Making the VIRAL Tik Tok Tile Table for $100
DIY or BUY Episode 1!!!!
The VIRAL tile table that broke Pinterest and tik tok 🤤
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  • Aneetra France
    Aneetra France

    the KA TIA aka KATIE part made me die

    • Aneetra France
      Aneetra France

      @Haley Pham OHHH LOL, thanks for responding btw!! super awesome

    • So Me
      So Me

      @Haley Pham omigosh hiiiii

    • Haley Pham
      Haley Pham


  • Julie Davidsen
    Julie Davidsen

    THAT IS A DANISH COMPANY. loved seeing my country in your video that's so cool!

  • Dana Katz
    Dana Katz

    please tell me what size tile you used!!! Im struggling...

  • KatietheLady

    LOL not you just casually dming Mia Maples I love that for you

  • Maddie Time
    Maddie Time

    I love ur hair!!!

  • Gianluca 1
    Gianluca 1

    last time i watched one of your vids was so long ago, where is ryan ?

  • Carolina Callisen
    Carolina Callisen

    lol the website is danish

  • Haya ALmazrouei
    Haya ALmazrouei

    You are the best

  • Jana Mertens
    Jana Mertens

    The peelage doesn't happen if you sand the tiled before adding the paint

  • Averie Messenger
    Averie Messenger

    Does anyone know the color of green she used?

  • Julie

    Mia Maples already made this video

  • Dora De La Cruz
    Dora De La Cruz

    Mia Maples also did this and it turned out amazing!!! Check her channel out

  • Sarah Galt
    Sarah Galt

    Anyone know where her half and half joggers are from?

  • Kate Googins
    Kate Googins

    ye olde ✨phalanges✨

  • Atinan Anwar
    Atinan Anwar

    The intro don't feel bad pham is personal but it isn't her last name muhahhahah]🤫

  • Rihab Idm'hand
    Rihab Idm'hand

    girl i love the change smmmm

  • xo brooke
    xo brooke

    i’ve been binge watching literally all ur new videos and IM OBSESSED

  • Christina Cruz
    Christina Cruz

    i love how spock is just quietly watching her

  • madeleine oconnor
    madeleine oconnor

    Bro I literally have the desk you said not to buy😅

  • Chexry

    just so you know the company you were looking at at the beginning was danish that why the currency was not US dollars. loved this video xx

  • Dina

    Loved your outfits💙💙


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  • Mia Redwine
    Mia Redwine

    What paint color did you use? I love it !!

  • Lila Bates
    Lila Bates

    Haley's style is like amazing! I am a hugeeee fan!

  • Íris dröfn Rafnsdóttir
    Íris dröfn Rafnsdóttir

    The original desks (from the website) were Danish and almost all danish design is soooo expensive. Good job on the diy!

  • nick_43

    You could have put Elmer's glue on the grout and paint over it

  • Nanna Jonassen
    Nanna Jonassen

    The website in the intro was a danish webside

  • Mii lion
    Mii lion

    That's absolutely nothing I would ever like to have in my house, but you did a really great job recreating it! 👍

  • Gretta Solie
    Gretta Solie

    Hi!! I make these as my job, if you ever wanted one just let me know

  • Natalie VanDine
    Natalie VanDine

    Sooo umm when is more call me candid coming?! I miss it! 😔😖😷😍😄

  • Natalie VanDine
    Natalie VanDine

    I loveee that hair due its my fav! I liked this vid before I even started watching! Also u should make spock🤔 do the intros now😂😍😎😋😏😝

  • Tonya Hackman
    Tonya Hackman

    I was shook when hayley pernouced it KA YA I was like its katie im so srry......ily

  • Ida Dixon
    Ida Dixon

    0:55 The currency which is Danish crowns is not hard to convert at all: Just type DKK to USD on google and you’ll find that the table is actually less than 2000 dollars :)

  • Katie Whitener
    Katie Whitener

    It's pronounced Kay teee. At least that's how mine is pronounced

  • Shannon Reed
    Shannon Reed

    Me looking at the sAme desk in my room 🥰

  • vivii 27
    vivii 27

    Am I the only one who thinks her voice sounds different?? Idk why😂

  • Kaitlyn Chartrand
    Kaitlyn Chartrand

    That is such a cool table!

