Minecraft: 33 Gates in 180 seconds

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  • IJAMinecraft

    I was inspired by MumboJumbo to make this little project! Check him out, links are in the description!

    • RER Gaming
      RER Gaming

      @IJAMinecraft is this video nostalgia to you

    • Ektha Ramanand
      Ektha Ramanand

      Do lava door

    • Hruaitea Jahau
      Hruaitea Jahau


    • ★ دمز رفق وجي ★
      ★ دمز رفق وجي ★


    • Jinhui Xie
      Jinhui Xie

      This is sick


    Excellent work, Michael Bay.

    • -

      @the child of 7 .

    • Tadeo Gomez
      Tadeo Gomez

      @Ricardo Sainz Chávez Yes.

  • ZogThePro

    When i saw the title, i was like: *Why is he copying Mumbo Jumbo?* When i saw the video: *LEGENDARY!*

    • TheWorldWrecker

      well he did not copy mumbo, he clearly stated in the description that he was inspired by mumbo!

    • Heat Syncope
      Heat Syncope

      @b l u e He only used command blocks, not modded.

    • b l u e
      b l u e

      But Mumbos isnt moded

    • Detourmined

      Just a chill Man mumbio’s was before (2014) this is 2015.

  • Zack Ferguson
    Zack Ferguson

    #15 will be good for my airship hangar :) also, do each of the gates reset once you've walked through them? (i have yet to download the map)

    • Toàn Lâm
      Toàn Lâm

      Nah. It's one time used door :>

  • Mathi5000

    Me: looking for good videos RSloft after 5 years: *W* *A* *T* *C* *H*

    • Ahmad Wazif Irfan Ahmad Fazly
      Ahmad Wazif Irfan Ahmad Fazly


    • Dima Ustinov
      Dima Ustinov

      me too

    • Raphael Fonacier
      Raphael Fonacier

      @IJAMinecraft did you stop making commanda

    • Tasneem banu
      Tasneem banu


    • lhackyrfc deguzmanxvf
      lhackyrfc deguzmanxvf

      @Lubna Khan jhbb

  • Gunnar Retarderad
    Gunnar Retarderad

    Man the time and effort you put in to this. This is amazing. Keep doing this its excellent. Hope you get no hate comments!

  • TheMinecraftFan

    Awesome!!! I love the ones where you used armour stands with TNT

  • Tom Spander
    Tom Spander

    My favorite is No. 13 - the gate that becomes a firework! Edit: 5 years later JFC why did this comment attract so many incoherent morons in the replies


      What about 15

    • Gary Wilson JR
      Gary Wilson JR

      @somebody what?

    • Lotuz Escandor
      Lotuz Escandor

      @dilan segura bro if ur white you have no right to say dat

    • Pvzgamer Legisniana
      Pvzgamer Legisniana

      With Firework Gates that what i like

    • Enzo Pineda
      Enzo Pineda

      Sean Roblox master wtf

  • Jelle1611

    That... ...was.... ....AMAZING!!! Never seen something like this so good so smooth :D. Good job dude your by far one of the best command block writers I know. ~Jelle

    • IJAMinecraft

      Thank you very much! =)

  • koteczek754

    IJAMinecraft: 50 meters fall: no problem cake: *died*

    • Quintus 1985
      Quintus 1985

      Yes, GLaDOS will catch you, if you like it or not...

    • Google Activity
      Google Activity

      Allergic to a cake : jumanji

    • Wer das liest, ist ein Wunderschöner Mensch
      Wer das liest, ist ein Wunderschöner Mensch


    • Rpic Bric
      Rpic Bric

      The cake is a lie!

    • bottomtextguy69

      @Mary Cris p. Arconada well I am Alolan Raichu

  • Whispy

    It still amazes me how people are better at redstone and iv'e been playing for 7 years now Great work on your vid (yes i know this is 5 years old)

  • fanfan54oldacct

    JUST AMAZING ! You're the best in command blocks IJA :D

    • IJAMinecraft

      @François Lefèvre

  • Jakabi

    My Respect. Very Clean Animations for the TNT and etc..

  • [겁쟁이]크리퍼

    How on earth did you even make this man ! Wow your a true master of command, building, and redstones wow

  • Fanta Cat
    Fanta Cat

    Love the part where the door opens!

  • Sasie Dorina Banta
    Sasie Dorina Banta

    I love the gates it looks epic and amazing I love it, great job doing thsi

  • Pringlezz 🦖
    Pringlezz 🦖

    You deserve lots of subs and likes, even a gold play button, like literally all of them :D

  • Imtiaz Tojo
    Imtiaz Tojo

    That was amazing!! Keep it up!

