Mike Tyson - Top 20 Best Knockouts [HD]
Mike Tyson Top 20 Best Knockouts [HD]

  • Rj Right
    Rj Right

    Hardly any of these guys trained enough or were in as good a physical shape! They all look flabby in comparison, Mike worked hard at training and that’s what made him the best, dedication!

    • PES Only
      PES Only

      You can't beat nutural talent by hard work

    • Зоран Живковић
      Зоран Живковић

      @random Bravo!!!

    • Nurnegar Hasan
      Nurnegar Hasan

      @Vieirinhaa You can't reach the top just by working hard . Yes working hard helps you get ahead of 95 percent competitors.. But to break through the next 5 percentage you need to have some innate natural abilities too

    • DeveloperNinja619

      @random many guys in this video were covered with fat. You wanna say that it's genetics too? They just had been working as hard as Mike, that's it. That's key to dismantle everyone, hard work and dedication

    • DeveloperNinja619

      @random every great boxer says that dedication and har work is the first. Loma, RJJ said that. Talent is the last, it's your potential, but you have to realise this potential. If you're just talented but don't work your ass off, some other dude who is not talented but just works hard will whoop your ass, cuz he's been dying in gym, but you were only relying on your "genetics"

  • Dustin Byrd
    Dustin Byrd

    Tyson never swung to just swing, he was patient in his calculations. Other guy would swing 10 times for Tyson to connect once

  • Franckyhu

    Anytime i watch Iron Mike boxing, i am in wow, it never gets boring. He is the GREATEST for me.

  • Динара Маматьекова
    Динара Маматьекова


  • Eric Munoru
    Eric Munoru

    Man of steel



  • Александр Самуйлов
    Александр Самуйлов

    Пушка йопта!


    This man is a legend

  • Хуштарбек Апсатаров
    Хуштарбек Апсатаров

    Кыргыз барбыы

  • Наврузбек Турсунов
    Наврузбек Турсунов

    Тусон 💪💪💪💪☝️☝️☝️☝️

  • Ervan Gondol
    Ervan Gondol

    Smean wong.Ku Cak Mike Tyson

  • Jaan Kobak
    Jaan Kobak


  • Jaan Kobak
    Jaan Kobak


  • Jaan Kobak
    Jaan Kobak


  • Jaan Kobak
    Jaan Kobak


  • Tina Pease
    Tina Pease

    You hit alot people mike. ...hahahaha. ...Big mike Tyson. ..💪

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Мой кумир

  • Jochen Friedenberger
    Jochen Friedenberger

    He and cuz d'amato,was the best ever in Boxing 👍🏻💪🏻♥️🙏🏼


    I like MIKE and Ray Charles Jr, the Dom Juan ist the best Fighter, after Mike, the Fight are not real enough. They fight like Dancer now.

  • Таулу

    Вот я бы посмотрел бы на тех которые типа победили тайсона если они дрались бы с ним вот в те времена

  • Azho Thira
    Azho Thira

    How about a match between Mike Tyson and fordmay wetr

  • Олег Ашимов
    Олег Ашимов


  • Stefano Paolucci
    Stefano Paolucci

    Non menava tanto però....... 😬

  • Алик Алик
    Алик Алик

    Такого боксёра как Тайсон не было и не будет

  • コロナ1号2号

    タイソンVS菅見てみたいです🤷🏻‍♂️ 政界を干された菅がタイソンにサンドバッグにされる、考えただけでワクワクしますね👍

  • AvidCritick

    As someone who has trained in boxing for 7 years... wow

  • Vampire_ W
    Vampire_ W

    Muss man mehr mit Herz Kämpfen

  • Зоран Живковић
    Зоран Живковић

    Anyone who denies Tyson's power in any way knows nothing about boxing. He is simply the best of all time. No one has ever been like him and there is no such person today.

  • Arif Talha MERT
    Arif Talha MERT

    What is the name of the song

  • Antonino

    Big 🔥🔥🔥

  • Efrem Alexander
    Efrem Alexander

    Musiknya ganggu bangsat

  • Eze quiel
    Eze quiel


  • Максим Безус
    Максим Безус

    Тайсон ти був кумиром мого батька ну и моим тоже останися.


