Minecraft BUNKER: 10 Minutes, 1 Minute, 10 SECONDS!
Mumbo Jumbo
Building a Minecraft survival bunker in 10 minutes, 1 minute and 10 seconds! It was a bit of a struggle!
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  • Chris

    This man has definitely read the Minecraft red stone handbook

    • Shiba Inu Doge
      Shiba Inu Doge

      you mean the Advanced Creator's Redstone Handbook?

    • Kusair [GD]
      Kusair [GD]

      nah he didn't read the redstone handbook, the redstone handbook read him

    • Pecareca

      *made not read

    • Lightning Strike
      Lightning Strike

      no, he wrote the red stone handbook

    • CharlieDrawz

      I remember when he re-maked it

  • Brandenburg

    My bunker is just digging 3 blocks down and filling in the top one

    • NotMe11A

      Same for me on my first night.

    • Dark codm Yt
      Dark codm Yt

      Mine as well lol

    • Koa

      Never fails

    • Bryan Byabushi
      Bryan Byabushi

      😂😂why this so relatable

    • Jakov Kovacevic
      Jakov Kovacevic

      Nice hole brother

  • chris Seby
    chris Seby

    How to build an anvil replacement system: just put a couple of anvils on top of each other . One breaks other anvil falls down


      @DaddyBlue why can't i use creative

    • Muwucha

      No tools for me today, we're making anvils!

    • nayeonsbunny

      @Heng Li sorry lol, basically if you’re on pocket edition, you’ll go to the main menu on the world (you might be operator as you can select this when making the world) if your friends join and aren’t operator and they or you wish them to be, where it shows who is on the world there will be a symbol next to them showing a crown for operator, a star for member and a waving hand for visitor. Tap on their name and some options will appear, at the top, a grey button showing their current status on it, press it and select their ‘role’ and your done! Hope this helps and sorry for asking so many questions lol, I do it a lot. If you’re not on pocket edition I might have to search it up as i don’t know a lot abt the other versions

    • Heng Li
      Heng Li

      @nayeonsbunny yes whatever it's called

    • nayeonsbunny

      @Heng Li so like operator on a world sorry if I don’t understand lol

  • Dew Laffting
    Dew Laffting

    “When in doubt, build an anvil replacement system”

    • Dzvina Stepanyak
      Dzvina Stepanyak

      @OMGsage325 same

    • Danger Blox
      Danger Blox

      SOMEONE BLEW UP MY BASE I gotta make an anvil replacement system now

    • Nikiシ︎


    • wto8

      Yes sir


      just stack them

  • RedCore

    10 second mumbo: phew I’m pretty impressed that I finished 1 min mumbo: oh my goodness this is great! 10 min mumbo: we will build something slightly more complex... Build the Empire State Building

  • Unstoppable Gaming
    Unstoppable Gaming

    This man: builds piston door in 1 minute Me: screaming because red stone doesn’t connect to my button

    • Shiba Inu Doge
      Shiba Inu Doge

      so true bro

    • Dean McCarthy 347
      Dean McCarthy 347

      I pay mine craft since I was like 7 and now I am 13!

    • Rosa Orozco
      Rosa Orozco

      Thanos +shriek: Shriek:i am enavible Thanos:i cant argue with that

    • Memeish Boi
      Memeish Boi


    • Lil potato Child
      Lil potato Child

      Bruh meeeee

  • Carrot

    This man made me realize he can build a fort in the time it takes me to equip an item

  • Machintosh

    In the 10 second one he made a Hong Kong apartment room

    • DominoKid221

      thats not funny but its funny LOL

    • P to _
      P to _


    • Clover

      Yes I can relate

    • Zeppyz

      @diamondminer61 yeah same lol

    • diamondminer61

      LOL so true, as a Hong Kong person I very much relate

  • Alex Farrington
    Alex Farrington

    9:43 “And there is absolutely no evidence of you being here” *Proceeds to pick up red stone torch laying on the ground*

    • frzsri

      @HPVRStuff is everything on the internet a joke? or do we live in a post joke-world ???

    • HPVRStuff

      @Bodie Bedinger just take the joke and leave

    • Bodie Bedinger
      Bodie Bedinger

      Well yeah, your supposed to pickup the torch when you leave the bunker

  • Naval-Line

    “I thing I got everything we need” Enchanting table feeling left out

    • Naval-Line


    • pov: the joke went over your head
      pov: the joke went over your head

      @Naval-Line pov: your watching his videos too

    • HPVRStuff

      @Naval-Line if its long ago dont fucking respond

  • Gavin Seath
    Gavin Seath

    Mumbo: Takes 10 minutes to build a multipurpose redstone bunker Me: Takes 10 minutes to build a nether portal

    • Ba_Ng_1

      It takes me 10 mins to make a not compact redstone 1 by1

    • Life Less
      Life Less


    • Bostino BadDog
      Bostino BadDog

      @Adam Arouch u can type all that in one second??

