Minecraft: 8 Micro Farms YOU WILL NEED!
Mumbo Jumbo

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  • Charity S.
    Charity S.

    When you've binge watched Mumbo over quarentine so much that you finally understand redstone

    • Lord William
      Lord William

      I wish

    • jonathan hart
      jonathan hart

      This has aged well

    • Morris Mason
      Morris Mason

      I've done that for 2 years and I still build like a twenty twelver

    • youssef kp
      youssef kp

      Is it possible to learn this power ?

    • Mohammad Rafie Radzwill Adam
      Mohammad Rafie Radzwill Adam

      @a person who may or may not exist That's for the basic one, not the complicated one which looks like a mess even if you colour code it. (For basic people)

  • Kay

    0:37 melon farm / pumpkin farm 1:59 cow farm 4:06 sugar cane farm 5:28 chicken farm 8:48 cactus farm 9:52 wheat farm 12:07 cocoa bean farm 13:44 diamond farm

    • Jacob Mago
      Jacob Mago

      *Diamond Dupe Farm lol. (As you can see, it's a joke)

    • Demoman

      I love you

    • The Bean
      The Bean

      Will this work on ps4

    • Siddarth

      wish I saw that before watching the whole vid lol

    • Levi's Farmin
      Levi's Farmin


  • Lucifer the Fallen
    Lucifer the Fallen

    I just imagined all the kids who tried the last one for hours and all the rage they felt when it won't work and it brought me to tears of joy

  • LB

    "All ages can play Minecraft" Mumbo jumbo: *"As you can see the baby cow is trying to get back to its parents, but it's going to die when it grows up in this area"*

    • m16fermy

      That's what the government said about me living in the ghetto

    • Sasha B
      Sasha B

      Not that different to veal really

    • Ethan Liles
      Ethan Liles

      Tonight in national geographic...

    • your mom
      your mom

      @IO it does

    • IO

      Sounds like something gray still plays would be proud of

  • Galimeer5

    "It relies on some pretty sketchy mechanics" Well, you're not wrong

    • Poisson-Clown

      Diamonds burned

    • Poisson-Clown

      @Obliterator that's just a clock with a dispenser

    • Tanner Byers
      Tanner Byers

      @Obliterator I don't think you got it lol. it was a joke bud. not a real farm

    • Obliterator

      Thats legit cheating

  • ENWC

    It's so odd to come back and watch these older videos four years later. Mumbo's tone is entirely different nowadays.

  • Pre-D

    For the cactus farm, there's a much easier design with fences that makes it less likely to fall on the cactus and break. It also needs only one hopper. You can use water streams instead, and also cacti can be composted and hoppers can fill up and empty composters, so you can have a fully automatic bonemeal farm.

    • Michael Kubler
      Michael Kubler

      I've seen those tutorials, I'll have to go exploring for Cacti now. Makes me want to get the bonemeal into the fast Wheat farm :-)

  • Marco Martina
    Marco Martina

    Wow i built all those farm in my base and they all work perfecrtly. I would like to thank you expecially for the diamond farm, it made me safe very much time.

  • Gordie Allen
    Gordie Allen

    When you're 90% of the way done building the chicken farm 10 miles below the surface and then he decides to tell you about the daylight sensor.

    • PragmaticPolitics

      @paltil if left long enough the small chickens will bunch together and glitch into the lava killing all of them in one go so the dispenser is actually necessary.

    • Jacob Mago
      Jacob Mago

      Time to go to The Nether

    • Insanegame27

      This chicken farm is too big, really. I made a tileable chicken farm sized 1 wide x 3 deep x 3 tall with some space wherever you want added for a single redstone clock. Only thing I was missing was a 1-tick lava dispenser

    • Blooper_KINGPIN


    • bruh

      i like how 99% of the comments didn’t realize that you can just dig a hole and put glass on top

  • Tristan Jones
    Tristan Jones

    The year is 2020, right now there's a pandemic, and when I saw this video I switched the lava killing mechanism from the cow farm to the chicken farm. It works beautifully and it's so easy to manage

    • Leto Of The Desert
      Leto Of The Desert

      adult cows !! dammit

    • Leto Of The Desert
      Leto Of The Desert

      Ok solved it : i have the adult farm stand up on a 1x1 hole with an open trap door, which they can't go through, once the water is of, the babies do though, right into the killing chamber, turning the thing in an all vertical cow farm ! YEAY !

