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  • Nathan Renthlei
    Nathan Renthlei

    At our place,a good pair of leggings cost less than 2 dollar

  • Aidan Jimenez
    Aidan Jimenez

    Frick LDR

  • Sharon Albertson
    Sharon Albertson

    My favorite part is her timeline because NOTHING happened in that order AT ALL. Spock, house, engaged in a year, :)

  • malia moore
    malia moore

    Lol I live with my boyfriend and his parents and I am 18.

  • add a line
    add a line

    wait haleys 5'1?

  • Keira Hall
    Keira Hall

    Who’s here when they are engaged and have Spock in 2020!!

  • That Hoe
    That Hoe


  • Ella McMillan
    Ella McMillan

    Well you did get married;) ;;;)

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    Alexa Child

    Now they are getting married 😍😍

  • Kaylee Silva
    Kaylee Silva

    i’m here after you guys have bought ur hse and gotten engaged and it’s cute how u said everything that’s happening in the future and it’s almost all happened 🥺🥺

  • Royaal Moon
    Royaal Moon

    Ok but who is mad there not posting wedding 👰 update

  • Carissa D
    Carissa D

    I wish my long distance was this easy 😂 I finally get to move in with my guy in April... after being together for 6 yrs

  • Kianna Epp
    Kianna Epp

    I like that her timeline went a year before she thought and in a very different way.

  • Taylor Holmes
    Taylor Holmes

    Watching this now, they have Spock, a house and about to get married! Are you serious????? 😮

  • Kinsilly

    Ryan your boyfriend is cute

  • Jubilee_17

    “We won’t get a dog before the house...” #Spock

  • Victoria Akorabirungi
    Victoria Akorabirungi


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    McKenna Williams

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    Rena Machida

    who's watching in 2020 when they're now married... and have a dog and a house together

  • Bruce Tham
    Bruce Tham

    Who watching after they’re married

    • skeis


    • Bruce Tham
      Bruce Tham

      Bruh you dumb your not happy fuck you

    • skeis

      No hate btw

    • skeis

      THIS ANNOYING, EVERY VIDEO WITH BOTH THEM I SEE: aFtEr ThEy’Re MaRrIeD They are just engaged Eeeeeee

  • Isabel Geraghty
    Isabel Geraghty

    kermit is(n't) gross love you

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    Alex Mercer

    They HAVE to watch this video back, they are freaking getting married, have spock, have a house together, I mean WOW

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    Tiffany Chang

    watching this after the proposal haha soooo cute

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    Sarah Cochrane

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    Zara Peters

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    Paityn Garlington

    “in about 2 years he’s gonna propose” nope lol just one year past haley get it right

  • mikayla.

    7:24 :( lmao theyre engaged now but dang haley was trying to play hard to get lolll 8:18 aaaand enter spock hehe

  • •dog •
    •dog •

    Well look at them now they have their own house a dog and are married

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    rachel b

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    Nikoleta Nikolova

    10:45 oh the foreshadowing

    • Sean W
      Sean W

      Last 3 came before the first ones tho 🤔😂

  • Megan O’Neill
    Megan O’Neill

    it’s crazy watching this now a little over a year later and they just got engaged and they live in a big house together🥺💗i’m so happy

  • isabella Laupper
    isabella Laupper

    Little did she know he would propose in a year🥺

  • Rihab Abchi
    Rihab Abchi

    Omg I'm rewatching this more than a year later and when she jokingly said "in like two years he'll propose... " HE PROPOSED TODAY GIRLLLL I'M SO HAPPY 😭😭💜💜💜

  • Karli Brooker
    Karli Brooker

    More like my fiance moves in with me😁

  • Rebecca Balshaw
    Rebecca Balshaw

    i loved this video thanks for making my day

  • Lyracat

    Wait they just said they wouldn’t get a dog before they buy a house.......laughs in Spock

  • Jia Chung
    Jia Chung

    the way he looks at her

  • Chica Fish
    Chica Fish

    But now they have Spock and a house 👍

  • Anna Robot
    Anna Robot

    them: are we gonna get a dog? them now: SpOcKy WoCkY

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    Alicia Lee

    says they won't get a dog before their house: and now they have Spock lolll

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    Dawn Holmes

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    Stella Carlson

    haley was doing tik tok trends before she even knew it at 13:35

  • Dresha802

    Lmao guess what? 3.5 years🤮😭😂

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    Nour Abbas

    And making things *ryan and Haley stare at eachother while thinking BABIES*

  • Nour Abbas
    Nour Abbas

    Omggg I didn’t know y’all did long distance!!! I’m doing long distance with my boo too! I love seeing this ❤️❤️❤️

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    Ben Schramm

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    ryan peoples

    it’s crazy how a year later they aren’t married, have a dog, and a big big house! plans change 😂😂

  • kqldwtf

    0:05 I thought it said 'my boyfriend is moving on'

  • AA - 07DC 752251 Tomken Road MS
    AA - 07DC 752251 Tomken Road MS

    I'm watching this when they live in a big house together and a roommate and have a dog.