    • No

      Strucid_ Hype Omg how? I can’t even find diamonds at that rate I needed an entire year before finding diamonds

    • Man

      If you use the portal as an example you have problems.

  • Joe Kilbreth
    Joe Kilbreth

    This kind of stuff needs to happen more! Great job, Mumbo!

  • Auggie8738

    This is the first video of his that I’ve watched, and my mind is blown.

    • nody

      Me too

  • notoriousKING

    Mumbo: builds a redstone bunker in 10 minutes Me: learns how to use redstone after 20 days

    • notoriousKING

      @David Cranby i still dont know

    • David Cranby
      David Cranby

      I don't even know the difference between a repeater and a comparter.

    • notoriousKING

      @Waris Mard yes sir

    • Waris Mard
      Waris Mard


    • Txrbo Media
      Txrbo Media

      @Bostino BadDog I still can’t use it

  • xD xD
    xD xD

    Use instant damage II arrows, on bedrock edition 2 arrows can kill a player regardless of armor. And those dispensers should be a bit more hidden, like on side, activating as player passes instead of being perfectly visible in front.

  • baylie

    I’ve been playing Minecraft for 5 years and still have no clue how red stone works

    • nayeonsbunny

      I’ve been playing for 7 years I can only make a piston door…

    • Setesh

      @dragon camman18 for the most part, yes. Since redstone circuitry is identical to real world circuitry.

    • dragon camman18
      dragon camman18

      @felony steve hey what a coincidence i have been also playing for 7 years and im also 11

    • dragon camman18
      dragon camman18

      @Setesh did it work in minecraft?

    • dragon camman18
      dragon camman18

      same here but i was trying for 7 years not understanding redstone sucks for me

  • Visamin Cañal
    Visamin Cañal

    Thanks man for minecraft bunker tips ! I hope we could see more !

  • Sxght

    Mumbo you really inspire me for redstone. Keep it up!😁

  • lukus black
    lukus black

    I'd have switched out the anvils, which I find to be slightly later game, with an auto-furnace. Otherwise, very cool.

  • Soul X
    Soul X

    His 10 second thing is better than any build I've ever made🤣

  • Icey Max
    Icey Max

    Mumbo: Builds a complex piston door in 45 sec Me: Can’t build a normal piston door in 45 min

    • Endy Animationz
      Endy Animationz

      @Keshill nanosecond

    • Endy Animationz
      Endy Animationz

      @Keshill second

    • Endy Animationz
      Endy Animationz


    • ShadowTheEdgelord

      i built a normal piston door in 5 minutes

    • Enderdragooon


  • Beanie Girl
    Beanie Girl

    The problem with your base being super hidden is you forget where you hid it

  • Lincoln WILSON
    Lincoln WILSON

    Me: "I'm very nice to villagers." Also me: "is that a blacksmith... welllllllllllllll." *Two Minutes later* Villagers: "where did the village go?"

    • help me
      help me

      Lincoln WILSON i just readed the villager line with the dan lloyd voice

    • dragonjl00


  • Dylann06

    For the security in the first house you could have covered the hole with a grass block, and if you ever wanted to go inside or outside you would break the block.... that would be better for security I guess..

  • Always Bolt the Bird
    Always Bolt the Bird

    The ten second one was better than I thought it would be. Good job

  • Jay K.
    Jay K.

    Can you make a tutorial of the ten minute bunker? It’s really cool honestly and it would be really nice to have

  • TS

    Peaceful, Non clickbait, informing, fun, interesting innocent minecraft video. GOOD JOB👍👍👍

  • Klitie Sterling
    Klitie Sterling

    10 second build : 9.46 seconds 1 minute build : 59.05 seconds (timing stopped when the dispenser was closed) 10 minute build 9.11 minutes

  • Vinkva


  • TwinX1

    I love how mumbo is the new redstone speed runner


    Literally, the most complex thing I can build with redstone is a 2 by 2 redstone door

  • That Exo Guy
    That Exo Guy

    Awesome bases, but the ten minute one lacks an armor equipping station and an enchanting table setup. You could also maybe go for a quick farm in that time to have some food down there, the anvil replacement system is cool but it's ultimately useless so that would've been time better spent on something else.

