Making AFK XP Farms with Sculk Blocks in Minecraft
Mumbo Jumbo
Minecraft 1.19 BETA introduces Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update features such as Minecraft deep dark Sculk Blocks. They store Minecraft XP, allowing us to make truly AFK Minecraft XP Farms.
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  • Sir Gary
    Sir Gary

    But Mumbo... The TNT :(

    • joelhoon1707

      @Ethan G. exactly! the tnt, in fact, is less efficient than LITERALLY DELETING HALF OF THE CONTRAPTION!!!!!

    • Ethan G.
      Ethan G.

      The point of this is to store the xp Lmao... All of this is just extra work for something that already xp farm Tada!

    • Russell Hoskins
      Russell Hoskins

      @CROWMAN yes, but is quite difficult to work with and they break easily due to bedrocks bugs, and that the 100% drop rate of ghasts is likely a bug, but please correct me if i’m wrong.

    • cr34t

      TNT duplicators probs don't work on bedrock

    • Faith Lauber
      Faith Lauber

      @FourCGames yeah that's effort. he hit 10 minutes. he's good

  • Star Boy
    Star Boy

    It’s so cute seeing mumbo amazed at how much exp skulk gives even though in bedrock all you need to repair every piece of armor is a smoker and a few potatoes

    • Aricin Lundgren
      Aricin Lundgren

      Lollllllllll so true

    • A Z
      A Z

      @crazy_mind1262 it worked, they fixed it

    • crazy_mind1262

      @TonyKhang i wonder how many people actually just tried that lol

    • SKP

      Not anymore

    • Aloha BOOM BOOM
      Aloha BOOM BOOM

      @Slenderzan theres an even more op glitch

  • GoofNugget987

    As a bedrock player, I love seeing bedrock redstone videos because after watching, I can actually go and build it.

  • Doiyi_yt

    i need a tutorial for this, i am in bedrock and an xp farm like this would be absolutely amazing

  • Ibuildstuff832 - Buildy
    Ibuildstuff832 - Buildy

    I think there's something wrong with the textures since the pickaxe at ghe beginning was grey in his hand but normal colour in his hotbar. Edit: apparently, everythin in his hand is greyscaled.

    • Eabidak Music
      Eabidak Music

      @TheEclipseMaster it's like a reminder to people that it's an unstable version, and should always be play at own risk, like playing your survival world etc

    • TheEclipseMaster

      @Eabidak Music interesting

    • Eabidak Music
      Eabidak Music

      @TheEclipseMaster it's not really a glitch if I'm not mistaken, it just there to show that it's not a full release of the version, just a beta

    • TheEclipseMaster

      It was a glitch on that build of bedrock

  • c00kie Dude
    c00kie Dude

    the question tho: does the sculk block or the mob itself give more exp? or is it proportional to the mob's exp? in the latter case, adding this to an enderman farm would be absolutely huge!

    • Local Idiot
      Local Idiot

      In my opinion this could be great potential for bedrock xp farms because they are usually slow and laggy and inefficient but the sculk makes it less laggy and quicker in aspect .

    • Pixxlated

      @Jasper Maij It wouldn't be that hard. You just have a piston system pushing them into a TNT duper and have water push the EXP through a tube

    • MikuSama

      I love how ppl here be like "omg afk xp" and then the other half going "there are other afk farms that are better xp" and everyone is just failing to realize the fact that this is so cool and game changing is because of it being a theoretically infinite xp storage with no risk of losing it and no issues with diminishing returns from being too high level as you can just do a single long afk session to generate a ton of sculk, then ur basically set for a long time even if you die or want to do a bunch of enchanting as the xp wont be wasted. Now i'm just waiting for the scicraft server to do what they do best and make the most over the top farm for ridiculous amounts of sculk. Prolly gonna end up being some crazy enderman farm or even a wither farm, i wouldnt put anything past them tbh

    • Badluck

      @Jacketylon Skeleton Spawner > Automatic Skeleton Farm > Put a wolf next to the drop point > Stand infront. Congratulations me, I gave you a better way that requires no actual freakin' effort.

    • Eustace Hendrix
      Eustace Hendrix

      @Jasper Maij How will there be nothing to place it on? People have been building in the sky for more than a decade now. Skyblock one block literally exists.

