Minecraft: Another 20 Doors in 100 Seconds!
Mumbo Jumbo
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One does not simply walk through 20 mordors without some upbeat tunes to go with it.
World DL: www.mediafire.com/download/q1n...
All songs by Crafted Music (Crafted Movie)
The Doors Song
Growing Grass v2
Doors featured in this video:
Under Over Door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-fxm...
3x3 Spiral door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=COddL...
Cross Door: Coming soon!
Blocky hole door: Coming Soon!
5x5 Door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEhnw...
Jumpy Scare: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iwGu...
Laser Security: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQCUV...
Double State Door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGj_i...
4x4 Cross Door: Coming Soon!
4x4 Vault Door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIN8R...
Monster Mouth Door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiXBF...
6x6 Vault Door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5isY...
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  • Master Pencil
    Master Pencil

    I don’t think he could continue this series because Grian took all the doors

    • The Brightmarionne
      The Brightmarionne

      0:33 is very sus

    • Edison mak
      Edison mak

      That’s years before mr

    • Supersree Sreeram
      Supersree Sreeram

      @Sean Jennings its a joke dont be mad

    • Supersree Sreeram
      Supersree Sreeram

      @Sean Jennings ok den, SAYS YOU

    • Sean Jennings
      Sean Jennings

      @Supersree Sreeram says u

  • Jessica Durn
    Jessica Durn

    I'm starting to think that mumbo is an evil genius that could probably rule the world if he wanted to... but it would get in the way of making more weird/amazing redstone vids

    • Endangered Puff-shroom
      Endangered Puff-shroom

      99 likes :0

    • Cosmics 6486
      Cosmics 6486


  • Brycethewrecker

    All of these doors are really cool, some of them I'd like to know how to make

    • greenguy

      All of the doors have vids look in the desc

    • Bing Defeo
      Bing Defeo

      how to make these doors: 10...uh apples..5 pumpkin pies.....banana

    • Jazzmin Bondoc
      Jazzmin Bondoc

      Me too

    • Gauri Bajpai
      Gauri Bajpai

      Ya I like 1st door it's so amazing 😝

    • pamfamflim

      Dis 4 years old probably one will work

  • Why do I even have a youtube
    Why do I even have a youtube

    I watched this video like 2,000 times and the jump scare still scares me even though I know it’s coming so that makes it a good door!

    • Silver Gamer
      Silver Gamer

      It didn’t even scare me the first time

  • Regit

    Way to making doors possibly the most exciting thing ever! Mumbo is so incomprehensibly fabulous at this! Three cheers!

    • Average Hooligan
      Average Hooligan


    • jimmy jimmothan
      jimmy jimmothan


    • dinoshaw 53
      dinoshaw 53

      Regit hey regit!!!! Didn’t expect to see you here!!!!!!! Shouldn’t you be happily playing the brilliant growing strange? Or playing sunsets howl. Again.

    • DrainbowTheDragon 121
      DrainbowTheDragon 121

      Regit... I-I-is that you (I am not a girl, btw)

    • Fredrik Lundh
      Fredrik Lundh

      Regit 0

  • Joshua Markos
    Joshua Markos

    0:31 damnnn that door is amazing

    • FlopperboiTheOne

      I like the one at 1:16 its kinda like an improved version of one from another 100 seconds video

    • RaulRBLX

      0:33 a m o g u s

    • Joshua Markos
      Joshua Markos

      @Platinum Player i honestly dk what happened in this thread, just wanted to appreciate a fucking minecraft door lmao

    • Platinum Player
      Platinum Player

      @Hell Razor k

    • Hell Razor
      Hell Razor

      @Platinum Player wait I'm coming

  • Still Meh
    Still Meh

    1:36 that flurry jumps made me happy

    • Brr evoworld
      Brr evoworld

      @Dattaram Ambre stop writing hindi. हिंदी

    • Dattaram Ambre
      Dattaram Ambre

      @iT woOddY!! तथततयृरृयथथराथारथ

    • MrKristijan

      Same lol

    • Dark Raider
      Dark Raider


    • iT woOddY!!
      iT woOddY!!

      Hhhmmm.....that logic

  • Karma Akabane
    Karma Akabane

    There's something really satisfying about seeing all these doors open up. (Especially because the doors I create rarely open up)

  • P Hariraj
    P Hariraj

    Satisfying to watch and (some are) easy to build! Good Job Mumbo!