  • donovan skyhawk
    donovan skyhawk

    you did a fantastic job! i salute you sir!

    • IJAMinecraft

      Thank you! ;)

  • Simon

    This is very cool! Good job.

  • Terra Gamer1221
    Terra Gamer1221

    Now these are some good gates, especially the last one

  • Carolyn Hurd
    Carolyn Hurd

    Omg ur so talented I thought this would just be some boring red stone thing, but u went like 100 steps further. My favorite was when all of the blocks were replaced by sand, then the sand fell. Keep doing what your doing, because this was AMAZING!!!

  • ПROSTO kot
    ПROSTO kot

    Я просто не представляю сколько времени ушло на работу👍

  • Syafik Adam
    Syafik Adam

    Time to count the time. 33 doors for 3 minutes. 11 doors for 60 seconds.

  • Charles Campugan
    Charles Campugan

    I downloaded the map it's very awesome!!

    • Charles Campugan
      Charles Campugan

      +IJAMinecraft Ahh, I'm hoping that you have more subscribers and long life....Keep up the awesome works...

    • IJAMinecraft

      @InsaneMen Not in the near future. Have a lot of other stuff I want to complete atm ;)

    • Charles Campugan
      Charles Campugan

      +IJAMinecraft can you make a skywars generator??? please make.. 😅

    • IJAMinecraft

      Glad you like it!

  • Mototopototo

    you made it with commands, yes, but is very creative and I LOVE IT

  • Deleted Channel
    Deleted Channel

    God level redstoning and editing

  • ★ HyperKunUwU ★
    ★ HyperKunUwU ★

    Great job!

  • uheldetshelt

    holy cow this is so nice i download the map now

    • IJAMinecraft

      @den uheldige Gog Thanks, do that :D

  • extra_jackøle

    This is Awesome!! And it looks like Magic when it BOOMS

  • Jared Mehl
    Jared Mehl

    IJA your one of my favorite minecraft redstoners. (yes STONERS) the best one. all of your redstone creations are awe inspiring. you would definintly be a cool person to meet especially if redstone affects your neuroology! >.

    • Michaili

      Me too!

    • IJAMinecraft

      @Juliet Jacobs Haha, thank you :D (That was an quite crazy comment :D )

    • Jared Mehl
      Jared Mehl

      PS Can;t spell XD

  • Slouchest

    I love the part where he opened the door

  • K2K Of course
    K2K Of course

    Youre really talented at command block!

  • Zarif Tanvir
    Zarif Tanvir

    This is So good that this almost looks better than Mumbo's 200 Gates

  • MrMale_G

    Wow, so epic! This is so... oooh

    • Léon

      ok thanks so much i will talk about your channel and put your chanel in my discription! Thank you so much again !

    • IJAMinecraft

      @gaming with tea24 Well, if you give credit to me, you can ^^

    • Léon

      @IJAMinecraft I Would realy like to use youre commands for my youtube channel because i realy think thyre awsseom and full of creativity please anwser i appreciat it so much! Thanks!

    • MrMale_G

      Oh yeah baby!

    • IJAMinecraft

      @Male Gamer Ready for Hollywood, don't you think? :D

  • D@yad1264_-

    It is so magic... Great job

  • Nour S
    Nour S

    Great video Will u ever post a map for this?

    • IJAMinecraft

      The map download should be in the description :)

  • Diversos D
    Diversos D

    Me preguntó cómo se cerrarán las puertas 😂👍

  • TheEpicChris

    Really creative gates!

  • Bruh_

    "How many command blocks you wanna use?" "Yes"

  • jirka06

    Awesome video,map and music,IJA!

    • IJAMinecraft

      @Jiří Kubík Thank you! :D

  • Dimitris Gavanas
    Dimitris Gavanas

    That was epic 👍

  • Quarters

    i clicked respawn and it paused and i was really confused this was really good you earned my sub by far

    • IJAMinecraft

      Haha, thanks ! :D

  • Arrogance

    "How many explosions do you want?" "YES"

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    I like this so cool keep making videos like these

  • Bomby Corp Services Innovators By Bombiedude
    Bomby Corp Services Innovators By Bombiedude

    Well unfortunately as of now alot of these are no longer working because of updates with command blocks that removed alot of the animation commands

  • Robin

    Awesome man keep it up

  • ESC Lusbula
    ESC Lusbula

    They just all explode. Can't reuse them.