  • Poweruser

    Mumbo Mumbo Mumbo... Just when you got it all working and did the "showing", you were so far away from the actual movement of everything that we couldn't see what you did like seeing the blocks now move in different ways and just how everything is running. Its always so fascinating seeing the things you come up with on Minecraft. Great job as always!

  • Mystic

    Idea: Make it fully automatic by adding perfectly timed TNT dupers that only explodes the fabricated skulk blocks.

  • Conner Parish
    Conner Parish

    This is an amazing idea for the next update when these are fully released and because of this design you inspired me to actually try and make a Stone generator version in multiple of my worlds and you are amazing inspiration to everybody still keep up the great work.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith

    Waterlogging pistons? That could make some contraptions so much easier to make! Incredible!

  • Anshuk A.
    Anshuk A.

    I love how with each update, Minecraft is getting closer to modded Minecraft, all while keeping the vanilla Minecraft feel.

    • joelhoon1707

      @multi gamer by uno well fireflies didn't age well

    • Ash ald
      Ash ald


    • Mkmcco

      @Ayumi Kuro Damn who tf gonna read all that

    • Angry Magnets
      Angry Magnets

      @Tricky Trey Perfected Pistons in Minecraft are a mod made feature, and they were introduced WAY back in 0.15

    • Ent

      @caboose22320 Lets compare a time when there was very few players and the game was gaining traction to a time where the game now has millions of daily players. You hear yourself dude? That is the dumbest response I've ever seen.

  • Eamon Sweeney
    Eamon Sweeney

    I love this man and his creating skills, 10/10 would recommend

  • Qihua Huang
    Qihua Huang

    Note: if left out for too long, the farm would more likely summon wardens

  • Justa Guy
    Justa Guy

    While the XP values per block will likely go down as this seems too high. I think the TNT aspect needs looked at as well. While I love automation with TNT it might be a bit too powerful to let it drop xp orbs when blown up like that.

  • ScarletDemi

    This is the most satisfying xp farm possible. Dear god i love it.

  • The LEGO Video-Inator
    The LEGO Video-Inator

    As a bedrock player, I actually didn’t know that you could water-log pistons, and that’s pretty cool.

    • InlandCoder

      You can water log pistons in bedrock

    • The LEGO Video-Inator
      The LEGO Video-Inator

      @Edward Cranium I used to play a lot, but now I don’t play as much, but I still almost learn something new about Minecraft everyday. Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t know why I even made this comment that blew up.

    • Edward Cranium
      Edward Cranium

      Play much?

    • z0mb13k1ll3r

      @Pikachuisloveandlife like chests

    • Unknown 1852 Other Account
      Unknown 1852 Other Account


  • Jude Nolan
    Jude Nolan

    Ya know I don't just watch you for your ridiculously impressive redstone builds, you are also such a charming human being . Thanks for these videos man.

  • TheCreatorrr

    But... The bamboo + cactus farms and then smelting all of it works exactly the same.... it stores xp and it's even better it doesnt need you to break blocks to collect your xp also it doesnt require a spawner and with 3 furnaces (and constant supply of bamboo and cactus to them) i think it will produce as much as that farm but it's easier to built, it's a lot cheaper, it doesnt require any specific location (dungeon) idk why people are o hyped for those black xp block thingys

  • Jay Philipps
    Jay Philipps

    This could be a double purpose mob grinder, with hopperminecarts underneath the stone

  • Airiq Jentzsch
    Airiq Jentzsch

    I would love to see this using TNT to collect the XP without having to mine all the skulk blocks manually.

  • Mycelium

    These skulk blocks are some of the most interesting things ever to be added to minecraft, I'm glad that the game is moving in this new innovative direction

    • AdamRee1940

      @Earthblood Elf How do you know if they are useless? What if you are wrong? What if they are planning on improving it for the next update?