  • Andrew Liu
    Andrew Liu

    another idea: hollow out a small hill, place a bed, crafting table, furnace, the put down a campfire in a 1-block hole right in front of the entrance (placing a door is optional)

  • I’m not Gay
    I’m not Gay

    It takes me 10 mins to find flint and steel In the creative menu

    • HamburgerPenguinz

      @YTBSC_Mbrother BSC well then you cannot find items and you have to suffer and it sucks to be you!

    • Nooby Gang
      Nooby Gang

      Search ur up

    • HenryPlaysYT

      lol it took me so long at first

    • Vihaan Tirunahari
      Vihaan Tirunahari

      it takes me 5 mins to find the lead

    • Harvey Gaming
      Harvey Gaming

      It takes me 15 minutes to find a cave while in elytra

  • Willow

    Now I want to see mumbo walk into the 10 min bunker with security on in survival

  • PoisonTipped

    First thing I would change on the 10 minute is to make a dispenser shoot out the redstone torch to you after it’s use and the second thing is an armor equipping station.

  • Luna Goss
    Luna Goss

    You made a really good bunker in 10 minutes and it was only in a small amount of time. You did a really job 👍🏻😁

  • no ah
    no ah

    You should've put a piston underneath the crafting table so it can pop up and down

  • ThisisChris999

    Mumbo, since all the new villages are implemented into 1.14 now, could you try transforming them with redstone?

    • Niciel Solis
      Niciel Solis

      *NiCe IdEa BoI!¡!¡!¡!*

    • Brennan Slocum
      Brennan Slocum

      good idea!!

    • Mxpx1112


    • Serlok Brixe
      Serlok Brixe

      That update isn't supposed to come out until the summer. How does everyone have it, already?

  • 1k subs with no content?
    1k subs with no content?

    Woah the way that you problem solved so fast with the redstone blew my mind 😯

  • billylikesham94

    this guy can make a better bunker in ten minutes than I can with an hour

  • p4r4di$3

    That's better redstone than I ever done!

  • Jon Alston
    Jon Alston

    How is this guy so good with red stone I’ve been playing minecraft ever since the first day of realease

  • MajorChief5

    He’s better at using redstone with a minute timer than I am with an entire day

    • Emma Lyke
      Emma Lyke

      Interesting profile pic

  • aki 12
    aki 12

    Can u PLEASEEEE make a tutorial on 10 minute build? I loved it!

    • CatEatingPizza

      Mumbo isn’t a tutorial channel

  • K G
    K G

    Can we just appreciate the fact he actually used the houses he built in the thumbnail?

  • 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos
    10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    4:27 ... how did you fill your inventory so fast?

  • d050

    No one: Mumbo: “Anvil replacement system”


    We want a tutorial on the 10 min one!

    • Mandy Stephens
      Mandy Stephens


    • Dori Miklovicz
      Dori Miklovicz

      I NEED it pls

    • TubeGamingMaster Mind
      TubeGamingMaster Mind

      @Daan Bergmans that's To Easy To Do Also 10 Second Was Good Because It Was Built In 10 Seconds And Is A Little Imressive

    • Axis


    • Gurksi


  • Blurp

    This man is so cool at redstone!!!!!

  • MyDadWorksAtMicrosoft

    What would make your build better is if you added chest and hoppers to refill the arrows

  • MulitMaster

    He builds better houses in ten seconds than I build in the entire time I play on a world

  • Kiddo - PUBGM
    Kiddo - PUBGM

    In the 10 second you also have an exp farm just leave the top trapdoor open and mobs will fall in

  • match wheels
    match wheels

    Thought I was ok at minecraft... now I feel primitive.

    • Croopzy

      match wheels ikr

    • Jessica Frank
      Jessica Frank

      Primitive basically means like caveman stuff

    • Gucci Gawd
      Gucci Gawd


    • Summer 333
      Summer 333

      I don’t know what primitive is but I still liked

    • Kyle Markinson
      Kyle Markinson

      @Honey Bee FTFY

  • Lachie M
    Lachie M

    The funniest thing is that he always has red stone in his inventory each vid no matter what.

  • Krfree Lvr
    Krfree Lvr

    The arrows should’ve been changed with arrows of instant damage for instant death.

