Minecraft But Arrows Drop Random Items...
Minecraft But There Are Lucky Hearts...
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In todays video, ill attempt to beat minecraft while using a custom bow that drops random items every time you shoot an arrow! if you enjoyed todays challenge, make sure to smash the like button to let me know!
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  • PaulGG

    AYOOOO Wheres my notification squad at?????

  • Gurology

    I enjoy Paul's videos for his originality and true humor. You're a goofy guy, it's like we'd be bros in real life.

  • Xylokill

    This is the first time I'm seeing Paul caring about shulker boxes in randomized videos and I finally can rest happy

  • Jase Risenmay
    Jase Risenmay

    My Wednesday instantly gets better when Paul drops a video. Keep up the good work!

  • Dallas

    Something to get my mind off all the craziness in my life is Paul. Thanks for making my day better.

  • play rockers
    play rockers


  • The Scorpion
    The Scorpion

    Paul: I keep spawning too many items

  • Tristan Keim
    Tristan Keim

    You should do an auto-sorter and a Giant Line with Hoppers, shoot over them and all items you want will be sorted in the Cheats xD

  • SentinalSlice

    “Sir you can’t compost your child.”


    I just thought of something if you were to make this a hardcore world and then you made a really big room with a hopper system bellow and an auto sorter that would be the most op thing ever.

  • EddShorts

    Paul my big brother you can find buried treasure much easier" when u get close to x u have to check your chunk coordinates and dig down on 9-9 middle one doesn't matter and u will always find treasure"

  • The Fishy Salmon
    The Fishy Salmon

    Lmao at

  • Seema Wadhwa
    Seema Wadhwa

    Paul- "Everyone loves to get pigstep"

  • gamer_dud3_234

    You're videos are so great man

  • Alex Holley
    Alex Holley

    Hi Paul, I’m having a little bit of a stressful day, I haven’t watched this video but honestly just seeing that you posted has made it considerably better.

  • Dani Moller
    Dani Moller

    Always need a good paulgg video when I’m down and just in general I mean come on he’s hilarious!!

  • Brian Osler
    Brian Osler

    I think you can make a column of water source blocks with either a magma block or soul sand at the bottom-whichever pushes up, and shoot an arrow into the water. Then place a hopper minecart underneath, and boom. You can farm it.

  • Kire

    Paul you're correct, you look at a netherite axe and proceed to let it despawn.

  • Noobie Pan
    Noobie Pan

    Love this vid so much effort put in well done

  • Dancer Kids
    Dancer Kids

    You should do this again but it has Op and custom items? I think that would be super sick.