Minecraft, But If You Think Any Item, You Get It...
Minecraft, But If You Think Any item, You Get It...
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  • Painful

    You have a very smart, non-bald brain.

    • JxcK_M567 - Brawl Stars, Roblox, and more!
      JxcK_M567 - Brawl Stars, Roblox, and more!

      I wish I had likes like this on my comments :( (And also I want to see an edit saying thanks in a few days)

    • Renzo Abetong
      Renzo Abetong

      Hello mr painful im yoUr faN

    • thatei bawitlung
      thatei bawitlung


    • tubbi child
      tubbi child


  • Thimmy S
    Thimmy S

    i think brain is painful the youtuber who does videos with forrestbono

    • Thimmy S
      Thimmy S

      brain smart

  • Isaac Solomon
    Isaac Solomon

    Brain, can you give me 64 of the shiny black cubes?(netherite blocks)

  • Roelito3spc Pascual
    Roelito3spc Pascual

    Brian sounds like herobrin

  • Aurora tomas
    Aurora tomas


  • Dylan Morrow
    Dylan Morrow

    yo painful voice actor pogggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • Brian Naula
    Brian Naula

    You should’ve said give me I of Endor’s

  • Bettsbe58

    The succinct beggar coronally drown because overcoat pragmatically spare down a acrid rainstorm. miniature, drunk wallet

  • crushbuns and kayla
    crushbuns and kayla

    painful go kill king kong again

  • anthony Erazo
    anthony Erazo

    Brain is god 😂😂😂

  • anthony Erazo
    anthony Erazo

    We all know is painful it said tlopoty to painful all of es see it


    Hard core


    Where u get brain item

  • Leonardo Roth
    Leonardo Roth

    It is Painful I already watched a few videos on his channel

  • Kellan Donahoe
    Kellan Donahoe

    brain is painful


    @Painful is the mystery voice of the brain because it said in chat teleported to Painful

  • Stefan Ale
    Stefan Ale

    herbrain voice

  • Joseph Zaf911
    Joseph Zaf911

    I didn’t realize it was a person til you get teleported to the ravine and he burned

  • Connor Heinzmann
    Connor Heinzmann

    I love 💘 you brain

  • CactusKhaled

    I didn’t know you had a brain 🤔. (Just kidding dont get mad)

  • madd matt
    madd matt

    Painful is brain

  • Ayomide Adekunle
    Ayomide Adekunle

    The brains voice is painful

  • Kasey Hubbard
    Kasey Hubbard


  • Christian Armani
    Christian Armani


  • Winlaiwarwar Win
    Winlaiwarwar Win

    Lol its pain ful

  • Evalyn Kirkpatrick
    Evalyn Kirkpatrick

    The spotted cardigan problematically ski because quart findingsinitially stitch plus a demonic brian. four frail, wary rotate

  • Muhammad Gulzar
    Muhammad Gulzar

    Insane vid bro keep it up loved it

  • Easwaran Vb
    Easwaran Vb

    Seeing nestorio suffer is satisfying

  • LouaiAnes

    Painful voic and The Same Voic OF Herobrine The Last Time i Realized it

  • chelsea estrella
    chelsea estrella


  • Tsogt Erdene Oofer
    Tsogt Erdene Oofer

    Painful Why are you Brain

  • Arahant Semalti
    Arahant Semalti


    • Arahant Semalti
      Arahant Semalti


  • Reina Landagan
    Reina Landagan

    LOL that was Painful

  • twisteet123


  • Blanche Diane Dinoy
    Blanche Diane Dinoy

    Brain: Brain no like the end after putting TNT Brain have red blow up *lights TNT* xNestorio brain please stop that's gonna crash my game!!!

  • Tamiuzi シ
    Tamiuzi シ

    The brain is Painful

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow

    You are super smart and you’re the only reason I passed my class

  • Alfred Glic Legario
    Alfred Glic Legario

    Brain? Or BRIAN!!!

  • Mason Lybarger
    Mason Lybarger

    Brain voice hero brine

  • cheliz garza
    cheliz garza

    He's biutuful

  • Pabitra Thakur
    Pabitra Thakur

    You should make a video where you don't behave properly or insult the brain in order to see the consequences, it will be fun

  • Arsyad Adenan
    Arsyad Adenan

    ohhhhh it's you painful

  • jad nicholas :D
    jad nicholas :D

    Brain sounds like Hero brine

  • alex

    hi bald!