  • Hay gando44
    Hay gando44

    Bro u didn’t answer 2 questions I kinda wanted to hear the kid names

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    s y d

    Their plan changes a lot cuz they said that in two years they will get married, then they will get a house, then a puppy but they actually get Spock, then a mansion, and they haven’t gotten engaged

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    Caleb Chiarelli

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    Sudhiksha Pinisetti

    5:27 I think I died a little they are so cute omg

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    Bella Klein

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    I am just wonder, do you play on the bass?

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    Ivanna Asf

    I can smell the burps from here

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    Grace Nicolson

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    Desiree Walker

    Kermit is gross

  • Desiree Walker
    Desiree Walker

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  • Littytitty Vlogs
    Littytitty Vlogs

    she said she was asian, this was so helpful because for a rlly long time i have been so confused about her race cause i was like she’s like white but like she looks asian so like what is she???? but now i know

  • Asia Pham
    Asia Pham

    Ryan: tHuMb PlEaSe

  • Asia Pham
    Asia Pham

    Girly pops: Are you getting a dog? Haley and Ryan: No Spock: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU?* Also Girly pops: Are you getting a house? Also Haley and Ryan: Nope not ready. Haley and Ryan in November: *WELLLLLLL*

  • Jasmin Dominguez
    Jasmin Dominguez

    damn i haven’t watched her since she was dating sam 😭

  • Mich! :D
    Mich! :D

    They are so cute together ♥️

  • Ishrat _
    Ishrat _

    well they have the big big house now! even if it isn’t in the order they wanted they are so lucky and they deserve it!

  • JonYeeter Tots
    JonYeeter Tots

    even tho im a boy am i a girly pop

  • Whiskersz

    My sister got married at seventeen and now she's twenty-eight and she's still with her husband so honestly doesn't matter when you get married as long as you love them

  • jenna salmon
    jenna salmon

    They should make a Q&A now, with the same questions as these, and then show the two different answers, and how they have changed and matured Btw, love you and your videos, Haley ❤️❤️

  • jenna salmon
    jenna salmon

    Haley said that she thinks trey will get a house before they get a dog, but I guess not 😂

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    aed thekidd

    And now they’re living together... they almost broke up..? What

  • Holly Robak
    Holly Robak

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    Sydney armstrong

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    I V

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    Aaliyah Robles

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  • J

    Sooooooo boring this is just the worst content

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      Edgar Perez

      This is just cringe.

    • Edgar Perez
      Edgar Perez


  • Yesica1993

    Didn't you once post a Bible study video? And now living with boyfriend and parading it like it's nothing? Wow.

    • LPS_Angel _Daschund
      LPS_Angel _Daschund

      Yesica1993 lol she’s not breaking any rules

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    cweezyyy something

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    Xew DiBenedetto

    My favorite couple :)

  • Angelasmangela !
    Angelasmangela !

    Me and my boyfriend have been in a long distance relationship (I live in Cali and he lives in Colorado) for a year and a few months and in total we’ve been together for almost 4 years. It’s really tough because we probably won’t move in with each other for another 2 years because of college. Hmmm should I do a video on it??

  • Coffee Callie
    Coffee Callie

    Haley: do you think we'll get a dog before we get a house? Ryan: no, we're bad at rushing into things.... SPOCK: Wut about me my mudder and fadder??😂

    • Coffee Callie
      Coffee Callie

      @vera suomi 😂😂

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      vera suomi

      I came here for this comment😂😂

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    Chloe Maddison

    You know when you Are a virgin till marriage, is it ok to like mutually masturbate together?? Or oral sex?? Is that what virgins do??? I have know idea! Can someone tell plz💗

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    Alaura Julian

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    Eloise Gow

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    Izumi Flynn

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    Sophia Brown

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    kermit is gross

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    Ellie D'Angelo

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