Little Girl Leads Horse || ViralHog
Occurred on October 3, 2021 / Macclesfield, Victoria, Australia
"My 15-month-old daughter loves my horse, and my horse does everything she asks!"
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  • Brittany O
    Brittany O

    As cute as this is, as someone who works with horses I can’t tell you enough how incredibly dangerous this is.

    • jehrulew Erwin
      jehrulew Erwin

      The child Knew what she was doing and didn't U see how gentle the horse was w her? That's why they use horses for children w severe medical ailments, mental as well. Don't ease God out, He will handle His business.

    • Day Walker
      Day Walker

      I am not familiar with horses.. but with the way this horse is and calm and collective. I would assume.. even when spook the horse would also be mindful of the baby.. Ppl are overly sensitive in these comments or lack of life in them. How many times have we seen animals come to the aid or support of a baby? This is another example.. is it not?

    • Sometimes, I Just Can't
      Sometimes, I Just Can't

      Guess they know their horse really well. But things happen, so it's still pretty dangerous... Especially that small..

    • KingOpp Dee
      KingOpp Dee

      @DeezNutsInYourMouth wtf are u talking about

    • Southern Girl
      Southern Girl

      @Sumo Cum Loudly No. Not until something spooks the horse. They may start running and jumping. Should've been done under adult supervision

  • Cee Mac
    Cee Mac

    Bless her heart ❤! Watching this receptors my soul as to what really matters.

  • Adhikya Ghattu
    Adhikya Ghattu

    what a sweet horse! It knew to take small steps because there was a baby in front of it! ❤️

  • Gele Alves
    Gele Alves

    Precioso animal,espera paciente a la niña y la obedece sin titubear,maravilloso

  • Rea Lachney
    Rea Lachney

    What an awesome horse & baby! 💕

  • Friendly Tutor
    Friendly Tutor

    I must admit that I was holding my breath the whole time. As a child from a farmer family, handling horses is no joke. One small stimulus, everything can go wrong. HOWEVER!! I must also admit that I've been loving how careful the horse is, and the dogs are making sure nothing goes wrong.

    • jerrielyn Coupe
      jerrielyn Coupe

      @Ronnie Bishop I never know what's going to happen when I woke up my door forgetting my car

    • jerrielyn Coupe
      jerrielyn Coupe

      @Keith Norton they can be very intelligent animals that more intelligent than a lot of men I know! And some women you haven't been around horses have you? Can't you just enjoy the beauty of the Love they all have for each other

    • jerrielyn Coupe
      jerrielyn Coupe

      @Friendly Tutor thank you for saying that, I think it's so sweet how they all move together. The way people are acting they buy their never been around horses or they've just been around horses that have not been done right by humans . This horse reminds me of when my brothers and cousins and I used to ride as very young children. He was a trained show horse but had an injury that scarred the skin so the stores could not show anymore this horse would not run with us on him would not even gallet and would come right up to the fence so one or two was could get on and she just grazed in the pasture that horse was not capable of hurting someone even spooked

    • Angela Chavez
      Angela Chavez

      @Fikrije Jashari qomoomorq bmgñv

    • pokemon fanthings
      pokemon fanthings

      Yes I’m sure that dog is ready to help in the case of a sudden fatal injury

  • Felix Cat
    Felix Cat

    I was really taken with how calm, patient and gentle the horse was with the adorable baby girl. I have a feeling that the horse and baby are very well acquainted and that neither shocks the other, likewise the dog. The owner of the horse and the parent of the baby, who I am assuming are the same person, clearly knows the horse extremely well and is confident that their beloved daughter is completely safe in such close proximity to the horse. I do not see that the baby is being endangered or that the parent is somehow negligent, as some commenters appear to. That was a beautiful video, and the horse, like the dog is a much loved member of the family, whose character and behaviour is established and whose behaviour with the baby has been observed for the life of the baby. That's what I found to be so very special, their bond.