    • Tristan Jones
      Tristan Jones

      @Scarlett Teague yes

    • Leto Of The Desert
      Leto Of The Desert

      My baby cows absolutely try to go back to their parents and die in the middle section of the set up T_T

    • Syberyah

      @Scarlett Teague Not super well. As @M commented, it has a few issues. 1. set the comparator to subtract mode (right-click it so the single redstone torch is lit) 2. replace the block underneath the lava dispenser with a top slab. However it's still not working for me very well. I keep getting feathers but no chicken. So, unfortunately I don't really recommend it for newer versions, but if you really want a slow/small income of feathers, it should work fine (with the tweaks as written above), lol.

  • AcousticGeorge

    Diamond farm still works perfectly in 1.15.2

    • The weird wolf
      The weird wolf

      Works in 1.17 and 1.18 One method works for netherite as well, just replace the entire thing with cacti

    • CoolBeans cruz
      CoolBeans cruz

      for some reason, the diamond works better in 1.17. Probably because they want people who are scared of mobs to still get diamonds.

    • Tighe B
      Tighe B

      @DXray88Chad I mean come on any way to farm diamonds wouild be instantly patched

    • DXray88Chad

      @shook lmaooo i was gunna try it but looked st the comments first thsnk god

    • Kashyap Tandel
      Kashyap Tandel

      @SpedUpSxngs r/woosh

  • mos

    For those of you like me whose lava dispenser in the chicken farm kept malfunctioning, replace the solid block under it with a semi transparent one like glass. The problem arises because the signal intended for the egg dispenser goes through the solid block to the lava dispenser, causing it to be pulled on instead of off.

  • Tired 2F
    Tired 2F

    Me: *thorws all diamonds into duplatcating machine* *realises it didn’t work* Mumbo: you fool

    • Chicago Typewriter
      Chicago Typewriter

      999th like!

    • Tired 2F
      Tired 2F

      @Lisa_WistfulOne I was joking I didn’t actually do it

    • Lisa_WistfulOne

      Y’all, Mumbo legit used a duplication glitch. Many items can actually be duped, but updates often break the dupe mechanisms until new ones are developed. Diamonds have often been duplicated for real, as has sand, TNT, etc. Look it up! (Tired 2F, you were Not a fool those many months ago!)

    • Da Lava Wolf
      Da Lava Wolf

      @Malin Pettersson Uhh there is a dropper in 14:03 when the lava is gone near both pistons and it is prob full of diamonds

    • Tired 2F
      Tired 2F

      @Zocmysock nah

  • Vale.44 Peru
    Vale.44 Peru

    For some reasons I feel like the diamond farm can’t produce more than 9 stacks

    • Syed Mohammed Maseeh
      Syed Mohammed Maseeh


    • calm- rake
      calm- rake

      Im gonna be that guy who comments 3 years later for no reason

    • LawOfTheClaw

      giulgu17 he explained the joke genius

    • giulgu17

      @『I'mnot Kenツ』 nah

    • Ahmet Hur
      Ahmet Hur

      it could, i mean 3 years ago..

  • Alexander Kravchenko
    Alexander Kravchenko

    Protip: when you've built the cow farm, before moving the cows into the hole, temporarily replace the sign with a block. That way the new cows won't be pushed over and will stay with the other cows to be bred later. Repeat the process until they'll start dying from entity cramming, then you can put the sign back; to do so, remove the middle glass block instead of the top block so that the cows won't escape.

    • Alexander Kravchenko
      Alexander Kravchenko

      @etankcam Not sure, the design might be outdated. But yeah, I also noticed that some baby cows stay in the initial chamber.

    • etankcam

      do you know why my baby cows aren't going over to the other side?

  • L1nqz

    Hey Mumbo! Great videos, love that you get straight to the point and provide so much useful info to your viewers. Much appreciated! I know this is an old video, and im not sure if you do this now or not but I had 1 recommendation. Take it or leave it but I think it would be a great idea for you to add place markers for your videos. (IE. little dots on the time line of the video for each segment. So people can skip around where the need/want to easily) Keep up the great work!

