Minecraft 1.16 Has 109 New Features!
There's a lot of features, so I figured it would make sense to go through them all!
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  • ibxtoycat

    Which of these 109 changes are you most excited for? Personally the ghast change (108) is up there, but netherite mining is something I'm gonna enjoy

    • Poketay Mon
      Poketay Mon

      Bitter butter it's soul lantern

    • Poketay Mon
      Poketay Mon

      Blackstone and crimson forest

    • RMSTitanicA320

      ruined portals and bastions

    • YTuser45

      I really like that hoes can break leaves with the normal drops still

    • Gremlin fifty
      Gremlin fifty

      This is a proud feminist move for minecraft to make hoes really useful

  • _Disappeared

    Anyone remember andrews old intro? Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhellllo I am Ibxtoycat

  • Zac Alexander
    Zac Alexander

    Did anyone else realise that toycat had 108 experience and there are 109 new features

  • Uncomical_ 117
    Uncomical_ 117

    I have never found a ruined portal

    • Espeon5

      wow they are really common you should explore more

  • Swedish Ghostface
    Swedish Ghostface

    You forgot one of the most important changes, the atmosphere, all netherite biomes have different colour in atmosphere and fog, some even have particels, there are even new exklusive music to different nether biomes, I love those features, it makes each nether biome really really unique!

  • AnonymousCheesePie37


  • EternalDensity

    "You already know about this" I've mostly played 1.12 modpacks lately and had not followed the news at all.

  • Zeeks World
    Zeeks World

    Java is the only version that has Corona Splash messages now I want them lol

  • Paul Bordaș
    Paul Bordaș

    6:55 "I love this. This is a proud feminist move from Minecraft to make hoes extra valuable from they were before."

    • Paul Bordaș
      Paul Bordaș

      I'm dying

  • Jimmybagodonuts

    Toycat is one of those people who says each item or variant of something is a feature.

  • Chris S.
    Chris S.

    Toycat: zogins attack every thing Creeper: hey

  • • Nasha The Fox • :D
    • Nasha The Fox • :D

    I just want to say that today I was bartering with piglins and instead of giving me I think the enchanted boots, HE PUT THEM ON

  • KingMonke37

    Now you can remove flowers from flower pots on bedrock without breaking them.

  • James Goad
    James Goad

    Idk if it was added later but soul speed can be gotten from fishing.

  • linus

    Turn on subtitle at the start of the vid

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis

    You smell nice

  • Mean Octo
    Mean Octo

    15:08 what are chains?

  • Melzts

    are the infinite dimensions still a thing?

  • Uber Versace
    Uber Versace

    1.13: yeah check out how rad the ocean is 1.14: woohoo villages are cool now 1.16: the nether is a whole lot more than a lava pit ya know 1.15: bee

  • Derp Fishron
    Derp Fishron

    “This is a real feminist move from Minecraft” that sounded weird when you were talking about hoes

  • Donna Horton
    Donna Horton

    The slowest block in the game is a honey block

  • Jukes McGee
    Jukes McGee

    I just want to enchanted horse armor 😫

  • Eclipsed Embers
    Eclipsed Embers

    basalt deltas have blackstone? looks like I'm gonna be building a blackstone fortress then

  • YTuser45

    omg i love the striders!!! It's like that scene in Yo-kai watch where the hot tub is lava hot and he's like 'bah, lukewarm'! The striders just get freezing anywhere except in the lukewarm lava

  • YTuser45

    Thank you toycat! I needed this! Although, there was some things that would've been nice if you went into detail with.

  • Ø Fisheves Ø
    Ø Fisheves Ø

    We need Netherite horse armor

  • Chainx

    Lol I just came here becuase I wanted to hear the intro

  • Andy T
    Andy T

    It was useful thx

  • NSFblammo

    All the armors and weapons it aint 9 things its one

  • JumJums doodles
    JumJums doodles

    When he kept saying hoe it sounded so wrong.