  • Sylvia Crafts
    Sylvia Crafts

    TO ADORABLE! She looks like miniature lady. 😊💕

  • Katia Barbosa da Silva
    Katia Barbosa da Silva

    Sabe eu teria medo de deixar meu filho fazer isso, porém parece que essa bebê nasceu pra isso , ela foi direto e pegou o arreios e saiu puxando o 🐎 e ele a seguiu de maneira que não a machuca, ou a entendesse. Muito lindo, eles 😍🤩😍👏😘😘🥰

  • Anna Mihalovna
    Anna Mihalovna

    Какое красивое зрелище!

  • Mia K
    Mia K

    How adorable. The horse seems to understand that a child is leading him. He is walking slowly and carefully. I started with horses at age 3, that little girl has me beat! Bless her.

    • J. T.
      J. T.

      @Juan Luis Talavera Ortiz ¡Si! Pienso lo mismo.

    • Victims of the 378
      Victims of the 378

      @marie theresa Smh. Lol. Alright.

    • marie theresa
      marie theresa

      @Victims of the 378 Yes. Eyewitness. Horses use their hindlegs And kick Backwards. That doesn't seem to fit into this frame. Horses are🐎🐎 are no less intelligent, loyal and loving as Doggies 🐶🐶 and Elephants 🐘🐘.

    • Shirley.Suzana Louvera
      Shirley.Suzana Louvera

      Meu,Deus é de verdade?que lindo😍😍😍

    • Janete Da silva
      Janete Da silva

      @Ashutosh Srivastava que coisas mais linda do mundo meu deus

  • Judy G💕
    Judy G💕

    Check out the dog. He's checking it out. Making sure everything going ok 😀💕

  • cristina carmo
    cristina carmo

    que imagem mais linda de se vê amei

  • Maria Moreno
    Maria Moreno

    I looked at this video again and let me tell you that horse is amazingly smart and the dog's also. They actually know she's a little baby and they are gentle with her. Awesome I love this video.

  • Inês Francisco Jó Paza
    Inês Francisco Jó Paza

    Muito linda, beleza pura🥺😍😍❤👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Carlos Daniel Zutta
    Carlos Daniel Zutta

    Independientemente de lo tierno que se vea, existe un alto grado de irresponsabilidad dado que se trata de un animal de mucho peso y puede en algún momento asustarse y pasar por encima de la bebé ,la distancia de dónde se encuentra el que graba el vídeo determina el tiempo de la vida o la integridad del la menor , con esto no se juega.🤔😕

    • Vera Lucia
      Vera Lucia

      Muito grande kjkjkj

    • Pilar Vega Carrera
      Pilar Vega Carrera

      Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, el caballo , por dócil que sea , no deja de ser un animal y algo externo puede hacerle modificar su comportamiento , no es un gatito precisamente , demasiado volumen para un cuerpito tan pequeño, el bebé está en peligro ,a mí entender, la pena es que si ocurriese algo, no sería un accidente si no una gran irresponsabilidad

    • Mirna Rosalez
      Mirna Rosalez

      Cierto🥰😍🤩eso mismo pense yo🤔😳😱por que no lo hace un adulto Profesional tanto un🐎como un😡no sabemos como balla a reaccionar todo por aserlo viral o un👍no vale tanto la pena.

    • brenda ramirez
      brenda ramirez

      @Iris Gonzalez Que estúpido tu comentario. Es una bebé, no tiene ninguna posibilidad de cuidarse sola, si el caballo se espanta y pasa sobre ella...

    • Mihaela Cincu
      Mihaela Cincu

      @O Bolo Tá Pronto p

  • Deborah

    I love how careful the horse is walking behind her!

