NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | February 14, 2021
Check out the top 10 plays of the night from February 14, featuring LeBron James, LaMelo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and MORE!
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  • Igor I
    Igor I

    Леброн уже может начинать разбег от своего кольца тупо, шагов 10-15 получится, но ничего страшного

  • Jeff Lopez
    Jeff Lopez

    The labron dunk was weak there was no defense

  • Isaac Behdadnia
    Isaac Behdadnia

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  • vin bartolo
    vin bartolo

    I thought the top play was the sick pass of Campazzo😑

  • Rayn D
    Rayn D

    Faku Campazzo is not on the list, really?! Damn, who made those lists?

  • Stephen Rodriguez
    Stephen Rodriguez

    happy to see hornets are again a team!!! get some hornet 90s jerseys out there damn!!

  • Seth Sorenson
    Seth Sorenson

    How you put a lebron travel in top 10.

  • Aleksey Shirokov
    Aleksey Shirokov

    Where's the f*cking GOAT? I mean MENTATOR!!!

  • Michael Mario Game live
    Michael Mario Game live

    welcome to see my video, just like Mike..

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💕

  • Edcel Terado
    Edcel Terado

    That's how 36 years old dunk in free throw line🔥🔥🔥

  • Michał Wenta
    Michał Wenta

    He literally said "fteph curry"

  • Hamish Morton
    Hamish Morton

    Is travel not a thing any more?

  • Gospodin Pametne Pantalone
    Gospodin Pametne Pantalone

    No Campazzo? That no look pass was filthy.

  • Federico Caivano
    Federico Caivano

    Falta campazzo ahí eh!

  • Santiago Fuentes Quintero
    Santiago Fuentes Quintero

    we can see a perfect exposition of reality distorsion. the camera just forget about Kuzma left hand, easy, and becomes number one, and all the children will push the other players just to elevate, ...because they are sleeepy will say nba,.. PAN PARA HOY HAMBRE PARA MAÑANA

  • Cameron Hoff
    Cameron Hoff

    I miss goatmentator

  • Yusuf Nadir Çavuş
    Yusuf Nadir Çavuş

    where is luka one handed 3?🤦

  • Jesse Worsham
    Jesse Worsham

    Cody Zeller: The poorer man's Alex Caruso


    *bron only took 2 dribbles down the whole court* 😭🤯

  • Divino Fio
    Divino Fio

    You won some points with that d wade comment bruh

  • Stephen Placiente
    Stephen Placiente

    No offense with the current commentator but anyone knows where's the Goatmentator? Is he on vacation or something?

  • Ox_Tales

    @NBA ... there’s no way that Malik monk crossover wasn’t on here. Y’all are tripppinnnnnnn

  • mike cañedo
    mike cañedo

    La 10 es violación 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Windy Allen
    Windy Allen

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  • SecretSocietyTV

    that wasnt a lebron travel yall dont know basketball. he took 2 steps after he gathered.

  • Yon Yon
    Yon Yon

    He could have been a good rapper

  • Paul Kern
    Paul Kern

    All dunks, all the time, all boring. JFC, NBA - not everyone watches the sport to see dunks.

  • Bobby Ohnio
    Bobby Ohnio

    Bro that lebron play is just insane

  • J Ramirez
    J Ramirez

    Kuzma number 1? That’s wack

  • Corey D
    Corey D

    @NBA We know your reading these comments 👀

  • Justain Choe
    Justain Choe

    I never realized how much the commentator matters. Just calling it as I see it, but this definitely doesn't seem too hype and rather like something unexciting trying to be exciting.

  • Caio Alves
    Caio Alves

    Top 10 de respeito esse hein... só jogadassa

  • Michael Retardan
    Michael Retardan

    MJ 1st round exit without Pippen.

  • Jack Froom
    Jack Froom

    Someone is sucking off the hornets

  • 9reasons

    I love how biased the nba is. The spurs balled out and had some insane plays against the hornets and yet only the hornets had top ten plays...

    • 9reasons

      @Paul Kern faxxxx

    • Paul Kern
      Paul Kern

      yeah - two Laker highlights in a game they got blown out. I'm over it, NBA...

  • Raymond Lucero
    Raymond Lucero

    I sure do hope that the Lakers in any trades do not place kuz on the block. I honestly believe that if LBJ were to get injured Kuz would be the one to come closest to filling Bron's shoes. His averages have only gone down on account of Davis joining the Lakers. He's playing just over half of the minutes that he did when he was starting.

  • Nykaitcha

    lol, everyone talking about Lamelo's travel while LeBron lowkey stopped dribbling the ball by the logo

  • Riley Harrison
    Riley Harrison

    best soccer comp haha just kidding of course I know its fucking cricket for gods sake thank you

  • jordileft

    OMG Lebron's travelling is really awesome XD

  • Red TooSwagg
    Red TooSwagg

    So we not gon talk about LeBrons travel💀💀

  • Poli Avalos
    Poli Avalos

    Sin dudas falta el No-look pass de Facu Campazzo

  • Willem Dafuck?
    Willem Dafuck?

    Luka's circus shot should've been here

  • MazeF

    LeBron... is that travelling... ?

  • 2kool 4U
    2kool 4U

    Cody Zeller always in the top ten💯

  • Ra No
    Ra No

    Campazzo pass to NNaji was insane. Should be on the list.

  • ryansx

    I loved the D Wade line and a few others were solid but the "the other plays were below the rim" and "wow lots of dunks" idiocy ruined it. And where's Michael Porter Jr swatting a shot off the backboard and then going full court to dunk on the other end?

  • Doyle Crisman
    Doyle Crisman

    Where is Lillard time 3 that ended Mavericks??????

