Minecraft: 9x9 Piston House
Mumbo Jumbo
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Today we take a look at this boring looking house, filled with awesome redstone contraptions!
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Wanna know how to make some of this stuff?
Hidden Armoury www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPoch...
Hidden Stairs www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf_j7...
Hidden Chests www.youtube.com/watch?v=13s5T...
Chicken farm www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWT_W...
Door (Bottom half of 3x3) www.youtube.com/watch?v=COddL...
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  • Anna Murphy
    Anna Murphy

    I thought from the thumbnail when you would step on the pressure plate the whole building would appear 😂

    • Chicken Meruery
      Chicken Meruery

      I thought it would disappear

    • marley cannon
      marley cannon


    • Aileen


    • anju singh
      anju singh


    • Natsu YT
      Natsu YT

      not same

  • Mr Leopard
    Mr Leopard

    Mumbo: This wouldn’t be a house without a table and chair Also Mumbo: *Doesn’t put a bed in the house*

    • Mr Leopard
      Mr Leopard


    • Michael Kastle
      Michael Kastle

      Still want this house for a builder app for mcpe

  • Dr. Hendricks
    Dr. Hendricks

    Legitimately thought that if u step on that plate the whole damn house would hide itself underground somehow.

    • HeXxGuy


    • Shooty Mc Shootface
      Shooty Mc Shootface

      Dr. Hendricks it is possible cause I have made a house that does that before. It took a lot of sticky pistons and red stone.

    • Pineapple 🍍
      Pineapple 🍍

      That's also what I was thinking

  • Alex ̆ 3 ̆
    Alex ̆ 3 ̆

    me in a 40x40 house *bed*

    • Cultivo de Plantas
      Cultivo de Plantas

      @The_Red _Wolf obrigado spim spim no calcanhar

    • The_Red _Wolf
      The_Red _Wolf

      @Cultivo de Plantas nao spam

    • Earthquakes


    • Crazy Goddess
      Crazy Goddess

      Hi Draco imma harry Potter fan but imma Draco fan too

    • k labiaga
      k labiaga


  • RandomName

    U should build a house that pops up when u hit a button or something

    • Azlaan Naseem
      Azlaan Naseem


    • Subscibe for subscribe In 5 sec
      Subscibe for subscribe In 5 sec

      Yes but it cost 28 piston and 4 bloch slime and 4 bloch slime now do it times 3

    • an Average anime enjoyer
      an Average anime enjoyer

      'Clicks the button house appears' Mumbo=you thought this was my house but no that is my house.

    • Gamer Guy69
      Gamer Guy69

      Fool he has already done that

  • Hank B
    Hank B

    "We have a chair and a table, because this wouldn't be a house without a chair and a table." Someones been playing Terraria.

    • You Got Stream Sniped Lol
      You Got Stream Sniped Lol

      @Carl Goldenface someone's late to the vid like me

    • Carl Goldenface
      Carl Goldenface

      A man of culture

  • sharon sun
    sharon sun

    “The door isn’t actually a door” *_says its a door_* *_SPEECH 100_*

    • Kane

      Door: Am I A joke to you

    • Weknee

      @TaikaJamppa I know

    • TaikaJamppa

      System32 Still strong in 2020!

    • Weknee

      Rip skyrim lol

  • Trainwreck

    3:43 Mumbo 2015: there is a lot of things going on in this build, even though it all looked fairly simple Mumbo 2019: it’s actually quite simple Ah how times have changed

  • FunDaOne

    Who else got this video recommended earlier in the day and then mumbo made a new one right now

    • Meiron The King
      Meiron The King


    • StaleTaterChipsVR


    • Ice Cat4
      Ice Cat4


    • serious

      Me XD its so wierd

    • sir boi
      sir boi


  • Shattered Erase
    Shattered Erase

    'The door isn't actually the door, the door is next to the door.' But...Why?

    • toontjeGO !
      toontjeGO !