  • King Cobra
    King Cobra

    I started a world, went to the nether, and was immediately in a volcano biome

  • Zac Roberson
    Zac Roberson

    What about the dances and capes?

  • Hey That Brother
    Hey That Brother


  • K-dis Boher
    K-dis Boher

    Tips for bartering grinding, just drop a whole stack of gold in front of a group of piglins, they will continue to pick up the gold and just throw their trades at you, meaning you can stay in your inventory and drop any of the trades you don't want until you get the ones you do :)

  • Titus Miller
    Titus Miller

    The soul versions of light sources actually have a really useful bonus, as they will repel piglins. In theory i think you can place them outside of bastion chests to take their stuff without worry

  • Sidegrabsheriff

    so if i play my infinite survival world, I will find these new features? Nether and overworld?

  • ApeXp

    Am I the only one who noticed he said making hoes more valuable was a great femenist move 😂 that’s deadly 😂😂😂

  • Blake Cacini
    Blake Cacini

    We need 7 more

  • Wdshie

    Can anyone explain to me why the new nether warped biome looks like the upside down for stranger things

  • SCardy Cat
    SCardy Cat


  • MCOC Pope
    MCOC Pope

    Heavily stretched

  • cheese lord
    cheese lord

    Terraria introduces 100's of features and thousands's of items in a single update for the third time. "oh cool" Minecraft realises 109 features and has only 400 items in the entire game "omg omg its finally here!"

  • Kamil Othman
    Kamil Othman

    If you make a mob farm soulsand valley is Your place

  • Luca Landomini
    Luca Landomini

    I actually watched in a speed of 0,75 cause he talks so fast😳

  • Kids Weinstein
    Kids Weinstein

    Am I just a dumb noob or did they add a cool new spruce village that uses campfires for lanterns

  • Kamini Gupta
    Kamini Gupta

    Thank you so much I was confused in this update 😄😄

  • Iris Mills
    Iris Mills

    Nether update finally came out in uk And on Xbox one

  • Uncle Thomas
    Uncle Thomas

    “Zombie pigman is kill” “No...”

  • Van Horne Gamer
    Van Horne Gamer

    Well, my favourite change is EMOTES!!!! Why didn't u do that 1???

  • Jonas Nygren
    Jonas Nygren


  • Reid Witt
    Reid Witt

    crying obsidian was once in the game but then removed in fact if you use the texture pack of old texture the crying obsidian uses its old texture

  • Phoenix Gaming
    Phoenix Gaming

    What about the cursed enchantments

  • Clob

    he said hoe 19 times

  • John Goldsmith
    John Goldsmith

    He doesn’t want any money, subs, or likes, he is just trying to show the world his world go check out TheEnlightened88 on twitch, he has the longest running survival world in history and has 14 world records also notch said last year, “ yeah we made the game but TheEnlightened88 is the king of the game I made”

  • Cam Cam
    Cam Cam

    Ibetoycat:hoes don't really have a PART in MINECRAFT!!! Farming: am I a joke to you

  • Light Blue Flowers
    Light Blue Flowers

    You missed a feature, redstone when placed not near other redstone doesnt look like a circle of a blood anymore, it looks like a cross of blood instead.

    • Light Blue Flowers
      Light Blue Flowers

      Im on Java, Bedrock is too weird to play.

  • Joe Swain
    Joe Swain

    Minecraft fans after the nether update: Wow how great Fans 2 minutes later: CavE UpdATe pLs

  • beck1940 beck1940
    beck1940 beck1940

    we need cave update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trace Bergman
    Trace Bergman

    I still can’t put loyalty on my hoe 😔

  • reece Hughes
    reece Hughes

    Still waiting for more bosses for more story

  • Javarooster

    anyone know what that sick beat is at the end of the vid?

  • AstraLestHD


  • JonChris_ Gam!ng
    JonChris_ Gam!ng

    soon: minecraft 1.17 cave update

  • MEizMonster

    "This is the speed of a hoe"

  • Electricity taster
    Electricity taster

    Netherrite looks like rusted iron.

