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Today we join GrianMC for a bit of build swap action! This was hilarious, and massively challenging.. Make sure you check out the episode on Grians channel to see our other build swap!
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    It's in 360p because RSloft is taking forever to process this slightly longer video! It will be full HD super crispy soon!

    • Bendo and Barry
      Bendo and Barry

      Hi mumbo jumbo

    • questionable froot loop
      questionable froot loop

      Your flamethrower looks like a screwdriver

    • Raja Rauf
      Raja Rauf

      Hello its me from the future and we have 1080p60fps

    • Emily King
      Emily King

      I just want to say you and grian are the best phone say something whenever I try to spell grian it just turns to Brian or green or Korean but you guys are the best

  • SxmplyBubxle

    " We've got a Grian with us " Ah yes, the Grians are a very rare species, and can only be found in minecraft, mostly near beautiful builds.

    • The Space Between
      The Space Between

      @Roselda gamer No…. I was told a tale of a wild Grian who liked pretty builds, barely understood redstone, and caused chaos.

    • Roselda gamer
      Roselda gamer

      @The Space Between did your parents tell you a story about a grain that can smell redstone

    • The Space Between
      The Space Between

      @Roselda gamer Yes, that’s the bedtime story/legend that our parents told us as kids.

    • Lenelie Sapong
      Lenelie Sapong


    • David Robinson
      David Robinson

      And over here we have a grain in the wild, building it's best to attract possible nests

  • Amanda Bang
    Amanda Bang

    2017: grian asking mumbo what the hermitcraft servers like 2021: grian taking over the hermitcraft server

    • cannedolives


    • xXaurelzXx

      What idk the lore

  • Nathz 11x
    Nathz 11x

    Let’s be honest, the best parts of this video was when Dom and the other judge stole the show by clearly making better builds 😂.

    • Jion The MinecrafterX
      Jion The MinecrafterX

      Pearlescent Moon

  • Playfra

    I love how Mumbo puts redstone in everything he does 😂

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    Alternate title:Mumbo and Grian talk about their personal lives for 30 mins straight

    • mozly

      I'd pay to watch that

  • Banana

    When this was uploaded, Mumbo was the only player out of the 4 on hermitcraft. Now Domrao is the only person there not on hermitcraft.

    • Mr Meme
      Mr Meme

      @H HH You stole MY joke too

    • CorruptShadow


    • H HH
      H HH

      @Loyis Binnell good

    • Loyis Binnell
      Loyis Binnell

      @H HH you stole my joke

    • H HH
      H HH

      @byuone with a GRIAN of salt

  • - / i H E L L O i \ -
    - / i H E L L O i \ -

    Instead of sand, you ould actually use lava, as it spills over the place, and it looks red like ketchup?! You could make it chilli sauce, maybe?

    • кот

      B E A N S

    • EternalArgus

      @Amy Rhault and the wool will burn

    • Amy Rhault
      Amy Rhault

      That’s what I was thinking

  • AndrewMp4

    i love coming back to watch these classic build swap videos:))

    • Hazž1l ☆
      Hazž1l ☆

      same :)))

  • Versus

    Mumbo: I put in what's known as a comparator redstone clock Grian: Ohhh Grian (in his head): What on Earth is that.

    • GhaniG

      Grian: i like his funny words

    • Johanna Driesenga
      Johanna Driesenga

      From another video when Grian and mumbo swapped places: WHAT THE HELL IS A T FLOP

    • Cheems¿

      Grian is also good at redstone tho

    • Dani Kisikan
      Dani Kisikan

      He is speaking the language of the gods

    • TheShadowXI

      So true xD

  • Jaser Gamer
    Jaser Gamer

    Now that I found out that Mumbo knows about Team Fortress 2 I am immediately liking all of his videos

  • VinnieBrucePlayz

    31:41 If you tilt your head to the left so that the iron part of the build looks like it faces down, it kind of looks like a microphone.