      For some reason this is super funny

    • Bluefoxfriend

      Because yes

    • Sp0ts11


    • Introvert Airways
      Introvert Airways

      Why not

    • Rootbeerfloat24

      Because why not~

  • Ryvan Lorenz
    Ryvan Lorenz

    *5 years later and this is still better then anything I can do with redstone*

  • Spazzy

    Me: wow I cant wait too build this it looks simple. Mumbo jumbo: So here is the redstone components. Also me: "Reality is often disappointing"

  • Benjamin McDonough
    Benjamin McDonough

    I like building houses that have a hidden area 10x bigger than the original house that is hard to access. These are usually like hidden buttons, traps, puzzles, and mazes.

  • Edwin Olguin
    Edwin Olguin

    Could you make a video that shows how does the red stone works as a circuit, and the functions we can do with it and with every component ?

    • Edwin Olguin
      Edwin Olguin

      Tom SestitoGOON Go jays ⚾️

    • Tom SestitoGOON
      Tom SestitoGOON

      Go blue jays

  • TomcoGaming

    After watching his newest 9x9 piston house, RSloft recommends me this one 😂

  • POTattO

    One of the best lines he said "the door isnt actually the door, the door is next the door"


      TheNameless Channel see

  • Lord_Of_Gaming

    You should make a house that is underground but comes out with a lever

  • Anonymous Male
    Anonymous Male

    Thank you mumbo for having such a great influence on my childhood. About four years ago I watched that old let's play where you built that ender portal and made that ugly ass mob farm out of netherock. You and monkeyfarm literally shaped my childhood. Thank you.

  • レオ

    me: whoa this is cool! maybe I ca- mumbo: *shows redstone components* me: some dreams are just dreams

    • Zer - Atop
      Zer - Atop

      Me too xD

    • Pineapple 🍍
      Pineapple 🍍

      Hahaha sigh

    • Miriam Lemos
      Miriam Lemos

      @Cultivo de Plantas mendigo

    • Miriam Lemos
      Miriam Lemos


  • a peep on youtube
    a peep on youtube

    I was legit expecting the pressure plate would lift up the house

  • Idk idk
    Idk idk

    I was confident I could build this... but at 3:40 my hope went away

  • Ryan Ramjattan
    Ryan Ramjattan

    Anyone else coming back to this video after seeing the improved house?

  • Mad Murdock
    Mad Murdock

    I would love to see a tutorial to make a house lower underground and a automated cover to protect it

    • Mad Murdock
      Mad Murdock

      Yes the whole house lowers underground

  • Augustus sus
    Augustus sus

    The door is not actually the door the door is next to the door

    • HelpfulGamer12 7
      HelpfulGamer12 7

      @Chris Anagn. I S A L I E

    • Oz


    • Xx-BlueAY xX
      Xx-BlueAY xX

      tl73Gaming is a copycat

    • Justin Muller
      Justin Muller

      @Mr.asian21 kono dio da hahah

    • Ryerye Keeley
      Ryerye Keeley

      @Yossen Plays r/woosh your self m8

  • Magnetio

    Impressive, i wish my red stone skills were as good as his

  • Joseph A.
    Joseph A.

    That roof isn't 9x9 compliant, OSHA violation in roofing and mill work.

  • Rishraff

    I must say I would love your channel if you showed us how to make stuff like this

  • Lil Verk
    Lil Verk

    Do an entire house that’s hidden under the ground until you press a button and it comes out of the ground

  • Canslp

    *Awww, I was really hoping that wooden pressure plate on the table would do something!*

    • Virginian Toilets And Restroom Tours
      Virginian Toilets And Restroom Tours

      +Can SLP It did do something not featured in this video, it clicked!

    • davedog124

      Can SLP I

    • mar

      Can SLP wtf why

    • mark walker
      mark walker


    • Michael Hamblyn
      Michael Hamblyn

      Me Too..

  • Dylan Underwood
    Dylan Underwood

    Make a house that you have to step on a pressure plate to get in because the house is underground. So stepping on the pressure plate would activate a piston that would push the door open

  • Rarinrumble

    You should make a house where you step on a pressure plate when entering and lifts it's self off the ground for defense and stuff

  • Jeremiah Glossip
    Jeremiah Glossip

    I’m watching this in 2019 and jumbo has definitely gotten better at reds tone this stuff seems simple

  • Eboy

    Imagine the cost of this house!!!

