Minecraft Last Life #7 - Wither Without Us
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Коментара: 467
  • RyOfSun

    I see Last Life has reached the "everything is starting to look like a post apocalyptic wasteland" portion of the series

    • Alex Paniagua
      Alex Paniagua

      I expected all of this to go down in episode 8 not 7 which means the curse has been broken

    • kat

      @Mashruba Wazed I’m betting now. Scar is either going to go out halfway through the session in the silliest way like falling off his mountain or getting blindsided by a creeper, or he’s going to be in the Top 3 remaining survivors

    • Actry The Great
      Actry The Great

      Last season it was after the war between pizza and enchant

    • Mashruba Wazed
      Mashruba Wazed

      @Rookee Alding Eh u know scar, he won’t die (in 3rdLife and LastLife that is) and he’s a red so it won’t matter they’ll just take scar to their team.

    • Rookee Alding
      Rookee Alding

      @BeBetterThanThePersonYouWereYesterday Poor scar, I hope he catches up by watching the episodes. because if he goes in blind, he might not last long.

  • HydesR01

    Martyn: "I can't believe I'm the last Southerner" Also Martyn: has secretly been part of the Shadow Alliance for 4 episodes

    • Jed D Ant YT
      Jed D Ant YT

      @Rita Maru There's a possibility that they will pull this out

    • Jed D Ant YT
      Jed D Ant YT

      @L A R A S x WTH

    • Manta alfredi
      Manta alfredi

      @Rita Maru why would he he would probably join the Zombiecleo/Rendog/Ethoslab/Pearlescentmoon/Smajor95 Alliance

    • Isré!

      The fact that Grian said that the one that is left in the southlands (in episode 6) are Impulse and Grian himself, so technically, the southlands is now gone

    • Camping _V
      Camping _V

      What are you're responses XD

  • The Lamp
    The Lamp

    Impulse's death was the perfect comedic timing. That scream to splat.

    • The Tired Worm
      The Tired Worm

      That part was too good😂😂

    • Elm0xz

      But his trap for used, he got killed in it himself

    • Retronyx


    • JasonBason

      @Ejen’s Private Channel thats how last life is, I mean, I was hoping for a red Grian and red Mumbo reunion/duo, and we all saw how that went 👀💧

  • MasterMygrane

    I think that may have been the slickest Boogeyman kill of the season!

    • Yis Pinto
      Yis Pinto

      Replying to LittleWoods: Tango landing on the granade for team best

    • Amy Love
      Amy Love

      @Ion Meth Mumbo's crystal kill on Bdubs was pretty sweet too. (: Well played Mumbo.

    • Harsh

      @Your comment got a 💔 from Candice its said in the beginning that traps work and after the session is over, they put the person as cured

    • EllaBrella

      @Your comment got a 💔 from Candice it is human controlled. in a previous session, lizzie dies by falling in lava, jimmy says in chat "boogie kill, cure me" and then soon after he gets a notification saying he's been cured edit: made this comment before watching the episode - martyn gets the cured message on-screen around 35:40!

  • Lexi Connell
    Lexi Connell

    The contrast between seasons is honestly crazy. Last time, rednames were feared by those who opposed them... this time, they're being hunted down like rats. It's crazy!

    • Petr Beránek
      Petr Beránek

      @Kunarastar Yeah, that was pretty good move. I am not a fan of the fact, theat non-reds were allowed to keep gear and newly-red players were robbed. It was interesting season. More chaotic and less team organized, with really interesting rules, but the rules on allying, random health and sheer amount of boogeys made it forcibly short and hard to keep track of who is with whom.

    • Kunarastar

      @Petr Beránek This is why Scott becoming red intentionally was so dangerous in the end game, he now had the freedom to kill whoever he wants, but he didn't lose his stuff doing it. Plus his natural ability to gain allies had him turn the tables on those who had been red longer, so he ended up the red player with the best gear.

    • Alex Paniagua
      Alex Paniagua

      @fre ya yeah that's a bit counterintuitive

    • Mac Mcleod
      Mac Mcleod

      @fre ya yes I think Reds needed to learn from this and next series keep the best equipment for themselves and clean anything left with lava.