  • Echo Gobbin
    Echo Gobbin

    Grian: “What trips are you goin on soon?” Me: *sad 2020 noises*

    • Unseen919 Gaming
      Unseen919 Gaming

      Dont forget ‘bought 2021

    • TheCamillaRose

      2021 :'(

    • Icey Vibes001
      Icey Vibes001


  • Ynyr Johnson
    Ynyr Johnson

    for the "burning everything" part, the hand position was perfect to give the sauce bottle an Archvile-like appearance from DOOM

  • Skylar Widener
    Skylar Widener

    I know it's been 3 years since the video but mumbo made a sparkplug so even though it wasn't a flamethrower still could count as making fire he just has the placement of the dispenser backwards

  • FrqR

    Rewatching this in 2022. Grian’s tree giving me Mumbo starter base season 8 vibes

  • RunsOnCaffeine

    Mumbo’s “flamethrower” looks like a recording mic 🎙

  • Noob Tubers
    Noob Tubers

    Mumbo: thank u for building the hands, that’s very “handy” lol

  • May The Fool
    May The Fool

    Learning Mumbo is younger than Grian is actually so shocking.

    • GhaniG

      @May The Fool it's absolutely the moustache

    • May The Fool
      May The Fool

      @GhaniG It's totally the moustache.

    • GhaniG

      @May The Fool well didn't expect a reply on a comment from 2 years ago but wow i always thought they were closer in age maybe Mumbo being a bit older

    • May The Fool
      May The Fool

      @GhaniG Yes haha, Grian is 28 and Mumbo is 26.

    • GhaniG

      wait he is?

  • Shelodon Last name
    Shelodon Last name

    When Grian ranted about powered rails… you can tell that came from the heart

  • GamerzBEE

    this went from a build swap to a time to talk and chat lol

  • Weston Kershner
    Weston Kershner

    The "flame thrower" looks like a light saber. But I have two good ideas. Mumbo could have made a giant flint and steel or he could have made the flame thrower be the mouth of the sauce

  • baby villager
    baby villager

    What we thought they would talk : your build is worst , no yours is Mumbo : I was planning to go to barley

    • Dafinator

      its Bali

    • baby villager
      baby villager

      @Johanna Driesenga :o I am not American but I can speak English very well tho but not like if it is my mother tongue xD

    • Johanna Driesenga
      Johanna Driesenga

      Sounded like bolly with his accent this is why him and Grian are so fun to watch me being American XD

    • rain!!


  • Theodoric


    • Chuck Cluck
      Chuck Cluck


    • Cliff Harvey
      Cliff Harvey

      Trues :D

    • Emily King
      Emily King

      Hahaha 😂🤣😂🤣

    • Mr panda 🐼
      Mr panda 🐼

      Let’s go

    • unknown. person
      unknown. person


  • Alice Kudasai
    Alice Kudasai

    Casually watching while building on my village and look up to see the stuff of freaking nightmares with tree man lol

  • Aarush Quesadilla
    Aarush Quesadilla

    For some reason I always thought these two were childhood friends and started their RSloft thing together

  • Evil_Jinx

    Seriously you guys need to do new videos like that... Maybe for the 1.17...?

  • Ryanthe Doctor11
    Ryanthe Doctor11

    We've got 2 future hermits in this vid lol, neither Grian or Pearl were in HermitCraft at the time, but are now

  • Yahegao

    Missed opportunity to build a big glass bottle full of lava and call it "hot sauce". But I liked the redstone.

    • jaxwhacks

      That would have been clever. If thou ever has the opportunity thou should use the idea.

    • puraqua corn
      puraqua corn

      Wow I was thinking that too

    • Nathan N
      Nathan N

      change language to "LOLCAT" (java only) lava bucket is changed to "BUKKIT FULL OF HAWT SAUSE" so yes that is exacticly wha that is


      sksksksks-cuse é moi-??

    • Ahmet Coal
      Ahmet Coal


  • NiteCrawlerz

    Hang on. If they knew Pearl 4 years ago, how the hell did it take 3 seasons of Hermitcraft to put here on the server?!

  • Felix Hoffman18🇺🇦
    Felix Hoffman18🇺🇦

    his flamethrower looked like a leaf-blower

    • ThatOneGamingFurry

      Phlog but leafblower

    • Shreyash Kumar
      Shreyash Kumar

      Well just add a methane gas tank behind the leaf blower and use a lighter to make it a flamethrower :D

    • Charles Drake
      Charles Drake

      A trench club

  • Breawen Zatanna
    Breawen Zatanna

    2:40 their redstone contraption is so advanced that even mumbo jumbo himself didn't know what that is

  • Tay Palleschi
    Tay Palleschi

    It reminds me of Obi Wan in Episode 4 right as he's starting up his light saber! Lol Fun video. Love both of your channels!

