Nikola Jokic with the game saving block on Zion Williamson | Nuggets vs Pelicans
Nikola Jokic blocked Zion Williamson in the closing seconds to secure the Nuggets’ win
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  • Veldc

    The least athletic big blocks the most athletic big.. When it metters the most, for the game

  • evangel 036
    evangel 036

    That was a FOUL. (0:37) you know anything from basket?he took also the whole right hand,are you blind?

  • sarra bogri
    sarra bogri

    I can stop laughing with his reaction after the block !! Like ok easy

  • Gabriel Gonzales
    Gabriel Gonzales

    Nba refs suck soooo bad

  • No Wife Happy Life #MGTOW
    No Wife Happy Life #MGTOW

    Who said Zion was unstoppable?!!😄🤣

  • cikif

    Nikola Nurkiç for MVP

  • Antrell Williams
    Antrell Williams

    Foul. Not a block.

  • Andy Dang
    Andy Dang

    no foul?

  • Aubrey GDJ
    Aubrey GDJ

    That's why he's this season's MVP

  • Truth makes you free.
    Truth makes you free.

    Clear foul. Come on. 🙄

  • Nintendo Fan
    Nintendo Fan

    Rare footage of Yao Ming blocking Shaq -Rockets vs Lakers 2003

  • David Sreckovic
    David Sreckovic


  • Mike Ase
    Mike Ase

    Jokic thats a good basketball play.

  • Ta Guro100
    Ta Guro100

    Jokic aint black enough to be mvp

  • Rippin Lips
    Rippin Lips

    Boss mode

  • Djmikibg88


  • Neto Gomes S Neto
    Neto Gomes S Neto

    Jokic ainda deu uma dedada 😂😂😂😂

  • Ro

    That block locked his MVP

  • Kauko

    Jokic! I can't wait for Zion to get in the playoffs so that opponents will finally start playing real defense on him. Then we will see if he makes a step forward or will just keep doing one and the same thing.

  • Webz Gaming
    Webz Gaming


  • Ricochete Raw 90s the best decade ever
    Ricochete Raw 90s the best decade ever

    Ingram had a chance to poster joker..just jump as high as you can and dunk...get the foul ..but everyone wants to be magic

  • N S
    N S

    If JOKIC doesn't win MVP then it's evident that NBA has gone full .....$^#@

  • Midas Touch
    Midas Touch

    That shit was all ball

  • pufifa


  • XaviYah


  • PG trojka
    PG trojka

    More like overtime saving block. Though congratulations to cool boy Jokić. It's not easy without the Murray but Nikola is a top player.

  • darian glover
    darian glover

    Am I the only one who feel like he should have threw the alley opp Zion got all them hoops an you pass it to him on the ground really

  • Tidus 227
    Tidus 227

    this year it may be his first year with an average of 1 block per game 😅

  • Carlos Alejandro Geréz
    Carlos Alejandro Geréz

    Get out of the way kid!

  • Bruce Michael
    Bruce Michael

    The three most deserving players this year for MVP are Jokic, Chris Paul, and Embiid. I’d give it to Paul personally, because we’re talking about a guy who led the Suns to the 2nd seed, potentially the 1st seed if they overtake Utah. I don’t think anybody saw that coming.

  • To6ether We Go
    To6ether We Go


  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones

    clear foul tho

  • AJ II
    AJ II


  • Martin Mitkovski
    Martin Mitkovski

    Can’t wait for DjMeechyMeech voiceover 😂

  • Firmino Changani
    Firmino Changani

    Jokic is such a gangstar.

  • Aizle Guevarra
    Aizle Guevarra

    clean block

  • Viceroy Bear
    Viceroy Bear

    Too white for MVP.

  • gary garcia
    gary garcia

    Game saving whistle swallow on clear and disgusting foul!!!!

  • Anderson Bucker
    Anderson Bucker

    That was a foul because Jokic also slammed his arm on his head in the motion of the block. NBA last 2 minute report confirmed it should have been 2 shots from the line for a potential overtime.