  • Capthotfish 87
    Capthotfish 87

    You should do an updated version of this!!

  • BoogieMonster

    "as you can see the baby cow is trying to get back to his parents, but it is gonna die when it grows up in this area"

    • MistOfAshes

      Ya what's up with that??

    • Sirkiwi

      This is old but cool

  • James Weynand
    James Weynand

    0:41 Melon and Pumpkin 2:03 Cow 4:07 Sugar Cane 5:28 Chicken 8:52 Cactus 9:52 Wheat 12:11 Cocoa bean 12:57 COMPLARATOR 13:45 Diamond

    • theodor libralesso
      theodor libralesso

      James Weynand legend

    • Lachie



      @TheWiiHunter r/wooosh

    • PxnL

      @chromso no, why add reddit to it?

  • Sloth

    I love the diamond farm works great already got over 5 stacks

  • Anoob_VwV

    Thank you so much, I went through 3 other cow farms that didn't work in my survival world, and this was the one that finally did.

  • HummusTheDog _
    HummusTheDog _

    Wow! I play with my siblings ( 4 people including me ) on our survival world and some wheat SIMPLY wont cut it! These micro farms have made playing much easier as we never need to worry about food, or space! Thanks⚔️⚔️⚔️

  • Colebasd Gaming
    Colebasd Gaming

    9 year old me trying to get all the iron to make these machines

    • David Offord
      David Offord

      Needs an iron farm tutorial... and some villagers.

    • Nyl Ecoj
      Nyl Ecoj


  • M

    The Chicken Farm has some issues. If you're having problems: - Set the comparator to subtract mode (right click it once, so that the single torch is lit.) - The lava dispenser has an issue. Go to the lava dispenser and remove the block under it. Replace it with a slab (at the top half of the block). This will stop the lava from being dispensed by the egg clock.

    • Ken Sparrow
      Ken Sparrow

      Thank you!

    • Chris S
      Chris S

      The clock is working for me in 1.7, but the lava was triggering alongside it. I just replaced the block under that dispenser with glass. GL

    • 6PRaD0Active

      Thanks dude very helpful 🙏

    • Ashley Roux
      Ashley Roux

      My previous comment not showing, probably cause i included a link. Anyway, here's a chicken farm that does 7 times as much chicken and is lossless. I don't think I can post the link, so just google: "space monkey best simple cooked chicken farm" That should pull it up as the first link

    • Kyle Evans
      Kyle Evans

      Thank you for this!

  • Willest

    The cacti farm can be built so that the cacti is moved via hoppers into compost bins, and from the bins into chests, making a bonemeal-farm.

  • ☆pixelated cherry☆
    ☆pixelated cherry☆

    Me: *sees title* Me: micro, must be easy. Mumbo: *20 seconds into the video* Me: I am very very intimidated.

  • Bonehead jr
    Bonehead jr

    Hey mumbo, I recently discovered that if you place two observers facing opposite of each other then a dropper/dispenser/whatever it keeps sending a pulse through it even faster than the chicken farm.

  • Order 66 Pizzas
    Order 66 Pizzas

    Pocket edition had observers before java but they were removed then put back in just like stonecutters

  • Elizabeta Macovei
    Elizabeta Macovei

    1. 0:40 Melon & Pumpkin farm. 2. 2:00 Cow farm. 3. 4:05 Reed farm. 4. 5:20 Chicken farm (auto-roasting). 5. 8:45 Cactus farm. 6. 10:00 Wheat/carrot/potato farm. 7. 12:10 cocoa bean farm. 8. 13:40 -sucker- diamond farm

    • Harshit Kalra
      Harshit Kalra

      Respect+ Bruh!

    • Very Bored
      Very Bored

      Thank you

    • Reptile Boi
      Reptile Boi

      Thank you

    • TheNetherKing Of everything
      TheNetherKing Of everything

      You are very helpful if I could I would give you 9000 likes

    • - Elestorium -
      - Elestorium -


  • Insane. Ails
    Insane. Ails

    For the cow farm if some of the babies stand in the middle and start to suffocate when they grow up make the lava part like 2 blocks down so they cant go back up and they are unable to suffocate

  • Morgan Lucchi
    Morgan Lucchi

    Mumbo in all the farms: "yes pistons, block updates, redstone clocks" Mumbo in the : "piston stuff happens"

  • Charaam69 *Rip Rick May*
    Charaam69 *Rip Rick May*

    Small tip for the sugarcane farm: aif ur low on iron place the water source in front of the grass/sand block and have it flow onto a single hopper, thus designe can be useful since u can use one hopper for multiple circuits

  • SouthRem26

    Thanks. This is really helpful in survival mode. Less materials and easy to build.