    • Toaster Gaming12
      Toaster Gaming12

      @Milkue Tea makes sense now

    • Toaster Gaming12
      Toaster Gaming12

      @Earthblood Elf tnx dawg

    • Earthblood Elf
      Earthblood Elf

      @Toaster Gaming12 The Deep Dark will be a biome that hosts the city in which you will find the new most powerful mob to exist, the Warden, it can two shot you with netherite, but the catch is that it can't see, instead it detects vibrations either directly or through a skulk sensor, which will also sense vibrations allowing it to output a redstone signal, the city will have a bit of unique loot and some pretty good stuff along with the skulk stuff that was shown in the video

    • Ethan Nimmer
      Ethan Nimmer

      @TheyCallMeFlipper will it really tho we got a warden I guess and a flying hopper some frogs and mud

  • Croc Clips
    Croc Clips

    I tried the piston thing on bedrock, and when you extend the piston, the water just disappeared

  • William Shreckengost
    William Shreckengost

    Woah, that's huge! I mean sure, a blaze punch farm is probably going to still be faster, a pigman XP farm will definitely win, and stacked raid farms are still space magic I can scarcely comprehend, BUT... Those all require either some awkward AFK station or delve into grey areas for me like auto-clickers to work. You could build a cave base around this and not even have to AFK, really. You could _do stuff_ and just go down to eat your XP loaf in the basement every now and then. And if the XP is just happening over time, it doesn't matter if it's slower. It's there when you need it. Don't even really need to cave base. It could just be a dark spawning room running a lot slower and you could put it anywhere. And man, we need those waterlogged pistons in Java.

  • Bug2246

    Can’t wait to see what scicraft does with this if they ever update to it

  • Ian Carlson
    Ian Carlson

    I can't wait for you to do this again for the java Experimental Snapshot for 1.19

  • The B3
    The B3

    This would have been PERFECT for Mumbo's "peace love and plants" thing this season!

    • Ka Shun BB Lollipop
      Ka Shun BB Lollipop

      @Ahmad Butt don’t it’s porn

    • Alex O'Neil
      Alex O'Neil

      He is kind killing z


      But he plays hermitcraft in java not in bedrock

    • Nerveus

      @JingleSwag But this one too? Better!

  • Birb

    You should make a tutorial for this! This is awesome.

  • Brisolo32

    Although a Zombie Piglin farm seems more eficient (i have one in my world) this is a really cool concept. Good on you Mumbo!

  • emil hoberg
    emil hoberg

    Doesn't beat a furnace storage XP farm. But looks great anyway!

  • Hallucinating Hawk
    Hallucinating Hawk

    This is sick I’m so impressed by the timing. It is a bridge builder too

  • ShrkKng55

    As cool as this farm is, I'm still shocked over the waterlogged pistons not being in Java. The possibilities...

    • KidPrarchord95

      @novathread I assume that the inside of pistons are largely hollow

    • RedNinja18

      @Sihaketya Say trident killers are early game, and who needs loads of xp before they find redstone? We’re talking like

    • Sihaketya Say
      Sihaketya Say

      @RedNinja18 ik but for starter it will be back breaking kill those mobs

    • RedNinja18

      @Bruh I’m a leaf yes. Playing both are normal, neither one is clearly objectively better, they are both just very different. The great thing about bedrock on PC is you get some of the best performance, and it takes a whole lot to get any lag. Some people get Java for Hypixel or the different redstone mechanics. It’s just personal preference

    • RedNinja18

      @Sihaketya Say no need for sweeping edge for farms when bedrock edition has something 10x better. *Trident killers! Makes most mob farms FULLY AUTOMATIC AND ALLOW LOOTING 3 TO BE APPLIED AND STILL GIVES XP.* Also bedrock does have crawling too but you have to swim to activate it. It’s also better because you can sprint crawl. A lot of people that say Java is better don’t know about these special features in bedrock. I would argue the 2 versions are roughly equal but too different from each other to compare well. I have a huge list of advantages of Java and advantages of Bedrock, and the bedrock one is a lot longer but has more small things.

  • Avoiding Cord
    Avoiding Cord

    Hmmm. I think you can also put the kill chamber closer to the afk place and maybe(if not all the xp is used from the killed mobs) you can juice the xp farm a bit more


    I love how you rant about the different platforms. Very entertaining. If you combined a tnt dropper with this it's an afk xp farm

  • ZenMan16

    Also I believe there is a bug currently that splits the XP between your items and you, typically the repair should be a lot faster because the XP should go all to your damaged items first.