    • Snuwu

      The Boogeyman Curse can weaken them and damage their alliance, The Boogeyman can only choose people who are not red named.

  • Olive D
    Olive D

    Martyn, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your episodes - they’re so interesting and engaging, and your amazing editing and lore additions are extremely welcome and only heighten the experience. I’m invested in most people’s perspectives emotionally, but you’ve managed to get me hooked intellectually too, and thank you so much for that. Also, your way with words is stunning. Anyway, I’m rooting for you to win this thing! Hope you have a great time next week, and that next session isn’t the la’hast...

    • kat

      @InTheLittleWood - EN VTuber Your POV is so underrated! The editing and storytelling is almost unmatched. Hopefully if there’s a Season 3 and you’re back on your audience will grow even more!

    • Scott Gamble
      Scott Gamble

      @InTheLittleWood - EN VTuber it's these small things that truly make watching from yours and rens perspectives great and why we love every single interaction involving you two. Keep up the great work!

    • InTheLittleWood - EN VTuber
      InTheLittleWood - EN VTuber

      I'm really happy to hear you're enjoying all the extra work and layering I try adding to the series. Some things don't pan out because of the sporadic nature of the series but I'm doing my best to tell a cohesive story ha - your comment made my day!

  • weaselbee

    I am so happy you still kept up the tradition of watching mumbo do his intro. Might be little tough to do it from now on though :|

    • thegreatbeavers

      @Abyss Lector: Evergreen Enhancement You never know. Martyn been so great in 3rd Life and Last Life, he might become a Hermit. If not, he's always welcome to do anything with The Last Lifers and Hermits in my book. Edit: imagine Martyn disrupts Mumbo's intro while Grian and Iskall is laughing at the hilarity of it.

    • Inforcer

      @Lieke D I'd love this lol

    • Lieke D
      Lieke D

      @Abyss Lector: Evergreen Enhancement Or just put on a mumbo skin and do the intro himself 😂

    • Abyss Lector: Evergreen Enhancement
      Abyss Lector: Evergreen Enhancement

      He'll sneak his way into the Hermitcraft whitelist and do it there

  • Pepso8P

    All the boogies last episode were crazy, but this was a roller coaster of its own. These aren't just some random kills, these are ending kills, kills with actual impact. It started now and I have a feeling it will end next time. A war is coming.

    • MGA - Minecraft Gamers Adda
      MGA - Minecraft Gamers Adda

      @Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020 This is not spamming this is the way of dividing your initial thoughts 😂 This helps not to mix up things And don't change the subject btw

    • Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020
      Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020

      @MGA - Minecraft Gamers Adda next time include everything in 1 reply instead of spamming 😑

    • MGA - Minecraft Gamers Adda
      MGA - Minecraft Gamers Adda

      @Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020 And also I am watching them all form Minecraft Evolution smp back in the days I started watching Grian form Arcus smp days so yeah...

    • MGA - Minecraft Gamers Adda
      MGA - Minecraft Gamers Adda

      @Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020 And when I said ‘I don't think that's gonna happen' I was talking about she trading life not about you lol

    • MGA - Minecraft Gamers Adda
      MGA - Minecraft Gamers Adda

      @Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020 and also I didn't disagree to your statement at all lol

  • Trace

    All you hear is Impulse’s brief scream, then splat, right in front of Martin, then Martin’s look of total shock. Fantastic!

  • GG_Man123

    Someone gotta make like a art of Martyn sitting in the destroyed south lands waiting for crops to grow. Sad and alone, but the last survivor nonetheless

    • WizardCrafterzClipzThingz

      Martyn has Plot armor

  • Autumn feelings
    Autumn feelings

    * slams fists on the table * it's here, IT'S HERE!!! I am SO curious, you disappeared for half the session and nobody knew what you were doing!! This was a stellar session and I cant wait to se what you got up to !! To be fair, my heart is a little broken by all the "events"( trying to avoid spoilers here) that happened but I am enjoying this immensely. I am rooting for what remains of the Shadow Alliance! Overall, I... this series is so enjoyable for me to watch, it makes a part of me so ecstatic... Thank you so much too the effort you put into this series Martyn

    • Matthew Sagar
      Matthew Sagar

      @L A R A S x tf?