  • -R [Dasher] The Viral
    -R [Dasher] The Viral

    The diamond farm also duplicates all items you put into it. Just hop on in and you'll be duplicating everything in your inventory for a long while. Just be sure the lava actually kills you so that your items fall into the duplicator. (Dying in it also dupes your experience orbs.)

    • daniestad_

      @Skyy Ward r/wooosh

    • Grima

      Also it'll duplicate yourself if you go inside it

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman

      omg all of you r/wooosh xD

    • alex lam
      alex lam

      Does it duplicate yourself

    • As9ki

      Skyy Ward at 14:23 you will see the dispenser really clear

  • MJ Krivansky
    MJ Krivansky

    Tried some of these builds on bedrock, the melon, sugar cane and cow farms worked a treat, the chicken farms has issues with the egg mechanism as it doesn't do anything with the eggs....the lava circuit works a treat. I've now expanded the sugar cane to six blocks and three rolling hopper carts and it works great.

  • Widdershinnz

    I want an updated version of this video when 1.17 comes out with the sculker blocks!

  • Harrison Murphy
    Harrison Murphy

    you can actually turn cacti into green dye at a furnace and you get xp for it too so you could turn it into an xp farm if you automate the process. you'd just need to kepp on collecting the dye from the furnace at the bottom

  • Echo Carter
    Echo Carter

    with the melon one, you can put a hopper there to collect the melons just make sure its leading into a chest may need 2 hoppers, but its worth it so you can afk

  • BananaSalsaChip

    I remember once I was so proud of putting hoppers down under chickens and making a egg collection Machine

    • urmumlikesmen

      x same

    • Attempt_at_life

      Me literally today 😂

    • Bahar Bayrak
      Bahar Bayrak

      @Reddsoldier that's actually so smart

    • BananaSalsaChip

      raphael_1254 oh that’s cool 👍

  • Michael Du
    Michael Du

    I feel that for the chicken farm, the block under the lava dispenser has to be non-redstonable (i.e. glass).

  • Dustin Langworthy
    Dustin Langworthy

    For a bamboo farm, replace sugarcane with bamboo, it works the same way.

  • Lornon

    the fact most of this still works in 1.15.2 is amazing

  • Agate Lumi
    Agate Lumi

    does the wheat farm work in bedrock? i remember trying something with pistons on there and the ticks weren’t fast enough, i just want to make sure before i build it.

  • Rage

    Me: can see the dispenser Mumbo: It’s legit

    • Da Lava Wolf
      Da Lava Wolf

      wait is it a dropper or dispenser?

    • Corsaire 1985
      Corsaire 1985

      Haha, right? To say nothing of the fact that its the ONLY build that doesn't look like its missing chunks out of it lmao... very "un-Mumbo", verrrrry suspicious :P

    • TJ

      Wortigon2000 Dispencers shoot out items or uses the items like a arrow. Items that do not have multiple uses will be shot out like a dropper.

    • Yumiko Kiyo
      Yumiko Kiyo

      @Patrixk =-= wow, what a child

    • milosz w
      milosz w

      Me 2

  • Bobby Johns
    Bobby Johns

    with the chicken farm, the block below the lava dispenser actually needs to glass so that the circuit for the egg shooter doesn't also power the lava, which would cost you about half of the chicken meat.

  • Jonah Yogman
    Jonah Yogman

    Thank you for making this noob-friendly!

  • A Cat
    A Cat

    My favorite was the sugar cane auto. It’s so satisfying and simple.