  • kindertak

    Next step to this would be to transfer the sculks above you and tnts do their job. (I think xp orbs can be moved by water so move them trough water for the orbs to fall to you)

  • Donny Trogdon
    Donny Trogdon

    Question: do iron golems count as mobs that generate skull blocks when they die and if so can you somehow rig this up to an iron farm to build an afk iron farm that is also a bulk xp storage?

    • BloxMan

      @Reuben Daniel i believe you are talking about the skulk spreading if a mob that doesn't give xp dies, and no that Is not a bug, it's a feature for rn but it will be changed to the intended way

    • BloxMan

      @Grinnfi actually it's impossible, iron golem don't drop xp, the only reason Bedrock grows the skulk is because they haven't implemented the death to xp per block thing

    • Pixxlated

      @Xeilot Slower respawn times? Just make a portal-based XP farm

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller

      @Deserted_Code Minecraft lore? Wtf it’s a block game

    • Ryan Passek
      Ryan Passek

      To make it even more efficient, you could also make it a villager trading post as well.

  • TDX VR
    TDX VR

    With his constant epic videos, this guy is insane.

  • Player Unknown
    Player Unknown

    Idea: cobblestone regenerating wall but skulk. Also, I think the devs knew someone would do this, hence why it exists (the xp storage).

  • ╚-››T1M0THY_YT‹‹-╝

    Pause the vid and go to 1:57 you can see how the xp align perfectly with the blocks

  • Alex Myska
    Alex Myska

    One of the reasons the Elytra repaired so fast was because of the way it functions in Bedrock. Rather than simply increasing the durability of the tool as it does in Java, it gives the tool a chance to not consume durability when you use it. For example, a tool could have 250 durability in both Java and Bedrock, but differing durabilities when enchanted with Unbreaking.

  • Nate Flaherty
    Nate Flaherty

    “Not that complicated” he says, you only have to construct a flux capacitor doohickey, and a hydrogen powered hyperdrive, and then you got yourself a nifty little xp farm

    • Katisuss

      This one is actually simple though...

    • Hero

      It’s a stone generator, a timer, and a smart piston array. It’s INCREDIBLY simple. I’d definitely make this. You could copy it by just looking at a screenshot mate

    • Ishaan Harry
      Ishaan Harry

      @Reclusive Eagle no I'm subscribed to his alt account and this is not it

    • Microphone_styxosaurus

      And the doohicky sulfate miner of doom

    • Saujwal Kalamkar
      Saujwal Kalamkar

      dont forget the polybonding partcile mover


    I think you could make smaller rows, like 3/4 tall and longer, it would be much easier to collect.

  • altf4111

    The sculck spreading depends on how much XP the mob that was killed drops.

  • GamerShowG

    Wow, first mumbo farm that gets on shulkercraft maybe? Amazing work, it looks awesome and works perfectly!

  • the great lumberjack King
    the great lumberjack King

    You know something that would be interesting when 1.19 officially releases it would be extremely interesting to test the create mod with it because in that mod you can transport blocks with mine carts so what if you put a skulk with experience on a mine cart then took it off would it retain the xp any create mod experts do you think this is possible

  • Levi Tahon
    Levi Tahon

    For anyone who's curious there a glitch currently in Minecraft bedrock beta where all items thrown on the ground and In your hand are gray black or white for whatever reason Edit it's fixed in the current Minecraft bedrock beta version Edit edit: the way you join the bedrock beta on Xbox at least idk on the other devices that run on the bedrock software is by going onto the Microsoft store and going into the apps section from there search Xbox insider hub and then install it then it's self explanatory from there note it might make you uninstall and reinstall Minecraft it's just a little bug thing with it and it's unfixable because it's what I like to call a hard coded bug where it would take modifying Soo many lines of code and making new ones also and it would most likely case more and worse bugs if they tried to fix it Edit edit edit: holy crap thx for all the likes I know some people hate when people thank for likes but thanks I have no words rn

    • Levi Tahon
      Levi Tahon

      @Red Blade yes MCPE runs off of bedrock software

    • Red Blade
      Red Blade

      @Levi Tahon oh interesting...i think PE's got the same problem too though...