  • ellen cere
    ellen cere

    The horse and dog are sooo patient ❤

  • John L Shilling
    John L Shilling

    As an owner of many horses, almost all of which became as gentle as is possible, IMO. I'm still concerned about this video. Even if a horse is as trustworthy as this one, they are still large and don't possess the intelligence required to keep from accidentally harming someone. While an adult can sustain an immensely larger amount of damage, this toddler could easily be killed by a simple misstep. And believe me, no one knows what tiny thing may startle a horse, causing them to bolt. I had an Appaloosa stallion once that I had exposed to every possible thing that he could encounter... it's called desensitizing. But I missed one. One day a tiny yellow butterfly flew near his head, and he went ballistic. Rearing and screaming as he bolted "towards safety". I wasn't hurt. This child would have been DEAD! I could see charges of reckless endangerment. Yeah, it's that serious.

  • Erimateia Moreira
    Erimateia Moreira


  • MK

    That horse was so gentle and moved with intentional slowness behind the baby, such amazing creatures.

    • AthenaFPV

      @Nancy Selland you should know horses spook easily. It's not just about how well mannered the horse cause it won't matter if it's spooked. I live around horses everyday and as well trained and well mannered as mine as, they do get scared. You should know this if you know horses. No a horse can't kick forward but they sure as shit can start running forward fast

    • Steve Cos
      Steve Cos


    • William Bravo
      William Bravo

      @Lindalick65 You seem to collapse possibility & probability. It's possible that a 747 will crash onto my house. The probability is nil.

    • hannah hughes
      hannah hughes

      @Lindalick65 and so can a human. A human can do more damage to a child and is more likely to from my experience. So am I supposed to not allow my children around humans either?? You teach a child how to properly interact with animals (who have good temperament and are well trained, like this horse obviously is) so they don’t learn bad habits and understand how to behave around animals, just like you teach animals to be tolerant and trusting.

  • mm guy
    mm guy

    it's truly a thin line between super adorable and super dangerous. assuming that the parents are well aware that this gorgeous horse won't do any harm to the brave little girl, this is really an amazing moment! hope to see more bonding between them but perhaps in a safer approach. such a gentle angelic horse

  • Sandra Houston
    Sandra Houston

    So sweet, he stepping lightly so he won't hurt baby ❤❤❤❤

  • Louisa Andrade-Lemelle
    Louisa Andrade-Lemelle

    This is absolutely the most amazing moment that we could be lucky to be witnessed to and hopefully that the ones who are in tune with there inner selves that they can see the lesson that life is trying to teach all of us....It doesn't matter how old we are and how big or how small we are...just know that no matter what..ALL of us can have anyone, anything or any animal follow you if they can feel your heart is righteous and that you will not bring harm to them in anyway. But even though a human who thinks something like this is dumb or stupid or that it's a woman trying to lead then in the right direction they usually won't listen and follow at least outta curiosity because they think they are to good and you're above me no one is above anyone except for one person and the Lord brought you this woman to guide you and possibly teach you a thing or 10 things but outta fear of how people are going to see you, or the fear of losing your manhood....then guess what you will lose out on an opportunity, adventure, and/or lesson of a lifetime.

  • The Real Truth
    The Real Truth

    So cute 😍 😘 ♥ May God Bless this cute little girl Abundantly🙏✝️

  • James Endurance
    James Endurance

    I don t care how cute this looks. Or how loyal the horse is. Accidents Happen. And for someone as fragile as that little girl it would be fatal

    • Saibalaji Saibalaji
      Saibalaji Saibalaji

      M@Sergeant Chick noor uk

    • Sergeant Chick
      Sergeant Chick

      @dj Lmao 🤣. I’m glad you were there when I was growing up. My parents NEVER let me drive, wouldn’t put me on the insurance because it was too expensive. I actually got a job and bought my own car, paid for my own insurance. I’m sorry your parents just gave you everything.

    • zollfkir

      @dj leve ♥♥😘

    • dj

      @Yasuke the Samurai Yasuke how many young kids driving a car which their evil parents allow.... die every minute of every day? Horse incidents to evil parents letting young people drive 200,000mil to 1. Don't look for the negative unless you do your research.

