Lakicevic

      @Mills John Упс моја грешка, Христос Васкресе пријатељу добри.

    • Mills John
      Mills John

      Провокација ускрс , се роди???

  • Jaggy Jaggy
    Jaggy Jaggy

    Joker machine 👌👍💣💥🦇

  • Milka Jovanka Broz
    Milka Jovanka Broz

    Е мој Зубац, колико си пута испао Јунац!? Игра се Јокић као са децом испред зграде. Браво Јокићу КРАЉУ! ХРИСТОС ВАСКРЕСЕ!

  • Halil Emre Mumcu
    Halil Emre Mumcu

    Petrović Brothers(paternal side, Dejan Bodiroga's second cousins), Nikola Peković(both side), Dragić Brothers(paternal side) and Luka Dončić(paternal side). No more comment. This nation have so strong basketball DNA.

  • Just A Sober Guy
    Just A Sober Guy

    If i knew the NBA would turn into everyone just standing around doing nothing I too would have joined. Easy money

  • elliott b
    elliott b

    2:20 WOW!!!!!!!!!

  • Nadjrs Jovanovic
    Nadjrs Jovanovic

    A ovaj zubac klasicna gluperda uzeo da ga bije kao da odigra jaku odbranu, jokic ga vrati u pravoslavlje (:

  • Кимара 乡
    Кимара 乡


  • A F
    A F

    Big Honey!

  • Igor Nataša
    Igor Nataša

    Odlicno!! Tooo care kosarke!!

  • Slavko Vrekic
    Slavko Vrekic

    MVP 🇷🇸❤️🇷🇸❤️🇷🇸❤️

  • Goran Ilic
    Goran Ilic

    Al je odvalio Zubca veselnik nije znao gde je levo jednom rečju ugasio mu svetlo

  • Aleksandar Stankovic
    Aleksandar Stankovic


  • Dovla


  • valentino georgievski
    valentino georgievski

    Some players say that he is overrated but the statistics don't lie.

  • Sasha Przulj
    Sasha Przulj

    HRISTOS VOSKRESE BRAĆO PRAVOSLAVNA Nikola is the best this year, MVP. Nikola make us so proud.

  • Soshsworkchannel

    Just waiting for the playoffs 🤫

  • Fantastic 1
    Fantastic 1

    BIG HONEY 💙💛

  • MBROSS12

    MVP Nikolaaaa Jokić!

  • Aleksandar Vukovic
    Aleksandar Vukovic

    Igraci Clipersa mi lice na domine koje padaju jedni za drugim pred Jokicem.

  • I Cunt Spell
    I Cunt Spell

    @2:49 What the hell was that?

    • alokinchi

      Magic... Pure and simple...

  • Meeleh

    "Jokic just toying with everybody..." 0:54 Enough said.

  • beastmry

    7 assists. 0 turnovers. 10/10 from the FT. What a player!

  • Alex Trnavski
    Alex Trnavski

    Христос Васкрсе!

  • kyle mathis
    kyle mathis

    MVP 🐐🐐🐐

  • Ghyulane Hydroxenn
    Ghyulane Hydroxenn

    This is full of Serbs xD

  • Only Facts
    Only Facts

    DENVER 3r place...MVP SEALED...MEDIA has no excuses now...

  • Milan

    Hristos voskrese ovo je fenomenalan pocetak dana 😁

  • Delija Majevica
    Delija Majevica


  • DieSerbeCH 07
    DieSerbeCH 07

    #JokicMVP 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

  • Mohamed Moulay Idriss
    Mohamed Moulay Idriss

    The Name is : MVP

  • Milos Trojanovic
    Milos Trojanovic

    Spavate li mirno crnci

  • Misel Golijanin
    Misel Golijanin

    Hristos Voskrese! Srećan praznik braćo i sestre!

