Minecraft 5 EASY Early Game Farms Every World Should Have!
Whats up doers, These are 5 simple early game farms every world should have!
I have another 2 farm videos coming early next week:
1 is extending these farms and the other contains another 5 farms every early/mid game world should have!!
With the farms you can easily get a jump start into mid game!
I did not include the fish farm for a reason!
This video includes:
Chicken farm
Cow Farm/Leather farm
Wool farm (you can dye your sheep for desired color)
Sugarcane Farm / Bamboo Farm
Crop Farm
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  • Johan Johansson
    Johan Johansson

    Great vid :) Just as a tip a "cheaper" way of doing the early game crop farm is using trapdoors with water behind them instead of dispensers, the redstone opens the trapdoors using a lever and flushes the crop down. Saves a lot of fighting mobs for string and also the iron for waterbuckets ;)

  • Yan Novais
    Yan Novais

    Cooked Chicken Farm:

  • lee

    "and then remove the rest of the blocks- WHAT are you doing?" immediately grabs sword

  • Brian Osler
    Brian Osler

    Another quick thing to do with the semi-auto farm is when covering up the water streams along the side, use jungle wood. that way you can also plant cocoa beans along the wood and have it harvest like everything else.

  • Chris Moewes-Bystrom
    Chris Moewes-Bystrom

    Once you get one in the hole, if you feed them both wheat the second will just jump right in with the first. Works for cows and sheep.

  • Sean Hill
    Sean Hill

    the only thing ive learned in this video is that not a soul likes wandering traders XD

  • bdycouver

    I’ve watched a lot of “auto” farms in the last year and these 5 are the simplest and best explained I’ve yet seen. I’m getting ready to start a new Minecraft wold and these 5 will be the first ones I build...Thanks....

  • Michael Ciha
    Michael Ciha

    I LOVE the simplicity of these farms. The tips for using jungle wood to grow cocoa beans and using trap doors instead of dispensers mentioned by others is awesome!

  • soul harvester
    soul harvester

    2-chests 1-dispenser

  • Crucidon

    Redstone building seems much less daunting now that I've learned how to build simple farms here. I feel like I've actually gotten a little better at minecraft today! Thanks for the video.

  • yunidere

    If your chicken egg dispenser is not repeating, it might be because your redstone comparator did not register the default state of the dispenser as empty. To reset, simple ensure that your dispenser is clear of eggs, pick up and place down the comparator again in the same direction as the video, then insert the eggs into the hopper that is linked to the dispenser. It should be working now. Just remember: Do not manually add eggs into the dispenser yourself.

  • Thomas Etherington
    Thomas Etherington

    I have an idea for a potato/carrot from that is activated by the second growth of a sugar cane plant. The same one that controls this sugar cane farm. I looked up timing and it fits pretty well.

  • House of G33Ks
    House of G33Ks

    probably the simplest of all the chicken cooker videos i have ever seen, well done

  • Ítalo Ítalo Ítalo
    Ítalo Ítalo Ítalo

    Simple, easy and nice to watch. Thanks for the video!

  • Jacob Holmberg
    Jacob Holmberg

    For the last farm you can make it fully automatic by getting a villager and making him a farmer. He will replant the crops for you!

  • LPVit

    great starter farms! though it's more efficient to build sugarcane/bamboo farms separately, a tall farm for bamboo is better because it grows big and obviously sugarcane grows only 3 blocks so the one you made is good for sugarcane

  • ShellyGotRawr

    So simple and doable! Looking forward to making these!

  • Jeremy Clark
    Jeremy Clark

    easier way to get cows into hole is to give wheat to the first one, push it in and then give whet to the second one to make it go straight to the 1st

  • Darren

    For the semi auto farm, im using trapdoors + water sources instead of dispensers, and the button opens my trapdoors to release water. The water also saturates the soil so I dont need to put water on the sides. The trapped water on one end, and the collection water at the other end :)

  • Julien Cousinard
    Julien Cousinard

    Thank you ! i was having real trouble with another design and this one’s is much easy and efficient