  • ZmurffyZ - Overwatch
    ZmurffyZ - Overwatch

    I think that when you understand how redstone works a whole new world opens... I haven't figured it out yet tho

  • fumes des péterds
    fumes des péterds

    4:55 This guy is a God at Redstone but mate you can make a Redstone key entrance section with one piston, one block and some dust underneath that connects to the circuit

  • TheDutchman

    RELATED TO YOUR BOAT IDEA FOR HERMIT CRAFT: Building a FUTURISTIC YACHT could be a nice way of showing how someone would get to your island and back to the main land. If you make a tiny Flyingmachine Submarine underneath (little bit of a James Bond feel?), you could have a real Aquatic transport, from and to your base. POTENTIAL ARCHITECH PROJECT? A submarine would also fit nicely with the aquatic update theme. PS: sorry about the CAPS (wanted you to notice) 2nd PS: LogDotzip has a nice smal submarine design: rsloft.info/loft/video/m5CavmvOzpnChpw (love your designs: but the submarine from your video was a bit big for this idea)

    • Sippy ツ
      Sippy ツ

      Like the one from black ops 4

    • Sunny Lo
      Sunny Lo


    • Ernest

      great idea!

    • LilDibbun

      Logdotzip clickbaits

    • Joseph Stone
      Joseph Stone

      Or is that actually what you meant?

  • Lekatamur

    So, that was a massive success SAYS MAN, WHO BUILT PISTON DOOR, THAT BUILDS ITSELF

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor

    Hey mumbo, I made a trapdoor which integrates the Redstone torch key within it. So basically the block that is the trapdoor is also the input to the torch key, try to make one!

  • Waybis Playz
    Waybis Playz

    Mumbo: Makes an anvil replacement system. Me: *Still learning how to light tnt*

  • Zoltán Erik Migléc
    Zoltán Erik Migléc

    "I'm not joking by the way, I really am stretching" had me DYING

  • Ethan Kennan
    Ethan Kennan

    Can you make a tutorial for the torch-key trapdoor?

  • Limbo

    I don’t make redstone a lot but I made the piston where it brings the block down and to the side and I was so proud it was my first time doing it

  • Taco Underlord
    Taco Underlord

    9:44 “ and there is no evidence that you have been there” *proceeds to pick up the redstone torch to hide the evidence that he has been there*

  • Atomik_Alpha Roblox
    Atomik_Alpha Roblox

    How to make an anvil replacement system: get put 3 block across the ground horizontally. In the middle one, stack up 7 anvils. Pretty it up a bit. Voila.

  • lolbob999999 Plus 1
    lolbob999999 Plus 1

    What mumbo was missing in his 10 minute build was an Infinite water source.

    • David TARTENSON
      David TARTENSON

      Enchanting table too 😉

    • Vinay Wankhede
      Vinay Wankhede

      Why do u need more?

  • Samirtle

    Can you make a tutorial on a 1x1 flush piston trapdoor with a button on the inside so you can open the flush trapdoor and get out. I want to make this for my bunker I made and it would be sneaky to have the piston closed when you are in the room and when you are done, you can press the button which opens the flush piston trapdoor and you can get out. If anybody made something like this with a button on the inside so you can get out. Please send me a video JUST LIKE what I described. Please and thank you.

  • TimKeysKeys

    How do you do the thing where you take stuff directly from your inventory to your hot bar, without opening your inventory?

  • jibb 294
    jibb 294

    You know what they say. When in doubt, build an anvil replacement system!!! :)

  • Spyder

    for the redstone key you could put a hopper minecart around there to not leve the key floating

  • Leo

    He knows the red stone dictionary back to front

    • terio bost
      terio bost

      That's because he made it

    • N1gHt


    • Name_

      Mores - 49 that used to be my gamer tag!

    • Depressed Mid Life Crisis Timmy
      Depressed Mid Life Crisis Timmy

      That’s how I wipe

    • poleytheshroley


  • videodude

    Is there a video for the automatic door for the 10 minute bunker? I’m trying to make it for my bunker in a survival server

  • Just some guy With a beard
    Just some guy With a beard

    The ten second was better then my base which I have been working on for months

  • NillVision

    I could make a bunker in 10 hours, and still it would look like Mumbo Jumbos 10 second...

  • Geeky Wolf
    Geeky Wolf

    You should do a challenge version of this with Grian, and do the coolest house or something like that

  • Dezire Abuse
    Dezire Abuse

    Also best thing I can do with Redstone is a piston door (single, Idk how to do a double one)

  • Kai _
    Kai _

    Man built something in 1 minute that would’ve taken me 1 day.

  • Genesis

    Mumbo Jumbo: When in doubt, build an anvil replacement machine! Also Mumbo Jumbo: *doubting his ability’s to build an anvil replacement machine*