Making a Redstone Door WITH NO PISTONS...
Mumbo Jumbo
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Today we take a look at a piston door, that isn't a piston door, as it has no pistons.
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  • honixFPV

    Minecraft logic: to turn water into ice, you need direct sunlight

    • mila


    • Ebrahim Jamali
      Ebrahim Jamali

      @Maxwell Li so we shower sunlight to make ice in the refrigerator...... that is something i did not know XD

    • yunie sutanto
      yunie sutanto

      to NOT turn water to ice, put a block on top of it.


      @Maxwell Li depends on the type of cave and how deep it is, and most caves humans have explored aren't that hot

    • Aidan Heckathorn
      Aidan Heckathorn


  • ADSM17

    Mumbo: Let's see, how do we make a pistonless door? Door block: am I a joke to you?

    • Phoenix Sweet
      Phoenix Sweet

      Not as cool, though

    • James devor
      James devor

      @unknwn sighn I'm I a joke

    • gamerConnorx

      Yeah but you need some redstone though Do this: Iron door and pressure plate

    • ARgamer

      @Bakedsynth 34 Excuse me? How is gay an insult?

  • Callum Hurd
    Callum Hurd

    The ice door could work with armour stands equipped with frost walker boots, being moved around by water sources with light on specific places as not to freeze the path but instead the water below 🤓

    • kumar harsh
      kumar harsh

      Very intoligent

    • Ulysses Garcia
      Ulysses Garcia


    • Fijy

      holy galaxy brain wtf

    • Justin Bombach
      Justin Bombach

      @Callum Hurd I did a tiny bit of research. When the ice first appears it is unaffected by light, but it will melt faster with greater light. So as long as your door is in a dark area, the door will stay frozen for a long time when you want it to be closed. Their is one other problem with this idea, but I have a solution. Rather than moving the armor stands with water and risk freezing that water, you could place the armor stand with a dispenser then apply boots on it, and when you want the door to melt you shoot arrows (from ANOTHER dispenser) at the armor stand to break it and have hoppers pick up the items.

    • Callum Hurd
      Callum Hurd

      @Justin Bombach oh :(

  • Billy Coda
    Billy Coda

    You know you've been in creative too long when a toggle-able cascade of flowing lava isn't door enough

    • Oxy Bright Dark
      Oxy Bright Dark

      @Muhammad bin Asim Rasheed well yeah, but doors are only to stop mobs anyways. Players can just mine.

    • Muhammad bin Asim Rasheed
      Muhammad bin Asim Rasheed

      Fire resistance potions

  • Easton Worthen
    Easton Worthen

    it's so funny when he realizes he could have just used any kind of door and a pressure plate

    • HVX Plays
      HVX Plays

      i agree hahahaha

    • Easton Call
      Easton Call

      Hello easton

  • Aaron Rogers
    Aaron Rogers

    That moment after you spend hours working on a redstone project and realize there's a much easier solution.

    • Hyp3r Gtag
      Hyp3r Gtag

      @S K it really depends on what your calculating

    • Ganymedes Sage
      Ganymedes Sage

      Exactly what I wanted to comment my dude!

    • Zer0Gamz

      @Life of Leium It doesn't help when the original mechanism doesn't work so you have to modify it numerous times

    • Life of Leium
      Life of Leium

      @Zer0Gamz 6hours??? Jeez I just made a 3x2 piston door in like 4 minutes and built it into my walls so it looks like the blocks just vanish

    • qLock

      @Mick Idk???????????????????? r/wooosh

  • VelocitY

    His Muscle memory Forced Him To Get Pistons In his Inventory

    • W1LL14M

      He used a piston in the build

    • Rational Rat
      Rational Rat

      @Fluffy cow lol

    • Fluffy cow
      Fluffy cow

      Yeah he 100% does

    • Rational Rat
      Rational Rat

      @Sparecreeper1 yea, I think he mentioned in another video that he has some

    • Sparecreeper1

      No, I think he has a saved hotbar

  • GalaxyCypher

    Mumbo Jumbo: No pistons Me: That’s too easy, I’ll just use *sticky* pistons

    • DHans

      @Arto Harto Ya got me there

    • Arto Harto
      Arto Harto

      @DHans Since being pedantic is the theme here, original commenter said "sticky pistons", not "a sticky piston".