    • Idontknow

      Oh thx

    • Rhett Lunsford
      Rhett Lunsford

      Oh thank you

    • Shizuku

      I actually thought rotten flesh had a different colour on bedrock, thnx for this :)

  • Lmfao

    Can we just appreciate the effort he puts into his videos?

  • SiulAe

    this is a great build and concept, its a shame that in bedrock any xp farm is kinda obsolete because furnaces can storage xp, in Java tho this is a great farm

  • Ryan Saunders
    Ryan Saunders

    He should definetly do like a more tutorial thing with this. 👍

  • Das heilige Dönerhuhn
    Das heilige Dönerhuhn

    ya know, you could always just build a cactus farm and a carpet duper and smelt the cactus automatically, the XP would be stored in the furnace and no space would be needed at all

  • Superking 100
    Superking 100

    I am honestly surprised that Mumbo didn't get frustrated about quasi-connectivity even once in this video... GJ Mumbo for adapting!

    • Focke wulf 190 d9
      Focke wulf 190 d9

      @izzy it WAS a bug. Now it’s. Feature

    • DRK-XR

      @Nothing here Zero exactly

    • Nothing here Zero
      Nothing here Zero

      @DRK-XR Something like the Trident killer

    • Raymond S.
      Raymond S.

      @Mrloekie RBLX years ago, notch and other developers were creating pistons. they basically copy and pasted some of the code for a door and never changed it. do if you power the space above a piston, it will activate just like the bottom half of a door should when the top half (the space on top) gets powered. the developers eventually tried to remove it in a snapshot and large community lashback forced the developers to keep the bug in the game, and so it then because a feature.

    • SilverBlade

      quasi-connectivity is shit, lol

  • Xevaltan Dragon
    Xevaltan Dragon

    Normally we can reproduce it in Java if we can find an alternative to the system with the waterlogged pistons

  • Gaming Made Simple
    Gaming Made Simple

    I use those storage systems for my tree farms, but for exp farms I make massive nether portals and then have them funnel into an elevator and dropped to their death. Hit 1 guy and everything around becomes hostile and yields exp on drop death. Level 100 in about 10 minutes

  • G R E E N
    G R E E N

    I'm a regular bedrock player and the fact he was able to make an afk farm is just incredible.

  • Milk

    You can make xp faster with an enderman farm and blowing up the tnt for an afk xp farm without the need for an autoclicker. You could blow up 1 chunk of these blocks and store the other 2 for emergency xp

  • T. R.
    T. R.

    I’ve got the name for your Hermitcraft XP service: “Sculk in Bulk”

    • ryner, karter
      ryner, karter

      @Qcycl1c y I’m not

    • La Fun Bug
      La Fun Bug


    • Justin_NotFound


    • Monsoon

      My God. He’s a ingenious!

  • The Fish Guy
    The Fish Guy

    Can't wait to see skulk blocks in Java!

  • The Consencinos
    The Consencinos

    fun fact: each mob has different kind of lengths of how the skulk will spread like the puffer fish does 2 blocks and the wither does around 50 blocks

  • Mert Emek
    Mert Emek

    Imagine his reaction after learning the existence of kelp xp farms.

  • Slavoj Dyrdek
    Slavoj Dyrdek

    With cheaty furnaces being patched soon I hope this becomes the new standard for XP farms

  • Joshua K
    Joshua K

    I love how Mumbo Jumbo was thrilled that blowing up the skulk yielded the xp, then remembered that there are no TNT dupers in Bedrock Edition. 😂 Edit: just changed "brick" to "bedrock". How did I not realize I'd put "brick" there? 😧 WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

    • Ryan Farthing
      Ryan Farthing

      There is a duper for tnt in bedrock requires two tnt look it up

    • LOKANI

      brick edition

    • Johanna Karim
      Johanna Karim


  • Miguel Arrieiro
    Miguel Arrieiro

    Mojang several months ago: "We want to reduce the farms" Also Mojang:

  • Benjamin Kallman
    Benjamin Kallman

    That's sick, well done my good sir.

