Minecraft, But There Are Custom Portals...
Minecraft, But There Are Custom Portals... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, there are CUSTOM PORTALS AND WORLDS! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This was absolutely insane.
#MinecraftBut​​​​ #MinecraftChallenge​​​ #Minecraft

  • Fady Khalil
    Fady Khalil

    *wisp* I’m gonna land on this mountain just bc I can

    • Fady Khalil
      Fady Khalil


  • Adam The great
    Adam The great

    This is cool

  • troy brandt
    troy brandt

    I just love ur intros when u scream lol XD

  • AGGELOP2613W

    The video and this challenge it's nice but we're it's the emerald world??

  • ranadheer kishore chada
    ranadheer kishore chada

    0:09 remembering MrBeast 100k gift card in Dream smp

  • Enfield Plays
    Enfield Plays

    Why in every video at the beginning of the vid when he is talking why is he always cutting down trees. Also why do i feel like he spawns in thee exact same seed; maybe its just me...

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar


  • MuffinZz PlayZ
    MuffinZz PlayZ

    Couldn't you have at least left a link to the mod

  • Dondre Jerrick
    Dondre Jerrick

    wisp: WHERE ARE U DRAGON the dragon: *sigh* here we go again what did he do this time

  • Yuri_Gachaシ

    All my childhood in one video

  • Itz Ducky
    Itz Ducky

    What is this Mod called

  • Itz Ducky
    Itz Ducky

    How do i play this

  • TowerTifko

    Dude he didn't even need a shield!

  • Liz Kim
    Liz Kim

    Imagine if you make the emerald portal

  • Fifa 21 Squad builder
    Fifa 21 Squad builder

    U forgot emerald u nob

  • Medha Matta
    Medha Matta

    dude what bout emarald

  • Poetiepower 4.0 /2
    Poetiepower 4.0 /2

    nether gold ore, nether qwartz ore, emerald ore those are also ores

  • Lila K
    Lila K

    Pov: You came here from TickTock

  • Dubzee The Only
    Dubzee The Only


  • Carol Piedt
    Carol Piedt

    You can make God apples out of Gold blocks and apples

  • Dion Marcus De Leon
    Dion Marcus De Leon

    U forgot emerald(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  • Bram van der Lubben
    Bram van der Lubben

    why does wisp do not can beat the game without twist?

  • 哼哼最爱玩

    Love your vids

  • 哼哼最爱玩



    Make a neterite portal please

  • JůŁîĖñņË

    Oh my goddnes

  • Tim

    Imagine making a portal with bedrock

  • Light and Dark
    Light and Dark

    Where are NETHERITE world?

  • Elias Meyer Nørby
    Elias Meyer Nørby

    Try a portal wheth bedrock in g 1

  • Shravan Barkoor
    Shravan Barkoor

    17:34 "I am the dragon now" -wisp 2021

  • milko poopstein
    milko poopstein

    What’s the mod link

  • ronaldo

    Dirt portal..

  • Meena Ravi
    Meena Ravi

    New idea: you can craft with any block

  • YT_DaEZgame #EZ#
    YT_DaEZgame #EZ#


  • kashieca aban
    kashieca aban

    Me: i hope your happy and be good every day Wisp: thank you very much

  • kashieca aban
    kashieca aban

    Omg wisp you get 3m SUBSCRIBER

  • EJ Valoia
    EJ Valoia

    Hi Wisp

  • tirpanter

    Lol Diamonds 9:20

  • Li Wilson
    Li Wilson

    when wisp uses an unbreaking ten pick and it doesn't break but in other videos he uses diamond pickaxes with unbreaking 1000 but it still breaks...


    I wish you'd given me a link.

  • Cool fynlee
    Cool fynlee


  • Roadkill

    I am the dragon now Wisp 2021..


    Wisp you are stronger then DREAM no jk


    I wonder what will happen if you make obsidian portal 🤔?

  • Crystal McNamara
    Crystal McNamara

    anyone else kinda hopping he would make a glowstone portal


    It say form any block even grass block??

  • Marko Bekić
    Marko Bekić

    Am I only one or he forgot the emerald world

  • BollywoodBingo

    this could get me so much netherite to make full netherite armor and tools and weapons which is amazing.

  • LimeyMimey

    link to the mod?

  • Alex_The_King

    Quartz and Emerald: Are we a joke to you??

  • austin wang
    austin wang

    what about emrald???