  • matthew heale
    matthew heale

    Martyn: "I can't believe I'm the last Southerner left" also Martyn: tries to kill Grien

  • Majestic Horse
    Majestic Horse

    L-aha-st life is getting more and more thrilling

    • ThemightyTho

      Good one

  • Abyss Lector: Evergreen Enhancement
    Abyss Lector: Evergreen Enhancement

    34:50 THAT WAS INSANE! I didn't know it could roll over plain blocks without a rail

    • Eddy's Minecraft videos
      Eddy's Minecraft videos

      @JFs743 Three is the minimum, but four ensures no bugs explode them earlier.

    • JFs743

      It does, but only if there are 3 or more (or maybe it works with 2, not sure), they glitch inside eachother and push themselves. whether they have TNT, chest, hopper or nothing, it's a very old glitch, kind of became a feature at this point.

    • Eddy's Minecraft videos
      Eddy's Minecraft videos

      I think that was the trap I posted on the subreddit.

  • Unavailable

    Basically da end of the video Everyone: TEAM! Martyn: Guess im alone now in the shadows and ashes of the southerlands.

  • Cocoecake

    Just came to see this POV cause absolutely all of the green and yellow names were looking for Martyn after the Wither fight (specifically Etho, Scott, Ren, and Cleo)

  • BrazenPhrasin

    impulse's death from martyn's perspective has to be the greatest thing ever

    • Amy Love
      Amy Love

      Can someone just make a five hour remix of that? (: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! **BOOM!** AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! **BOOM!!** AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! **BOOM!!!**

    • Bhavesh Nadar
      Bhavesh Nadar

      The sound effect was gold

  • Autumn feelings
    Autumn feelings

    God the music at the end...it's poetic in a way but also heartbreaking. The last one of the Shouthlands, standing alone, watching the remains of what once was ... it probably hit me more than it should have

    • Isré!

      @Cringe and also the fact that Joel stole his kill was hilarious

    • Isré!

      Well actually no, Grian himself said in episode 6 about the remainings of the southlands: "Impulse, we're the only ones left, where's Martyn? where's Timmy?"

    • Autumn feelings
      Autumn feelings

      @Cringe Gran is still alive last I checked. Have I missed something in others Pov's ?

    • Cringe

      Maybe it would effect me more if he didn't kill grian himself

  • Number1Candyman

    I had a feeling Martyn would be boogey this week, that play was amazing, and what an INSANE session this was!

  • Abyss Lector: Evergreen Enhancement
    Abyss Lector: Evergreen Enhancement

    42:30 imagine if Martyn and Grian end up having a duel to the death, or if that's the final fight even

    • Ace

      @Tex Ting personally, as a neurodivergent person, I believe that tone indicators are very helpful regardless of their origin! /pos

    • Tex Ting
      Tex Ting

      @mel1364 aahh Now that you mention it , i do remember that term. 🤔But weren't these indicators made by 4chan to create animosity between neurodivergent and typical people? Or was that something else entirely?

    • mel1364

      @Tex Ting no?? it's a tone indicator,, it means half-joking (i'm sorry if i sound rude)

    • mel1364

      @Nikiemae_ if it doesn't happen we'll make an au where it does. boom, problem solved /hj

  • A

    33:51 Martin making the same face that Jimmy makes when he's in a stressful situation = adorable.

  • Kewtie

    This week is interesting because no one spent the entire time with the same person, so there's always some bit of the timeline missing until you've actually watched everyone's video.

    • Heather N
      Heather N

      yes exactly!