  • Dark Lord
    Dark Lord

    Mumbo's flamethrower looks like engine starter that one thing with electric sparkle 😂

  • Julie Plays #save ukraine
    Julie Plays #save ukraine

    I love how originally good your vids are and Brian’s

  • CountryFlagCapitalBoi

    The best part is that pearl is just building random animals while they 2 are building their theme and chatting


    The flamethrower looks like a partially ignited lightsaber XD.

  • SurvivElite

    “A sauce bottle flexing his arms while burning everything” “A sick tree man baking a cake to feed his son”

    • Robinson Bright
      Robinson Bright


  • 💖Lylah's wonderful channel💖
    💖Lylah's wonderful channel💖

    Did you know that if you use like 50/40/60 powered rails it can push you more then 100 blocks?

  • A.C.E Fluffy
    A.C.E Fluffy

    "It's quite simple actually" *enters a spaceship cockpit*

  • 》Nana《

    Ohhh, there was a time when I fell down the stairs hitting my back and i couldn't yell out or move. I was just like "mom help, help" without any sound.

    • SoutzeonNews

      BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😁😆🤣😂🙂😆😂😂😁🤣😁😂😁😂😂😆😂😆😂😆

    • Pacomatic

      F in the chat

    • XenonClave

      Did you brake your spine?

    • MUSICAL Aaditya
      MUSICAL Aaditya

      @Marek Kowalski what

  • theytookmyname666

    Oh I though this was going to be Mumbo trying to make a pretty house & Grian trying to build a red stone thingy. Like a swap of style of their styles.

  • Austan Lee
    Austan Lee

    That's quite a nice Grian you've got there. 10/10

    • Nukclear

      The temptation to change it, but I won't

    • Jelly Snowman
      Jelly Snowman

      Geoffrey the Giraffe I have 666 in my phone number

    • Blockbuster NateTHEGR8 [Credits to Blockbuster]
      Blockbuster NateTHEGR8 [Credits to Blockbuster]

      It has 666 likes 😈

    • Jelly Snowman
      Jelly Snowman

      Wow a very fine one indeed. My Grian is not as fancy, so I’m impressed with your Grian’s excellency. Where did you get him from lol

    • Trilja666

      Yup but i like my Grian3000 more

  • Xander The Dragon
    Xander The Dragon

    Mumbo's flamethrower looks like a dyson vacuum without the handle and the suction part.

  • Alberto Hidalgo
    Alberto Hidalgo

    Mumbos first build looks kinda sauce. Lol

  • Mordechai Sanders
    Mordechai Sanders

    mumbo's flamethrower definitely looks like a spark plug.

  • Apple Dude 255
    Apple Dude 255

    I think the "flamethrower" looks like a wand that is shooting fire.

  • Nicholas Zelinsky
    Nicholas Zelinsky

    The funny thing is that u think of grian as a 16 yr old, and Mumbo as a 35 yr old

    • KatieKat

      Ya but mambo is younger than grain how???

    • Vlad Șufariu
      Vlad Șufariu

      the thing is that grian is like 3 and a half years older than mumbo.

    • michael kotaridis
      michael kotaridis


    • up is down
      up is down

      Oh u haven’t seen 16 year old grain Spoiler He used to swear alot

    • Channel Name
      Channel Name

      @Ella P honestly, i think it's just because Grian sounds like he's still young and looks like it too, and Mumbo is the opposite, but i guess the rp stuff goes aswell

  • Savannah Killpack
    Savannah Killpack

    The intros are always the best!!

  • Rexpyl

    I'm pretty sure you can dispense blocks with the Quark Mod

  • TheoLMS

    I think the flame thrower looks a tiny bit like a knife.

  • X-man c33
    X-man c33

    The flamethrower actually looks like a light saver

  • LoyalPie@123

    You should have used redstone blocks for the cherry's it would look good.

  • Lucy Gossip
    Lucy Gossip

    The "flamethrower" looks like the top end of a blowtorch.

  • Timbo Jones
    Timbo Jones

    3 years later, Grian is building a sick tree man on hermit craft, together with pearl for mumbo. Who would've thought

  • ZLD Smogless
    ZLD Smogless

    Build: doesn't look good Grian: make a face on it!