    • Anderson Bucker
      Anderson Bucker

      @Jonathan Bein yeah he does have a bunch of calls that go against him which is def unfair (i think jokic is mvp btw) but the severity of the calls also matter. this was one that literally was for the game in the last second. refs missing this one is big against the pelicans.

    • Jonathan Bein
      Jonathan Bein

      Jokic has like 170,000 calls go against him this season and now one call goes for him. It is not even close to balanced.

  • aytee

    “The hand is considered “part of the ball” when it is in contact with the ball. Therefore, contact on that part of the hand by a defender while it is in contact with the ball is not illegal.” NBA Comments on The Rules, Section II. Basic Principles, A. Contact Situations, 1. Incidental Contact

  • Mitja K
    Mitja K

    Zion would kill Jokić with frontal dunk.

  • Rossenvier Dulay
    Rossenvier Dulay

    Why are they saying it's a foul when it's a clean block?

  • John Dave
    John Dave


    • John Dave
      John Dave

      @kAt deojmurry

    • John Dave
      John Dave


  • Filip Djordjevic
    Filip Djordjevic


  • Bulanglang Na Kabute
    Bulanglang Na Kabute

    Clear block

  • KW Entertainment
    KW Entertainment

    The media is so eager to crown Zion that they are trying hard to ignore what the Joker is doing. Y'all just need to accept the fact that this awkward looking foreign born man is the best big in the game.

  • Ranjit Basnet
    Ranjit Basnet

    Zion got Baptized

  • EM P
    EM P

    I am a big fan of Jokic coz he is so unique. In this play, set your video to super slow motion and you will see that it was supposed to be foul, not a block.

  • Юлиан Георгиев
    Юлиан Георгиев

    He made Zion look small and fragile.

  • alightened

    Steph shoots blind three, MVP! Jokic makes game saving block, MVP! Hahaha it’s impossible. Both are in another level right now

  • Savage One
    Savage One

    MVP block!

  • James-Earl Bonez
    James-Earl Bonez

    M V P

  • Batang Tondo
    Batang Tondo

    NBA L2M report confirms Nikola Jokic fouled Zion Williamson on Nuggets' game-saving block vs. Pelicans

  • J

    Legend has it Nikola Gonna miss some games cuz Zion took it personal

  • boss boss
    boss boss

    More like game winning hack

  • Don E
    Don E

    That was a foul. He cleary hit him in his head.

  • Fe Fefe
    Fe Fefe

    It’s a not a clear block

  • News Now Carolina
    News Now Carolina

    Great Block

  • Keltners

    Zion is lack of height really shows. hopefully he develop some moves without using force

  • JoseMa P. Ignacio
    JoseMa P. Ignacio

    Clean block

  • Jeremy G
    Jeremy G

    good block from behind but today they were making it sound like he met him at the rim.

  • EazyMoney Gamingg
    EazyMoney Gamingg

    It was a foul

    • Hunchoz x
      Hunchoz x

      @James-Earl Bonez your blind then. He clearly hit his wrist. watch another angle. you can tell jokic face after, he suprized he got away with it.

    • James-Earl Bonez
      James-Earl Bonez


  • John Tompkins
    John Tompkins


  • Jojo GG
    Jojo GG

    He was more disappointed about the turnover though.

  • John Dannenbrink
    John Dannenbrink

    Media headlines were that Jokic got away with a foul on Zion. ???

