NBA Players That FORCED Rule Changes..
One NBA player cheated his way, into the All-Star Game, another smelled so disgusting, that he cleared out an entire locker room. These are the NBA players that forced rule changes.
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    Shenk the Overseer

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    Aireta Faga

    Yo u cant talk in u not on the court.

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    Ynp slime 44

    At least josh heart got to see James smack himself with the ball

  • bee

    I literally have no interest in basketball and know nothing about the game, I don’t know how I got here.

  • Noah Fesperman
    Noah Fesperman

    Even though the kevin Durant rule was changed to a common foul you could use it to reset

  • Cheese

    All my homies hate zaza

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    Fr. Ted Crilly

    Stats up the ass piss me off 99.9999% of the time

  • Baby Grogu
    Baby Grogu

    Idk. I do not like Harden’s game. I know he scores alot, but is very boring to watch. When on Houston it was just him and the rest if the team watching him. Bklyn is doing nothing in the playoffs.


    Technically, Durant can still easily get free throws with that move when the Nets are in the bonus.

  • Iscalles

    Look at hardens mouth 6:47

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    Mr Rustles

    Shaq was so Overpowered they had to give them a huge handicap to balance his stats.

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    I wish I could like this video 10 times 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    i can hear the Harden hate in your voice

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    Lebron loves commies

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    Can everyone else just agree that Zaza is the worst player ever. Cmon he needs to be banned.

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    he should just learn to shoot free throws they ain't hard

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    NBA is so boring :/

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    David De Guzman

    Alteast shaq didnt shoot like markelle fultz

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    Okay i am from georgia but i dont support zaza xd

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    this guy sounds like lighting macqueen

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    Ronald Hall

    Kobe was doing that rip through all through the 2000s


    Legend says Anthony Davis's eyebrow is what holds this world together

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      anthony serra


  • Carminethagod

    I agree with some things on this list but let’s not sit here and act like James Harden can’t score

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    Zaza should have been the most to injure people

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    ZAZA MVP ..... I think he shows why he deserved the alstar nod

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    anthony davis with a uni-brow looks just ugly

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    Saw Shaq hit a 3 in a NBA all star game. So he made 2.

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    So the James harden averaged 9.9 as a rookie, not is 3 year career with okc, he was 6th man of the Year, and did it efficiently

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    6:30 OK, That's kind of mean

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    Antjuan Dixon

    I mean shaq was pretty tall so he couldn't get much of a air ball

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    Avocado Juice

    No more talk! Lebron is the King and MJ is the GOAT!

  • Suleiman Mutoshvili
    Suleiman Mutoshvili

    Pure hatred and racism against Zaza. First of all, what's wrong in appreciating a sportsman from your country? Second, you just can't go around and tell people that he placed the foot intentionally. It's just your opinion. BTW, respect Shaq!!!

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    wow! this week patch update has alot of nerfs

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    Samuel Flesher

    I mean kd is pre smart yall down bad saying shi abt kd doin his milking the fouls thing he’s jus using the rules to his advantage😂

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    What’s up man

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    This Is Lyrical Central? Right

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    Anthony Davis went from having scary eyebrows to having eyebrows that look scared of each other

  • My Thoughts
    My Thoughts

    That’s traveling if his eyebrows was really just an eyebrow I guess we gotta watch n see

  • Gary Indiana
    Gary Indiana

    Is the all star game based off votes? What are the qualifications? If it’s based on votes ,Then it’s not an all star game it’s a popularity contest. Fuxkin NBLAME

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    Bradley Miller

    Why is no one talking about the kool aid man😂😂😂😭

  • Bryan Gleason
    Bryan Gleason

    James Harden went from 5th man to starting and increased his PPG? Surely he must have broken the rules.


    Couldn't they not give Shaw's throws to someone else? I know nothing about basketball about so just asking

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    dude it took them so long to figure out hardens move lol😂

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    Dude that mw3 clip lmao🤙😂

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    9.9 his rookie year ....

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    Olivia Brown

    Mw2 the best of the call of duty franchise when it comes to player vs player offline.. just saying

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    Really like your videos. Well thought out, great narration. But WHY is the video quality so poor ? Is that to avoid copyright strikes ? Almost every single video has grainy video when showing the on-court action even though I'm streaming at 1080p mobile. Not trying to criticize just genuinely wondering.

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    Dudes got suckers cramp

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    Like the cool aid man .... oooooh ya

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    My ass I can score 19 and one of them is always a half court

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    "wears the same three polos all season" Me rembering playing footy with only 17 jerseys for 21 players

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    Good one lol

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    360 Jump snipe shot was epicer

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    You don't hear Popovich complaining and winning championships when his guy, Bruce Bowen, did it intentionally regularly.

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    Zaza literally the most annoying player

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    When I saw how big that man was my eye were wide. Open

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    Ayeee my man said “720 instaswap”. Thoes were magic moments🥺

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    Anthony Davis: with the flying far away bird as an eyebrow. Split it in two.

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    Bruh dude sounds mad about kd and harden drawing fouls I mean ahem"cheating"

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