  • Frankenstein Insane
    Frankenstein Insane

    I love it how he used the jump scare to switch from odd door to even doors without it look wierd

  • John Dale Tolentino
    John Dale Tolentino

    Mumbo just love doors that open before his character touches it

  • Mrinal choudhury
    Mrinal choudhury

    0:11 this door really gets me off guard. It's so fun having this in your home base dude

  • Richard Ridings
    Richard Ridings

    The fence door is still the best thing ever

  • Poop loops
    Poop loops

    0:37 was actually pretty scary

    • bruh.

      it wasnt lol

    • PiginaGopnikBar

      I see that jumpscare enough in Mumbo's videos that I'm used to it. xD

    • Aaron Urbanawiz
      Aaron Urbanawiz

      The first time

    • Gabamon Gaming
      Gabamon Gaming

      Yeah its pretty scary

    • Farhana Cat
      Farhana Cat

      Yeah,and that actually got me scared

  • Nirbhay Oberoi
    Nirbhay Oberoi

    Grian watching these redstone foots be like "I kinda knows it but am not wanting to build it"

  • isuckatediting

    You know what is hard? Line yourself up on the spawn for the fence door

  • Mighra Cant play games
    Mighra Cant play games

    You should make a house with all these doors you have to go through and make some where you have to have specific stuff to get in, it would be awsome

  • Richa Mishra
    Richa Mishra

    Now that’s what I call a red stone genius

  • Nick Hezza
    Nick Hezza

    This is truly amazing nice job

  • Suspicous Raisin ( Closed? )
    Suspicous Raisin ( Closed? )

    Someone used this video as his mod ad so i dont trust those mod ads and tried to find the real creator of the video i saw on the ad video so i found this

  • Anthony Bury
    Anthony Bury

    Dangit, I thought that the sand door I made was an original idea of mine...

    • Mason P.
      Mason P.

      @bruh that is very true :)

    • bruh

      Well if you didn't copy it From someone its original in your own way :)

  • Nathan Bennett
    Nathan Bennett

    The funny part is that the "jumpscare" actually made me jump a little.

  • pixle pikachu
    pixle pikachu

    Love the part where the door opens

  • Network Panda
    Network Panda

    I loved the part where he opens the door and the part where he opens the door!

  • Angelina Reid
    Angelina Reid

    I have a question how did you walk in a straight line for such a long time

  • RedNinja18

    To the people that said it couldn't be done in bedrock, it can. I've done most of those, the lava one I would guess it super hard, but the rest are definitely doable

  • addylikesyou

    oh my gosh, that jump scare actually got me 😭

  • FyreofShadow

    Man, I remember when this video was _new..._ ...How time flies.

  • tayelersmith 19
    tayelersmith 19

    The sand one looks the easy all you need is sand,trap doors,redstone and plate's

  • whyme

    2016: 20 doors in 100 seconds 2020: 1 door in 100 hours

    • Keating Mitchell
      Keating Mitchell

      I am a man of the past

    • Fubble

      Yes and I am a man of the future of your present

    • TheRadPandaman

      Ah yes I see you are a man of the future as well

  • Usha Athul
    Usha Athul

    Redstone dosen't work properly : Door: *YOU SHALL NOT PASS*

  • Nino Playz
    Nino Playz

    Can you maybe show how you make the doors? Thanks

  • iLLUMiNATi

    That skeleton jumpscare made me fly through the roof!

  • h b o
    h b o

    I like the part where he goes through the door.

  • Zayed

    You are Redstone genius!

    • No Ideaz
      No Ideaz

      Read my name

    • xCosmicsune

      He didn't make it

    • BlazedYoutube

      and so am i

    • SomethingMastrr

      Smart Pro Your not a noob!

  • [ SAGE ] Nao
    [ SAGE ] Nao

    minecraft player who's addicted to Redstones.....love it

  • Samuel Schneider
    Samuel Schneider

    Oh the anxiety of when you THINK the door isn't gonna open in time...

  • Aman Meet
    Aman Meet

    One of a kind vid, like you never do before

  • Geremy Gonzales // "SleepwalkerRinIsCutie"
    Geremy Gonzales // "SleepwalkerRinIsCutie"

    Will he escape each door in every 5 seconds?

  • TophU

    0:46 gives me the feel good moments.

  • Tran Loc
    Tran Loc

    Do this again but with newer, more complicatied doors

  • Pal

    Wow that’s a lot of redstone magic

  • Inexplicable Bottom Burger.
    Inexplicable Bottom Burger.

    One does not simply walk through 20 mordors.

  • The Under Ground SMP
    The Under Ground SMP

    My favorite part is when he opened the door.

  • Ronny

    Was not expecting that jumpscare. Well played.