  • Dios es amor
    Dios es amor

    Que valor de gente sin decir los perros le ladran al caballo y el caballo se asusta y sale corriendo pobre de la niña

  • Marise Holler
    Marise Holler

    Really really showing the animal's wonderful careful and carrying about the little girl as they know her fragility🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍

  • alice nita
    alice nita

    Ce copil dragut!🥰🙏🏻

  • Valentin Delamare
    Valentin Delamare

    The horse look soooo calm, I'm impressed.

  • Caribbean Queen
    Caribbean Queen

    Wow. This was scary yet adorable to watch. She didn’t just grab the middle of the rope she held to rope perfectly. Just the way an adult would to lead that horse.

    • herbal gb
      herbal gb

      Love for horses behavior

    • xxxx

      Highly I gree

  • Warlisson Rodrigues Barbosa Warlisson
    Warlisson Rodrigues Barbosa Warlisson

    QUÊ GRACINHA 😍😍😙😙😙😙

  • Deez Mixed Nutz
    Deez Mixed Nutz

    I just love wholesome stuff like this😁

  • 洋子 小林
    洋子 小林

    both so smart to 🐴know baby walk slow so together ❤️😍clever like confidence friend ship.

  • Heather Shoemaker
    Heather Shoemaker

    I got my first pony when I was yrs old, for my birthday from my grandparents. My mom had shown me how to respect ponys/horses in general. I see nothing wrong with this tiny human leading around a 1200lb animal. I'm 43, and have lived to tell my story. My son was introduced to horses when he was around 3yrs old. I've never known a horse to willing hurt or injured a child

  • Elena Storm
    Elena Storm

    Нельзя так поступать с детьми, подвергать их опасности. Даже если животные умные и дрессированные, доверять таких крошек им не следует. Лошадь могла напугаться внезапно чего- нибудь. Это говорит о безответственности родителей.

    • Michael Michael
      Michael Michael

      @Sofia Volovik конь за шиворот схватит и может трясти и бить о землю до смерти, взрослого человека

    • Адилбек Куспангалиев
      Адилбек Куспангалиев

      Правильно сказано Безответственность,ещё раз безответственность!!! Как можно спокойно снимать безумие,ещё раз безумие ,ужас!!!

    • Sofia Volovik
      Sofia Volovik

      @Yorik Vatral меня не били чтоб голова совсем была

    • Cleide Bessob
      Cleide Bessob

      @Анастасия Б. l

  • Ladson Galvão
    Ladson Galvão

    Ooooooo que fofos lindos de maiiiisssssss 😊😊😊❤❤❤❤💗💗💗💗💗💗💗👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Fatih Düzsöz
    Fatih Düzsöz

    Maşallah sana küçük kız çocuğu için Allah yar yardımcınız olsun inşallah 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Anna P
    Anna P

    Wwwoooo quanto coraggio , amore e rispetto in tutta la famiglia di persone ed animali .!

  • Khushi Singh
    Khushi Singh

    Such a sweet horse. Animals easily sense emotions🧡

  • Heather Phillips
    Heather Phillips

    That's a well trained horse. I've been around them my whole life, and this makes my anxiety skyrocket.

    • D S
      D S

      @doug randall there are dozens of videos of horses killing small dogs on farms, sometimes for simply walking behind it and spooking it.

    • Johanna

      @Ella .-. There are things that can happen that are out of your control. You can be a great driver but someone crashes into you, you can be a great skier but an avalanche comes down. You can know your horse but a snake comes out of the bushes. I would never blame a horse for an accident.

    • Johanna

      @Ella .-. I think because many people know someone who had an accident with a horse. I myself know three people. Driving a car is dangerous, skiing is dangerous, handling horses is dangerous.

    • Dgh Bjgg
      Dgh Bjgg


    • Canine Alumni
      Canine Alumni

      Yeah this literally made me sick to my stomach, like nauseous.