  • BoilingOden

    I used to love making houses in mountains with secret piston doors. i used ( i dont know if thee still hae it in minecraft ) moss to cover the button that opens the door

  • dylan sisnawan
    dylan sisnawan

    It looks cool and the redstone contraptions look very simple until Mumbo copies it out into the open world.

  • Sludger

    Amazing job!

  • Freeze

    the door and the redstone door both use redstone so there equally good :)

  • Pix / Vinz
    Pix / Vinz

    “You see it’s quite simple..” **show a load of redstone** Me, with the simple house: *I knew it*

  • nividathomas

    He went from this to moving an entire city, my god

  • The riskful gamer
    The riskful gamer

    It gives me such nostalgia to watch this again 6 years later

  • The_Silveraro_Show

    Mumbo: you can be kitted out in the finest armour Enchanted armour: am I a joke to you

  • ItsJustSkai

    You forgot 1 important thing... where's the bed?

    • Captain Medo
      Captain Medo

      He cant sleep near a creepy creeper

    • Cryptothermia


    • Graeme Stewart
      Graeme Stewart

      Or crafting table

  • Jonathan

    My eyes opened wide when mumbo showed us the redstone components.

  • Xcaliber 600
    Xcaliber 600

    coming from late Hermitcraft Season 6, for Mumbo to call that a "Super Smelter" seems laughable after what he just built in his industrial area.

  • Lance Gabriel
    Lance Gabriel

    "The door isn't actually the door, the door is actually next to the door" *Reality is often dissapointing*

  • Gustas Audickas
    Gustas Audickas

    "This wouldn’t be a house without a chair and table" Yet you don’t have a bed

    • giannigiovful

      A Human Maybe hes talking about terraria

  • green

    *See's the house* Me:That looks pretty simple to build. *See's the redstone stuff* Me:Yeah..Maybe not that simple..Yeah not gonna build that..

    • [screams in Russian]
      [screams in Russian]


    • Ryerye Keeley
      Ryerye Keeley

      * sees house * I'm gonna steal Bob * can't open the door and I missed the pressure plate * WHY WON'T YOU OPEN * I use to much force causing me to fall back on to pressure plate and the real door opens * WHAT THE FFFFFF..

    • Jon-Michael Dennis
      Jon-Michael Dennis


  • Heet Lakhani
    Heet Lakhani

    There's one little problem.. You can't close the door while you are inside the house.

  • Jennifer Lingad
    Jennifer Lingad

    Mumbo: Builds a rectangle house Grian: Im about to end this mans whole career

  • thegamerator10

    Me: "Wow, this all looks pretty cool! I wonder how easy it is to build-" 3:40 Me: "...Never mind, then."

  • Samoyed Pupper 7567
    Samoyed Pupper 7567

    I need that house in my life it must took you a really long time to build it

  • Astrii

    "You can see that we get kitted out in all of the finest armour" Netherite: am I a joke to you?

    • The Great One
      The Great One

      @_RileyWeaver _ woosh doesn't work that way

    • _RileyWeaver _
      _RileyWeaver _

      Bruh, yall got wooshed

    • Astrii

      @sdasd ikkķkkkkk it's just a joke .-.

    • Fazi

      Check the date, mate.

    • sdasd

      That's a video from 5 YEARS ago '-'

  • Ted Zhang
    Ted Zhang

    Thank u so much because I have always wanted to make a secret treasure room

  • Travis Newbry
    Travis Newbry

    *mumbo:* If I were in survival this creeper would explode *Everyone in 2015:* wait I thought creepers can't see through glass

  • Jacob R
    Jacob R

    The super smelter is broken, the hoppers don’t work

  • John Ric Briones✔
    John Ric Briones✔

    Interviewer : please explain your creation sir MJ : *This piston pushes this piston that pushes that piston that causes the piston to push the piston activating a piston pushing another piston to another piston.*

  • Tobias Ianssen
    Tobias Ianssen

    I love small houses!