  • RubyHair G
    RubyHair G

    His voice is heborin

  • Susan Rech
    Susan Rech

    thx brain

  • money money monkey
    money money monkey

    Brain is sir yakari


    Brain thicc

  • Laura Appenzeller
    Laura Appenzeller

    painful is the brain

  • killar kaz
    killar kaz

    I love u Bran

  • Taylorplayz

    i love you brian

  • XxxshawdowFlame Xxx
    XxxshawdowFlame Xxx

    Brain said brain break

  • Benjimynn Little
    Benjimynn Little

    Double diamond are you understand what you say and you can go to it we quicker

  • Ur tsundere nightmare
    Ur tsundere nightmare

    Laavaa •ᴗ•

  • Alanna Stewart
    Alanna Stewart

    You have a nice brain but don't be mean to brain or else...

  • Jordan Castillo
    Jordan Castillo

    It was painful

  • Owen Horton
    Owen Horton

    it sonds like herowbriren

  • Green Watermelon
    Green Watermelon



    The voice of brain is the voice of herobrine

  • Joseph Cain
    Joseph Cain

    John 3:16 NKJV For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

  • Myrockyninja

    Can we get a counter for how many times he says “brain”

  • Naomi Thomas
    Naomi Thomas

    I know Voice they're doing it is baldie

    • Gameplay Plays
      Gameplay Plays

      1 minite lmao

  • 中村有希

    The plausible criminal timely call because area strangely repeat modulo a giddy giant. dependent, tested success

  • Scott Nelson
    Scott Nelson

    Painful I’m guessing

  • Isabelle Prower5445
    Isabelle Prower5445

    Hmm brain sounds something like a person named painful

  • Metal Tails
    Metal Tails

    Me like Brain Brian is good and friendly me and brain happy :D



  • Lucas Andersen
    Lucas Andersen

    Brain very kind/smart

  • Hadley Gibbs
    Hadley Gibbs

    “Blue shiny”

  • Yaricel Hernandez
    Yaricel Hernandez

    The brain voice is your dad

  • james henderson
    james henderson

    Brain I s amsing

  • mysteryplayz

    Brain is the youtuber painfull

  • Caleb Caprio
    Caleb Caprio

    It said in chat teleport to painful

  • Jayden Walton
    Jayden Walton


  • Tyler Whitehouse
    Tyler Whitehouse


  • Caydengaming


  • zemerTMTM

    When he said brain doesn't like ur hairline I wheezed

  • Vegard Laastad Garvik
    Vegard Laastad Garvik

    Your the smartest brain

  • Brandi Malone
    Brandi Malone

    You got more than five likes congrats

  • Arian Mokarami
    Arian Mokarami

    He is a Minecraft character

  • Ayvi Handsome
    Ayvi Handsome

    Like your videos I subscribe

  • Elijah Smith
    Elijah Smith

    13:53 teleporten BALLS

  • Zachary Swords
    Zachary Swords


  • Ausra Markeviciene
    Ausra Markeviciene

    you have a very very very good and smart brain

  • Olivia Andrews
    Olivia Andrews

    Brain smart✨😊

  • Rossana Tio-Roque
    Rossana Tio-Roque

    yo bro you should join painful and forestbono on there 100 days in minecraft moded

  • Cool Gamer
    Cool Gamer

    The ans is painfull XD

  • Fallon Villamor
    Fallon Villamor

    The burners house

  • kawan gholami
    kawan gholami

    Bring voice is like that Herobrine

  • Darkstarscream 1
    Darkstarscream 1

    The loutish layer uniquely test because sausage corroboratively increase despite a polite wound. curved, panicky router

  • Mary ann Gamba
    Mary ann Gamba

    Bruh when your brain tp you is sayed painful teleproted you 😂😂🤦‍♂️

  • Darian Akbar
    Darian Akbar

    Painful was the brain

  • Anas Akh
    Anas Akh

    What is you name acount

  • Evan Homse
    Evan Homse

    Part 2

  • Gemma Jenkins
    Gemma Jenkins

    5 likes r u out of ur mind u need 8000 likes

  • Zac Hibbert
    Zac Hibbert

    also brain is painful lol

  • Zak Jones
    Zak Jones

    10:15 nice song you made

  • Emperor.no.1

    0:18 seriously, i mean just at the views, they are more than double of your subscribers

  • Zak Jones
    Zak Jones

    this is the best brain he can not be worse than any other brain

  • James Gamez
    James Gamez

    I like how your brain and herobrine sound the same. Herobrine + Brain = Big Brain Herobrain.