  • Lilian Sepúlveda
    Lilian Sepúlveda

    No se puede creer la nobleza del caballo, se deja llevar x el juego. Que coraje los padres, se ve q conocen la mancedumbre de su animal. Ternura total!

  • Alciany Santos
    Alciany Santos

    Linda nenê ☆☆

  • Зоя Барцева
    Зоя Барцева

    Чудоооо молодцы и ДАЙ БОГ ВАМ ВСЕМ ЗДОРОВЬЯ

  • Aysha Arif
    Aysha Arif

    What a sweet horse... was still scared for the little girl though 😰

    • Sameer Khan
      Sameer Khan

      Ygl to

    • Ayyan Khan
      Ayyan Khan


  • It's just me...
    It's just me...

    What a wonderful horse, being so gentle and safe with the baby, walking so slow so the baby doesn't get hurt. Such a beautiful relationship they have. The dogs are super cute too. Thank you for sharing this sweet video. Be well and stay safe.

    • Manjula Pavan
      Manjula Pavan

      @gretel hancel lklklklk

    • gretel hancel
      gretel hancel

      No bond .

    • It's just me...
      It's just me...

      @Explore 🥰 Such a cute video. You can see that the little girl and the horse already have a great bond.

    • It's just me...
      It's just me...

      @Dawna Freeman She sure does. Lol.

    • Dawna Freeman
      Dawna Freeman

      Yeah. The parent is lucky her horse is so smart. That kid has her own horse already!

  • Saeed Choi
    Saeed Choi

    It seems she will be an idol horse rider in future ❤️

  • Patrick McCloskey
    Patrick McCloskey

    Majestic creatures that we’re not worthy of. There’s the horse, then every other animal on earth is a distant second. I’m retiring soon after 30 years in law enforcement. I’m tired. I have no more use for humanity. I’m just looking forward to living out what time I have left in the company of horses.

  • mangkipwing

    A horse feels human emotions and they know a baby is not a threat so don't worry fellas.

  • ankush tiwari
    ankush tiwari

    How smart and humble horse it is.. Even animals loves and obey their lil masters

  • Tynisha Battle
    Tynisha Battle

    The fact that these Creatures are aware of her being a baby is soooo much more powerful than the eye can see 💝💖

    • Lindalick65

      @me or with so called gentle Pitbulls who actually attack babies and kill

    • me

      I know alot of babies died in that way because parents left them with animals like that

    • David Julien
      David Julien

      That’s what we all see instantly

  • Special edition
    Special edition

    Horses are very intelligent animals and they remember if someone treats them well or not .

  • Kara s.
    Kara s.

    A lot of people probably think this is super cute and ok. But you can never predict what a horse will do in the next moment. NO MATTER how nice and braf it is otherwise.

  • Noisy Nextdoor
    Noisy Nextdoor

    Oh, she is so adorable🥰

  • Vicki Shure
    Vicki Shure

    This is absolutely adorable 🥰 I don’t think that the child is in any danger !!!! The horse 🐎 can sense that the little girl was so tiny and he was super careful with her!!!!!! Horses can sense what is going on……. She did fine and I am sure that her parent was right behind them…….👣👣👣👣👣🐎🐎🐎🐎👣👣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👣

  • Mag Pip3
    Mag Pip3

    That horse is trying very hard not to go too fast and careful around the baby. The dog is so concerned 😂 cutest thing

    • jsnjcnt

      @Lady Truth exaxtically, I know I spelled exactly wrong on purpose as a comic relief. but yeah one false move could spell tragedy. Horse can weigh between 900 and 2000 pounds average.

    • jsnjcnt

      @timewilltell I guess time will tell?

    • jsnjcnt

      @timewilltell you seem to be an expert on horses, children and dogs so why don't you explain the different things that could possibly go wrong. I was just saying that if the horse got frightened somehow by a strange noise or sudden movement nearby it could be a dangerous situation. So?

    • timewilltell

      @Lady Truth Couldn't agree more. Kudos.

