Minecraft: 20 Doors In 100 Seconds
Mumbo Jumbo
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Inspired by this video (which originally got me into redstone! One of my favourite Minecraft redstone videos)
- Almost all doors featured in the video -
Mumbo Door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_HCv...
3x3 piston door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HZR4...
3x3 Creeper Door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRtws...
3x3 water door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tjnp2...
4x4 water door (not in vid!) www.youtube.com/watch?v=AucKz...
HUGE 5x5 supercharged: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjfhm...
HUGE 5x5 supercharged: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zywztP...
3x3 hidden nether portal: www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-Ek2...
2x2 hipster door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjpt9...
Pop up stairs: www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-5AC...
Pop out hidden staircase enterance: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkTbW...
Fast 4x4: www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhSEm...
4x4 Vault door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldqqO...
6x6 Sand Door: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEiLh...
Intro: ProleteR - Can't Stop Me
outro: ProleteR - April Showers
Texture pack is a modified version of the Faithful Texturepack:
Parts of my Texture pack are taken from CodeCrafted:

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  • SimplySarc

    Very nice Mumbo! Will you be doing a tutorial on that first door? I'd like to make it myself!

    • DylK-y

      Free tutorial in comments for you Pressure plate gate

    • Roblox Kid
      Roblox Kid

      I finally recreated the last door. Took me 69 hours.

    • AkiraX13

      @Maple Doctor the joke flew over your head, and it sounds something like this: Whoosh.

    • HzScience

      It’s so easy just place a fence gate and put a pressure plate in front of it

    • JoeJoePotatoes

      The last on is the hardest, he should do a tutorial on it.

  • SquareisEpic

    2014 Mumbo: has patience 2021 Mumbo: If I can’t run at this 3x3 piston door at full speed, I’ll call 911

    • BlueToadFan913

      You guys can’t take a joke!?

    • DylanIsAKing

      Or just dial 112 it’ll connect to the nearest help thing or whatever

    • Ilan Yusuf
      Ilan Yusuf

      @PotatoKernels I didn’t know that, thanks

    • PotatoKernels

      @Ilan Yusuf most countries it's 999 so like Malaysia is included in most countries

    • NikitaTheDev

      999 he’s british

  • Shrubs_9

    Imagine having all this just to get into your house

    • nø yøu
      nø yøu

      Imagine burning in the nether

    • Angela Pangilinan
      Angela Pangilinan

      @Ultimagine Products i think its duuun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

    • Ilan Yusuf
      Ilan Yusuf

      Ye lol

    • Hairhandpenciltable Lol
      Hairhandpenciltable Lol


    • BikeRaceCalamity

      @Camperito those were literally the exact words i was thinking

  • Sage Swiggum
    Sage Swiggum

    There is no way this is 7 years olds I remember this coming out, I remember the tutorials for most of these. I hope mumbo brings stuff like this back

    • Sage Swiggum
      Sage Swiggum

      @Eye Sack An argument about sarcasm in the comments? This is a 2014 time capsule (in a good way)

    • Sage Swiggum
      Sage Swiggum

      @Eye Sack No please not the $36 dollars in my bank account 😩

    • Eye Sack
      Eye Sack

      @flames PRO Yes i can. i'm a hacker.

  • QbC_03X

    He should definitely do a revamp with the newer versions of each door

  • TtRTech

    1:28 Now that's my level of Redstone

  • Charlie Sword
    Charlie Sword

    Seller: "So what kind of enterance would you like?" Mumbo: "Y E S"

  • Killstreakdaddy

    It’s amazing to see how far redstone contraptions have come from 2014 to now.