  • Eduardo Cora
    Eduardo Cora

    wheres dame clutch bucket?

  • Kevin Bell
    Kevin Bell

    Yo did James take 5 steps lol

  • Double M On Tha Beat
    Double M On Tha Beat ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • adrian corral
    adrian corral

    Jajajajaja Jajajaja Jajajaja L James le iría bien en salto triple. Como es posible que los árbitros no marquen esos errores?

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin

    Wheres Darius bazley dunk

  • Roberto Enrique Muñoz Franco
    Roberto Enrique Muñoz Franco

    Nº 5 ; dont bullshitme Lebron ... that was traveling, clearly 3 steps before shooting.

  • Nic Bustamante
    Nic Bustamante

    U guys really need a new commentator

  • HLC-_- Heat
    HLC-_- Heat

    Yo the last one tho MPJ was like this is an easy rebound but Kuzbass there saying no!,no!,no!

  • Zidane Semedo
    Zidane Semedo

    Comentários da NBA são 🔝🇨🇻🇵🇹😂

  • ThirdWheelin

    Yo anybody know what happened to the GOATmentator?

  • Alimoneybags B2s:#&/
    Alimoneybags B2s:#&/

    maybe the best lebron dunk ive seen, no defense can stop him in the air

  • Prasad Narasimhan
    Prasad Narasimhan

    Where's Campazzo's actual no look pass to the corner? LeBron splits a double and he makes the Top 10. Crazy!

  • Zaire Hammonds
    Zaire Hammonds

    Aßvvbbr àbonb Ziokokei. dr.drowzm- our Sepkh. Last Second Sphinx

  • Jayce -
    Jayce -

    Kuzma must have offensive foul, that was over the back

    • Paul Kern
      Paul Kern

      I thought so, too. Is it not a foul if you score? Don't understand the rule...

  • John Shen
    John Shen

    Where is Luka's 1 handed 3 pointer?

  • mike kay
    mike kay

    Bro you wak as fuck how the fuck bazley is not on the highlight he had the best dunk last night on the mvp guy

  • PaulyJayNBC

    Get my man Zeller in the Dunk Contest

  • Carlos Yu
    Carlos Yu

    Lebron travel to the moon again

  • Nicolas dinozzo
    Nicolas dinozzo

    Ouuuuuuuh, Michael porter will remember for longtime !!!!!!

  • Lucas Esandi
    Lucas Esandi

    You forgot Campazzo's no look dime.

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith

    Can SOMEBODY take a charge on Lebron ???!!! Too easy.

  • Marsha Julessa
    Marsha Julessa

    Is it just me or does this top ten usually miss an obvious play that's excluded from the list? 🙄

  • CBChrisbrown333

    Been watching these for 15 years and I’ll never understand the constantly rotating commentators

  • J Mellow
    J Mellow

    Where tf is dame game winner????

  • NateModo Dragon
    NateModo Dragon

    It’s funny that he says that about D Wade when it was DJJ that got the 10 lol

  • MrBucketz11

    We not gone talk about bron and dat walk doe 🤔

  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson

    #5 was the highest rated travel since the James Harden double step back

  • Sean w
    Sean w

    I like cringenator's effort.

  • HC DaVe
    HC DaVe

    nr 5 was not a travel ya bums learn bball f ing average joes up in here think they know it all smh

  • Zoran Markovic
    Zoran Markovic

    Luka had some great moves that should have made the list, but I notice that you have become haters, so ...

  • Edilson Perengue
    Edilson Perengue

    If it was lamelo making that campazzo pass would be number one here

  • Alex Stathopoulos
    Alex Stathopoulos

    How many steps did Lebron take on that dunk? He nearly made it to the local old people’s home.

  • Alex Stathopoulos
    Alex Stathopoulos

    Hornets are must see tv. Well done Lamelo.

  • Uplifting Businesses
    Uplifting Businesses



    Lebron traveled from Cleveland to LA💯🤣

  • Sharp Young
    Sharp Young

    I play a ton of Basketball. coool video. go jazz celtics blazers.

  • Playboi Carti's sock
    Playboi Carti's sock

    So we are just gonna act like Darius Bazley didn’t dunk on Giannis but you’re gonna put that weak ass Kuzma as the top play

    • Pez Thequietone
      Pez Thequietone

      STFU kuz ballin that's y he up there

  • Bike Maurice
    Bike Maurice

    You sleein on Facundo Campazzo o_o !_!

  • Popo Cexas
    Popo Cexas

    Lamelo 4 step steel :]

  • Elad Cohanim
    Elad Cohanim

    So apparently LeBron doesn't have to dribble anymore... That's 3 steps after that gathering step nonsense.


    that was a vacation by lebron

  • mat7494ify

    Traveling ...Lebron. How it can be in top 10. Makes NBA Circus.

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma

    1:13 a travel

  • vishruth vasagam
    vishruth vasagam

    Commentator disrespecting Melo by calling Lamelo.. Melo. 😒

  • Kofi Adu
    Kofi Adu

    Watch that Lebron dunk. He gathered his dribble before the 3 point and takes like 3 or 4 steps before the dunk.

  • Bam Elanr
    Bam Elanr

    Simple lay up with behind the back by lamelo, where’s no look by campazo

  • Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy


  • Marielle Trinidad
    Marielle Trinidad

    Campazzo pass is way better than all of those dunks

  • Milo Stout
    Milo Stout

    Damn Charlotte makes so many highlights

  • Adam Slowik
    Adam Slowik

    LeBron travelling🤣🤣🤣🤣 3 looong steps

  • striker677

    Where was Melo’s thunderous jam?!

  • 213Mack

    That dogecoin though!