  • Bethan L Roberts
    Bethan L Roberts

    Can you please send me a invite on Minecraft please

  • [ Froot Punchii ]
    [ Froot Punchii ]

    *and a dream* I wisp have a dream (JoJo Reference

  • Naro Kelas.3D,no22
    Naro Kelas.3D,no22


  • milli mauku
    milli mauku

    good content

  • Timo

    Speedruns be like:

  • Danu Sudjana
    Danu Sudjana

    wisp add ani ny every blok bluld portal

  • Tea Buiscuits
    Tea Buiscuits

    Well you can't set your spone because you throw your only bed in your inventory and that's terrible don't throw your bed any more ok because last time I didn't set my spone in my house on my bed and I was very far away from my spone when I joined the game and I died at last so I learned that too set my spone in craftsman it's another game like minecraft

  • Luke Deshotel
    Luke Deshotel

    You missed the quartz portal

  • Gucci Master
    Gucci Master

    Why do you not make god apples instead of golden apples

  • Matthew Lauriston
    Matthew Lauriston

    Why did u not go through the emerald portal

    • Matthew Lauriston
      Matthew Lauriston

      Yeah why

  • maybe_alex__

    yo, where do you get this mod from?

  • Kiana Davis
    Kiana Davis

    U know I love food food is my best friend I сап

  • Kiana Davis
    Kiana Davis

    Hate the video

  • Carmen Joy Aguirre
    Carmen Joy Aguirre

    OMG wisp is a noob he forget to upgrade he's super iron pickaxe XD

  • Connor Lemmen
    Connor Lemmen

    Ur so dum cuz if ur in a world filled with gold blocks then why not make notch apples

  • Ethan Vasquez
    Ethan Vasquez

    Can you do a face revil

  • quentin banggg
    quentin banggg

    wait you can craft redstone and lapis ore??????

  • Nolan p
    Nolan p

    4:18 listen closely

  • Damien Batt
    Damien Batt


  • Brittany P
    Brittany P

    Who else thought it was UCH

  • Connor Byrne
    Connor Byrne

    100 days custom portals pls. possibly with friends?

  • Syrath Douglas Foot tall Neko Boy Likes being held
    Syrath Douglas Foot tall Neko Boy Likes being held

    16:44 Yo that’s a shattered savanna biome, they’re really rare

  • East Soren
    East Soren


  • S.t.a BG
    S.t.a BG

    McBriken has many likes and replies than SILVER

  • trevis barron
    trevis barron

    Literally have gone everywhere, I cannot find this mod anywhere..

  • Tom Jarrold
    Tom Jarrold

    This was to easy

  • To bacon Or not to bacon that is the real question
    To bacon Or not to bacon that is the real question

    Wisp:steak is so much better then bread Gray still plays:so you have chooses...death

  • Santiago Vilar
    Santiago Vilar

    It’s fake

  • Baby Yoda And kermit
    Baby Yoda And kermit

    Steak is so much better than bread Me Who is eating bread: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Hina Zaidi
    Hina Zaidi

    I like diamond portal's

  • JuanMaRodriguez8

    name of the mod?

  • Liam Saari
    Liam Saari

    can you stop with these intros OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Training With Cody
    Training With Cody

    @wisp - where do we find this mod at?

  • Savanna Simpierre
    Savanna Simpierre

    that was great

  • The Redstoner
    The Redstoner

    How.do I do this

  • IlZiroylI Cuber
    IlZiroylI Cuber

    13:49 me: you cant break ancient debris without a diamond pick

  • brooklynn mcphail
    brooklynn mcphail

    If only there was a boyfriend portal

  • DJ Master Space gaming
    DJ Master Space gaming

    Can you put the link of the mod I want to download it

  • Denden Asis
    Denden Asis

    i see u on tiktok

  • Muhsin Aden Mohamed
    Muhsin Aden Mohamed

    Him every intro *whoaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Sniped,

    If you have been in the diamond world and then making another diamond world do you go to the same world?

  • Gilbert Galanza
    Gilbert Galanza

    Hi mc naved i am one of your biggest fan im the one who subcribe of your channel

  • Derrick Velez
    Derrick Velez

    That moment when he screams because he gets an elytra in the diamond world which has Unbreaking X

  • amanda wadsworth
    amanda wadsworth

    Dig to y11

  • Phtmgaming Pro
    Phtmgaming Pro

    Ancient debris portal

  • Saad Dossary
    Saad Dossary


  • Saad Dossary
    Saad Dossary


  • Otter boi :3
    Otter boi :3

    Every ore? What about emeralds?

  • sasuke_kills

    What about emeralds

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