  • Trump Ameri
    Trump Ameri

    MVP this season NIKOLA JOKIC 100%%

  • Kyle M
    Kyle M

    Notice how Nikola Jokic shows great professionalism and doesn’t taunt, scream, or yell like all the other low class nbaers. He’s an all star, all nba 1st team, defensive player and MVP but doesn’t have to talk in order to show he’s simply one of the best! I have a lot of respect for this guy

    • Kyle M
      Kyle M

      @LeFuck you It really doesn’t matter now that the game is over

    • LeFuck you
      LeFuck you

      Because he got away with a foul lol

    • Kyle M
      Kyle M

      @James-Earl Bonez Lol whatever makes you feel better James 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • James-Earl Bonez
      James-Earl Bonez

      Thank you Racist, you want emotionless robot playing ball. That's not what we do. Every morning upon waking immediately stfu

  • Harry Roberts
    Harry Roberts

    Jokic is Fat

  • FreeStyle

    the nuggets' last 10 games had at least 4 games where they make a stupid mistake last posession and god saves them

  • Chef Carry
    Chef Carry

    If we're talking about Most Valuable Player, it's Steph. But since they're struggling to make playoffs, no other guys deserves it than Jokic. I don't wanna hear embiid, giannis, luka or dame. This guy's been unreal all season long.

  • Junior Lifter
    Junior Lifter

    When I heard about this, I thought Jokic was underneath the rim in front of Zion driving and he met him. It’s still a block, but it was behind him🤣 This is not a highlight reel.

  • David Habenšus
    David Habenšus

    Usro ga Jokara 😂


    jokic making a case almost as strong as curry

  • _Stu66 __
    _Stu66 __

    Ingram gotta float tht 🙄

  • Al Boog
    Al Boog

    Dude fouled up top twice and he put his hand in that man ass wtf! That’s y’all mvp? Lmaooo

  • Rommel Martínez Ruíz
    Rommel Martínez Ruíz

    That's a fuckn foul

  • J Z
    J Z

    I can see he hit the ball clean but his whole upper arm hit Zion on the head is this legal in basketball?


    Jokic deff MVP.

  • tikie cue
    tikie cue

    More like game-saving foul... He didn't hit Zion's hand, I agree.. Coz he hit his effin' arm!

  • Summanus 369
    Summanus 369


  • Virdzi Suljic
    Virdzi Suljic


  • Hadi Taleb
    Hadi Taleb

    It is a foul.

  • Sammy Ramirez
    Sammy Ramirez

    Sick of zion n cuzzn in the nba like shaq Fat pigs that use the size they shouldn't be hoppers the just sloppy big people

    • Hunchoz x
      Hunchoz x

      dam wtf. zion is a good dude. he doesnt brag taunt or nothing

  • Dalibor Brkic
    Dalibor Brkic

    Zion has left Chat🤣🤣🤣

  • Big Facts
    Big Facts

    It clearly was a foul what are y’all watching

  • Mr Sxber
    Mr Sxber

    Yo what's Jokic digging for in the thumbnail 😂

  • GOAT777

    MVP JOKIC !💪🏽

  • Brandon Barbee
    Brandon Barbee

    Hahaha thats a foul all day every day . Hits him across the head he was also hit when fist caught the pass . Wow I hate nba refs

  • Moomin 1984
    Moomin 1984

    I came in just to confirm it was not a joke.

  • Ljubomir

    Zajon otisao u vrtic

  • MK G
    MK G

    Forgive me if I'm blind but was Jokic left arm touching Zion at all during that play? I'm just tryna see something here

  • Official Haters Inc HFH
    Official Haters Inc HFH

    Jokic jumped 6 inches to make that block LOL... MVP!!!!!!

  • jim pap
    jim pap

    game saving foul...

  • مجتبى سامر مرتضى مجيد
    مجتبى سامر مرتضى مجيد

    Give him MVP already!!!!!

  • Alen Vidović
    Alen Vidović

    That's racist

    • Hunchoz x
      Hunchoz x

      your white, trying to race bait. thats weird

  • Siddhant Bhagat
    Siddhant Bhagat

    Waiting for DJ meechymeech

  • km_1911

    Clearly a foul.

  • Revi Raymund Mayuyu
    Revi Raymund Mayuyu


  • m maj
    m maj

    get that sh!t outta here!

  • LL24

    Good block

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