  • MPRF12345

    With the entity cramming mechanic, the cow farm can become even smaller

  • Bk J Gaming
    Bk J Gaming

    The melon and pumpkin farm at the beginning.. you can put a redstone block where you put the iron block to power the repeater (still completes the circuit and activates the piston) this also makes the farm automatic and stackable (works on all platforms)

  • Jamesgriffo

    For a second I thought the diamond farm was a real thing I FEEL SO STUPID

    • CrossTR15

      Bro it was just a dispenser throwing some diamonds, that is why he didm't want to show us how to build it xD

    • Juan Solo
      Juan Solo

      Same, until he said something about the lava. Good troll for the ones that fell for it XD

    • Scoopy Banoopy
      Scoopy Banoopy

      I’m lucky i read the comments first. I thought this was an actual duplication glitch and I don’t wanna waste diamonds

    • Moopymeebloopy456

      I thought it was a dupe glitch

    • Syberyah

      Honestly same, lolol. (Of course I was like 9, but y'know.)

  • Jessica Couzner
    Jessica Couzner

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that the majority of these farms work on bedrock - most of the time none of them do. I think the only one that didn’t work was the wheat farm, but that didn’t surprise me at all - when the redstone lamp didn’t set off the piston, I knew that it was screwed

  • Green-black Skull
    Green-black Skull

    For the cow farm, since cows used to choke in the center block of the roof when they grew up, i replaced it with a wooden fence. It seems to work pretty well. *Those cows aren't real, those cows aren't real, those...*

  • The Great Jude Wildhaber
    The Great Jude Wildhaber

    Man, Mumbo! That chicken farm looks so good! In fact, it looks so good, I'm going to compare it to the chicken farm I watched ixumavoid make 5 minutes before I watched this video lol!

  • Casper Ghost
    Casper Ghost

    You can turn the cow farm into a sheep farm add the red stone to make a tiny wool farm and get some extra wool within the same set up. Idk how useful it is but its makes that farm even more efficient. And it only adds like 4 block to the blue print.

  • Drackar

    THIS is a video that needs a re-visit with 1.15/1.16 mechanics.

  • Andriana

    The cactus can be turned into bonemeal, you basically put a hopper under the chest going into a composter, then another hopper under it going into a chest or a barres and voila, you have a ton of bonemeal😌🌵🌵🌵

  • CharlesUnknown Plays
    CharlesUnknown Plays

    Make sure you throw all of your diamonds into the lava to get the greatest results 😉

    • Wortigon2000

      @daniestad_ you do realise, that you replied to a year old comment, with a meme that's been old even than. Right? On the other hand, I'm glad to see that my comment was correct in the first place. Since it was a reply to the one above it, who said dispenser instead of dropper.

    • daniestad_

      @Wortigon2000 r/woosh

    • daniestad_

      @Reino 30 r/wooosh

    • Toby

      Reino 30 R/Whoooosh

    • go commit breathe 21% oxygen
      go commit breathe 21% oxygen

      @JustDemAverageNubs lmfao

  • Aiden429

    Cow Farm Materials: 2 Dispensers 1 Dropper 2 Buttons 1 Chest 2 Hoppers 1 Sign 1 Water Bucket 1 Lava Bucket 1 Comparator 1 Observer 1 Redstone Dust

  • Confused Caveman
    Confused Caveman

    The chicken farm seems needlessly complicated just have lava floating above the slab the chickens grow up on instead of dispensing it and using a daylightsensor and all that. Or if you want to trade raw chicken to a butcher for emeralds swap lava for a solid block to suffocate them instead.

  • Dark_Fire096

    I always look at your channel when ever i need redstone tutorials

  • JockyRhonson

    Been watching this channel for a few days. He's solved my boredom problem with Minecraft.

  • Parsa Saboori
    Parsa Saboori

    i remove the piston,use a villager, a mine cart with hopper and a chest. now i have fully automatic wheat farm :)

  • Fancy chicken
    Fancy chicken

    Mumbo used to be alot more into trickery and I kinda prefer him that way The diamond farm is obviously just a dispenser shooting out diamond as a trick to get you to burn your diamonds, and I just watched a video of him telling you to go full speed into walls with an elytra

  • Jonathan Christ
    Jonathan Christ

    Problem with the chicken farm is, every time an egg gets shot out the lava dispenser activates too

  • Spacehead

    I have a suspicion that the "diamond farm" produces 9 stacks of diamonds... maybe less depending on what you put in that dispenser...

