Max Hollaway vs Brian Ortega HIGHLIGHTS HD
Max Hollaway vs Brian Ortega HIGHLIGHTS HD

  • MickeyonDrugs -1
    MickeyonDrugs -1

    Sniper Max !!

  • nEMESis ThySelf
    nEMESis ThySelf

    Holloway have guns on is hands , show , "Im the best boxer on UFC " 😂

  • Supratim Sinha
    Supratim Sinha

    Yayir will beat his shitt out

  • Stay Primal
    Stay Primal

    Max is a true savage

  • Lewis Charlton
    Lewis Charlton

    Max a goat

  • Julian Papin
    Julian Papin

    Max likes to beat the shit out of the opponent. Loving he did it to this douche.

  • Arian Dito
    Arian Dito

    the thing that makes Max extremely dangerous isn't even his boxing it's the cardio and how his chin recovers no matters how hard you hit him he doesn't get tired and he doesn't get knocked out, so it means you HAVE TO fight him for 5 rounds.

  • Arian Dito
    Arian Dito

    I find it weird that Conor and Dustin could take Max down and dominate him on the ground but Ortega couldn't who's supposed to be the best grappler at FW it shows how much the lack of wrestling can sometimes make your BJJ useless Burns vs Usman, Sterling vs Yan.

  • Arian Dito
    Arian Dito

    Kattar apparently didn't watch this fight

  • buqoi qihou
    buqoi qihou

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  • Carol Uplinger
    Carol Uplinger

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  • tofumed

    Bro these fighters are good

  • Ротвейлер Рвач
    Ротвейлер Рвач

    Бля, что за шлепки. Да мою дочь сильнее бьет чем эти двое. За Четыре раунда не мог вырубить. Это как в анекдоте, где трое боксеров один тяж, второй средневес, третьи мухач рассказывали друг другу как застали своих девушек с другими парнями. Тяж говорит, что с одного удара вырубил любовника девушки, средневес говорит, что провёл комбинацию раз-два-три и вырубил любовника. Мухач говорит что вступил в бой с любовником девушки и чувствует, что по очкам ведёт

  • Skutty

    This was so brutal to watch live

  • Skutty

    Dang max pieced him up bad

  • anonymous 81
    anonymous 81

    Max made that mane look amateur..

  • gt6056

    Useless ref.

  • CHAUN17

    Max got an iron chin he ate that spinning back elbow

  • Maikal Ngawn
    Maikal Ngawn

    Bless ♥️♥️👏

  • MakeYouSweat XD
    MakeYouSweat XD

    Championship fights shouldn’t have a round limit


    Blessed the best

  • Lord Berus
    Lord Berus

    Brian the punching bag ortega

  • Teej Tf
    Teej Tf

    Ortega definitely could’ve got him on a counter and follow up. In the first he let Holloway get away from a set up. Ortega good counter and could’ve finished as Holloway had guard down. Not sayin he’s the better fighter. But when you’re the lesser fighter you need to capitalize

  • matias rebolloso
    matias rebolloso


  • Andrew Edge
    Andrew Edge

    He is the Manny Pacquiao of MMA

  • Fedor Ferguson
    Fedor Ferguson

    Ortega thought he became a pro boxer after knocking out Edgar. Happens when grapplers get a sweet KO and think they can replicate it every fight.

  • Cobba hall
    Cobba hall

    For the Volk 2 and Kattar fight Max has been in visibly better shape, dude looks chubby AF here in comparison I only just realised how much his physiques changed

  • Joelson Sabado
    Joelson Sabado

    Max is the best at featherweight the real 145 p4p champ

  • Joao Moreira
    Joao Moreira

    Ortega’s cardio went to crap by the 4th round. He was merely a walking punching bag. Also, after he won the 3rd round.

  • Michael Bush
    Michael Bush

    Had me checking my notifications.

  • Lord Berus
    Lord Berus

    If you call this a beating see what he did to KATTAR


    Brian did not fight for close to two years after this meet. At the end of the 4th he had absorbed more strikes than anyone in UFC history.

  • jonathan pardosi
    jonathan pardosi

    When u see your ex 6:54

  • jonathan pardosi
    jonathan pardosi

    Man i really want to see max vs conor 2

  • Quoc Nguyen
    Quoc Nguyen

    the ref should stop the fight

  • True Gamer
    True Gamer

    now i see why they say, fighters with punches with volume in them are dangerous

  • Trevelle Jones
    Trevelle Jones

    I thought my Snapchat went off while watching this😭😭

  • JD G
    JD G

    Max is a killa 🔥

  • Yngvard The Rotten
    Yngvard The Rotten

    Respect for Ortega, he's a warrior


    The corner didn't even throw the towel in

  • Junior pena
    Junior pena

    Credit to Ortega insane toughness.

  • Junior pena
    Junior pena

    Those fucking combos from max are rediculous 😱

  • Justin Graham
    Justin Graham

    Idk why ortega took so long off with a performance he put on again a high champion level fighter like max if anything he showed he belong up there with top competition

  • John Player
    John Player

    Brian Ortega was Shit literally, he himself didn't even know what he was doing... He had Holloway leg in the last round but didn't hold it for a leg lock nor did he try to do so... Also etc etc etc he has shit cardio and shit strength.. Seemed like he was forcefully standing in the championship rounds

  • Joe Morrison
    Joe Morrison

    If Halloway hit harder this would have been over a long time ago.

  • Joe Morrison
    Joe Morrison

    Wow. Just wow

  • John Kim
    John Kim

    Max is a god damn beeeast!!!