  • nemanja todorovic
    nemanja todorovic

    Hristos voskrese! 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

  • PaoloDiCanio문재인박근혜처럼부패된시발놈아

    He is clearly the MVP of the season but knowing the NBA, i wouldn't be surprised Jokic gets nothing in the end.

  • Zoran Milisic
    Zoran Milisic

    Watching him play makes me proud that i am serbian. JOKARA BRAT MVP! RESPECT!

  • ffunit

    If this is not the MVP something is wrong!! Look how he’s playing it’s like he’s playing against little kids!

  • Igor igor
    Igor igor

    Working hard to have 4 jerseys from MVP, sorry meaby my english is not so good, but my suport is greater... hug for all

    • Igor igor
      Igor igor

      Im like him, one night I sleep other I watch Nuggets game, onle diferec is that I dont get any money for that... Idemo Jokara, ti si ponos ove raspale drzave... Serbians uvek bili dobri u ovom sportu, al ti si brate pokazao nesto sto neznam ni da objasnim... when he bloked Williamson, that guy, that strenght, I was like that aint hapend, its not possible... MVP

  • Only Facts
    Only Facts

    NBA TNT CREW never talks about this games...

  • Only Facts
    Only Facts

    IN 2019 P.GEORGE made the play-offs in OKC only the last week of the season and still got more votes for MVP then JOKIC who lead the NUGGETS to the TOP of the WEST during all season... SO MVP is still a media thing...

  • J R
    J R


  • Dmx Macano
    Dmx Macano

    To je sve normalno...

  • Only Facts
    Only Facts

    02:33 MVP no DOUBT...ESPN and MEDIA is mad because CURRY now is bricking shoots, LEBRON is resting, EMBIID isnt having 10 FT every game and LILLARD is losing again...

  • Ša' Man
    Ša' Man

    3rd in the West, hopefully they'll climb even higher. Then the hardest oponents await already beaten up from the conference finals on. Today the Nuggets played in playoff mode and everyone is fitting in, taking on their role. The chemistry is there. I hope McGee will also be there in the playoffs when needed, Rivers fit right in. Very very good game. Now a win against the Lakers 💪

  • Milan Nedeljkovic
    Milan Nedeljkovic

    2:45 Everybody else vs Jokic going for that MVP

  • Fortitude120

    Kako ih vrti Jokara ispadaju kao iz voza.. coek razumije sve 30 posto snage ih izbaca

    • Zoran Nikolic
      Zoran Nikolic

      Jadan Zubac hahaha

  • Mini S
    Mini S

    MVP 100000%

  • Nebojša Đuran
    Nebojša Đuran

    Prava Srbenda

  • Zoran dimitrijevic
    Zoran dimitrijevic


  • Marko Smiljanić
    Marko Smiljanić

    Sta ti decko radis !

  • Clint Beastwood
    Clint Beastwood

    D dzouker lejdiz end dzentlmen

  • Niko Away
    Niko Away

    Like another day in the office

  • Ел Фап Падре
    Ел Фап Падре

    Христос Воскресе! Алал вера Ниџо.

  • snatch muk
    snatch muk

    This nigga MVP, yo


    Ovaj čovjek tjera šegu sa crnim košarkašima.Kao Bird nekada.

  • Bogdan Zimonjić
    Bogdan Zimonjić

    Games played Jokic - 72, Embiid - 42 Double double Jokic 52 , Embiid - 26 Triple double Jokic 15, Embiid - 0 NIKOLA JOKIC 2021 NBA MVP !

    • AndyS303


  • Milan Govedarica
    Milan Govedarica

    NJ - the baddest MF on the block - threes, pump fakes, dunks, reverse lay-ups, fade-aways, dimes like rhymes ... the whole package when it matters the most :)

  • Risbo Risbo
    Risbo Risbo

    You reach I'll teach Zubac ! MVP

  • Bogdan Zimonjić
    Bogdan Zimonjić


  • Србољуб Србић
    Србољуб Србић

    Христос воскресе!