  • Joker is the best marvel superhero
    Joker is the best marvel superhero

    13:59 wow the machine works so well it’s started duplicating diamonds before he even put them in amazing

    • GH Studios
      GH Studios

      altaf Ibtisam who knew? Captain obvious, that’s who

    • Kiwi Panda
      Kiwi Panda

      Ya lol

    • William Zalmezak
      William Zalmezak

      @David Bui Lol nice ace attorney reference

  • ChOcKyMiLk

    if you have the top dispenser on the wheat farm full of seeds it might be fully automatic

  • Footi_

    1. You can build double piston extendors on a normal pumpkin farm then push down into the piston which will break

  • Snowy

    When you watch this to find new farms to build, just to find out you have them already

  • Dael Munn
    Dael Munn

    Possibly a dumb question. Will the chicken farm work underground if using the day light sensor? Would it need to be modified?

  • Simon B.
    Simon B.

    Mumbo Jumbo, for some of the microfarms you'll need tons of bonemeal. Could you build an automatic bonemealfarm? ;-)

    • Sultan Hadrian
      Sultan Hadrian

      i used a classic mob farm

    • Muffin In A Cup
      Muffin In A Cup

      Now that 1.14 is out you can farm bonemeal with the composters!

    • Muhammad Elkhedr
      Muhammad Elkhedr

      Just put your bonemeal into the diamond farm ;)

    • Isaac

      Cooper O'Dell The ones in dungeons...

    • rengar main btw
      rengar main btw

      Skeleton spawner, make them fall 23 blocks so u can 1 hit them with ur fist ez bone meal and arrows m8

  • Mr. Boing
    Mr. Boing

    the diamond farm was insane! I got 9 stacks of diamonds! thank you! why didn't you show how to build it? I know it was a dispenser.

  • Dom

    Only farm I ever did on my first play threw learning to play, was a auto fishing hole... so all I had to do was cast it and it would pull itself in, and I made it right next to a zombie spawner made them fall next to me and would ait and fish for a hour or two and kill the zombies... Was incredibly helpful and simple... really liked it but I also dont like the idea kinda seems cheating and dont like it but yeah... the fishing one should be like that anyways honestly,

  • The Works: Visual Arts
    The Works: Visual Arts

    Watching in 2020 and wow the textures have come a very long way

  • TheSoullessArtist

    every time I try any of mumbo's redstone contraptions, they refuse to work the only one that works is the diamond one, it was pretty awesome ngl

  • JJ Salas
    JJ Salas

    Hears Diamond Farm: SEEMS LEGIT

    • Iskall MAN
      Iskall MAN

      Me : see the giant quarry on Scicraft Scicraft players : um 😐...

    • blaze warrior17
      blaze warrior17

      Minecraft dungeons: enchanted enchanter me: seems legit

    • Passerby Human
      Passerby Human

      It'll be a whole different matter if it's ilmango saying it

    • Benjamin Waitzel
      Benjamin Waitzel

      @Росен Джамбазов there was no comment on your comment so I surely must comment

    • Snow0ps

      emo pup1 I had to be the one to comment on your comment to his comment on the comment of the comment........big brain

  • Aman Meet
    Aman Meet

    For the melon one on on PE and the pumpkin just breaks, I'm just assuming that is because I'm really late and on pe. But I'm sure mojang wouldn't update it that if a piston pushes a pumpkin it would dissappear, so I'm confused, I followed the instructions as well Edit: Never mind, I am as stupid as the chicken in this video, I put tiles not drop :/ :(

  • Friendly Gamer
    Friendly Gamer

    The cow, sugarcane and wheat farm is what I needed to get infinite food and books

  • Vorgy

    Also, with the wheat farm, the Redstone torch didn't make the sticky-piston with farmland on it extend

    • Jeziah Yadig
      Jeziah Yadig

      @Jac jones I’m not on bredrock and it still doesn’t work for me

    • Laserduck 42
      Laserduck 42

      A fix for bedrock: instead of the piston after the comparator, place a block. Then place a piece of redstone dust below the torch instead of the block. This should work now

  • Harlow

    before i saw the diamond pop out in one fram i thought hmm maybe this will work so i tried it and i ended up making a super weird (but effective) cobble stone generator!