    • DHans

      @Anwitha Ponnapati But its not still not a piston. Its a sticky piston. Sticky piston =/= piston. Theres a whole nother word in it.


      Exactly I need to come look at this comment and I still knew that

    • GAmer 3.0
      GAmer 3.0

      Lmao the joke flew over your heads

  • YellowedMC

    When you don't have enough Wood, Iron, Redstone to make a piston:

    • gaming bros
      gaming bros

      how u make contraption if no have redstone Lol?

    • TheSexyForg

      but u made a bucket with iron, and used crafting table to craft those with wood and just have all that redstone to do it

    • Frostonic

      *and slimeballs

    • Barple Bapkins
      Barple Bapkins

      thank goodness for the tons of obsidian and material to make some tnt and have plenty of buckets of lava and water

  • Zach Lewis
    Zach Lewis

    The first attempt would probably work if you control the tnt falling. It falling to the side or backwards is probably the reason it stopped being reliable.

  • Nicklas Arnfjord
    Nicklas Arnfjord

    "Today's redstone video may be entirely impossible" My mind: Iron door + pressureplate

  • ThundaNoob

    “Making a door without pistons” Me: *makes a door using sticky pistons instead of pistons*


      Exactly I don’t even look at the scope call me before knowing that

  • Raze_4

    This just gave me an idea for a hidden door in the side of a base to access a hidden basement. Use a trapdoor as part of the trim on the bottom of the house, use a piston to drop a couple blocks in the wall so you have a 1X1 crawlspace into your hidden room. I'm sure this has been done, but it's still fun when you come up with this kind of idea on your own.

  • Zak

    Mumbo created a multi-purpose door, truly an inspiring redstone engineer

  • ethan

    *clicks On video thinking it would be an easy early game door* 5 seconds In : if I use shulker boxes


      11K BABY LETS GET TO 20K

    • Ngoc Ha Pham
      Ngoc Ha Pham

      @_Sereverpanic _ hey

    • yunie sutanto
      yunie sutanto

      @_Sereverpanic _ 11K now

    • Zocktastisch

      Now ITs 11.111 likes

    • Thomo King
      Thomo King


  • Maxen

    “So lets have a think” He’s so British

    • Maxen

      @_trm 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • _trm


    • really sus golem related to squids
      really sus golem related to squids

      @tweeleaf sorry i was feeling uncultured that day

    • tweeleaf

      @really sus golem related to squids 🤡 and?

    • really sus golem related to squids
      really sus golem related to squids

      @Maxen dont care bout stupid numbers

  • AJ'S

    You can also do it with powdered snow in 1.17 with dispenser.

  • Etanarvazac Revorix
    Etanarvazac Revorix

    Love it when he goes for these far stretched measures. Though, I may have to look into that door for my worlds

  • Captain Hammer
    Captain Hammer

    Wait you could just leave the lava running and turn it off when you want to "open" the "door" (lava curtain?)

  • ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Jax Anator ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Jax Anator ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    _The moment you realize this_ *ALSO* _work as an_ *automatic cobblestone generator.* 😂

    • Cj Xander
      Cj Xander

      HEY. I was gonna say that

    • KingGodverse!Sans (Kg)
      KingGodverse!Sans (Kg)

      @Remington grunge what kind of cobbolstone generator? Is it cobblestone generating wall or an cobbolstone generator

    • Red Spy
      Red Spy

      @MORP then explain the cobble generators that use blast chambers and produce a helluva lot of cobble?

    • pog pogger
      pog pogger

      @Remington grunge sad skyblock noises

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    Tick speed kinda has a limit, I’ve heard it’s higher on some people pc’s but low on others, for me mines in 80 so u probably need to experiment with it and find the golden zone

  • Lava Boat Cube supports Ukraine 🇺🇦
    Lava Boat Cube supports Ukraine 🇺🇦

    When he tried blowing up the boxes, the TNT moved each time. So if you found a way to keep it in the same place maybe it would work 🤔

  • Toby Cook
    Toby Cook

    Mumbo: "how do i make a pistonless door?" Me: "umm... lava door?" Mumbo: "ok so shulkers is a no." Me: "just use a lava door" Mumbo: "Ice is not going to work" Me: "LAVA DOOR" Mumbo: "ok so i think lava door will work." Me: "OMG FINALLY!"