  • Electricity taster
    Electricity taster

    Optifine team can't catch a break.

  • Mindy Mannn
    Mindy Mannn

    Minecraft made hoes relevant Hoes being mad: gone down to 0%

  • Mindy Mannn
    Mindy Mannn

    “You just don’t find as much use for your hoe as you did anymore” 😔💔

  • Ryan Hardy
    Ryan Hardy

    Aren’t the broken nether portals going to help with speed runs?

  • E M
    E M

    1:19 rip to the magma slime

  • Juddy9 Plays
    Juddy9 Plays

    Wasn't the Jigsaw Block added in 1.14?

  • JamesIsASimpFor Mai-San
    JamesIsASimpFor Mai-San

    Just add soul speed to iron boots. They are easy to repair and also give it unbreaking and your set 👌

  • Corbonthecob 2000
    Corbonthecob 2000

    Lol it came out today

  • Shark in a tank
    Shark in a tank

    Sadly the new nether sucks in survival

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Pigstep be BOPPING

  • vannila

    does ancient debris work with fortune pickaxe?

  • vannila

    but you can still turn pig into piglin with an enchanted trident, right?

  • Also Woomyism
    Also Woomyism

    Change 110: "Cough or sneeze into your elbow!"

  • RobotAfk XD
    RobotAfk XD

    I love how he says hoes are good now but it is till ban

  • Madcat

    No one: Not a single soul: Ibxtoycat: LoOk HoW fAsT tHiS hOe Is

  • Nick Peluso
    Nick Peluso

    So you can’t make chainmail armor with chain wtf

  • Bear

    04:40 the Hoglin has found it's next victim.

  • PotatoGamingz

    E Stop reading this I said stop *Y O U W I L L P A Y* Ok I’ll stop.

  • Jakerfoxx

    5* new mobs -Piglin -Zombiefied Piglin -Hoglin -Zoglin -Strider

  • Amethyst Pixel429
    Amethyst Pixel429

    why is no one explaining what crying obsidian is?? I’m trying to figure out how it works and what it does and no videos explain it :(

  • Ava Kobayashi
    Ava Kobayashi

    this dude really just said hoes have no purpose. where are you supposed to get wheat? beetroot? melon? pumpkin?

  • Isaiah Ryman
    Isaiah Ryman

    6:56 i see what you did there with the feminist movement thing XD

  • Joenado Lightning
    Joenado Lightning

    New favorite you tuber because of this one video

  • Elephant Potato
    Elephant Potato

    """""""""""""""""" """"""""""""""”"" «»""""""""""„""" ""

  • Molly Monroe
    Molly Monroe

    1:19 who saw the magma cube jump I. Lava

  • iron ghost5434
    iron ghost5434

    This, this puts a smile on my face

  • Lyndon Filler
    Lyndon Filler

    I am the farmer of my Realm and I’m incredibly happy that my hoes will be of more use

  • Anti-HyperLink

    It's still all the Nether.

  • Anti-HyperLink

    I'm pretty sure if RSloft didn't allow people to slow videos down, you'd have no subscribers.

  • Keshav Shivarajan
    Keshav Shivarajan

    Is it coming on Xbox

    • Keshav Shivarajan
      Keshav Shivarajan

      Belsnickle oMg yEy

    • Belsnickle

      Did you really expect me to have a username? Yes I’m pretty sure it’s coming out today later on basically 23rd on pe and Xbox so basically bedrock :D

  • ImWorm

    “A real feminist move from Minecraft” that got me lol

  • Itzz Orenn
    Itzz Orenn

    5:28 😂

  • xpro

    Well its here today everyone is SO HAPPY 😁

  • wilbur the gerbil
    wilbur the gerbil

    “This is a proud feminist move from Minecraft to really make hoes extra valuable.” Had me dying

  • Princess Odette
    Princess Odette

    I don’t know why... but when I enter my nether portal everything is cave no normal world like before