  • WizardCrafterzClipzThingz

    I love the story telling and dramatic effects from both ren and Martyn. Iv always wanted either one of them, etho, or mumbo to win. You got this martyn Also always awesome titles. This one actually gave me some sort of emotion, hard to describe, kind of a sad nostalgic mixed with hope. Very weird, but when a title and thumbnail alone can evoke that kind of emotion then you know that’s a good youtuber. Amazing as always shadow fart

  • digital trucker
    digital trucker

    I would love to see you become a Hermit, Martyn. Your style would mesh so well and provide a great counterpoint to the rest of them!

  • Christine Watson
    Christine Watson

    The suspense going into this episode is real. I've seen enough of the other's videos to know how this ends, but, again.....what was Martyn doing this whole time? The Shadow must have a plan.

  • Obievil

    I'm only 40 seconds in and having grian run-up "did I miss it did I miss it" was so hilarious!

  • ArgoRebel Gaming
    ArgoRebel Gaming

    Best POV out of all of them!! Also, pretty sure every single person has said the phrase, "Dropping like flies."

  • Xandog

    "Mark my words, this is foreshadowing, Tim's going out today" It's funny how true this ended up being

  • guido heeling
    guido heeling

    Martin i had never heard of you before but this content is amazing puns are on point and the boogey kill was one of the most pro yet, you are the man!

  • PhoenixJen8

    Oh my lanta, the editing this season! The puns, the plots... aha-mazing is an understatement. Tuesday has become my favorite day of the week.

  • FriedBagel

    The end was kinda sad, from the a-hamazing beginnig of the southern Land to Just Martin is pretty sad .

  • Andrew Govender
    Andrew Govender

    Scar wanted all the red names to take refuge at his mountain. Please let them know since he is recovering ❤

  • a squished bug
    a squished bug

    19:15 as someone who has only been watching Minecraft youtubers since spring, proximity chat is fantastic and I can’t imagine correlation without it

  • Tomas Piliponis
    Tomas Piliponis

    that Tango kill was a masterpiece! Kudos!

  • Belle

    I forgot Impulse died... So seeing him falling to his death was a bit of a shock.

  • Tolumnia

    YES thank you for continuing the Mumbo tradition. It isn’t the same without the rest of the Southerners but it made me feel a bit better about the separation of such an awesome alliance

  • Evan

    Martins experience on last life this episode has literally been like some tragedy play. Lost his husband (Mumbo) + best friend (Tim) got revenge but then it turned it he didn’t cus Joel snuck in their first, now he’s all alone in the south lands planting wheat.

  • Morningblossom

    That boogey kill was amazing. And the execution was admirable, you knew what to do and just did it omg Also that ending, alone in the southernlands, heartbreaking T.T

  • kazutrash

    Man, first time watching Martyn and I’ve gotta say his editing style is awesome. Definitely the best editing compared to any of the last lifers

  • Kurisu

    *Loving* your use of music and sound effects. You're so good at amplifying emotions.

  • Encrypted48

    That boogey kill was GENIUS

  • Sugar Ants
    Sugar Ants

    AMAZING boogey kill that was so smooth it was incredible. i've just finished the episode and im shaking with adrenaline- that was so much fun to watch.

  • Rookee Alding
    Rookee Alding

    I watched skiz first, and he went into spectator mode once he died for good, He get's such a good view of Martyn's boogie kill.

  • Mint Chocolate
    Mint Chocolate

    42:12 etho in the chat has me crying in the club

  • NateNoot

    The way you edit and utilize music to set the mood is amazing!! Loved the video super dramatic!

  • dobeedeux

    That one was a real nail-biter! This season has been total chaos. Love it.

  • benfll

    That ending was actually emotional, you're the last one left just tending to the crops by yourself

  • GothBoy UK
    GothBoy UK

    The sound when Impulse hit the ground. It was pure hilarity. 😂

  • Ion Meth
    Ion Meth

    That tango kill was awesome. Tango was super brave too trying to disarm it hahaha

  • Peter Davis
    Peter Davis

    Cannot wait to see this stuff from your perspective! I absolutely adore your stuff, and applaud the obscenely glorious stunt you pulled off! It was A-HAbsolutely mA-HArvelous.