  • Toyota Avanza
    Toyota Avanza

    Every villain in the movies or tv series when they walked on their secret doors be like :

  • Biffa Plays Indie Games
    Biffa Plays Indie Games

    Great video Mumbs, loved it...but don't you ever knock before you enter? ;-)

    • 1.-Ulysses

      @mugunthan HALLO

    • mugunthan

      @Damien Bainbridge hello

    • Damien Bainbridge
      Damien Bainbridge

      @RebelRedRollo hello

    • RebelRedRollo


    • Jow

      he punched the last door before the opened it

  • Ian Park
    Ian Park

    "How many automatic doors do you want to have?" Mumbo: *Yes*

  • Mr. Misters
    Mr. Misters

    This video is the reason I subbed to your channel. And just recently your channel has been the main drive for me to get back into Minecraft and recent investment in watching all the hermits. Cheers

  • ImABlobfish2

    I watch this everyday it 's so relaxing.

  • eggy yt
    eggy yt

    Sign: Don't Flick This Mumbo Jumbo: *flicking intensities*

    • Zaid Bhatkar
      Zaid Bhatkar

      Because that's not mumbo it was grian

  • Shenkie22

    Door: *isnt opened automatically* Mumbo: "impossible"

    • xander richardson
      xander richardson

      and i took that personally

    • 1 1
      1 1

      ​@JDJSGSh dghsjsje wow, you werent rickrolling me

    • Crow


    • RedCore

      1.17 SKULK SENSOR

  • Cosmic Gxming
    Cosmic Gxming

    “20 Doors in 100 seconds” Extra 14 seconds: am I a joke to you?

    • Elis Hedåberg
      Elis Hedåberg

      Dont take this like sereosly i like evrything posted within a year

  • BoDoesStuff

    I love it how all of the doors are timed perfectly

  • Everett Burdett
    Everett Burdett

    can we just take a moment to appreciate how these were all built in 2014 with 2014 redstone

  • GoofyGE3K

    I still love these. Hope you do another one some time. Classic.

  • gopherguts2

    I liked how he killed himself to transfer to even-width doors without it looking weird.

    • Dexie The Sheep
      Dexie The Sheep

      he could have just turned left or right and the path would be 1 block wider starting from there

    • Ça va
      Ça va

      @Nifty_Biscuit *even

    • Nifty_Biscuit

      Wow that was slick i didnt EVEN notice. How ODD

    • Louis Bouvier
      Louis Bouvier

      Orion D. Hunter you realize the biome is literally call hell

    • Alej Random
      Alej Random

      @Orion D. Hunter hell*

  • Lucjusz Mocarny
    Lucjusz Mocarny

    0:30 after 7 years I realized how smart transmission it was from 3 blocks wide to 2 blocks wide

  • AnOrangeDoor

    I can already tell the timing on this must have been painful! I know this is a old video but I do love this video

  • The Soviet Onion
    The Soviet Onion

    Remember the guy who made redstone tutorials on how to make a 2 by 2 piston door? This is him now _Feel old yet?_

  • GeekGames74

    0:23 Flashbacks to when 5x5 doors were complicated and big lol

  • bad show
    bad show

    The last one was the best and most complex out of all of them

    • 1.-Ulysses

      By far!

    • Darek Spychała
      Darek Spychała

      Those 2,8k likes, I'm sure they are sarcastic

    • 09p12w


    • Don’t Read my profile picture
      Don’t Read my profile picture

      Spaceman Jamsybob rs Dude this was a year ago. I have changed.

    • Jamsybob Redstone / Gaming
      Jamsybob Redstone / Gaming

      @Don’t Read my profile picture no Ur cringe

  • Perfect Protagonist
    Perfect Protagonist

    I took me hours and hours to figure out how to build the hidden portal at 0:30, then only took me slightly less than an hour to rebuild it in the nether.

  • Austin Davis
    Austin Davis

    I just discovered this... and I love every single thing about this video.

  • Eqwort

    To this day this is one of the best videos mumbo has made

  • Jake da potato man
    Jake da potato man

    When he walked through a door, I felt that.

  • Harvey Devenish-Meares
    Harvey Devenish-Meares

    This being redone in the form of a YT short would be really cool

  • emo

    Redstone for these doors is like an iPhone. You want both to be slim but effective.