  • S lunghu
    S lunghu

    Ortega,from no lose to worst loses of his career.

  • DeAndre Woods
    DeAndre Woods

    Damn ...that was good

  • Chee Bai
    Chee Bai

    Does ortega train with the gjj academy with rener?

  • ZZ

    very clinic

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan

    Ortega hits and blocks with his face

  • Hello

    love a good fight but my god the head trama brain took is fucking insane his corner should of thrown in the towel.

  • Gliden

    Epic fighttttt

  • D_vran

    Max's one two is the classic of genre

  • Lucas McLain
    Lucas McLain

    who else thought they got snapped

  • notorious fargo
    notorious fargo

    Zombie struggled against Ortega because he doesn’t throw straight punches whilst all of Max’s punches are straight

  • ztj95

    Holloway doing Holloway things, but that elbow at 3:37 is fucking sick

  • Dana Hubbell
    Dana Hubbell

    That’s the most impressive striking I’ve ever seen. My god.

  • luis sanchez
    luis sanchez

  • Hugo Nongbri
    Hugo Nongbri

    If Max was a little bigger, a fight with Nate would be legendary !!

  • jiuyoo

    Hollaway is such a good guy

  • Aaron Robert
    Aaron Robert

    Ive been watching since november of 1993 at 9 years old and this fight is 1 of my top 10 favorite fights that ever happened!!!!

  • Ethan Zimmerman
    Ethan Zimmerman

    I love maxes 12

  • Ron Gamboa
    Ron Gamboa

    Max is suoer human accurate punch ohhh lord

  • Kearney Dillon
    Kearney Dillon

    Where I come from that is called a "wicked shit knockin"

  • Alex BT
    Alex BT

    Not on a diaz level but ortega can take a beating.

  • Jordan Reed
    Jordan Reed

    One of my favorite fights. Maximilian.

  • study

    throw in the god damn towel!

  • whatever9042

    We need to start holding the corner accountable. Not being mad at the doctors or refs for not stopping the fight. The one who loves you most will let keep on fighting then screw it keep him in there

  • ken rem
    ken rem

    What a slobber knocker


    If this fight wasn't stopped,Dana needs to fight Oscar Dela Hoya

  • Mohd Afzal
    Mohd Afzal

    Hats off for brian ortega super chin

  • Mr. Movie Trailers
    Mr. Movie Trailers


  • Abel Valle
    Abel Valle

    What card was this

  • Arantxa Urrutia
    Arantxa Urrutia

    I hope Max paint el Panters face with blood. #Blessed

  • Jacob Samano
    Jacob Samano

    This is so aggravating to watch. If Ortega (or any fighter) can’t find the opponent’s head with punches why on earth don’t they go to the body! If just half of Ortega’s misses had landed to Max’s body this would have been way different.

  • White Buffalo
    White Buffalo

    this was a truly masterful and wonderfully artistic display of a fight- legit brought a tear to my eye. just beautiful. perfect.

  • AnthonyXrpp


  • Adrian Lagos
    Adrian Lagos

    Blessed has the best boxing in the history of this sport of mixed martial arts. His precision, accuracy, subtle footwork, like Roman Gonzalez,, and his workrate.

  • Adrian Lagos
    Adrian Lagos

    Holloway forever the king at 45.

  • None Yobusiness
    None Yobusiness

    Before the fight, Brian Ortega had a choice. He chose "Modelo" . After the fight,.Brian Ortega had no choice but to go home and chose something stronger.

  • robtafi jufomnob
    robtafi jufomnob

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  • Garry Dye
    Garry Dye

    No power vs no speed

  • mcsuchnsuch

    Volk better dust Ortega so Max can somehow, someway get a trilogy fight.

    • mcsuchnsuch

      @kenzo peypers that’s cool. I know people learn and grow from their losses but the first fight was so lopsided that a rematch with Ortega wouldn’t pique a lot of people’s interest.

    • kenzo peypers
      kenzo peypers

      Rather see Ortega win and see Ortega/Max II for the belt. Epic rematch

  • Roe Jogan
    Roe Jogan

    And still the best featherweight in the world even after the two alex fights.

  • Dan Mcclellan
    Dan Mcclellan

    Ortega has the heart of a champion! However he’s still having nightmares about this fight ! Max holloway is a legend 👏👏👏✌️

  • krispinpvp

    Mexican warrior🇲🇽🔥

    • JumpiestAura ???
      JumpiestAura ???

      lmao he’s not Mexican

  • Bill Tribble
    Bill Tribble

    Max beat the balls off was the most 1 sided commentary I ever heard. if Ortega Blinked Rogan went wild. too obvious who they hoped would win


    Molestan las peleas arregladas por las mafias de turno como, el titular de UFC antro de corrupción en cuanto APUESTAS

  • Maurizio Candido
    Maurizio Candido

    credo sia il record dei pugni andati a segno

  • Maurizio Candido
    Maurizio Candido

    Holloway non è grosso, ma è veloce e preciso

  • Mystereo

    good god Ortega is tough as fuck

  • Callmeluffy Pirate King
    Callmeluffy Pirate King

    I thought Ortega was good but damn look at this Holloway Guy fuck yes!

  • Joshua Velasco
    Joshua Velasco

    Volkanovski fans watching this are sweating

  • mo8war sha3bi
    mo8war sha3bi

    whatt a fightt !!!!!

  • binay raii
    binay raii

    Amature vs pro be like

  • skiz72

    You never got me down never got me down....Jake LaMotta

  • Javier Salazar
    Javier Salazar

    Este guey delos tatuajes tiene más esperiensia los dos son buenos