  • OttoNotto

    “There’s a parrot over here grian” Grian: “Pesky Bird”

    • cheese


    • Fudufy

      I read it as a patriot over here. Either way since he British I think he would’ve said the same thing

    • Rianussy_lmqooo🎗️

      @The.Mental.Mess! so true

    • Rianussy_lmqooo🎗️

      Grian once said "Pesky bird taking all those crops"

    • bandaid cheerios
      bandaid cheerios

      peppa pig reference

  • AY Forest
    AY Forest

    23:27 "thats really handy" im surprised how you didnt notice XD no pun intended

  • the_unwanted_one

    Mumbo should do lessons in redstone 😆 It is definitely confusing to operate

  • Samm

    This is so out of topic but the thought that Mumbo thinks there's only one volcano in Indonesia, a country located on the Ring of Fire, is so funny to me

  • Amethyst

    The “flame thrower” reminds me of the things the Ghostbusters use to shoot the ghosts. 🤣

    • Elwin Heslege
      Elwin Heslege


  • eddie2therescue61

    The flamethrower looks like the minishark from terraria but with one barrel and grey

  • FunkyTiger27

    I once rewatched this during season 6 thinking he becomes a hermit! Now I'm watching this in season 8 and I'm thinking she becomes a hermit!

  • Ryragnarok

    The flame thrower kind of looks like a huge sideways mic

  • Swiggy

    The sauce bottle with just the eyes looked like ice age baby

  • Koopa Kaos
    Koopa Kaos

    It's funny, I'm subscribed to both you and Grian, so I got a new notification from you both around the same time. I must admit, I freaked out and squealed a little bit. So excited that this collab happened.

    • Lord Mosnar
      Lord Mosnar

      Hold the scroll button on your mouse and drag the item. You're welcome.

    • Tachyon.C0

      Koopa Kaos e qq

    • _AJ _
      _AJ _

      Koopa Kaos oh I saw you comment on many of grian Vids!

    • Zoraxua

      John Brown yep same

  • Abrisam

    6:49 Bali is actually an island, and is not a country. Indonesia is the name of the country and Bali is like one of those beautiful places on that

  • Rodar

    the opening becomes a lot funnier if you think of the 'sauce' as the other kind of sauce o-o

  • glowingBerry

    Is it just me? When mumbo did the flamethrower,I thought it was a lightsaber for some reason lol

  • ㄥ卂ㄒI

    Missed opportunity for mumbo he should have totally made a glass bottle with lava in it like hot sauce lol

  • corvidaedalus

    I think Mumbo thought "flamethrower," but his imagination went "leaf blower."

    • Mechanical Gaming
      Mechanical Gaming

      mine on eye dropper

    • kritish kunwar
      kritish kunwar

      it looks like a spud gun

    • Dill Pickle
      Dill Pickle

      Naw it’s a spark plug

    • Bread

      It's a light saber and the light is off

  • Yuusharo

    "That's really *handy*" - I see what you did there, Oli

  • Elliot Mckee
    Elliot Mckee

    thank you, PearlescentMoon for saying "kids don't play with fire" ( grain crew+ person )

  • LegitSavage

    His flamethrower looks like a spark plug 😂😂

  • Julia M
    Julia M

    I know this is an old video but why didn't mumbo just push more of the powder into the barrel from the other side of the redstone contraption and replace the regular pistons with sticky pistons?

  • Juicy Moose
    Juicy Moose

    subtitles: it's a korean, it's agreeing, it's agreeing with us. mumbo: it's a grian, it's a grian, it's a grian with us.

    • Arianna Luce
      Arianna Luce

      then after that subtitles: i think im going to let grin explain that one mumbo: i think im going to let grian explain that one

    • xayqo

      "i think im gonna let grin explain this one"

    • Pacomatic

      Dang Koreans, disagreeing with everything


    it does look like a minigun:) It just need some thinks so he can hold it properly! :)

  • 3rdsliceoforangevimptoicecreamcakeonabluetshirt

    Mumbo: my comparator clock system failed Me: try an observer clock system, connect a piston to a lever and on the piston should be an observer that pushes into another observer and it works every time for me

  • Somebody Farted
    Somebody Farted

    I feel you... I also once broke my collarbone against a wall.. let me tell you.. it wasn’t much fun.

  • blackswan4ever

    The "flamethrower" kinda looks like a leaf blower