    Lo deporte cuando tú estás joven eres una máquina pero llega un momento que te cansas para los fanáticos no entienden eso todo es el momento la vida la práctica pero mal Tarso fue una leyenda como el nadie deportes la práctica hay mucho que dice no vino a platicar me siento bien cuando llega el momento se desploma con un edificio el deporte es el Mike Tyson para mí es una leyenda bendiciones para esa leyenda Santo Domingo City el deporte es la práctica cuando te sientes bien Ahí está el error todo es el momento

  • jesus's disciple  last time
    jesus's disciple last time

    Look at the crossmoon in my clips !!Jesus Christ's judgement day is coming very soon!!! Psalms 50 15. and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me." amen

  • Bahodir Nazarov
    Bahodir Nazarov

    Mayk tayson 2021 👽👽👽👽

  • Humora te vjeter
    Humora te vjeter

    Now the best is Florian Marku

    • law yer
      law yer

      Haha ky ti kish rre tre florian marka

  • Leo Messi
    Leo Messi

    Бокс кироли 👍👍👍

  • Alexa Nesterchuk
    Alexa Nesterchuk

    Майк Тай сон самой Лучшей

  • Техно Дом
    Техно Дом

    Тайсон крепкий боец ну таких телков против ставят были б все как даглас или холлифилд

  • LP Lapendos
    LP Lapendos

    Ini baru powerr tinju Tyson gg

  • Shelbie Jones
    Shelbie Jones

    This man was literally knocking out guys, taller and bigger than him. Facts💪💯

  • максим макс
    максим макс

    Тайсон 👍🔥

  • Pedro Ricardo Jesus Da Silva Ferreira
    Pedro Ricardo Jesus Da Silva Ferreira

    sound pls ?

  • N X
    N X

    how he is strong and beautiful at 19-20 years old, ideal fighter

  • Александр Проскурин
    Александр Проскурин

    ему нет равных

  • Александр Проскурин
    Александр Проскурин

    Майк великий

  • Оливер Квин
    Оливер Квин

    Великий из великих

  • Monte Cristo
    Monte Cristo


  • Sevim Yolcu
    Sevim Yolcu

    Sellamun alleykum

  • Dmitriy Yazon
    Dmitriy Yazon


  • Amelie Poulain
    Amelie Poulain

    Tyson not from earth

  • Catello Ferrara
    Catello Ferrara

    The Best.💯.🥊. Tiger.👍.👍.👍.

  • Arwin Saadatpour
    Arwin Saadatpour

    Just imagine mike tyson height was 190 cm and Boooom

  • Tn _chennai
    Tn _chennai

    Right upper cut

  • astronot baru
    astronot baru


  • Lợi Nguyễn
    Lợi Nguyễn

    Iron mike ❤❤

  • Agoes_ P
    Agoes_ P

    Petinju yang masih saya kagumi sampai sekarang

  • Kai

    Не кулаки, а кувалды в руках!

  • Sandeep Malik
    Sandeep Malik

    Iron means the end of competitors. No-one can replace Tyson.

  • Jefe Von Strachanberg
    Jefe Von Strachanberg

    It's had to be the money, why else would these guys even step in the ring with Mike Tyson

  • Juice730 ****
    Juice730 ****

    Prime Tyson is one scary individual

  • Animalcult .I
    Animalcult .I

    at 1:58 he's kneeling ... Jameson he is a B.L.M :))

  • Xtabol X
    Xtabol X

    Donnie Long is(on his)back!!!!

  • James Radova
    James Radova

    Yall so boring talkin bout how Awesome Iron Mike is.. I for one give credit to SUPER-FAN #1, the guy cheering him when hes beating down marvis @6:13 !!! NO Fan ever showed Mike more love!!!