  • Jalesito

    "the door isn't actually yhe door, the door is next to the door" Thanos: Impossible

    • don't subscribe please
      don't subscribe please


    • I wasted 90 days on this
      I wasted 90 days on this


  • Merek Brent
    Merek Brent

    So with the door with 4 slime blocks that creates a flat undetectable wall, how do you make it to where the wall blocks don’t stick on the sides of the slime? Any help would be nice I had to adjust the recipe to help but it didn’t work as well as I thought

  • Frank Lin
    Frank Lin

    Me earlier today: Lol I’m such a pro at redstone. Minecraft is too easy. Me after seeing this video:

  • Derp_ Impact
    Derp_ Impact

    Mumbo Jumbo: I made a whole house out of pistons and redstone. Me: I can put 2 buttons next to pistons and move them.

  • Neetika Rawat
    Neetika Rawat

    How did you make it??✨✨✨ It is awesome 👍👍👍

  • Nolan Hammon
    Nolan Hammon

    Who came here after watching his new 9x9 piston house video.

    • Hazzbro


    • Alisha Latham
      Alisha Latham

      Yeah came here to check who knows

  • Gibren

    Bob is kinda cute, good thing you tamed him, I've always wanted to tame one but it didn't work too well for me...

    • Hank Richard
      Hank Richard


  • Dexy Devon
    Dexy Devon

    Notch: How Much Redstone Do You Want? Mumbo: Yes

  • erek

    Mambo: with the finest armor Future:change your mind we made netherite

  • Khan 92983832
    Khan 92983832

    Who just came here from mumbo's 9×9 piston house in 1.16?

  • Lucas R
    Lucas R

    @Mumbo Jumbo since you are the redstone master I would like you to do a house that you stand on pressure plate and when you're inside it goes underground, and by touching a button it goes to the surface. (Plus make the roof grass or sandstone)

    • sigge ulfvin
      sigge ulfvin

      Lucas Rocamadour no

    • oper8tor

      Rather build a house that looks like a mound of dirt with piston doors.

    • Yo-itz-lloyd


    • Apurva Sontakke
      Apurva Sontakke

      Lucas Rocamadour he is a Redstone master not a god

  • ᚱᛖᚪᛈᛖᚱ

    WAIT, You have broken the law, the bookshelves (and all the other underground stuff) go outside of the 9 by 9 restriction, so basically the whole I had to build in only a 9 by 9 area is a lie


    That house looks better than my house in creative

  • Riabliobe

    Imagine that you made a house where first it’s a dirt house but when u walk on a pressure plate to open the door it turns into a mansion

  • LucasYT

    1:33 how you make that is so cool 😍

  • Sunny Yiu
    Sunny Yiu

    1:16 u can’t sleep with a monster nearby

    • Bogdan codrean
      Bogdan codrean

      His name is Bob

    • A Duck
      A Duck


    • Daisy Hernaez
      Daisy Hernaez

      @saken your right its Java a name bob

    • Juilet

      @Fivety _ no he wont because he is in a whooper and creepers dont explode while they are in whoopers

    • Ajthedeviant

      Flaming_Arrow it would have been better if you said it’s not a mob it’s a bob but ok

  • Kaden Chakrabarti
    Kaden Chakrabarti

    “The chicken farm is pretty efficient” * only like 4 cooked chicken

  • Anchovy49

    This Gives Me An Idea... Can You Make A Self Building House?

  • Hes Kreeky
    Hes Kreeky

    I tried building this, now listen, the door I gave up on after 3 hours and only had the stone smelter left

  • Falcon

    Redstone Engineers: it’s quite simple The redstone:

  • ItsFozzy

    Ahh yes, my favourite type of house; the one which requires you to bring your own crafting table :-) Jokes aside, brilliant little build!

  • Jakub Voracek
    Jakub Voracek

    Anyone know how to trap the creeper? I know its a cauldron at the bottom but glass blocks and panes both dont work.

  • Woodrow

    0:06 looks can be deceiving when there's pistons involved