  • Xyril Einzen Carin
    Xyril Einzen Carin

    Well Made :)

    • Xyril Einzen Carin
      Xyril Einzen Carin

      No Problem You Deserve It Better Than Sethbling :)

    • IJAMinecraft

      Thanks :)

  • PedroGamer BR2005
    PedroGamer BR2005

    IJAMinecraft: Survives long falls without even taking damage. Also IJAMinecraft: Dies by a simple cake that does an epic reference.

  • Romanch

    This was amazing

  • Tomi Ivaswort
    Tomi Ivaswort

    IJMinecraft shows us that minecraft has unbelivable Command features. Thank IJMinecraft. I will try it too.

  • Jared Mehl
    Jared Mehl


    • BeepBeepImASheep237 BeepBeepImASheep237
      BeepBeepImASheep237 BeepBeepImASheep237

      @IJAMinecraft "Sorry" isn't the answer, because it doesn't have any solution to this problem.

    • IJAMinecraft

      @Julius Korch We talked about the iron door (number 33) and not about the cake :p

    • Julius Korch
      Julius Korch

      @Julius Korch and the cake gets deleted

    • Julius Korch
      Julius Korch

      he tests for the player above that block and if its true particles will be ported then tnt and then the gamerule so tnt doesnt do damage and then you get killed and maybe wither too

  • Ian仔

    When he go near a TNT = No damage When he fall from a high place = No damage When he spot a cake = *0 health*

  • Velcron Studio
    Velcron Studio

    94% Explosion 4% Commands 2% Doors

  • I Like Sim
    I Like Sim

    I like the part where the door explodes.

  • salan


    • IJAMinecraft

      Thank you! :)

  • Saturn

    0:07 IJAMinecraft: *fell from a high place* Also him: *didn't dies* Me: *visible confusion* Also: 1:58

  • CrackyBozz

    Wow Its Awesome dude! I love it

  • The Major Sisters
    The Major Sisters

    This is so satisfying to watch

  • Sean llenard Amar
    Sean llenard Amar

    You're the best at all(keep it up) 👍

  • rsfreedom922

    I accidentally pressed respawn at the end stupidly and when the video paused I thought my computer froze. I'm a failure. :)

    • Oops A Typo
      Oops A Typo

      We’ve all done this at some point.

    • Charles Campugan
      Charles Campugan



    Thats so cool and nice work

  • Kotaku Yorokobi
    Kotaku Yorokobi

    Hello im ur new subscriber and i liked your video, just gunna ask *_How many TNTs did you even use to make those 33 gates?_*

  • SYNC GoldenNinja
    SYNC GoldenNinja

    This guy just really loves tnt

  • Rikka Takanashi
    Rikka Takanashi

    Wonderful command block

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E

    This video : exists A random mcpe mod : Makes This As An Advertisement

    • 8E / 11 Ihsan Fazil Fadhlullah
      8E / 11 Ihsan Fazil Fadhlullah

      Its a command block, not a mod

    • Mr. E
      Mr. E

      @Daniel Д well i just use a translator ok?

    • Mr. E
      Mr. E

      I dont speak russian sorry but if i go to soviet russia i cant speak english

    • Daniel Д
      Daniel Д


  • Dog Crums
    Dog Crums

    When your the king of gates and you requested this for your arrival

  • Joshua Randomness
    Joshua Randomness

    Legend says the cake was the one who built the doors.

  • acVIPP

    Me: searches up "easy redstone tutorial" The easy redstone tutorial:

  • Octav boss
    Octav boss

    I like the part when he opens the gate

  • stintav2

    all video: **ingnoring explodes** end: *DED*

  • EeveeBlaze

    I like it when they go through the gate

  • Neia Baraja
    Neia Baraja

    Imagine making that gates just to secure a cake

  • Charm Myae Oo
    Charm Myae Oo

    Can you make a custom command boss that drops a op pickaxe?

  • Not8909

    My favourite part of the video was when the door opened

  • CrushedPixel

    Tarantino of Minecraft? More like Michael Bay.

    • Aditya Tripathi
      Aditya Tripathi

      @IJAMinecraft omagad I wanna be friends with all you new Redstoners as I am also a Redstoner ya know....

    • IJAMinecraft

      But Tarantino looks better ;( :D (I was tired yesterday, and didn't remember the one director with the explosions, so I did go with this name :D )

  • SirKirbith

    That was amazing. Like an animation. BUT REAL. 0.O

    • IJAMinecraft

      :O Thank you :D

  • TerraMine 21
    TerraMine 21

    Wow that was amazing

    • IJAMinecraft

      @TerraMine 21 Thanks =)

  • Bomby Corp Services Innovators By Bombiedude
    Bomby Corp Services Innovators By Bombiedude

    Number 19 was the wierdest because at first I thought the object flying down was a creeper or something and then I realized it was just a TNT block