    • timewilltell

      @Sharon Hayles I agree with you 1000%. But this is not the platform to preach. Don't make the rest of us (BA's) look bad. Your hindering HIS progress.

  • Brooke Podeiko
    Brooke Podeiko

    Horse is like wherever you lead little momma I will follow

  • Darlene Williams
    Darlene Williams

    That is so adorable she's like a little lady in a baby body and just as cute as she can be 🙂.

  • Conta Nova
    Conta Nova

    Coisa fofa

  • David Shakyy
    David Shakyy

    I really love ❤️ this

    • Lucas Somtos
      Lucas Somtos


  • Роман

    Хорошо,что лошадь умнее чем родители ребёнка ! 😱

    • RUS

      Дааа опасно очень

    • Виталя Ларионов
      Виталя Ларионов

      @Айна диавай❤ ну да, Вам бы в горы, к баранам , куда там до лошадей

    • Салават Ягудин
      Салават Ягудин

      Сзади подошла собака и лошадь могла инстинктивно лягнуть и тогда малышу бы кранты.

    • Роман

      @Айна диавай❤ опа,мамаша подтянулась?! 🕵️🕵️🕵️

  • Shirniqua Brown
    Shirniqua Brown

    This was just to dam cute😍

  • irmãos gamers tv jozsa
    irmãos gamers tv jozsa

    Que criança linda ,o cavalo. obedece pois é ensinado.

  • Fayaz Ahmed
    Fayaz Ahmed

    Beautiful !!! amazing scene

  • karmic Smite
    karmic Smite

    Cute little girl.... Absolutely wonderful horse.

  • Kayla Combs
    Kayla Combs

    Cute but dangerous. I like how the dogs understood and we're keeping a close eye on the horse.

    • Livingboldlynfierce

      You’d be surprised how much the horse understood too

    • Marvin Marshall
      Marvin Marshall

      Them dogs don’t stand a chance either

    • LuxLoose

      Atleast the dogs care

    • Dale Smith
      Dale Smith

      Kayla , finally another person who has a brain. I'm not saying I recommend it daily, but some people just overreact!

  • Jack Bowen
    Jack Bowen

    That's so cute 🥰

  • Raz KACI
    Raz KACI

    Qu'est ce qu'elle est vive la petite 👏👏❤️❤️

  • Machine Dragon Nero
    Machine Dragon Nero

    It never ceases to amaze me at how such large animals are so gentle with babies

  • Shota Aizawa
    Shota Aizawa

    I will Amit I am sleepy and all but that was the cutest thing I ever have seen so far today

  • Obski Meth
    Obski Meth

    That’s crazy and beautiful at same time. How soft and gentle of the horse. That’s a super bond right there x

    • Jannie Jenkins
      Jannie Jenkins

      That is so sweet and brave

    • Derek Bradford
      Derek Bradford

      So adorable 😍

    • Була Найман
      Була Найман


  • Lucia Canaviri Canaviri
    Lucia Canaviri Canaviri

    Que bonito uno siempre puede confiar en los animales

  • Ananya

    I love how the dogs go like "Ayoo he's movingggg"

  • Eileen Bachemin
    Eileen Bachemin

    Soooo adorable !!!!

  • Cecilia Silva
    Cecilia Silva

    Meu Deus que coisa linda kkkkk

  • Jeanne Gallegos
    Jeanne Gallegos

    What a special, kind, gentle, and careful horse. See how he watches after the little girl so he doesn't hurt her? A truly gentle giant.

    • Sangee Menon
      Sangee Menon

      Very true... even i was thinking the same...

  • B J
    B J

    Awe the horse is being so careful not to walk too fast 🥹

  • ابوعلي

    الله يخلي يارب

  • Barry Marler
    Barry Marler

    That is so sweet 😊

  • Wellington Rodrigues
    Wellington Rodrigues

    Meu Deus do céu, e muita confiança, o cavalo pode estranhar o bb, e dar uma patada frontal..

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