  • Neil Nallabirudu
    Neil Nallabirudu

    This would also work as a fully automatic cobblestone farm, if you just put some hoppers at the bottom.

  • DaBurgerBandit

    lol... when you realize you only needed a pressure plate and an iron door

    • Drawer


    • Drawer

      Wait what I I made it so that people can’t comment

    • Arya Satya Wastu Prayata
      Arya Satya Wastu Prayata


    • Random Channel 4 Kids
      Random Channel 4 Kids

      @flamez when you realize pressure plates are in the redstone section…

  • Tate Crossette
    Tate Crossette

    Have the dispensers use sand. Have a very delayed minecart with a chest or something that sits under and then waits like 5 seconds with repeaters. Then they fall. Have 2 torches after that and put them on top of 2 droppers then bring them back up with the sand

  • Ben The G
    Ben The G

    For the door instead of stone or shulker boxes you should use something with a lower blast resistance like netherack or wool

  • Laura Mitzenmacher
    Laura Mitzenmacher

    I mean it also could have just been dispensers putting lava instead of water that turns to ice, especially because that one didn't work. But yeah people don't like walking into lava and that definitely could have been the whole door, no iron door required

  • Guyatano Savia
    Guyatano Savia

    Couldn't you make one of these with minecarts and powered rails? I think it could be possible with minimal redstone

  • Juan Valdivia
    Juan Valdivia

    maybe TNT in water would've been good enough for the shulker box, considering those are entities and not blocks

  • ZombieGaming

    Wow. Sometimes I struggle to make a 2 by 2 piston door😂😂😂 so the fact that you can make a door without using pistons is amazing. If I were you I would’ve just made a lava door😂

  • AllMight Guy
    AllMight Guy

    Damn, the cobblestone door was really good. I kinda wanna do add it to my house but don't have any idea or skills in redstone. Can I have a tutorial for that door?

  • BigBeardJesus

    “You need sunlight to make ice” thanks again Minecraft for making complete sense….

  • I Like Sim
    I Like Sim

    Plot twist: Nobody said that he can't use Command blocks.

    • Joshua Kiki
      Joshua Kiki

      @Daniel Pierz nobody asked

    • TheOriginalRyukUK

      @MyFootWasTaken ⨷ yes but the point of the video is to use redstone. if you use redstone to power the command block then it is still technically a redstone door. otherwise if the command block was always active it wouldn't be redstone then. you said it yourself, command blocks are different to redstone

    • crispysly

      It that is not fun

    • Peter Tran
      Peter Tran

      @Kirby *us

    • Rain Pascual
      Rain Pascual

      /fill [X,Y,Z] [X,Y,Z] minecraft:iron_block Then air

  • xSpizon_

    when you realize you could've just used lava for closing the redstone door:

  • Lego cuber
    Lego cuber

    1:48 - 3:00 I love how he has pistons in his hotbar even though he's not allowed to use them

  • Rallion1

    If you dropped the tnt behind the cobble (or between two layers of cobble for a two-way door) you could get away with a single drop.

  • Ethan Forsyth
    Ethan Forsyth

    I did it easily. (Works on java and bedrock) You'll need one iron door and two pressure plates

  • Michael Ciani
    Michael Ciani

    When u realize you just made a more complicated cobblestone generator

    • Yuki G.
      Yuki G.

      It’s awkward when I’m the 1000th like. Never happened to me in two years.

    • Also Woomyism
      Also Woomyism

      Everybody Gangsta til you have 1 Inventory Slot left, you enter your base, put some food in that slot using the Hotkeys, go on a long journey, then run out of food in your Hotbar, check your inventory for your extra food, and realize it isn't there because the 6 Cobblestone from your Door exploding took up the last open Slot

    • Michael Ciani
      Michael Ciani

      @Catfood 3000 your not wrong

    • Catfood 3000
      Catfood 3000

      ... wich functions as a door.