  • Jemma Briggs
    Jemma Briggs

    Man I love his old door videos I wish he still did them 🙃

  • DerpyDJ 12
    DerpyDJ 12

    This is the first Visio I ever watched that was yours. It happened when I looked up redstone door tutorials. 🚪

  • SonicGabe [GD]
    SonicGabe [GD]

    0:00 Level 1 0:42 Skipped Level 1 0:46 Level 2

  • xisumavoid

    100 doors in 20 seconds!!!! do it now! :-P

    • Spartan Commander
      Spartan Commander

      100 doors in 2 herpo-lonana-picto-macsho-lingra-planc-lorck-seconds.

    • Foreskin Gaming
      Foreskin Gaming

      420 doors in 69 seconds

    • Aiden T
      Aiden T

      1 door in 200 milliseconds

    • ❤︎ØPastełłe HeartØ❤︎
      ❤︎ØPastełłe HeartØ❤︎


  • Waffle Draws
    Waffle Draws

    My favorite part was when he walked through the door

    • Keating Mitchell
      Keating Mitchell

      I thought it was funny

    • Mr Mon Playz
      Mr Mon Playz

      Liked your own comment bad

  • Zephyr 07
    Zephyr 07

    Things that are still mystery for me: Redstone

  • MightyGamer Yeet
    MightyGamer Yeet

    I like the part where he opens the door

  • Javs Javs
    Javs Javs

    Nowadays content is genius but watching this random old stuff is kinda cool

  • Jugatbir Singh
    Jugatbir Singh

    Hats off to you man !

  • BlueCassio

    0:32 Mumbo In 2018: “I have never built a classic 5x5 piston door”

  • XTheMenGummyX

    My favorite part is when he is using redstone

  • BrawlCraft דוידזון
    BrawlCraft דוידזון

    Good video i wanna learn how to do all this doors im not so good with redstone

  • airpuerto

    I liked the door that used redstone it was good!

  • RifflesTheRufflet

    Please do a tutorial on the jump scare one.

  • daisuki

    *Congratulations !* _4 million subs!_

  • Самарбек Жумалиев
    Самарбек Жумалиев

    Somebody:how many redstone you want in this video? You:yes

  • alex26621

    my favourite is the one with wooden door,,that send you under the door and then kicks you out lol

    • Scottish Black
      Scottish Black

      Bruh my favorite part is when he walked through a pressure plate

    • UltrajoshX

      Me too

    • Mhmd Ayyad
      Mhmd Ayyad


    • Sohini Sengupta
      Sohini Sengupta

      alex26621 yup

    • snasy

      Yeah it looks fun to use

  • Gabriel Matt
    Gabriel Matt

    The music used in this video is the intro when he first joined hermitcraft I think

  • Giovane Bernardo
    Giovane Bernardo

    i'm happy with my oak door and pressure plate.

  • Fin Double N
    Fin Double N

    Can you do a tutorial on this door? 0:57

  • L K
    L K

    Cool doors, great music👍

  • Lokimago

    The jumpscare actually scare me

    • K


    • Mastermind FF
      Mastermind FF

      Not for me

    • Lana Chiu
      Lana Chiu

      @DreamT2012 You don't get it

    • Lemmings official channel
      Lemmings official channel


    • DreamT2012

      @Lana Chiu at the skeleton part

  • spilled coffee
    spilled coffee

    Hey mumbo can you make a tutorial on the doors please?

  • Average McCarthyism Enjoyer
    Average McCarthyism Enjoyer

    Do a tutorial on that door that slides to one side

  • Greg Umali
    Greg Umali

    Fun fact: The music is Mumbo's first intro song

  • LochnessYT

    My favourite part was when he opened the door

  • GV the PROMAN
    GV the PROMAN

    The background music makes the video more awesome 😎

  • Legoboy7GD_PW659

    Other people: jumpscared by the skeleton like me Mostly me: U N S P E A K A B L E

  • ReceptiveGamer

    Since 2015 my favorite part will always be when he walked through the door

  • Ruckhus Studios
    Ruckhus Studios

    Love the end of the second song... almost makes me cry for some reason

  • Dilan goran77
    Dilan goran77

    My favorite part is when he walked through the door

  • Sangeeta Mishra
    Sangeeta Mishra

    Think how much time he spends to make these doors and then he entertains us......

  • chromi

    *ye, 20 **_mordors_** sure can be a lot of time to work with*

  • Adel Jaber Bacani
    Adel Jaber Bacani

    all hail to the god of redstone(a.k.a mumbo jumbo)

  • CalvinChaoTheRoocePirayt

    0:31 proof mumbo is the true red stone god