  • Nagol

    If only Mumbo from 6 years ago could see how combated the redstone is for those doors now

  • Immortal135hook

    the fact that i got this in my recommended shows me how mumbo jumbos redstone really has changed from updates

  • Joe Funny Name
    Joe Funny Name

    My favorite part actually isn't when he walked through the door. It's when he walked through the door.

  • Snipuhh__enthusiast27

    My favourite 2 vid series. This gives me ideas. They're easy and ok

  • Garrett B
    Garrett B

    Total time: 113 seconds. Time spent walking through all the doors (starting at 0:00): 98 seconds. Time spent walking through all the doors (starting with first door, or 0:05): 93 seconds. Sorry if this is confusing

  • CaptainCozmo

    It's beautiful... I've looked at this for 5 hours now

  • Ben Deane
    Ben Deane

    My favorite part is when he walked through the door

    • mean trash bin
      mean trash bin

      i know!

    • Kevin Mulhern #2
      Kevin Mulhern #2

      bro same

    • ChickenCrusher


    • Moechammad Djochan
      Moechammad Djochan


    • Rashid Bin sulayem
      Rashid Bin sulayem

      Which One?

  • Anne-Marie Skjerve
    Anne-Marie Skjerve

    It’s even better now that: 1: Boats are being used to explore the new (in comparison to this vid) ocean. 2: In 1.16, hoes actually have a use! Great work, Olly from the Stone Age!

  • schnee snow
    schnee snow

    Nostalgia thank you mumbo you are amazing ❤️ I love your videos to this day don't stop

  • shego1142

    This is one of those videos I’ve seen so many times I can’t count them but I always click on it when it shows up in my recommended or when I’m watching a Mumbo vid and it’s there, I’m just like “ooooh watch him walk though different piston doors with the best timing and music? Don’t mind if I do!”

  • Lt Worm
    Lt Worm

    Me: opens 1 door to get into my house Mumbo: *Laughs mockingly while going through 20 red stone doors that were harder to make then my entire world times 100*

  • xisumavoid

    Great video, the music was cool but the doors were better :-D

    • Phineas duke
      Phineas duke

      @Mumbo Jumbo Mumbo make the same thing but with contraptionsthat launch you up in the air!

    • Elizabeth Carpenter
      Elizabeth Carpenter

      @Markoplayz replies*

    • Chrispy


    • Funny moments
      Funny moments

      what's up checkmark

    • SeedTech


  • Zen Sandoc
    Zen Sandoc

    Great video,The music was so calm and doors are even even BETTER.!!!

  • Jake

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the music in this video

  • Leviathan Gaming
    Leviathan Gaming

    Alternative title “Showing off my red stone skills and making people try to build stuff I did so they fail miserably”

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo

    I can literally imagine him building all these and being so excited and just being mumbo 😂😂😂🤣🤣😆

  • •Sr Cucaracho
    •Sr Cucaracho

    Mi parte favorita es cuando camina por debajo de la puerta! 😍👌

  • Brandon Mcglinchey
    Brandon Mcglinchey

    Damn this guy has some real potential

  • NickPie 43
    NickPie 43

    And this is how mumbo became the God of redstone

  • Vizdrom 97
    Vizdrom 97

    Lol, I remember seeing this years ago, didn't know it would be one of his most viewed videos.

  • MusicalSoul

    The last door had such an incredible design! I wonder how you managed to build it...

    • NS Studios
      NS Studios

      @cuscus06 r/woosh that's the joke

    • Erratic

      cuscus06 we all know that it’s a joke I’m not trying to be rude just saying

    • ooney

      佛人 热啊了读的

    • cuscus06

      MusicalSoul the pressure plate isnt attached to the door and he just opened it manually

    • Dale Pirofsky
      Dale Pirofsky

      I think after a whole 3 years I still dont know how to make it

  • HowManySubsCanIGetWithoutAnyVideosOnThisChannel?!?