    • G


  • Cherry Cloud
    Cherry Cloud

    you can also use waterloged slabs for the floor of the door and put a hopper under it that is connected to a item destroyer so the cobblestone gets destroyed

  • John Willsea
    John Willsea

    That was impressive and worth a subscription thank you for the awesome video

  • Arham Hasan
    Arham Hasan

    The "If Creepers could do Redstone" door was epic

  • GreyBeardMC

    I came here thinking, "Oh great. A nice quiet redstone door." Little did I know...

  • rarebucko

    “Dude your door doesn’t work!” “Oh it probably ran out of TNT” “What?”

    • Gabe The Dog
      Gabe The Dog


    • jane woodard
      jane woodard


    • Gabi S.
      Gabi S.

      As Minecraft updates redstone changes... meaning that this door may not work anymore.

    • Uzair Num2
      Uzair Num2

      He can make tnt farm

    • Creeper35

      @regina bliss how did you not know that this is not the real pewds

  • John Evans
    John Evans

    Alternatively; a few dispensers with lava. Big lava wall door. One lever one repeater

  • Joseph Torres
    Joseph Torres

    I routinely use iron doors with buttons on my houses. Currently planning a flying machine door, gonna use 2 steps to it with 3 machines / sets of machines so I can have the doorway become solid without visible parts after it's all done. Gonna be thicc af and this'll be my first time working in a time delay on a redstone mechanism (which I've barely done jack with anyways) but still that's the plan...

  • Epmajor 21
    Epmajor 21

    I love how to get the one at 7:36 to work he uses a piston

  • daskinnytexan

    i remember watching this when it came out, cant believe its been two years already

  • The Raps
    The Raps

    Mumbo: building a red stone door with out any pistons Iron door: “I’m about to destroy this mans whole career”

    • Just a random idiot
      Just a random idiot

      @The Raps ty

    • The Raps
      The Raps

      Hazel Anne Pula why did u apologise?

    • The Raps
      The Raps

      Woosh me pls r/wooosh

    • The Raps
      The Raps

      Heironne Rei Lagunias it’s the language of minecraft , *enchantment table*

    • The Raps
      The Raps

      • ᴀ s ᴀ ɪ ɴ ᴍ ᴏ ɴ ᴋ ʏ • nice

  • Monarch

    That ending brought me back, didn't think there was still a video left that had it

  • Laybries

    Could you use snow blocks and turn them into snow golems that drop away to "open"?

  • redstone dragon
    redstone dragon

    You could re-do this as its now 1.17 and i think it would be interesting to do this again tbh

  • Gammerperson69•_•

    you know this would be completely useless until you realize you can modify the design a little to make an automatic cobblestone generator

  • Manusia Jawa
    Manusia Jawa

    "it needs direct sunlight to turn into ice" *science HAS left the chat

    • Manusia Jawa
      Manusia Jawa

      @holybananapeel science has left the chat.. long time ago

    • holybananapeel

      Yeah, we're just gonna ignore the floating blocks, the wings and rockets, and the hellscape of monsters and mobs. The direct sunlight turning water to ice is the disgrace to science.

    • Manusia Jawa
      Manusia Jawa

      @PixelatedNerd welp, this is the internet, shit happens

    • hongry

      wait, its all *has?* always *has* been *gunshot*

  • Power Star
    Power Star

    "Wait a minute...." *skips to the most basic redstone door in existence*

  • NeonChad

    Rather than finding a snow biome and testing ur door 20 times, just use a button and a door

  • Collin E
    Collin E

    I have the perfect idea: make a two by two entrance of obsidian place to iron doors to pressure plates on each side and you're done

  • Oofergamer6 `
    Oofergamer6 `

    Once the tick speed reaches a certain number it stops doing anything. I generally set it to 200

  • Kay Tiger
    Kay Tiger

    Next vid making A Redstone contraption with no Redstone

    • arab gaming marwan
      arab gaming marwan

      Ok then I would use command blocks :)

    • Astral Haze
      Astral Haze

      @Ale Zardo or fence gates with carts

    • Astral Haze
      Astral Haze

      @Ale Zardo those both contain redstone though the best thing i can think of is maybe trapdoors blocking and unblocking minecarts from buttons do minecarts activate wooden pressure plates?

    • Roc

      I actually remember watching videos of Minecraft pocket edition contraptions back before redstone was in that version of the game. They would use cacti and stuff to make simple contraptions like an animal pooping or something.