  • Whammo

    Monster spawnsers are pretty low down, so I think if I made it I'd use something like wolves, or suffocation to kill the zombies

  • Christopher Gowans
    Christopher Gowans

    you could also add one of those auto miners in java to that and the funnel to xp to a given location

  • David Wooldridge
    David Wooldridge

    Mumbo’s reaction to the waterlogged piston is gold because normally it is Java that exploits the rough edges to do cool stuff, but now bedrock’s squirrelly business is pulling some nuts stuff.

    • Eric Staudt
      Eric Staudt

      @andsin 1010 I am a Player of the Java Edition

    • Raymond S.
      Raymond S.

      bedrock edition has gotten so much better over the years. i started playing earlier this year so i have not encountered the bugs and glitches that veteran players have seen before 2021, but right now bedrock has several features that should also be included in java

    • andsin 1010
      andsin 1010

      @Eric Staudt why do you hate them?

    • ZillaSaiyan1M

      @AxxL ah yes the cursed man

  • DECINADER Origami
    DECINADER Origami

    Could you please do a more tutorial feel to this video because I would seriously appreciate this inside of my base

  • Jacob Kmieciak
    Jacob Kmieciak

    Instead of the tripwire part that sends the signal downwards to the stone generator you could use skulk sensors too

  • Кирилл Курсков
    Кирилл Курсков

    What about using 1 spawner for 2 systems like this? I think it will be more efficient bcs there is a litlle "zombie trafic jam"

  • Insane Fbc
    Insane Fbc

    have you ever notice that you can make everything with stone? XP farms Bone Meal farms Cobblestone farms

  • Ultra Aryan 10
    Ultra Aryan 10

    The waterlogged Piston is exclusive to bedrock because of how different waterlogging works in the two versions! In java, it is a state but in bedrock it is a medium. Water (and even snow) can exist anywhere and it does not care about the presence of blocks there though only non-full blocks can be waterlogged without map editors.

    • FADHsquared

      Java has water logged trapdoors though. So this is a bruh moment

    • gamingwith din
      gamingwith din

      @Susanna Taylor yes, u cant mlg on leave, i discovered this fact after trying to mlg on leaves on bedrock lol

    • Susanna Taylor
      Susanna Taylor

      Yeah i remember on my brothers old xbox that me and my mom played two player bedrock minecraft and i once was putting water on a tree and it was in the leaves

  • macelodeon

    Imagine something like this but with the spawner next to a enchant room, and the blocks get transported up to the room?

  • The Judge
    The Judge

    Can you move the skulk blocks in survival? Or do you just have to get extremely lucky with a spawner and skulk block under it?

  • James Dickens
    James Dickens

    How did I miss this video.... I will build one of these in my bedrock world when these blocks come out.... You can farm that beautiful block!!!!

  • Shrek Wizowskee
    Shrek Wizowskee

    Each one of the storage blocks of skulk can hold 12^3 blocks of skulk in them. This is equal to 1728 skulk blocks in just one of the storage units. There are three of these, making for 5184 skulk blocks in this system at full capacity.

  • Banana Fusion
    Banana Fusion

    Mumbo: And its not that complicated either! Me: *blankly stares at this giant redstone contraption with no redstone knowledge whatsoever*

    • Kraglynn Gaeshi
      Kraglynn Gaeshi

      @Banana Fusion yeah I looked at it to remember what it was called and I was like well it’s the shade of night.... it also looks like a cheaper end portal

    • Banana Fusion
      Banana Fusion

      @Kraglynn Gaeshi ngl nightshade is a cool name

    • Banana Fusion
      Banana Fusion

      @Curtrolz 😂

    • Curtrolz

      Watch over a 1000 hrs of minecraft videos and you'll get it.

    • Carlos Lopez
      Carlos Lopez

      ha i was the 667 like

  • Hi im Argo
    Hi im Argo

    Could work with trap doors instead of pistons in java

  • SqzHerLimes _
    SqzHerLimes _

    as a bedrock player thank you. you could try to make it a mob farm as well. some hoppers on the bottom could make it 10x better. not the most efficient but could get a bit more out of an already s-tier build.

  • MrShanksman

    Finally a build that works on my version!!! Thanks mumbo!!!

  • Pinguin

    scarily enough there is constantly a chance that the pistons might turn into skulk