  • Mei, zShy
    Mei, zShy

    Still can’t get over your hair it’s SO suiting to your face super cute skhdsjhsjsms 🥺🥺✨❣️🤌🏻

  • alessandra

    idk if you’ll see this but i randomly thought of a video idea that fits your channel at the moment: 5 min vs 5 hrs (or whatever time you want) DIY challenge. i love the direction your channel is going in!

  • Justine C
    Justine C

    That really expensive table that you mentioned in the start of the video is from Denmark, actually😁 The website’s name, Ikon København, means icon Copenhagen (the capitol of Denmark)... I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark, and just thought it was fun to see my city’s name in one of Haley’s videos haha! Great job on the tabel btw❤️

  • Lily Hartman
    Lily Hartman

    Can you ask her if she actually ate the tile glue?

  • Peyton T
    Peyton T

    haha i have the exact same desk

  • Lauren Esper
    Lauren Esper

    i have this exact ikea desk and now im gonna spend my next paycheck on TILES

  • destinyjoy98

    You're so talented what the heck! This was your first try haha

  • destinyjoy98

    I tried to make bendy candles and had a mental breakdown cause it was the wrong wax lol it was a huge mess

  • Hannah Shova
    Hannah Shova


  • Sierra G
    Sierra G

    Oh my gosh I love it!!! And the color you picked Haley!!!!!

  • Jamie 10985
    Jamie 10985

    Please please make a 2020 bullet journal recap video and a 2021 bullet journal starting video :))))

  • Maggie Davis
    Maggie Davis

    Merch idea!! You should make a shirt with spock’s face on it and have it say “girly spocks”

  • Alana Clare
    Alana Clare

    aww this is soo cool, im going to try it!! please sub to my channel!!

  • Teresa Felipo
    Teresa Felipo

    Hey, love your videos!! I have just started my own youtube channel and it would mean the world for me if any of you guys reading this could check it out! Thankssss and love you all

  • Vrinda Solanki
    Vrinda Solanki

    Sorry...your hair colour is just not working

  • Krista Katen
    Krista Katen

    I LOVE the DIY and interior design video! Do more like these!

  • Ceci Reynolds
    Ceci Reynolds

    dude I love thisssss

  • Ella Paridee
    Ella Paridee

    Haley: *brings out desk* Me: *keeps lookin back and forth at my desk and ipad* Also Haley 3 minutes later: don’t buy this desk from IKea. Me: 😶

  • rose marie henry
    rose marie henry

    Haley I really notice the effort in this video and I wanna say GOOD JOB QUEEN!! (":

  • kim meza
    kim meza

    I have that desk and it's awesome. I understand everyone has their own opinions, but it was a little disheartening to hear it be "janky" because it's really great for anyone that can't spend $500+ for desk!

  • Tilly Mae
    Tilly Mae

    Why aren’t they posting on Traphamily?

  • Halie

    Where was she though…

  • Tessa Lynn
    Tessa Lynn

    can you please link the music you used in this video? especially at 8:00 🥺

  • Victoria Newton
    Victoria Newton

    It looks GREAT! But I just wanna know why you stopped talking about all the wedding activities/ you and Ryan altogether..

    • b harding
      b harding

      they got a hate video that was talking trash about them and saying they were too young and didn’t know what they were doing. a lot of people agreed and sent them a lot of hate. i think they want to keep their wedding life private now so that they don’t get hate for it. also i’m pretty sure they got married nov 8th and she’s taking breaks from her podcast and vlog channel to focus on this channel

  • Amber V
    Amber V

    Hey babes! Just to say I really loved this vis, however it did not show up on my yt homepage!! I only knew about it because of your insta!