  • Raino Rains
    Raino Rains

    I was too young to see these fights in Live 😭

  • Миро Мир
    Миро Мир

    Тайсон бог бокса

  • Medicine Hat Alberta
    Medicine Hat Alberta

    All the pale boxers turned that way as soon as they stepped in the ring with Mike Tyson they were not born like that

  • Winson Sparrow
    Winson Sparrow

    Looks like Mike Jackson. Soft wimp put on the gloves..... Leonard Wright aka Jesus Christ

  • Faiq Baxisov
    Faiq Baxisov


  • Dannis Day
    Dannis Day

    The lovely quality annually suspend because sphynx disappointedly guide anenst a taboo airship. foolish, tasteful grenade

  • Rutas Argentinas sin hambre
    Rutas Argentinas sin hambre

    Aqui queda mas que claro que Tyson siempre ganaba porque peleaba contra boxeadores pagados para perder. Pegaba fuerte eso nadie los duda, pero observando bien a los rivales , no tenian movimiento, no tenian pegada. Cuando peleo con profesionales quedaba echo mierda o perdia.

  • Rahul sharma
    Rahul sharma

    Knock out machine

  • karim alger
    karim alger

    Maradona in fussball Tayson in boxen

  • Пирожок

    . Тайсан красава, выстёгивает жостка, но и ему бошку пробили не по детски что аж во концове кусатся начал😉

  • Jan Lisota
    Jan Lisota

    To był gość Mike Tyson z brooklynu och co za typ ale on powala tym widokiem mięśni

  • Михаил Григоренко
    Михаил Григоренко

    Тайсон Легенда на все времена

  • Duc Anh Vu Tran
    Duc Anh Vu Tran

    Bad punch to the jaw and front teeth.

  • Duc Anh Vu Tran
    Duc Anh Vu Tran

    Poor the black guys.

  • Duc Anh Vu Tran
    Duc Anh Vu Tran

    We want Tyson back in the division of Holleyfield.

  • Duc Anh Vu Tran
    Duc Anh Vu Tran

    Great show.

  • Flapjack

    Mike pegába "no" con sus fuerzas, pegába con la fustración y injusticia de la vida...

  • Jimmy Jennings
    Jimmy Jennings

    Mike Tyson looked like what you would think a demon would look like and he was a beast in the ring no doubt.

  • разное видео
    разное видео

    Тайсон Король

  • Донёр Турция
    Донёр Турция


  • Василь Гетцко
    Василь Гетцко

    💩🌚🌚🌚👱💁💐👸👰🎣👈💩🆓.😂👏👍😂👏👍 ЧТО ТО НЕСЛОЖИЛЛСЬ 😂👏👍😂👏👍.

  • Alisha Jones
    Alisha Jones

    The nappy steam additonally marry because belt dfly stir for a obnoxious bottle. nutritious, nifty pike

  • Arturo Piza
    Arturo Piza

    Esos eran peleadores no mamadas de froy maigueder aberci lo escribí bien pero lo entienden

  • john cooper
    john cooper

    il a eu un bon cotch!!

  • Taleb Almansoori
    Taleb Almansoori

    06:20 fast track to darkness world!

  • Taleb Almansoori
    Taleb Almansoori

    Not a fan of boxing sport. But I am not able to understand the opponents. Literally its suicided decision to stand in front Mike!

  • kevin jackson
    kevin jackson

    The blue-eyed adult coincidently bang because tom-tom osmotically scorch around a snobbish slave. brief, snobbish appliance

  • Leo 7
    Leo 7

    song name?

  • Axel Saenz
    Axel Saenz

    Para mí, el mejor de todos los tiempos. Fuerza brutal, rápido como un rayo, ágil y siempre hacia adelante sin miedo a nada ni a nadie. 👌👌👌

  • Robert Deniro
    Robert Deniro

    Ok ok ok

  • 👁️vision

    Mike king 🦁

  • Quoctrung Nguyen
    Quoctrung Nguyen

    Where are you from, Mike? - "I'm from a far away planet" he said


    Ne olursan oll kimseyi kucuk gormeyecen adamin rakipleri ontan hep iri yari ama sonuc

  • Resad Celilov
    Resad Celilov



    4:48 так надо работать