Minecraft - Last Life #4: BEST Team Brew Heist
Last Life is an odd mix of a Social and PvP Minecraft game started by Grian. Players are thrown into a tiny world with almost no rules, except survive as long as possible.
Dark Green = 4+ Lives
Green = 3 Lives
Yellow = 2 Lives
Red = 1 Life
Red Players are given the goal of killing all the other players in the game. In addition to the Red Players, each episode Boogeymen are chosen in secret and randomly to kill another player. If they fail to do so, they will lose all except 1 of their lives in the next episode.
To add chaos to the social dynamic, players also have been given the option to share their lives with each other.
Grian: www.youtube.com/user/Xelqua
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Smajor1995: www.youtube.com/user/Dangthat...
bigbst4tz2: www.youtube.com/c/Bigbst4tz22
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Renthedog: www.youtube.com/user/rendog
InTheLittleWood: www.youtube.com/user/inthelit...
GoodTimeWithScar: www.youtube.com/user/GoodTime...
impulseSV: www.youtube.com/user/impulseSV
Tango: www.youtube.com/user/TangoTekLP
ZombieCleo: www.youtube.com/user/ZombieCleo
SolidarityGaming: www.youtube.com/user/Solidari...
Skizzleman: www.youtube.com/user/MCSkizzl...
Mumbo: www.youtube.com/c/MumboJumboO...
LDShadowLady: www.youtube.com/c/ldshadowlady
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Twitter: twitter.com/EthoLP
TwitchTV: www.twitch.tv/ethotv/

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  • Alex Wardlow
    Alex Wardlow

    Its hilarious how many places that I had no idea Etho was present during all the other perspectives.

  • Darian

    I like how Cleo doesn't even question why Etho is invisible in her house lol.

  • Mattooee

    Bdubs going to get the enchanting table and coming back with 1 less life and no enchanting table is literal comedy gold

  • spo0pti

    i love how etho is just robbing cleo’s house then she dies and etho immediately goes from burglar to empathetic friend

  • WizardCrafterzClipzThingz

    I love how etho just walks up and steals the fairy’s brewing stand and walks out, and they do NOTHING

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C

    Being in Cleo's house invisible when she died is absolutely fantastic 😂

  • Avery McCann
    Avery McCann

    I have missed Ladders. He goes up, he goes down. Good to see him again.

  • Aesthics


  • Nkromancer

    I love how Cleo goes on a whole thing about traitors, yet never questions why Etho was in her house.

  • Alyssa Anderson
    Alyssa Anderson

    "I care more about Bdubs than the enchanting table."

  • Nonbiney Apple
    Nonbiney Apple

    Cleo popping in and Etho just being like "hiiiiii :)" was great

  • Terran NBD
    Terran NBD

    I'm just waiting for Etho to become the Boogeyman, but hide it from the viewers until he kills someone. That'd be great. Time to grab snacks and get watching.

  • Raymond Javier
    Raymond Javier

    50 minute episode?? Oh man, I'm gonna go get extra snacks!!

  • Total Phantasm
    Total Phantasm

    Scar: "you know me, expert in accessibility"

  • seegurkekiller

    re: Soul Soil vs Sand: Soul Sand everywhere except Soul Soil on designated paths. You can rush everywhere but the rest can only go regular speed along

  • Oblivioos

    Trying to avoid all other perspectives to save it for Etho!

  • Scar

    I love how this gamemode goes from civil gameplay and slowly devolves into anarchy and chaos.

  • Arieh Jacobson
    Arieh Jacobson

    Truly did his skin justice when he grabbed that brewing stand off Cleo's corpse chest.

  • Slyzard09


  • Analton Morion
    Analton Morion

    Etho! You HAVE to release a Wither in the world. Please, please, please...