  • meghan


  • DatKidLaii

    omg i remember from when she used to be 18.. now look at her

  • Taylor Brandt
    Taylor Brandt


  • Hannah Basham
    Hannah Basham

    your hair is always so cute!!! can you make a video of how you do your hairstyles?

  • Ellie Wright
    Ellie Wright

    Who else loves Haley's clothing style, editing style, hairstyles, personality.... She's such an inspiration!

  • Emma Devine
    Emma Devine

    it honestly looks so good!!! love the color

  • Camryn Barnes
    Camryn Barnes

    Oml your literall so pretty Hayley I love you so much! Please tell me how to be like you!

  • Ria Sharma
    Ria Sharma

    who else thinks haley is STUNNING? ps- a small youtuber

  • Olivia

    I miss ur vlogs Haley I feel like we don’t see much of your everyday life anymore!

  • Ui con bò kìa :0
    Ui con bò kìa :0

    Half vietnamese??

  • Iza & Tren
    Iza & Tren

    hey guys! we're Iza & Tren and we would love it if you would check out our couple's channel! We post twice a week of videos like, vlogs, challenges, q&a's, and WEDDING PLANNING! We're newly engaged and trying to document the process of our normal daily lives to be able to look back on one day! We would love to check out some of you guys too! xoxo

  • Bailey Garza
    Bailey Garza

    what is the song at the endddddd!!!!

  • Linda Wu
    Linda Wu

    Its the 'katia" for me.

  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez

    No videos ok traphamily?

  • Allye Savage
    Allye Savage

    I am LOVING these videos 💕

  • ••

    y’all should also check out mia maples’ video on this. love them both!

  • Beastmode Savage
    Beastmode Savage

    I’m loving the new style Haley

  • Beastmode Savage
    Beastmode Savage

    Wait where is she did she move

  • Alyssa Werdann
    Alyssa Werdann

    i have the same desk so i will be doing this!!

  • Tessa Rodriguez
    Tessa Rodriguez

    Haley is so pretty OMG. I was just simping this entire video 😂😂 her hair definitely suits her now.

  • Nicole Aemmer
    Nicole Aemmer

    Where did you get your sweatpants? They are soo cute! 😍

  • Elizabeth P
    Elizabeth P

    I have that same ikea desk and I can confirm it’s really bad quality and it’s just horrible all around lol I know it’s tempting to buy cus it’s only like 90$ but trust me don’t

  • Kestrel Bower
    Kestrel Bower

    Haley I’m so proud of you for following your passion of interior design and diy ! You can tell your heart is back in your videos and you are really following your goals 💗

  • Alicia Perez
    Alicia Perez

    This hair color and hair style is everything 😍

  • Blazer Lazer
    Blazer Lazer

    R u still gonna post on traphamily?

  • Bre Christine
    Bre Christine

    "I was DM'ing Mia Maples" what?! I wish I could just chat with Mia

  • Ev Hudson
    Ev Hudson

    remember when you said that you were sooooo excited for vlogmas and you were going to make it so much better and then next year you are gonna have more FOMO

  • rochelle rae
    rochelle rae

    the table turned out so cute! i love diy haley

  • vicsic vlogs
    vicsic vlogs

    if haley and ryan ever have children, they're gonna have the best of both worlds in terms of personality omg 😭

  • PNW Lex
    PNW Lex

    Haley and ryan have been married for a month now

  • fawzi


  • Sidebangsmiles

    Did you tile the drawers shut?

  • Emery-Rose Hill
    Emery-Rose Hill

    So cute!! I’m dying to make one of these in a cube form!!💜

  • peculiarwinewhale

    how is haley this beautiful

  • Eden Smith
    Eden Smith


  • Annie Rizzo
    Annie Rizzo

    Omg I have those same crocs! They’re so comfy!! Love the vid! ❤️

  • Laura

    København is the danish name of Copenhagen so it’s from Denmark :)

  • Olise Hammer
    Olise Hammer

    Omg! I love u! An extra video? Yessssssss amazing❤️❤️❤️