    Nice video! Keep up the good work!

  • James C.
    James C.

    Guys, remember that time when he walked through a door!

  • Letto

    Imagine walking threw all these doors just to get into a storage room

  • Aditya Pant
    Aditya Pant

    I added the last door in my friend's house. He thanked me.

  • Sol Bushbaby
    Sol Bushbaby

    Great, Now do 100 doors in 20 seconds...

    • Prakhar Patel
      Prakhar Patel


    • Peripheralzx

      5d/s (5 doors per second)

    • InteleonSniperMaster

      The f&-k yes

    • I aint weeb ples dont kill me
      I aint weeb ples dont kill me

      he cant do it boi

    • Dream Bedrock
      Dream Bedrock

      My favorite part is Door a nether

  • Spear goblin
    Spear goblin

    This guy can make more doors than I can place redstone

  • Isaac Dupras
    Isaac Dupras

    At the last one, I was half expecting a slime block launcher to launch him over the top of the doors

  • okthen

    this is the most perfect video that anyone on this planet has ever made

  • Salad

    The level of nostalgia right now...

  • Ranjan Bhattacharya
    Ranjan Bhattacharya

    We want content like this more Mumbo pls

  • BitterSweetRaven

    The cut at 0:55 is insane if you look closely when he climbs the stairs at first there is no sand and then he is walking on it

  • Dilip Kulkarni
    Dilip Kulkarni

    I like how he messed up a pressure plate and not the whole other contraptions

  • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
    Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

    Redstone maniac: I don't build that many doors The entrance to their base:

  • Connor B
    Connor B

    I don't think I can even build the last door.

    • Summer McKinney
      Summer McKinney

      The last door has a USELESS pressure plate.

    • Nemo Daremo
      Nemo Daremo

      @Splatoon Murderer / Coral I am the most powerful necromancer known to man

    • Nemo Daremo
      Nemo Daremo

      @Brayden Miller I wish to not be squashed by a boulder every five minutes but that's impossible

    • Nemo Daremo
      Nemo Daremo

      @Brayden Miller Does anyone care? This is a minecraft video and he hasn't even put the strongest one THE *COPPER SHORTSWORD*

    • Nemo Daremo
      Nemo Daremo

      @tea with me r/wooooshception

  • Domenator

    It bothers me so much that some of these doors won’t close by themselves. U have to rebuild them

  • dovezulu

    my favorite one was the portal one. i really want to know how to build that.

  • Eshizako

    Nice to see Salted's music in use here.

  • NiQolas

    Love the Step Brothers reference at the end.

  • spumwack

    I liked the part with the doors

    • Alex

      Yeah, I liked the video too:)

  • CameeBoi84

    Good job on the music old mumbo it lined up well! 👍

  • ARandomPerson

    0:09 is it just me or did that door defy the laws of MC physics

  • Cool Bro
    Cool Bro

    Even now, it’s still impressive

  • Theo Ryan
    Theo Ryan

    I think my favourite is 1:30. It's just so creative. Like how do you do that

  • Hi I'm APOP
    Hi I'm APOP

    I remember being one of the first people to watch this, my 9 year-old self thinking it was one of the best videos on youtube. Thanks for the continuous, unwavering happiness over the years, Mumbo. :)

    • yunie lmao
      yunie lmao

      666 likes lol

    • German Ju
      German Ju


    • FuzzyWuzzyBumbleBear

      14 now!

    • brhu

      i was also the first person to walk through the door.

  • Maxmillian Sukandar
    Maxmillian Sukandar

    I like the part when he walked through a door.

  • Rookie

    Dude! That one door was sick!!

  • Evan Friedland
    Evan Friedland

    This texture pack really brings me back

  • 1k subs without videos
    1k subs without videos

    RSloftr : it’s so hard to get views Mumbo: Just walk through 40 doors in 200 seconds to get 102M views