    • dj 500
      dj 500


  • OL’ GLORY-343
    OL’ GLORY-343

    The ultimate red stone door, and a classic

  • by4zeRo

    You need to place the tnt 1 block behind the cobblestone door. Then it's perfect!

  • phlugalsuarus

    The tnt animation is so much nicer in Java than bedrock


    Such a funny video! 9:49 ladies and gentlemen, we have got a piston-less redstone door! 9:54 yah i mean i can use pressure plate...

  • Nugget

    Me: hey you should watch this video! Friend: No I suck at pistons Me: no no no there’s no pistons! Friend: *watches video* Me: Can you build it? Friend: *I’ll stick to pistons*

    • smexy salami
      smexy salami

      @karyn Johnson you ok?

    • Just Jex
      Just Jex


    • Pixelated

      First comment today to make me laugh lololololol

    • Rhynx

      Fintaxamar ah, alright

  • Super Cool Stuff
    Super Cool Stuff

    Mumbo: We’re gonna make a door without redstone! Also mumbo: so we’ll ignite the tnt with a redstone activation

  • My channel is Died by YouTube
    My channel is Died by YouTube

    god that outro takes me back, also the design itself still utilized a piston lol

  • CoskoHotDog

    Mojang: We made pistons for cool door designs. Mumbo Jumbo: Makes a door without pistons. Mojang:😐

  • Enchanted Cookiecrumbs
    Enchanted Cookiecrumbs

    There are so many ways you could’ve done this for example the invisible door trick or even the iron door

  • TheOddDiabetic

    "Hey, can I open your door?" "Sure, just stand back. It packs a bit of a punch" "It what?"

    • Alex Yps
      Alex Yps

      @I The only kid that I can see in this comment section is u. U literally tagged everyone for nothing. Stop reading and replying to all the comments trying to do the "mature" guy.

    • Barack Obama
      Barack Obama

      @Callum Harman Avergae 8 year old who doesnt know how to take a joke and ignore any mistakes in it

    • C_ryptic

      that moment of realization

    • camica hillside
      camica hillside

      @Tobias I was about to like your comment until you sweared-

    • BaronSengir1008

      Who asks to open doors? Vampires

  • Unknown 1852 Other Account
    Unknown 1852 Other Account

    if you were doing this now, then you could have used some of the new mechanics (like powdered snow buckets)

  • Don Pendejo
    Don Pendejo

    You could use a nether portal that with dispensers can activate and deactivate, for the redstone, in the nether, another portal with the same mechanism, and then right when you get to the overworld you are in a house

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    Mumbo: I won't use pistons. Also Mumbo: Uses a piston.

    • james kenney
      james kenney

      sorry somone has a commet that says When he realizes that he used a piston in the circuit with 1.6K

  • Odd man 317
    Odd man 317

    Introducing the all new pickaxe, the double sided, portable piston.

  • X. P.
    X. P.

    “Mom can we have piston door?” “We have piston door at home” Piston door at home:

    • Cartes_002

      Piston door at home: More impressive than the original

    • Vxde

      Redstone door*

    • Antty Games
      Antty Games

      Mom can we get a father Father :f this sh#t I’m out : son oke mama

    • flora Ivy
      flora Ivy

      WHAT?! LOL

  • Redgoon698

    Door Block: You took everything from me. Piston Door: I don’t even know who you are

  • ObvNoob

    You can use command blocks as well with /fill

  • Tendons on Nitro Type
    Tendons on Nitro Type

    "You need direct sunlight to form ice" minecraft logic continues to amaze

  • Goodveganvibes

    If mumbo had added a detection system for when the cobble is gone and added a delay, he could’ve had it automatically close back up

  • Helga Van Doorn
    Helga Van Doorn

    Mumbo: *does all this redstone* Me: *puts four gates and four levers down* "Am big brain"

    • crispysly

      But that is not fun

    • sakib hadzic
      sakib hadzic

      Me: puts fence gate with 2 pressure plates: humongous brain

    • lauriee

      @Jim McKnight how about trap door

    • {blank} state
      {blank} state

      Big bwain

    • Yeet Man
      Yeet Man

      Or use command blocks

  • TheBearMiesterGeneral

    the shulker box idea would work if you had the tnt in a fixed location, not falling.