  • Tetsujin

    19:14 - Great seeing Impulse's fall from the ground, with proximity chat catching his dying scream and all

  • Eddy's Minecraft videos
    Eddy's Minecraft videos

    34:34, Is that the trap I posted on the subreddit? It has the exact same design. I'm so proud you used it! (I also did a video on this on my channel.) I think 35:44 confirms it.

  • Hotline Crybaby
    Hotline Crybaby

    can't believe I'm getting this emotional over a block game! Martyn your editing and way of narrating the story is just so, so engaging. now excuse me while i calm down, this session was too much for my poor heart

  • Perebima

    That last scene in the southern lands….. I’m crying, beautiful

  • Matt A
    Matt A

    Ethos is all that's left of BEST, and you're all that's left of the Southlands; and the ending of both y'all's episodes was pretty emotional.

  • lost in wales
    lost in wales

    Hands down martin is the best at storytelling/ roll play on the last life server!

  • Eddy's Minecraft videos
    Eddy's Minecraft videos

    34:34 After a lot of testing, there is only one way to thwart that trap and it is by making a U-turn out of tracks.

  • KRO 222
    KRO 222

    Ok Martin’s perspective of Impulse dying is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time ☠️

  • Jamief64

    That ending was oddly emotional

  • Irish DLT
    Irish DLT

    Martyn is the final southerner, it’s only fitting he wins the whole thing for the bois

  • Mach

    Oooh the Pain, The realisation that Team BET isnt even that commited to what they at the start of thier episode, in your own words they got no leader Also next session join up with the rest of the group

  • oftheBlazingNinjas

    I hope the finale is a 1v1 between Martyn & Grian in the Southernlands, a gentlemanly duel.

  • Ava and Elise McDonald
    Ava and Elise McDonald

    This series has been great!

  • Ishan J
    Ishan J

    The boogey kill was flawless. Absolutely Flawless. All elements were perfectly lined up.


    19:13 must be one of the funniest Last Life moments out there

  • Archy Grey
    Archy Grey

    I replayed the part where Impulse hits the ground so many times, that scream the split second before he hits the ground was hilarious. It just came out of nowhere.

  • loqk loqkson
    loqk loqkson

    I've been waiting for someone to use the minecart trick, but didn't think there was enough flat land, well done!

  • balance

    Martyn, your episodes are truly inspired.

  • Ramoos

    watching Martin trying to pick up good loot off the floor with a full inventory is honestly so painful

  • Websoak

    19:15 - That sounded like a bullet flyby. Mumbo didn't realize that plot armor does not work against players with more plot armor.

  • NotCosmonaught

    Props to martyn for speedrun editing this within a day

  • David Yodo
    David Yodo

    I'm glad Martyn have the Camera on again in this Chaotic Session...

  • Emunah_

    This was so cool! I adore the spooky voices you pull out for the dramatic stuff!

  • Owen Cheung
    Owen Cheung

    next session i think you should begin the episode with a eulogy about Mumbo due to being unable to watch his intro

  • Mac Mcleod
    Mac Mcleod

    The problem the greens have is that there's always one or more traitors in their midst every episode.

  • Graehart

    I can't say enough good thing about this series or your role in it. You are definitely one of the main characters. I can't wait for you to go red and hunt the server assassins creed style. In third life the way you moved strategically and had your hot bar locked and loaded but you held back. I hope you have a secret respawn room stocked with back up kit somewhere. Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor. o7

  • Ethanol Alcohol
    Ethanol Alcohol

    I genuinely did not expect grian to kill both Jimmy and Mumbo when they tried to trap him.

  • gloof

    i love how at 41:05 it seemed so intense but from other perspectives it was not even what Martyn thought it was xD

  • Eva Dijkstra
    Eva Dijkstra

    Martyn, I did not really watch your third life series, but you don't even know how much I am regretting that. Your editing skills are everything, your humor is the best and I love how your series really has a storyline. You became one of my favorite last life perspectives in a really short time! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Pandemonium

    The sound of Impuse hitting that Nether roof was amazing.